Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 44

Blood was all that could be seen and smelt around the room where Cole and Sandra layed unconscious, every part of their body had blood oozing out, their joints were having scratch which was gushing out blood, with more view one would vividly discover that both Cole and Sandra had been badly battered, they couldn’t make a single movement and that really made them look so much like corpse, their heart was the only part of their body which was in motion, the pain that surge through their wh0le body is not something word can explain, cole on the other had was feeling terrible pain around his stomach region and that alone had made him totally exhausted,
Just then, the door crack open and Angela walked in feeling elated,
“Hey will you get up from there!!” she scowled hitting Sandra hærdly on her head, that really jerked Sandra back to reality but she couldn’t move, the severe pain all over her body couldn’t allow her make any movement, she just fluttered her eyes and opened it, everything was blurred and she couldn’t recognize the lady standing before her,
“I know you are hearing me so do you feel now, terrible pain right? just know that this is the beginning.. everyday you would pass through this pain until you finally die, no one I mean no one would ever save you even your beloved Richærd..” Angela paused then laughed out loudly,
“only me can save u but that would be if you show me where Richærd is and make him mine” Angela said with a lopsided grin
“think about that, I’ll be back when you have gotten little stronger so you can give me the answer” Angela said with a wink before leaving,
After some hours, Sandra and Cole sat up with the little strength they got, their ankle were bounded by shackles which would prevent them from either standing talk more of running away, Sandra and Cole was sitting opposite each other and their gaze was full of grimace,
“do you think we can survive this?” Cole asked exhaling heavily
“We would survive by God’s grace and mercy” Sandra said feeling pain
“do you think God would help us?” Cole asked
“yes he is a loving and caring father” Sandea said while Cole chuckled
“what is amusing?” Sandra asked with a questioning look
“Have we ever thought about God when our life is smooth without any pain, I mean how many times have we prayed or sacrifices anything for God, let’s ask ourselves, are we a child of God?” Cole said spreading his arm
“everyone is a child of God, don’t you know?” Sandra said with a shrug,
“what are we doing to show we are a child of God? how many times had we prayed to God our father? how many times had we read the Bible? does our lives shows really that we are Christians? if we don’t go down to our knees and make peace with God, hmm..we are both going to die here and still end up in hell” Cole preached and that really touched Sandra, she started reminiscing on her past life, she got to realise that in all her doing, she had forgotten God, she found out that she had never involved God, she came to realize that she hasn’t had time to make God her helper and director.
“Cole. now I understand, I’ve never had time for God, I think it is time for us to make way for him in our heart” Sandea said wh0leheartedly..
“are we ready to give our life to Christ because that is the only way we can be saved?” Cole asked
“I’m ready”
“okay let’s pray, I’m sure that His would save us the way he saved Paul and Silas in the Bible” Cole said and they both began praying..
“Richærd haven’t you got over? why still stressing out yourself for someone who is no longer thinking about you” Clara said calmly rubbing her palm on his bare back,
“Clara do you even know that I’m hating you gradually” Richærd blurted making Clara cringe,
“why?? what have I done wrong? what is my crime” Clara said in a meek voice,
“instead of finding a way to make me find my missing rib, you are always here trying to make me forget her, are you even trying to make me notice you?” Richærd bellowed with a raised brow
“Richærd why are you saying this? you know I am not like that anymore, why saying those hurtful words to me just because I came to sooth you” Clara sulked with tears on her eyes,
“it is okay, I’m sorry. I just got exasperated” Richærd said pulling her head to his shoulder,
“Richærd, what I’m I to you?’ Clara asked still sobbing
“you are my friend and my ex fiancee” Richærd replied dryly,
“Richærd can you tell me if you have any feelings for me?” Clara inquired making Richærd flinch,
“feeling? what type of feeling” Richærd asked with an arched brow
“do you care about how I feel?” Clara asked
“I care because you are my friend” Richærd answered dryly
“if Sandra doesn’t comes back, will you..make me your girlfriend again?” Clara asked shutting her eyes tightly
“hmm, Clara I want you to understand something, being my girlfriend or fiancee again would do the both of us no good, the reason is that I no longer loves you, I can’t love you, I mean nothing can make me love you so as to make you my wife, it would be one of a hell for us, I love only Sandra and it would always be her” Richærd said calmly rubbing her back slowly,
“those words hurt you know?”
“but that is the truth and there is no need concealing it” Richærd answered while Clara abruptly detached from him and made to leave
“Clara if you had been thinking of grabbing this opportunity into making me notice you, mmm, I’m sorry it is impossible” Richærd said making Clara stood still facing the door,
she stood there for some minute before storming out..
On reaching downstairs, clara sighted Joy in the kitchen, she was washing one plate constantly with tears dropping off her eyes, this made Clara touched, she felt guilty for putting the people who had loved and care for her in pain,
“Ohh no, clara you are a trained assassin, no emotion, no mercy. no guilt” she mumbled and rushed out of the house,
She entered her car and drove off to her house, she parked her car in the garage and ran into the building, with a loud thud she slumped on the sofa, just then her phone beeped, she looked into the screen and hissed loudly, it was an alert that her account had been credited, it was for that job of Sandra and Cole, what made her unhappy was what she couldn’t ascertain, the more she tried hærd in moving thise guilt from her head, the more it eloped her wh0le memories, she walked into the bar in her house in haste and grabbed a liquor, in a twinkle of an eye she had gulped down all the content,
“Ohhh gosh, Richærd!! Richærd!!!” she scre-med his name,
She took another bottle and drank all immediately,
“Richærd!!!! why did you cause me guilt, why im feeling guilty after those words you said, why!!!!!!!!!” She scre-med with another bottle going down, she drank up to ten bottle but the guilt couldn’t leave her, she took a cocaine and snuffed…
Her sight became blurred and she couldn’t see well but someone’s face was in her memory, she could see someone in front of her, that person was no other person than Sandra, she could see her in grief, her face was showing deep pain,
“Haaaaaaa” Sandra scre-med hitting her head with her hand,
it was an illusion but it looks real…
“what is happening? where are the others?” Paul asked David who sat on the couch in chief Gabriel’s house sipping a wine in a tumbler
“Guy, I don’t know but I think they are hiding something from us” David said
“hiding?? why?”
“I don’t know” David said
“why did you said that?” Paul inquired
“you see, they no more calls for meeting, they no more inform us about the latest, as I’m talking to you now, the three of them is in a place i can’t describe..”
“no it can’t be, not after I did all these for them!” Paul interjected angrily
“who knows, they may even be planning to kill us and get everything only for themselves..i think we should go against them” David said to Paul resting his hand on his shoulder
“let’s spoil their plans by betraying them” David explain
“ugh..well..hmm.. that seems nice, but I don’t want to be in that Richærd side, I really hate him” Paul said
“put that hatred behind, let’s revenge” David said
Paul exhaled heavily tgen nodded his head
“I will” he agreed with a smile
“thanks..we would see tommorow so as to strategies our plan” David said while Paul nodded.
they both shook hands before Paul left,
Clara walked into her room feeling drunk, she slumped on her bed and dozed off,
the next day, she woke up by the ray of sunshine radiating through the slightly opened window which she had forgot to close yesternight, she stretched her body making a cracking sound before standing up from the bed, she walked into the en-suit and took her bath after brushing, she walked out and quickly wore a pink loosely fitted gown, she climbed her hair backwardly leaving it straight, she applied a light makeups before rubbing the s€× stimulant over the visible part of her body,
“Richærd, I need you desperately, maybe a s€× this morning would make you notice me” clara mussed to herself with a sigh
She entered her car and drove straight to Richærd’s house, on reaching there, she found him sitting on the couch staring at a picture in his hand, after some minute, he would place it on his chest smiling our tears,
“what kind of love is this?” clara thought to herself before walking in,
“Hy Richærd” she greeted with a smile but got no reply, Richærd was still totally engrossed on the picture he was holding, this got Clara really exasperated,
“Richærd!!!’ she bellowed loudly making Richærd flinch back to reality,
“Ohh clara are you…” his voice hitched as that same cologne passed through his nostrils. he shook his head and shut his eyes tightly, this is the same scent he perceived that led to all these things which are happening, he could fell his wh0le system changing, his thought which was clouded with the thought of Sandra was view giving way for the thought of er*t*c things, his gaze was now resting on Clara’s bre**st and all he could not think of was having s€×, he exhaled heavily still staring at Clara,
“Richærd what is it?” clara asked innocently,
“Clara..I’m..I’m feeling ho-ny all of a sudden, I having s€× with you” Richærd blurted while Clara flinched in pretense,
“s€× with me?..what.. ” Richærd’s l-ips which plunged on her l-ips that moment cut short her speech, she wrapped her hand around her neck deeping the k-ss,
Richærd located her bre**st and started fondling it making her mo-n, they both fell on the couch still k-ssing intensely, Richærd broke the k-ss all of a sudden, it was as if something clank on his head. he suddenly got back to consciousness and quickly wore his trouser, with the speed of lightening, he scurried out of the house,
He entered his car and drive off heading to no where in mind, he could not explain or fathom what came over him making him close to having s€× with Clara, his head was pounding heavily, his wh0le body was sweaty and he was really quivering, what if he have had s€× with Clara. would he ever forgive himself? he could not help but wondered how he all of a sudden couldn’t control his s€×ual urge, his head was full of thought making him less concentrated in the car he was driving and just then he nearly hitted an old woman crossing the road,
“Hey young man what is your problem?” the old woman asked him after swiftly escaping his car from hitting her,
“I’m sorry ma, just that…”
“your are over thinking, and trying to solve what is not meant for human, why not seek God’s intervention” the old woman advised with a smile before leaving,
Her word clinged on Richærd head like a bell,
“why not seek the intervention of God” the word resounded in his head..
“Ohh God..i think i have to visit the church of God” he mumbled and ignited his car and drove off, not long later, he found a gigantic building with a large cross at the front view, he drove in immediately and parked his car at the car park, he alighted and just then he sighted a young man in white alb, he walked to him and found out he was a priest,
“Good evening father”
“evening son, how can I help you” the priest questioned,
“ we need to discuss something serious” Richærd said with grim
“okay let’s go to my office” the priest beckoned and moved away with Richærd following him closely
Clara was totally astound at how Richærd was able to control himself even with the lotion she rubbed, this alone made her felt guilt, she was now completely convinced that Richærd really and deeply loved Sandra. she suddenly at that moment had a change of mind which she never expected. her conscience which she thought had been killed long ago in her came to life, she could not hear that little voice judging her, she felt really unease, the sound of Sandra’s cries when she ordered for her to be taken to Chief Gabriel came echoing in her head making her go gaga, her while body went cold as she thought of the pain she would be passing through there, she remembered Cole who she had found out that he had one kidney and would not survive much beating, the scene if Richærd and Joy crying loudly came to her memory, she felt deeply moved and sorry for the anguish and pain the people who loved her was going through because of her and there and then, she decided to restore smile and happiness in their face by going on a rescue mission to bring Sandra and Cole back, she dried the tears which had formed in her eyes and exhaled heavily..
Richærd walked into the house with the last word of the priest on his mind,
“you will experience God’s miracle any moment from now..your faith in him has saved you, but don’t forget to give your life to him after he had restored happiness to you” this was the word of the priest after praying for him,
On reaching the sitting room, he found clara and Joy watching a movie,
“how was your night Joy” he asked and got only a nod from her,
“Richærd where did you went to?” clara asked in a low tone
“I visited a priest” Richærd answered
“uhmm..okay..ermmm…Joy! Richærd!” clara called making tgen turn their gaze on her..
“the both of you are dull and pale, I can see what happen is really eating you deep..and that shows that you both are truly in love, I..want to do this, not because I wanted to, but because of the way I feel, I want you both to cheer up because you will get to meet Sandra and Cole again” Clara said making the both of them cringe
“what do you mean?” they both asked in unison
“I will bring Sandra and Cole back to you both” Clara said and a sudden squeal of happiness erupted from Richærd l-ips, while Joy was still confused,
“how can you bring then back?” joy asked with an arched brow
“She can, she is an… “
“I will try tracking them” Clara ch¡pped in immediately stopping Richærd from completing his statement,
“Ohhh God..thank you very much Clara” Joy said elated hugging clara tightly,
“thank you very much Clara, you can’t imagine how much happy I am now, I don’t know how to thank you enough” Richærd said and k-ssed her l-ips…
To be continued

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