Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 45

Written by Humble Smith
Sandra and Cole was just concluding their prayer when the door cracked open and that same huge men walked in, their heart started beating very fast and loud as the men brought out thier torture tool,
This time instead of using a wh¡p on them a hot rod was brought out,
Sandra and Cole stared at them with a teary eyes, but that didn’t move the men a bit, one of the men set the recorder then charged at Sandra with a heavy blow which sent her sprawling on the floor, the remaining men went for the gown she was wearing and tore it to piece making her claded with a b-ra and a p-nt, Cole scre-med, Sandra scre-med but none made any positive impact, The more Sandra keeps begging for mercy the more the men keeps getting infuriated,
They drew down her p-nt forcefully, three men held her tightly while the other pulled down his trousers and short, they w¡dened her legs and raped her, the pain was so much, her heart was bleeding with much anguish, staring at the men who pounded her without mercy she felt her heart shook in great fury,
Cole struggled hærd to rescue his sister but he couldn’t, the place he was tied was a far from where his sister is, unending tears kept gushing out of his eyes as he kept hearing the squeal of pain made by his sister, he felt like strangling the men to death, he felt killing them with a rod, he felt totally devasted,
After some hours, the men were done, they all wore their trouser leaving Sandra lying helplessly on the floor still unclad,
They walked up to Cole with a smirk which was unseen due to the mask they were wearing,
The first hit from the rod which landed on Cole’s back made him feel a very terrible pain. another hit went to his th-gh, they kept hitting him hærdly at any part of his body until he fainted, the men walked out and Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike walked in,
They saw Sandra lying unclad and smiled to themselves,
“that’s good for her” Dr Mike mussed with a grin
“yeah, I don’t think her mother would hesitate from coming out after seeing this” Chief Gabriel said with a smile,
Richærd was sitting on the balcony when suddenly his eyes went teary, why he was sheding tears was something of the heart, something that is unseen but felt, he felt it down in his soul that Sandra was in great pain but how and where is what he couldn’t say, he had also found Joy crying on her own several times, she had also confessed to him that she felt Cole in pain
“Richærd we have to talk” Clara’s voice sounded behind him making him turn his gaze at her direction, clara saw the tears in his eyes but ignored it,
“let go in,side and talk, time is not on our side” Clara said and walked in while Richærd followed her,
They both sat on the couch facing eachother,
“Sandra and Cole are in a very serious and severe danger, Infact, their life on earth are counted. the truth is that if we don’t make haste in saving them, I think we gonna lose them” clara said calmly while Richærd’s eyes bulged out immediately, what Clara just said hitted him like a bomb, that is the worst thing that would ever happen to him, losing Sandra,
“so let’s start quickly, I can’t bear losing her please” Richærd pleaded to Clara whose face showed no emotion at all,
“I need a team, because I can’t do this on my own to avoid my boss noticing…do you know of any one who can work with me?” Clara asked,
“ehmmm, I..I know of one guy who can help, his name is David” Richærd said and brought out his phone,
“you are with his contact?” Clara asked while Richærd nodded
“okay call him to come over here, but before that, Is he good in handling guns?” Clara asked while Richærd nodded
“Hello who I’m I speaking with?” David’s hoarse voice sounded through the other side,
“Richærd…. “
a loud squeak sounded that moment from David,
“Ohhh, God!! Richærd, how are you doing now?” David asked elated
“I’m doing fine” Richærd answered
“Hey dude, don’t tell me you are doing fine because I think that Sandra your girlfriend is in chief Gabriel’s possession” David said while Richærd exhaled heavily
“yeah.. that’s why I called you”
“Richærd, I think they had began to suspect me into being in your side because they refused telling me where Sandra and Cole is, they had been very much secretive this time” David breathed with a sigh,
“that’s not a big problem just get prepared and come to the address I’m gonna send to you now, that’s were I’m living, there is someone here you will love to talk to, she will be of great help to the both of us” Richærd said
“okay no problem, I will come as soon as possible” David said before the call was hung,
“so Clara, that’s the guy, he lives in Lagos, it will take him a day to reach here so what should we be doing now?” Richærd inquired
“the building where Sandra and Cole are caged is guarded by many well trained gunmen, we would only succeed by using the distraction method. the job of bringing down the men would be for me and that guy you called, but rescuing Sandra and Cole would be the mission of you and Joy” Clara explained,
“yeah that sounds great, I can’t wait to rescue my love” Richærd said with a forced smile,
“We would wait for the David of a guy so we we can start a plan together” Clara said and walked out…
Clara was pained, she felt bittered, she can’t say what keeps triggering her into helping Richærd who she needs to be her husband, for Sandra to come back means that all she had planned for starting from the first day would all be shattered,
on entering her room, she slumped on her bed feeling sad,
“Sandra, just know that I’m doing this because I pitted Richærd, if not, you would have rot there” Clara mussed then brought out a laptop, she booted it then began her survey, she kept screening the building where she had found out to be where Sandra and Cole is to make a right plan on how to carry out the mission,
After some minute, she shut the laptop then walked to the bathroom and took her bath, she dried her body then layed on the bed unclad with the thought of Richærd clouding her mind,
It was as early as 6:00 when David arrived to Kano state, he drove to the location which Richærd had sent,
on reaching the building, he walked in feeling some kind of joy which he couldn’t define,
He knocked on the door and it was opened immediately by Richærd,
“Ohhh, are you here already? welcome” Richærd said with a smile hugging him tightly
“Hey, where is the person I would love to meet?” David asked curiously as they walked into the sitting room,
“this one you are so curious to see her, is everything alright?” Richærd said with a smirk
“uhmm, I don’t even know it is a lady” David said before slumping on the couch,
Just then, someone knocked, Richærd made to go and check who was at the door but David beat him to that,
David opened the door and quickly gasped in seeing who was standing in front of him, the person was a lady whose beauty made him stiffed, he stared at her in admiration feeling his heart skip a beat, her light fair skin, long lashes, misty eyes, long dark hair, nice chin, pointed nose, pink l-ips, awesome shape, very nice curve made David drool,
David couldn’t help himself, his gaze couldn’t just leave her body, what he felt was something he hasn’t for once feel in his entire life, he couldn’t tell what he feel but one thing was for sure, he had got attracted to the lady,
A tap from the lady brought him back from the world of imagination to reality,
“Can you let me in?” Clara’s voice sounded in a low tone, her voice was like that of an angel to David’s hearing, this made him smile widely before shifting his body off the door entrance giving clara space to enter,
Clara walked in without giving him a glance, she sat down in the two-seater couch beside Richærd, David saw this and felt a little bit annoyed, he wanted to seat with her and had wished she had took seat in another couch which would give him space to seat with her,
He slumped on the one-seater couch and sat down, not long after, Joy came and took her seat on the longest couch,
“So guys good morning” clara greeted with a sweet smile which did well in making David’s heart skip a beat, her smile made her more beautiful, David couldn’t help but kept on admiring her as she smile,
“Richærd is this the David you called yesterday?” clara asked pointing at David
“yeah” Richærd nodded while Clara turned her gaze to him,
“Hi.. I’m Clara”
“I’m..David” they both shook hands
“welcome” clara said with a smile,
Clara made to withdrew her hand from David’s grip but he held it tight unconsciously. the softness of her palm made it nice and cool, David found himself loving everything about Clara,
“Can you release my hand?” Clara said with a grim making David release his grip hastily,
“So guys..we all knows why we are here, we all know how aim which is to rescue Sandra and Cole, we can do it only with determination, every..” her phone rang and she stopped her speech then brought out her phone,
“excuse me” she mumbled and walked out to answer the call,
David quickly went to her previous position,
“Richærd, who is that lady?” he asked while Joy and Richærd stared at him with a surprise smile
“why are you asking?” Richærd asked back
“I…emm” he scratched his head
“you have feelings for her?” Joy interuppted with a raised brow
“I think so” David said with grimace
“okay, I have to give you a little space” Richærd said and stood up from where he sat and went to the couch where David was sitting before,
Just then, Clara walked in, she went to sit on where she sat before and noticed that it wasn’t Richærd that was sitting beside her. it was now the David of a guy, she smile inwardly then sat down without saying any word,
just as her body made a contact with David. he quivered, his wh0le body shook in happiness, he felt his heart beat increase, the cologne emitting from Clara’s body made him dream of having her, he could not tell what was wrong with him, this was his first time of having this such feeling for a lady,
“This mission is very easy and has to be done faster…” as she talked David stared at her l-ips with a smile, he felt like k-ssing it,
“I had grouped us in two, Joy and Richærd would do the job of bringing out Sandra and Cole safely while I and David would bring down the gun men guarding the building” Clara said
“me and you?” David asked with a grin
” yeah..” clara said with a mean face,
“so we would…em nothing” David stuttered rubbing his hand in glee,
“we would start tomorrow.. firstly, I will have to train David on the use of gun so that he would be perfect, any mistake may cost our life..” Clara said and stood up
“follow me, we are both heading to my house” clara beckoned to David who sprang up immediately,
“Richærd and Joy you both would have to use your sense, avoid wasting of time, be fast when you go to rescue them..” clara said and walked out, David winked at both Joy and Richærd before following Clara,
David and clara entered into Clara’s car and drove off, David kept staring her steadily but got not even a glance from her,
this really left him perturbed,
“Hey can you please tell me your name” David asked just to get her attention,
Clara kept her gaze straight without looking at him
“are you really good in handling guns?” clara asked as they drove into her mansion,
“yeah, I’m pretty good but I need some more training from you” David said
“must it be from me?”
“yeah, I think, I will learn faster if you teach me” David said with a lopsided smile
they both entered the mansion and David was really dumbfounded,
“are you the one living here!” he asked in amazement
“yeah any problem?” clara asked opening the training room which has every thing needed for training in it,
“Clara do you…”
“so you knew my name..then why were you asking of it then?” Clara asked placing her hand akimbo staring at him with a questioning look,
“well, I just felt bored and decided to begin a discussion with you” David replied
“I’m I a boring person?” clara asked
“no no no, you aren’t, Infact you are..”
“stop lying, I’m a boring lady and I know it so stop those blah blah blah” clara said waving her hand in the air,
“Clara!” David called
“I want to tell you something” David said
“what is it?” clara asked dryly
“ermmm, I don’t know how to put it but let me say…clara since i was born, my life had always been upside down, i had never had time to think of my future all I do is killing for my uncle, I had never had the chance to think of my future, to be sincere, i was one of those guy who solidly doubted love especially the one’s at first sight, I never for once thought in my life that It ever existed talkmore of being a victim, what I’m trying to say is that, at my first sight on you, I felt my heart limp,i felt it deep down In my heart that I’m in love with you, Clara I know this may sound weird or crazy but it is sincere, tell me what would be your reply if I ask us to enter a relationsh¡p?” David said with his a solemn tone
Clara stared at him in surprise, all he said just rang like a bell in her ear, she could not tell what her heart was saying that moment, the truth was that she felt something for him, but she couldn’t just ascertain if what she felt was love,
“David I think I have to tell you this..I’m not worthy to be your girlfriend..I mean, I’m dangerous, I… “
“I don’t love you just because of what I saw but I love you because of what I felt which I’m sure is a feeling that would grow to an unending love, please just tell me if you feel anything for me? “
Clara was totally confused,
“I feel something for you but I can’t tell if it is love. I don’t think i can fall in love with any other guy” clara said in a meek voice
“if we both have feelings for ourselves then I think with time we would know what it really is” David said with a cool smile,
Clara turned to head in,side but David drew her backward and k-ssed her deeply..
to be continued

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