Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 46

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Written by Humble Smith
David k-ssed clara so deeply in passion, he was feeling so much elated for finally finding someone his heart beat for, he was only getting to meet clara today but the feeling he had for her had already grew tremendously, he had felt it deep in his heart that he would find his heartbeat after Richærd had called him, it was as if Richærd had knew this when he said he should come over that there is someone he would love to meet,
after some minute Clara finally broke the k-ss, she stared at David with mixed feelings, her shoulder sagged
“what do you really want from me? you have to know me well before thinking of having me as your girlfriend, I am someone you will flee away from when you get to know me well, I will advise you to please kill that feelings you have for me because you may not live to regret it” clara said sternly
“what do you mean..i.. “
“David…i don’t want to have anything to do with a guy, you may be attracted by my beauty but just know that you don’t judge a book by its cover, so let’s do what we came here for and forget about all these love of a thing” Clara blurted then walked to the centre of the room,
“Come over and stop moping at me like a moron!!” clara retorted shocking David, he could not believe it was the Clara who was all meek and smily recently is now this mean, he exhaled heavily with a shrug before walking forward
“take this” Clara beckoned shoving a gun to him which he catched immediately,.
Clara took a device which had many buttons on it
“when I press any button here, a balloon human comes up from the floor, you will have to shoot at it immediately it comes up, it stays up in 3 Seconds before deflation, so you have to shoot at it quickly before it deflates by it’s self..understood?” Clara asked with grim while David just nodded
“now at the count of three, we begins…concentrate and don’t miss any, do it the way you gonna do it tommorow, see those balloon as the gun men surrounding that building” Clara said bluntly,
“okay” David mumbled with his face squeezed, he really felt hurt the way Clara was suddenly cold towards him, she doesn’t smile anymore and was really acting bossy,
He stared at her face and breathed heavily,
“1..2..3” clara counted and pressed a button and a balloon came up, David shot at it quickly, she pressed again, another balloon came up in another position, David shot at it, this was what they kept doing till David started losing all, he now finds it hærd getting the balloon before it deflates, he was no more concentrating, his thought was faraway thinking of the k-ss he had with Clara, his thought started getting occupied by everything about Clara, any time his gaze averts to her direction he always feels a kind of s-nsation,
Clara noticed this and stopped, she walked up to him and smacked his head with her palm
“what is wrong with you?” she asked with an arched brow
“I’m sorry, i don’t think i can really continue, I am.. I’m just…I’ve to rest” David stuttered fluttering his eyes lashes rapidly
“you can’t be tired, we haven’t even did this up to 2 hours, how can you say you are tired, I guess you are lying” clara said with a straight gaze,
“whatever…i can’t continue” David said and headed to the door, he was getting really exasperated, the way clara was acting on him was paining him, he knew he love her and really wants her to accept him, being closer to her makes him feel like wrapping his arm around her warmly, this was his first love and he feared he could go crazy if she doesn’t accept him,
The training was so much boring to him, although it would really increase his swiftness in gun shooting, he still doesn’t want to do it again, not when the person he loves was treating him with grim and seriousness like a student,
He walked to the door and made to leave when Clara called him back
“What?” he answered without averting his gaze to her
“where are you going to?” Clara inquired
“Back to Lagos” he answered and Clara gasped in shock
“Lagos?? aren’t you helping in rescuing Sandra and Cole again?” clara asked with a raised brow
“I don’t think i can do it anymore..i..i..well suit yourself” David said and dashed out of the room in anger, what was making him angry was something he could not even fathom, maybe it was the way clara turned him down…
He walked down the stairs with tears filling up his eyes,
“why can’t she just see that I love her so much why?!!!” David grumbled to himself, he slumped into the couch in the sitting room and shut his eyes making the tears in his eyes roll down,
His eyes was still shut when he felt someone wipe off the tears, he opened his eyes and saw Clara in front of him with a face contort with emotion,
“Clara, I’m not someone who holds his feelings or keeps it in the heart, I’m not someone who can rest without getting his heart desire, please believe me I deeply love you, all I want from you is just an approval, I want…”
“shuuu” Clara said placing her index finger on his l-ips,
“I love you too, just that I’m afraid, but for now, let’s go and train so we won’t make a fatal mistake tommorow” clara said with a sweet smile which made David heart leap in excitement
“okay let’s go”
It was evening when David and Clara concluded their training, David had became perfect in aiming and shooting,
they both walked out of the room and went to the sitting room
“now David you have to go and take your bath in the guest bathroom while I takes mine in my room en-suit” Clara said while David nodded,
they both went away after Clara showed him the way,
Clara was done with her bath and was about to walk into her room when the light suddenly went off, she looked around through the darkness trying to make her way out when’s string arm wrapped her wa-ist, she was still claded on only a towel, she needed no soothsayer to know that it was David,
“what are you trying to do” she said amidst cackle
“i love you” David cooed in hee ear
“okay can you leave me, remember I’m partly unclad” clara said with a frown
“erm, okay I’m waiting” David said and walked to the switch and turned it on making the room brighten up
“So why did you came into my room” clara asked walking to the dressing table
“mmm, I came to ask of a lotion to rub, the one there is a skin bleaching cream” David said sitting on the bed
“okay go to that basket over there and choose the cream of your choice” Clara said pointing at a basket at the corner of the room
David walked toward the basket and took a lotion, without looking at the label he pulled off the cover and dipped his index finger in,side it bringing out some quantity,
As he made to rub it, Clara let out a sudden scre-m
“no!! don’t!!!” she squealed rushing at him bit before she could stop him, he had already rubbed it almost all ovet his body except his pub-c region which was covered by the short he wore,
“why did you rubbed that??” clara asked with a raised brow staring at David who was perplexed at everything,
He glanced at the cream and gasped in shock on seeing the name boldly written on can,
He averted his gaze at Clara with a smirk and started moving forward to her direction,
“Don’t you dare come near me, are you blind that you didn’t see the label or did you intentionally rubbed it!!” clara yelled moving backward,
“No oo, I never rubbed it intentionally, I forget to read the content, what should I do now” David said with a lopsided smile
“Go into the bathroom and take a second bath” clara instructed
“You know I can’t bath twice, I’m quite lazy” David said and hastily grabbed her hand,
“Ohh no, I’m..I’m getting ho-ny..get..” Clara stuttered shaking her body slowly,
David drew his head forward and k-ssed her deeply with his hand wrapped around her wa-ist, clara wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed his head closer making the k-ss more deep and sensual,
David devoured her l-ips as if his life depends on it, a minute later, they both fell on the bed, with great passion and s€×ual urge burning in them, they both unwraped the cloth covering their uncladness,
David kept k-ssing every part of her body making her mo-n in pleasure,
after few minutes of rom-nce, David finally ins**ted his d**k into her, this made adrenalin of unending pleasure gush down their spine, David was doing it with a slow pace, this s€× was more than just a s€× to him, although he knew that Clara was under the influence of the lotion he rubbed but he really adored her body like a goddess, he really prayed that this s€× would not only produce pleasure but would also make up a strong and unbreakable bond between them,
He stared into Clara’s eyes which was glistened with pure emotion which he couldn’t read,
“I love you” he muttered into her ear as he kept pounding her slowly,
Clara couldn’t say anything to him, she was only biting her bottom l-ips,
Not long after, David felt he was about to release so he made to plung out his d**k but Clara quickly wrapped her leg around his wa-ist holding him tight into her body with her eyes shut tightly
“should I??” David asked in a calm voice while Clara nodded her head In approval,
David inhaled and exhaled heavily, a loud gro-n escaped from his l-ips as he released everything into Clara,
He glanced at Clara and saw her smiling, David made to leave but he couldn’t as Clara’s leg was still holding him,
“Would we sleep this way?” David asked with a little smile,
“I love you” clara said and k-ssed him deeply,
She later broke the k-ss and unwraped her legs, her eyes went pale and she drifted into sleep immediately,
David smiled widely as he stared at Clara who looked very much pretty in her sleep, her l-ips was partly apart making her look angelic, David couldn’t help but pecked her l-ips before heading to the bathroom, after bathing, he walked out and wore his short before wearing a sleeping robe which he found in the wardrobe, he carefully wore Clara her p-nt then wore her same robe with the same colour as his own, he layed beside her then covered both himself and her with the duvet,
He smiled widely as he layed there facing the ceiling, he could not help his smile as he remembered the sweet s€× he just had with his love, he turned to Clara and wrapped his arm around her body before shutting his eyes waiting for sleep as he savoured the blissful moment he just had with Clara,
not long after, he drifted into sleep with his l-ips w¡dened forming a broad smile,
Early morning the next day, David woke up and waved his hand over the other side of the bed sluggishly to check for clara but he couldn’t touch anyone, he opened his eyes and saw that he was the only one still lying on the bed,
He sat up at the edge of the bed and scrubbed his eyes with the back of his palm then yawned widely, he looked around and couldn’t find Clara, he stood up and head to the bathroom, he took his bath and cleaned his morning breath with a brush,
He tied a towel round his wa-ist and walked out, he wore his short and head downstairs to look for Clara,
In reaching the sitting room, he found Clara fully dressed in a black attire,
She was putting on a tank top and a navy black trouser with a black leather jacket tied around her wa-ist, her hair was left unpacked, her feet was adorned with a black shoe, looking at Clara one would really drool, she looked like a mafia but was still looking smart and attractive, the attire made her gorgeous and great, David couldn’t avert his gaze off her, she keeps making him go gaga every time he sees her,
“What are you still doing in that short, go and dress up unless we would be late and that could be fatal” Clara said with grim,
David nodded and rushed upstairs, not long after. he was dressed up, clara took a black leather bag which has an unseen contents filled in it and walked out, David went and made to take the bag from her but as he carried it he started regretting,
The bag was so much stuffy and heavy that he wondered what could be in it, what baffled him the most was how clara was able to carry it without difficulty,
After walking for a short while, they got to the garage, clara opened the booth and he carefully placed the bag in it, they both entered in,side the car, all this while Clara never talked to him or even glanced at him, her face was looking stern and serious, David also never made attempt to start up any unnecessary conversation, he had to concentrate to avoid distraction in the mission ahead,
Clara and David walked into Richærds house and found Richærd and Joy seated on the couch waiting for them,
“Good morning” are greeted Richærd with a broad smile which made David a little bit jealous,
“good morning beauty, how was your night?” Richærd asked making Clara glance at David who also glanced at her with a smile,
“fine” clara answered and opened the bag and brought out a laptop,
“This mission isn’t as easy as I had thought, it will require much fatality…” clara paused then glanced at them all, she could vividly see the way which their expressions contorted to a perplexed one,
“By 11:45am last night, I woke up and was feeling some kind of unease, I believed it was about the mission I was about to go in, I felt it in my heart that I hadn’t made a thorough check out in that building where Sandra and Cole are so I went into my computer room and began a meticulous investigation, there i found out something new, something I never saw all these while, that building has up to 100 trained gunmen surrounding it both the interior and the exterior, the building is located at the outskirt of the city of Lagos in the middle of a forest, the building has only one passway which leads to the building, the passway had trained men guarding it, the worst of it is that one would hærdly know where the men are, the men hides behind the thick forest, on trees, shrubs and bushes, to be frank, that place is the true description of what is known as a dead zone, on finding out all these yesternight, I was befuddled, how would he guard just a building that much? I secretly hacked into the surveillance cameras system to get record of past video tape of what had been going on in,side that building and I found out that the building is Chief Gabriel’s main base for carrying out his heinous crimes, trafficking of human beings are done there, selling of human parts are also carried out in that building.. now let me make it clear to you all.. the tendency of us accomplishing this mission without losing anyone of us is something that would be termed as a miracle…” Clara said in a stern voice making them all shudder in fright,
“With fear we all will be a corpse in no distant time, for us to accomplish this mission three things are required,
and zeal
I have informed the police men, they would come in much number, I also have like 20 of my men on our side, all these people are just there to cause distraction so as to give us an easy entrance..we have to remove fear and face this with our mind soul and spirit…
I could have did this mission alone with my trained men but it can’t be possible because I’m violating the law of the gang I’m into, my boss would be greatly angered if he finds out… now what we would have in mind is this, saving Sandra and Cole..” Clara said and looked at their faces,
“but…I hope we would be able this” Joy stuttered with a heavy heart, she was really afraid as she hasn’t come across something like this..
“Now is the time of decision..” Clara said then brought out her hand
“Richærd, Joy, you have to choice,
leave Cole and Sandra to die off or rusk your life to save them, take your choice” Clara said staring at the both of them,
Richærd exhaled loudly and shut his eyes tightly, his thought flashed back to his past time with Sandra, he reckoned all he had passed through for her, he remembered the times of rom-nce they had shared, he remembered her smile which makes his heart leap in joy, all these made him shook his head,
“I’m gonna save her, even if I die, I would be happy I died for the one I love wh0leheartedly” Richærd said in a calm voice as he brought out his own palm
“I’m in.. I can’t lose Cole, not for anything” Joy mumbled and brought her palm, tears was dripping off her eyes
“David what of you?” Clara asked
“for the fact that clara is into this I am also in, I would make sure nothing happens to anyone because I love you all especially Clara” David said in a solemn tone and brought out his palm,
“Together we are into this, in one heart we fight, with one aim we stand, with one voice we pray that not one soul here shall we lose, not even that of Sandra or Cole, now is time!!!” Clara said In a solemn tone while they all raised their hand up the sky…
“let’s go” Clara ordered then headed towards the door while the other follows…
To be continued

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