Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 5

Sandra opened her eyes, everywhere was dark except for the dim light of the moon penetrating into her room,she could see the figure of her cloth in a far away distance from where she layed,she writhe around the floor in pain as she tried standing up, it seem so difficult for her as her wh0le body was very weak, she could not help but wondered if she would really survived this trauma,
“God, please come to my aid,or you take my life and let rest am tired of this life before i will do it myself” she thought,
Just then an idea crept into her mind, she let out a little smile, then stood up slowly, she went and wore a new cloth as the other one has been torn by the soldier, the cloth she wore was a red tight fitting gown which barely covered her laps, she sat on the bed in thought of how to carry out her new plan successfully.
Richærd entered into the hospital with his both palm stucked into his trousers pocket, after a little introduction he was led to the doctor’s office, as he entered the office which was beautifully adorned by nice painting and tiles the doctor was sitting in an office seat wearing a white shirt tucked into a blue plain trouser neatly ironed,
“Good day sir, thanks for coming” the doctor greeted with a calm smile
“It is pleasure” Richærd said while they both shook hand
“Firstly my name is doctor Mike, and you?” he asked
“My name is Richærd Ben” Richærd answered,
“Good, now lets get down to business, who is that boy you brought here yesterday? i mean, how are you guys related?” the doctor asked
“We are not related in any way” Richærd said then explained how it all happened
“The reason for my question is that the boy life is at stake now” he said
“What do you mean?” Richærd asked
“I would have loved if you was one of his relatives, so that you would be able to answer my question” the doctor said
” I wish I was, but I really need to know his health status, and make sure he is fine, after all i was the one who put him into the problem he is” Richærd said
“It is not what you think, that young man could have been dead yesterday, even he didn’t have that accident” the doctor said with a serious look
“explain to me where you are heading at” he Said
“The young man has one of his kidney removed medically, and the other one has been almost damaged, due to the much stressful work he had been doing”the doctor explained
“Hmmm so you mean I saved his life by bringing him here?” Richærd asked happily
“Exactly!!! he would be fine in no distant time, but if anytime in life, he does any stressful work, I don’t think he would survive it” the doctor said
“Thank you so much ” he said with a broad smile
“There is no problem, all glory to God” the doctor said smiling also
“Can I see him now?”Richærd asked,
“Oh no, you would have to come tomorrow morning, he is very weak not now” the doctor said
“Okay, no problem, see you tomorrow” he said and left after shaking hand with the doctor,
Richærd left the hospital very much happier, the fact that he saved someone’s life made his heart leap for joy, he was so much eager to see the young man he saved,
He reached his house at around 7:35, he layed on his bed smiling,
Sandra stayed in her room still in thought, the pain in her body was already reducing, she stood up and went to the kitchen to take her food which was served in a small plate, the quantity of the food left her shedding tears, the beans was watery and cold, due to the intensity of her hunger she took the food and ate. frowning her face at interval, after she was done she took her shower and head to her room, but as she made to enter her room, the thought of sneaking into her late mother’s room flashed through her mind, she quickly rushed to the room but she found it locked, she rushed to the kitchen, brought out a kitchen knife and head back to the room with the intention to screw up the nail in the door lock, what made her so desperate to enter her late mother’s room was what she couldn’t fathom,
After much struggle she succeeded in opening the door, she looked around the room which was very dusty, everything was exactly the way it was before her mom death, she went around the room curiously, just then her sight caught the picture of her Mom hanging on the wall, hot tears dropped off her eyes as the memory of the past kept flashing in her mind,
She opened a drawer which was beneath a large mirror, the drawer contained many set of pictures, she checked one of them and found it to be her father mother and a little boy, she stared keenly at the picture trying to figure out who the little boy was, but she couldn’t ascertain who he really was, her mother has never told her of any other boy related to her, she checked another one, it was the picture of her Mom and that same boy, but this is time he was a little bit older, the picture left her so much confused,
“Does i have another brother which i doesn’t know about”she asked rhetorically
She searched the drawer contained thoroughly to know if she could see any explanation about the boy she saw with her mother, just then she saw a diary well packaged under the pictures, she took the book and quickly flip open the first page,
“My childhood life” was the first chapter, she flipped the next chapter, she seem not to see what she want, as she made to drop the diary, a passport fell off from the center of the book she picked it up and stared at it, the figure in the passport was a lady much familiar with her step mother, she stared at it confused, she picked up the diary once again, but as she made to open it, she heard the door of the sitting room crack open.
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