Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 55

Not proofreaded so expect errors..
The huge and uncontrollable smile from David’s l-ips could be vividly seen as he walked down the stairs of the hospital with Clara beside him who was also smiling sweetly.
“I still find it hærd believing I’m pregnant” Clara said still smiling
“Okay well, if you still doubt, I think we should wait till when your stomach starts protruding” David said with a gloating smile as they both walked to the car park where their car was,
“So David, tell me the charm you used on me?” Clara asked holding his hand softly
“Charm?? I used no charm dear, just that we are meant to be” David said and opened the door of the car for Clara, he shut the door immediately she fully entered then walked to the other seat which was the driver seat and sat shutting the door also,
He ignited the car and drove off,
“when we gets home, you must tell what you did to me that made me fell for you” Clara deadpanned squeezing her face
“uhmm..” David shrug and kept driving,
“why are you not talking to me?” Clara asked after some metre drive,
“I’m lost in thought” David replied still gazing straight
“lost in thought of what? your side chick or dream crush ugh?” Clara questioned
“what do you mean?” David asked
“yeah, since we are driving together in this car all along the road you never talk to me or even steal a glance at me, i asked you why and you said you are lost in thought, what are u thinking about that Is more important than me” Clara said in an emotional tone
“I’m thinking about this lady in my heart which I can’t stop loving” David said making Clara’s eyes w¡dened in shock,
“You are thinking of a lady..when…”
“ quiet let me go on with my thoughts which are really pleasurable, the days with this lady always makes my heart, soul and body quiver in happiness and compassion, all the days we spent together are in my memory forever and I can’t for a day forget her” David said and kept smiling to himself
Clara arched her brow strongly trying to get his words more clearly,
“who could be this girl that is making him lost in thought of her, could it be that David here has another… no, Clara stop those stupid thought, you are the lady he is talking about..but… what if it isn’t..i…” Clara kept thinking to herself
“what are you thinking about?” David asked as he saw her calm staring at the space
“I’m just thinking about my boyfriend” Clara said
“it’s me right?” David asked with a grin
“I’m sorry to say this but it isn’t you and I’m not even yet ready to make you one” clara deadpanned,
With much force and swiftness, David averted his gaze to her to be sure what he heard really came out from her mouth
“why are you staring at me? are u surprised hearing my little secret?” clara asked with a giggle
“are you serious?” David asked In a low tone
“I’m damn serious dude, were u thinking I’m your girlfriend?..” Clara asked then laughed out loudly clapping her hand in amazement
“what about the..”
“you mean the pregnancy?? okay Incase you don’t know uhm, the child isn’t yours but that of my lovely fiance” Clara blurted,
what Clara said seriously clanked on David’s head like a metal struck against eachother,
“What….well whatever!.. suit yourself, I don’t care” David said dryly
“ugh” Clara grimaced
“yeah, you can go on with your so-called boyfriend, I don’t even love you, Incase you don’t know, I have a woman who is pregnant for me” David retorted and Clara flinched immediately
“are you surprised? you don’t have to,okay?..I’m deeply in love with her and you know what..f-ck off!!” David blurted
Hot tears rolled down Clara’s cheeks as David’s word rang on her head like a bell… She felt totally insecure and frightened, all she has said to David was all lies, she just said that to see his reaction, now she could not tell from his voice or expression if David himself was also joking, what she feared was for all those word from David to be true, this was what brought out tears from her eyes,
David’s expression was blank as he focused on the car he was driving forgetting Clara,
“God plz let it be that he is just teasing oo” Clara thought then tapped David with her face stern in pretense
“what is it woman?” David asked without glancing at her,
“ you think I wanted to beg you? ewooo, sorry..when we reach home we would both write a good bye letter to each other because we don’t love ourselves so let’s stop deceiving ourself” Clara said with a grim outer but in,side her she prayed David would just decline and make her know he was just pulling her legs,
David stared at Clara for some minute finding it hærd to give her an answer, he himself was just joking but couldn’t want Clara notice,
he breathed heavily then sigh,
“I agree” David said and clara nearly throw up..
“you what!!!..well it’s your choice” clara said waving her hand over the air with the ‘I don’t care’ expression
David drove into Clara’s mansion and parked the car slowly, he opened the car door then stepped out banging it loudly back and head into the building briskly without glancing at Clara who also came out without talking to him,
they both entered the house keeping arm length to each other,
David walked into his room and tore out a sheet of paper and a pen,
he layed on the bed and started writing..
It was so sudden and unexpected to me hearing those hurtful words from heart ached so badly that I feel like crying out my eyes..
you may be expecting a goodbye letter like we discussed, but for goodness sake how can I say a goodbye to my breath, I mean how can I live without air, how can I live without you, you are like my breath and the other part of my body,
I can’t tell if you mean those word you said to me, but I pray you are just joking, I pray all those words were just said to pull my legs, as for the one I said to you, I never meant it, It was a total joke..
I don’t have much to say to you, just look down and see those three words ‘I love you all over the remaining space, this is to show you that not until I die, I’ll never love any other woman like I do to you.. all I need from you is a yes to being my fiancee..
I love you
I love you
I love you…
David walked out of his room with the letter grasped tightly into his palm, just as he was out, Clara also walked out, her eyes was teary and she was really emotional,
someone who knew Clara from the time she became an assassin would never believe that the lady here is still that same Clara,
those stony expression was gone
those heartless mind was gone
those aura of a trained assassin was gone,
Clara was now like an innocent fragile teen who wasn’t yet exposed, she was standing straight peering deeply into David’s eyes,
Till that moment, it stil baffled her how a commoner like David could lock her heart to his own so easily and faster,
she could remember in the past when she was still single, many men had came from every angles trying all they could do to get her to notice them, but they couldn’t because she wasn’t someone social, she was that timid lady afraid of heart break, until Richærd came into her life, she had loved him like mad and was ready to do everything for him, she planned to make him her husband until the twist of events which detached them from each other,
Now after becoming a trained assassin, she turned heartless and emotionless, her heart to love was removed and a stony heart was placed in, all her years as an assassin she never thought of anything about love or passion, falling in love never crossed her mind until Richærd came to view again, she tried all she could do to make him love her but yet he couldn’t, he has found another lady..
After experiencing all these, clara decided never to fall in love, she decided to live her life the way she was at the beginning, it was something that she thought was so easy not until David came to get life, like a flame of fire getting ablaze, all those emotions of love which she thought she had killed burned up again in her and now before she could even control it, it has took a huge part of her, she now find it very hærd to kill it, no soothsayer was needed for her to know that the same way she had fell in love with Richærd, she had also fell for David even more than.
“Why are u crying?” David asked in a calm soothing voice with his countenance exuding much care and passion
“Nothing..i..” she couldn’t complete her statement anymore as David’s l-ips had already went deep into her mouth,
She wrapped her hand around his neck drawing his head closer in passion and emotion,
they kept the k-ss going as they both traced their way to the bedroom,
David layed her down slowly and carefully still k-ssing her
Sandra was lying on the bed with David above her with the fire of passion and want warming them up,
just then, Clara broke the k-ss,
“Do you love me with all your heart?” she asked in tears
“i love you more than you can think of, you are like a part of my body which I can’t do with” David said sweetly pecking herall over her face
“promise me you won’t hurt my heart?” Clara asked again still shedding tears
“the day I would break your heart is the day I’ll die..i love you so much like mad” David said making a wide smile escape Clara’s l-ips,
she wrapped her hand around his neck and drew him closer to her body,
“make love to me” she muttered into his ears sending a kind of tingling s-nsation down his spine which did well in energizing him,
“all those words you said to me while we were driving, was it true?” David questioned immediately,
“they are all lies..I’m so sorry, I said that because I was pissed off and jealous at what you said to me” clara replied with a babyish voice
“I’m also sorry for saying those words in the wrong way.. the lady I was thinking off was you and the moment we spent together, I’m sorry if you didn’t understand” David said and pecked her left n-pple making her giggle
“so sorry for not are the best man I had ever met, you are one in a million” clara said in great happiness before pushing him forward to her body tightly,
David raised up the gown she was wearing and pulled it off her body making her claded with only a white b-ra and p-nt,
He bent slowly and k-ssed her flat belly softly making a soft mo-n escape her mouth,
one thing led to another and in no distant time, they were both lying flatly on the bed exhausted,
“David, you just made feel what I hadn’t felt for years ago, I can’t stop loving you” Clara said and pecked his l-ips before heading to the bathroom which David also accompanied her to take a shower..
Paul stood up from the chair where he had sat for some time now, he was feeling lonely and des**ted, he had no lady of his own to chat with happily the same way Richærd and Cole are doing now,
They were both really engrossed in a passionate chat with their loved one Sandra and Joy, they had even forgotten that he was still there,
Paul stood up and walked out with the mindset of surveying around some places in the hospital,
he dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and stroll off towards the door,
He twisted the knob and pushed open the door, walking out of the ward he felt like going home but he just couldn’t, he placed his hand on the steel rod which was used in crossing the balcony, his eyes went all around the places his sight could see from the balcony, there were many houses, many churches, many schools.. the cool breeze blowing around the space that moment hitted his skin giving him a pleasurable s-nsation. taking that moment of idleness, he started reminiscing on his past life, his wrong and his right, he could not help but smile when something crossed his mind, something that happened some years ago when he travelled down to this country, then was when he had Chief Daniel as a father, those years when he lacked nothing, those years when he was swimming in chief Daniel’s money,
He had came down to Nigeria to see his father but on his way, he decided to lodge into a hostel and spend some time,
After he had finished drinking his self to stupor and having numerous s€×, he dashed into his car and struggled his way home without having a normal state of mind, he hasn’t driven up to 20 metre forward when his car collided with another car, before he could think of what to do, the occup-nt of that car mounted off and beat him black and blue before taking everything he had with him,
He was left on the floor bleeding and had thought he would die until one lady who was a nurse resurfaced, she was someone he had never came across with but she helped him up and took him home,
She treated him freely until he was well and could now walk well without difficult,
there was no doubt he fell in love with the nurse all through the days she treated him but he couldn’t say it to her then, he was a high time play boy who never believe in falling in love, he sees every lady as nothing but a s€× machine, but this lady was exceptional, everything about her name him amaze, her funny behavior, her sweet smile..just everything about her kept making him long for her but he couldn’t come down to ask her out, he felt it would alter his ego, the lady name was Mara, she was living alone and Paul never cared to ask why or cared to know anything about her history, he just left her without her knowing,
it pained him deep down in his heart leaving her but he forces himself to do it,
He left in the morning while she went to work, he kept a huge amount of money for her and left, but one thing baffled him..
He could not fathom how he lived for some days with a lady like her without luring her to his bed like he would really do on normal basis,
“I think I’m in love with that lady..Ohh I hate myself for not asking her out immediately” Paul grumbled and hissed,
just then, someone tapped him on the back and he turned hastily only to see that lady right behind him.


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