Dangerous Journey

Deep Affection – episode 6

Richard rose up from his bed with the feeling of joy, the urge to see the young man, talk with him, know his background was so much in him, he knelt down beside his bed muttered a little prayer and left to do the usual,
Not long after he was done, he entered into his vehicle and zoomed off,
He walked into the hospital anxiously, he was led into the ward where the young man was, after a little explanation, as he walked into the ward he could not help but felt internal joy, calm smile passed through his lips as he watched the innocent face of the young man who was lying down on the bed with both eyes opened,
“How are you doing?” Richard asked sitting on a plastic chair beside the bed where he layed.
“Am feeling better, but can i know how i got here?” the young man asked
“Okay, my name is Richard Ben, and you” Richard asked
“My name is Cole lewis” he answered
“Hmm, well you had an accident yesterday, my vehicle knocked you down as you were about to cross the road with your wheel barrow, i brought you here quickly, i really thank God you are alive” Richard explained “Is that what really happened, wow you must be a very good man, not every driver would care for the safety of the victim which they hit, i thank you so much for your generosity” Cole said smiling
“There is no problem, ehen i want to ask you a question?” Richard asked
“Go on” he said “Where do you live?” Richard asked,
Just then his face became dull, “What is it? why the sudden mood twist?” Richard asked curiously as he found out the drawn face of Cole,
“Why are you asking?” Cole asked after some minute
“I want to know because i don’t really like the way you are stressing your body, i feel like helping you out of your present condition” he answered “Please i don’t want to disturb your life with my problems, i’m a cursed child, i don’t deserve anything from people like you, i have been known to bringing badluck into someone’s life, i had……” he could not finish his statement he broke down in tears leaving Richard confused and emotionally moved, he was almost closed to tears as he watched the innocent looking guy shed tears,
“Just stop this tears you are shedding it isn’t good for your health okay i promise to help you out from your problem, but you have to tell me your story” Richard said calmly while Cole’s face quickly beam with smile
“What did you just said?” he asked surprisely
“You heard me right” Richard answered,
“Oh God, thank you so much..at last” he said and quickly hugged Richard tightly as tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Seriously i don’t really know how to thank you, but i know God would bless you for me, this is just like a dream to me” he said as he broke off the hug
“hmm, but you haven’t answered my question” Richard said
“What question??” he asked
“I asked of your residence, where do you really live?” Richard asked
“I will tell you everything when we gets home” he said with a bright smile,
“Okay oo, the doctor said you would be fit to go home tomorrow, so i have to go and bring your food, i know you would be hungry by now, i will be back shortly” Richard said while Cole stared at him with happiness in his heart,
Sandra rushed out of the room after closing it,
she could hear the footstep of someone heading to her room, silently she dashed into the bathroom and locked the door, she let out a sigh of relief as she sat on the water closet, she could have been skinned alive if her step mother had seen her in that room,
“Sandra!!!!!” she heard her step mother called from the sitting room
“ma!!”she answered stressing her voice so as to make it seem as if she was really excreting, “Will you come out of that place now, before i gets you there” her step mother shouted
“I would right there in a jifty” she said, after some seconds she came out of the toilet
“Ma, you called me” she answered
“You have grown up and now very matured, all your women material is now larger, so you would enter into another set of business that would suit the both of us” her step mother said
“What do you mean ma” she asked
“You will be helping me acquire wealth with your body” her step mother said
“All you are saying here is just confusing, i don’t understand a damn of it, please be straight forward” she said staring at her
“Okay if you say so, you would enter into pr-stitution in this house, i will bring a rich man to have s€× with you then after it, he would pay me a huge amount of money which would be used to take care of you and me” her step mother explained
“This is just what i will never do, it is better you kill me because there is no way i will agree to exchange my body with money” she said with zeal and determination, she would never allow that happen,
“What if i contacts a disease or mistakenly gets pregnant, that means i’m doomed” she thought in her mind
“If you don’t adhere to my instruction, then i think i have on option than to call the soldiers again”her step mother said bringing out her phone and quickly dialed their numbers
“You guys should come immediately, i have a job for you both” her step mother said then cut the call and stared at Sandra who was already shivering in fear
“Are you accepting my request and stay safe, or would you decline it and suffer everyday of your life? chose your choice i give you today to think about it, learn how to do it, all the styles and all you need to know about s€× you hear” her step mother said and left for her room, Sandra quickly rushed to where she hid the diary and took it to her room eagerly
Richard entered into Cole’s ward with a flask inside a polythene bag,
“Oya stand up and eat, or do you want me to feed you” Richard said opening the flask which containes a well garnished jollof rice and plantain
“Thank you so much for your help” he appreciated again
Cole divoured the food joyfully, he could not remember the last time he had tasted such a delicious food
“Thank you very much” he greeted immediately he was through with the food,
“Thanks, do you like it” Richard asked
” Yes na, very much, it has really been long i ate this food last” he said with a cool smile.”Okay then i have to go, i will come and take you home tomorow” Richard said “No problem, good night”he said and covered his body with the thick blanket on his bed.
what do you really think would happen in this story??

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