Deep Affection – episode 7

Sometimes, some challenge we face in life only needs wisdom for it to be tackled, the kind of trouble and maltreatment Sandra found her is just the application of wisdom and knowledge then every thing would be over, tears can never solve any problem in this state she was, her situation had turned into something severe, she could not help but imagine what she would be like when she had been turned into a prostitue,
She remembered Richard which she had not get to see again, she regret not sharing her problem with him.
the only chance she had gotten to help her condition had been lost. She sat down on her bed and brought out the diary. firstly she brought out the picture that had fallen off from the diary then, she stared at it keenly to know if the woman in it was her step mother, there is no doubt there was a striking resemblance between the both but she could not just accept the fact that it was her,
“How can this be?, does my mother know of my step mother before her death? wait oo…my step mother killed my mother so that she would take her place as the wife to my father?….is that what happened, but if it is so why did she also killed my father…. oh no am so confused, i think their are many things i did not really know about this my step mother, but if she could be so heartless to the extent of killing my both parent, why hasn’t she kill me also all this while??” she thought,
She opened the center page of the diary, that was where she saw what she had been looking for, “MY HIDDEN SECRET” was the sub heading,
“Today being 5/6/19 i met the lady that turned my life from joy to sorrow,from happiness to anguish, pain and tears, the lady which could termed as the devil in human flesh…..” she could read forward anymore due to the footstep coming to her room, she quickly hid the diary under her bed and laid on the bed, closing her eyes in pretense of being asleep,
The door of her room gave way while her step mother walked in with those two soldiers
“Hey, get up from there before i chop off those bulge eyes of yours”Angela said sternly
Sandra quickly opened her eyes fear swept through her as she saw those two heartless soldier with her step mother
“Don’t be afraid, they are not here to flog you, they came to tie you up” her step mother said with a smirk,
“I don’t understand”she said surprisely
“You see, i’m a lady with much sence and cleverness i can never be defeated in any condition i find myself, i gets what i want when and how i want it, i had read your mind and discovered that you are planning on how to run out of this house, even as the door is always kept locked i still know your ability of getting your way out of this house, the same way you got into your mother’s room” her step mother said with a calm smile
Sandra was dumbfounded with what her step mother said, she could not tell how her step mother got to know she went to her mother’s room, she had made sure she closed the door firmly before leaving,
“What is it you want me?” she asked staring at her
“Well you know i would be of great loss if you succeed in running out of this house because the men i would be bringing here to satisfy their s€×ual urge with your body are rich and wealthy men who would load my account with much money so you know i can’t afford to lose it, so i had decided to tie you up for now till the men are ready, that is why i called this men okay?” her step mother said then gave the men sign with her eyes just immediately they grabbed her and tied her up on a chair in a sitting position, she tried forcing herself off the chair but end up injuring herself,
“Why choose to destroy my future? what is my crime?” Sandra shouted on top of her voice
“Oh, you mean what is your crime wow, okay if you care to know, your crime is your mother, yes your mother, she is the cause of your present predicament, she knows what to do to save you, but she had refused doing it, so you have no choice than to pay for her sin” her step mother said followed by a chuckle
“My mother is alre ady dead, how do you intend her to do what you said would save me, or do you mean you would never free me from all this distress till death because she didn’t do what you said she should do before her death” she said in a cracked voice, she tried hard not to shed tears in front of her step mother as she don’t want to look so weak, she already had a nice plan on how to leave that house all she had to do was to play her part well and leave the rest for God,
“Stay calm, i will bring a laptop here and ins**t er*t*c movies for you so that you would learn how to do it well, don’t try to play smart because i already have everything set, any smart move from you leads you to more pain, don’t play with fire, i’m dangerous than you can ever think of” her step mother said then let out an evil smile before leaving.
Richard woke up from his sleep feeling an intense headache, his both eyes were reddish and swollen due to the sleepless night of yesterday, the thought hovering all over his mind had made vanish from his eyes, Sandra and Cole’s image was what had stucked into his mind, he could not remove it out of his mind, he had wondered if they were related in any way but hasn’t found any resemblance in the both, he had loved and care for both of them just at first sight,
He stood up from his bed feeling dizzy and weak,as he made a step forward he fell back to the bed his joints were weak and unable to carry his weight,
He wondered if all this were happening to him just because he didn’t slept last night, then suddenly his heart beat began beating fast and loud, tears driped down his cheek slowly,
“What is all this?” he asked himself as he cleaned off the tears, quickly he stood up from his bed rushed to the washroom after cleaning up,
He rushed to his car and head straight to the hospital with much speed as if he was being chased,
Within some duration he reached the hospital, dash into the hospital and head straight to Cole’s ward, just like a dream he found the bed empty,
He searched around the ward but couldn’t find him, he rushed to the doctor’s office to ask of Cole’s whereabout but the office was also empty with the door opened, he looked around the office and found a drip of blood on the desk, fear griped him, he could not ascertain what is really going on, He went to the place where the nurses were
“Please do you know where i can find doctor Mike?” he asked in a shaken voice, the nurses stared at him with a suspicious look,
“Why are you looking for him? and by the way why do you look frightening,
“Do you know where he is or not, answer me and stop asking flimsy question” richard said impatiently
“Ok oo, he just left with a patient not long ago” one of the nurse said
“Do you know their destination?” he asked quickly
“We don’t know oo” the nurses said
Just as he was about leaving a text message entered his phone from an unknown phone number, he quickly opened it, and found the shock of his life in the message.
To be continued

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