Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 8

Sandra turned her face side way with a digusting look,
The sound of mo-ns emiting out from the xxx movie going on in the laptop resting on the table in her front, kept irritating her to the core,
After some time her neck start aching her due to the sideway position she kept it, she straightened it up well and got a glimpse of what was going on in the movie, an unclad lady was s-cking the d–k of a guy, she stared at it for sometime and suddenly a thought crept into her mind,
“If s-cking that thing is part of the s€×ual activities then i think it would make my plan easy” she thought,
She stared at the direction where she had hidden the diary, she just wish she could get it that moment,
Richærd stared at his phone screen keenly, his both hands were shaking furiously, bead of sweat drip down his face, his heart beat increased,he was just totally confused and deep saddened
“You may be the next if you try interfering into the matter of his disappearance, stay quiet or else we would use his disappearance against you in court and you know what it means” he read the message again slowly, his legs became weak, he knew if he stood any longer he may end up falling on the floor, he quickly head to his car, whin up the glass, and immediately a loud scre-m forced itself out of his mouth, all he felt was guilt,
He had just lost another person who found favour in his sight, he cried loudily not mind where he was, he could not imagine the fact that someone he saw yesterday was no more, “What is all this about? why do i lost anybody my heart accepts, firstly it was my parent, secondily my fiancee, then Sandra, now it’s Cole,
why can’t i secure what i want, what line of man i’m for christ sake, oh God please save him for me” he said amidst tears.
His mind flashed back to the day he met Sandra, the feeling of his heart when their eyes met together, the skip of his heart beat when they
were together in his car, the strange feeling he felt when he held her hand as she was about to leave his car, there was no doubt his heart has fell in love with her,
He ignited the car and zoomed off heading straight to the bar, he silently prayed he would see Sandra pass that way again just like before, but he couldn’t get a glimpse of her figure until he reached the bar,
Out of frustration he ordered for five bottles of highly rated alcoholic drink, he gulpped down the wh0le content in the first bottle at once,and grabbed the other one, in a twinkle of eyes he drank it all, his head was now spinning round, his eyes were thick red,
He was really becoming drunk, but he cared less all he need was to forget all this sorrowful events, just as he finished the third bottle he started talking to himself, his mind were very far from reality, he turned his left and found a lady with her boy friend, the alcohol in his head made the lady look like Sandra, with speed he rushed to where she was not minding the guy she was sitting with, he knelt beside her with tears in his eyes
“Am sorry for anything i did wrong to you, please don’t leave me, i really love you so much, i had loosed many things recently please you are my only hope of survival……” he kept expressing his heart out to the lady who was more than shocked and surprised,
she just stared at him with pity, there is no doubt he was truly troubled, her heart quickly melted, she was moved to tears with the condition of the young man, she had totally forgotten she was with her boyfriend,
she knew the young man was drunk and that would be the reason for him to be doing all this to the her,
Out of pity she held the palm of Richærd and lifted him up to his feet, as she stared at his handsome face she had the urge to hug him tight and console him,
Just then her boyfriend coughed a little and that was when she returned back to reality, she quickly withdrew her palm from Richærd’s grip.
“What is the meaning of all this drama” the lady boyfriend said in an angry tone.Richærd in his drunken state stared at the guy with fury, he just couldn’t fathom who he was to her, but he was not ready to leave the lady he thought was Sandra”What kind of silly question is that?” he asked staggering forward to the guy, but before he could say jack, the guy sent a heavy blow on Richærd’s nose leading to a profuse bleeding, just then, he came back to his senses as the pain that moment was incomparable, he fell heavily on his butt, people had already start gathering to watch the scene, some were taking snapshot of it, the guy still in rage carried a bottle and made to hit Richærd on his head, but his eyes were clear now, he quickly held the guy’s hand on the air, before the guy would think of what next to do, Richærd gave him a hærd head butt on his mouth followed by a heavy blow on his belly, the guy gro-ned in pain, in a normal day Richærd would never fight, he had long ago stopped fighting due to an event that occured in his secondary school since then he had stopped fighting, that day was just a memorable day for him, everytime he gets angry and are pushed to fight he would remember that event and calm himself down,
Richærd packed up all his books into his one hand bag immediately the closing bell was heard, that day was not really good for him because of the test which he failed woefully, he knew it was all planned by his enemy, he could see the difference of handwritting in his book, but he was not just in the mood to fish them out, He walked out of the school compound heading home with a straight face,
Just immediately three boys who was in ss3 class rushed to him, being a ss1 student he stood calmly to hear his seniors out,
“Hey this boy” one of them said scrubing his palm on Richærd’s head, the act made richærd angry but he tried supressing it,
“Shey you no fit greet again abi” another one said giving him a heavy knock on his head, the pain from the knock surge through his head sparking up the rage and fury in him, in a flash he gave the senior a heavy kick on his manh-od making him fall heavily on the ground, the other two rushed at him with a blow but he swiftly dodged it making them lose balance, before they could regain their stance he sent a blow to the first one then gave the second one an elbow blow on his neck, he rushed to the one he had first gave a kick in his manh-od, he was ready to finish him off, the pain from his knock was still fresh,
He sat on top of his belly and start sending blows on his face, blood were oozing out from every part of his face but that wasn’t Richærd business the anger in his body closed the emotional part of his memory, the other two rushed at him again this time with a pen knife, Richærd dodged their attack, they came again but where in his opposite this time, he stood still till they were closer then he swiftly moved back making them stab theirselves unintentionally, Richærd quickly took the knife and stabbed them both multiple time on their belly, then he rushed to the one who knocked him,
He quickly dugged the knife into his chest, the guy withe in pain breathing heavily, that was just when Richærd eyes opened, he looked around him and found crowd of people staring at him in bewildment, immediately the boys in the crowd there rushed at him hitting him furiously,
They quickly brought a tyre to burn him alive but the police showed up immediately saving him from death,
they chased the angry crowd away before taking Richærd away in their hilux,
After much pleading and compensation from his parent he was freed, immediately they travelled out of that state to save them from further embarrassment.
Since he had abstained from anything that would push him to fighting, he doesn’t know the fate of those boys till today, it still surprised him how he got to beat those boys, there is nothing anger can’t do, he had thought.
The guy stared at Richærd surprised of his sudden reaction.
“Am sorry” Richærd muttered and left that place, he had just found out he was at fault, he ran out of the bar entered his car and zoomed off,


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