Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 9

At exact 12:00 in the midnight, Sandra step mother walked in with one of the soldier,
“Release her” she said to the soldier who immediately oblige to her request,
“At last the time has come, i hope you learnt a lot, don’t fall my hand oo” she added pecking Sandra on her cheek,
Sandra stared at her wickedly, she just wish she could pounce on her that moment, just then the door opened, a man claded on a white abada his pot belly sprout out from the cloth, his dressing tells how rich he was, with a mere view one would notice he was a married man,
“Good evening sir” Angela greeted him with a beautiful smile
“Oh how are you” the man asked
“Am fine sir” she answered
“So is this the lady for tonight?” he asked pointing at Sandra who was sitting on the chair,
“Yes sir, thats her, i hope you like her” she asked
“erm, she is nice but she looks innocent” he answered sitting on the bed
“Okay so i think we have to leave you guys” she said winking at Sandra “Yes, leave oo, let me begin the enjoyment” he said rubbing his palm on Sandra’s bare lap,They all left leaving the both of them in the room all alone,
“Hi beautiful lady what is your name?” he asked
“My name is Sandra” she answered with a calm smile
“Okay so let start the…..” Sandra placed her finger on his lip shutting him up, she placed her hand underneath where his large d–ck had formed a bulge in his trouser, she rubbed her hand on it making the man let out a little gro-n in pleasure, she took his other hand and placed it on her already exposed b-ob, after some minute she slightly pushed him on the bed then pulled down his trouser with his boxer making his already er-cted d–ck sprang up immediately, the size of his d–ck made her shiver a little, she started doubting whether to carry on with this part of her plan,
“Is it too large?” the man asked excitedly
“Yes oo, the largest of the one i had being encountering long ago” she answered
“Oh yea, i took a drug before coming, do you like it?” he asked”hmm, lets see how it goes” she said and ins**ted it into her mouth, she started gradually then faster and faster, the man gro-n loudily as the pleasurable feeling he was getting was so intense, he quickly grabbed her and placed on the bed, but just as he was about thr-sting in, Sandra placed her hand at the entrance, blocking him from entering,
“Oh babe, i will take it easy ok” the man said but Sandra still made on move of removing it,
“I said it would not hurt allow me enjoy what i paid for, to the fullest” he said removing her hand but before he could regain back to his position Sandra slipped off from the bed
“What is wrong with you?” the man asked a little bit anger
“How do you met Angela?” Sandra asked staring at him
“What kind of question is that?” he asked still angry
“I don’t want you dead” she said wearing her cloth
“How???” he asked a little bit afraid
“Angela wants you dead but i don’t want you to die because i know you are a married man and you have a family to take care of” she said sitting on the bed fully dressed, “Please can you explain to me, i’m very confused with what you are saying here” he said
“Okay, but can you tell me how you both met?” she asked,
“Well, it had not been long we met, it was on a birthday party org-nized by my friend, after normal introduction,we became friends, later on we turned to s€× pathner, we had s€× almost everyday, my job was just to give her money, then when we met yesterday she told of about you, she said you are a retired pr-stitute, that recently stays with her, she requested for another huge amount of money from me, so as to have s€× with you, and that is how i got here please tell how she intend to kill me” he asked with fear written all overhis face
“hmm, i’m infected with a very deadly s€×ually transmitted disease, which she knew about, i may die next week due to the infection, out of pity thats why i’m telling you this, many people had died after i infect them with this disease after having s€× and you have a family to take care of” she said sitting on the bed fully dressed,
“.. Sandra said with a convincing tone”What!!! you mean Angela want me… but why…why, what have i not done for her?…. I must deal with her mercillessly then she would know i’m not a kid she would play with and go scot-free” he said fuming in anger “You have to calm down, lets plan on our to revenge on her” she said drawing nearer to him”I don’t need any plan in dealing with her, she is just a mere woman, watch and see how i will make her regret her action” he said “I don’t think you really know who that woman really is, she can do what you never expect, she is very cunning and clever” she said calmly”So what are insinuating?” he asked anxiously
“Do you have a phone you aren’t using that you can give me” she asked
“Yes i have, this is it” he said giving her a black android tecno phone which he got from his pocket,
“okay input your phone number, i will give you a call later then explain to you the best way to handle this situation well because if you go after her now without setting a good plan i’m sorry you may end up dying” she said “Thank you so much for your kindness, i’m sorry for the infection, but is there nothing that can be done about it?” he asked in a concerned tone
“erm, it really require enough money to make the victim live more longer, as it would be used to buy some drug which are very costly”
“Okay do you have a bank account let of see what i can do” he said
she wrote down her account number and gave to him,
“Okay thanks once more for saving me, you are such a nice girl, i promise not to cheat on my wife again” he said happily, He quickly wore his cloth and head to the door
“One more thing, pretend to her as he we did it, don’t let her suspect any thing ok”
“There is no problem with that but make sure you call me early, i’m very desperate in dealing with that witch” he said before heading out.
“Woooow!!!!”Sandra scre-med in joy and happiness immediately he left, her joy really knew on bound, she was so happy that her plan had worked out
she went straight to where the diary was and brought it out after making sure the door was locked
“I met the woman of destruction, i had trusted her with all my heart, i never knew she was a devil,
it all started when we had a little arguement over the issue of relationsh¡p, i fell in love with a guy which unknown to me was also her crush, she had crushed on him for a very long time, she had showed green light to him so many times but he never cared for her,
She called me to help her get his attention to her but mistakenly we fell in love with each other on the very first day we met, and that was when my problem in life began.

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