Deep Affection

Deep Affection – final episode

Written by Humble Smith
“Mara is that you?” Paul asked squinting his eyes all over her body with a broad smile all over his face,
“yeah Paul, long time, nice to meet you” Mara said with a little smile
“do you work here?” Paul asked still gazing at her, he could feel his heart rate increasing, everything about the lady in front of him kept leaving him drooling, she was wearing a nurse uniform which really fitted her so well, it was sparkling white and tight fitted displaying her nice curve.
“yeah.. and you what do you need in here or has a group of bandit beat you the second time?” she asked with a chuckle
“uhmm, no not again..i came to stay with my friends who had an accident, so what’s up with you now, it has been long time we see oo” Paul said with a bright smile
“uhmm yeah, well, I has many questions to ask you?” Mara said with her arms akimbo
“questions..what is it?” Paul asked
“I don’t have much time on my side but I really need to inquire about this..Why did you sneaked out that day without making me know, without even a thank you, is that how ingratitude you are?” Mara asked with grim in her eyes
“emm..firstly, I’m so sorry..i don’t know what just came over me, i.. “
“okay wait” Mara interjected
“you were shamelessly beaten up by some boys, they took all you were in possession of and left you to bleed to death, then luckily for you, I found you and decided to help, I took you home, treated you, feed you, made you relieve, I took my time to make you well as much as i can, do you know how many days I skipped work just to aid you, then what did I got in return.. an annoying neglect, yeah you never took my help for anything that’s why you left without showing any sort of appreciation, then out of your craziness, you kept that money on the table for I look like a gold digger or fortune hunter to you?”
“No i’m sorry, I…”
“Well there isn’t any problem, when you are ready, you come and take your money because it’s still left untouched” Mara retorted and walked out with anger written on her face.
Paul was stunned as he stared at the beautiful damsel who just said those words to him, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling,
He was a playboy then and had known no feeling for any woman, but this lady here is just making him feel somehow,
He felt pained as he saw how hurt the lady was for the money he just left for her without any appreciation, just as if he was been possessed by an unseen force, he found himself running after Mara,
He kept roaming and searching every where for her with determination, after some time, he finally saw where she was,
Mara was sitting on a long bench at the hospital garden which was situated at the back of the building, with a slow pace Paul walked to her with his heart beating louder and faster as he kept contemplating on what to say to her,
“Mara!” he called making her flinch as she never noticed his presence
“what” she answered with her eyes glittering with tears which she tried wiping off quickly to avoid Paul from seeing it but there was no doubt he had already saw it,
“I’m sorry” Paul muttered
“for what?” Mara asked squeezing her face
“I’m sorry for leaving you that day..i did it for the good of the both of us” Paul said while Mara arched her brow to him
“’s for our good..”
“you see dear, back then, i was a playboy, a player who see ladies as nothing but human created to satisfy the s€×ual urge of men, I did nothing but to play with their heart, I knew nothing like love, all I do is use my sweet tongue to lure ladies to my bed, after the s€×, I’ll just dupe her immediately.. I can’t stay a day with a lady without having s€× with her, my utmost dismay, you changed me..” Paul said and paused peering into her eyes
“I changed you, how?” Mara asked
“yes you changed me that very day you took me home” Paul said and sat down on the bench besides her,
“uhm, I don’t get you” Mara inquired
“you made me know that women are valuable, you showed me the care and love that no lady had ever showed me, you treated me like your boyfriend or even your husband, first time in my life, I felt loved, I felt passion, the truth is this..after that days we met, I found myself loving you, but I thought it was lust so I left for the fear of having s€× with you..i feared that I may one day lure you to my bed and have s€× with you the same way I does to any lady I came across and later hate them, I never wanted to have s€× with you because I y..ou deeply” Paul stuttered nervously
“uhm well.. I’ve heard you but i got nothing to say now.. see you” Mara said and scurried out before Paul could stop her,
The truth was that Mara felt totally agitated staying with Paul, deep in her heart she knew she was falling in love with him, she knew the feeling she was harbouring for him was just so strong,all she had did for him that day she met him was out of the deep love she suddenly had towards him at first sight..
She had in mind to make him love her by showing him unending care and love but all those her plan was shattered that day she came back and couldn’t find him,
She felt really hurt when she came to know that he had left her, she cried endlessly and prayed he would come back but he never, the money she saw on the table really made her got more angry and pained, She tried all she could do to forget him but couldn’t, all she did to wipe off his memory from her mind prove fruitless, she found herself turning down any man who asked her out just to keep herself single for Paul which had just stole her heart..
Just like an answered prayer, she just came to her new work as a nurse in that hospital as usual and to her greatest surprise, she saw Paul the man after her heart, the sort of joy that surge though her heart that moment was immeasurable, she really felt like wrapping her hand around him and whisper I love you’ to his ear but remembering how he left her that day, she became troubled..
Now she had chatted with him. he had asked for forgiveness, he had professed his love her but Mara still couldn’t explain her heart again,
She couldn’t control her emotions and that was what made her scurried away from him, the contact his body made with her made her while system shiver, his cologne made her long for him the more..
Paul stood up from the bench and walked into the hospital feeling bad, he could not just imagine himself doing what he just did, all through his life, he had never thought he could ever run after a woman, he had never thought that any woman could make him fall deeply in love with her..
With his hands dipped into his trouser’s pocket Paul walked through the hallway, on reaching the wards where the others were, he found them all on their feet ready to go home,
“Hey dude, where did you went to? we had been waiting for you so we can leave” Richærd said
“now that I’m here already can we leave?” Paul beckoned with grim, he felt really sad, he couldn’t help but prayed Mara would just come out of nowhere and accept him, his feelings for her which he thought had died long ago had really came again this time much more stronger, he was not the type that begs women for friendsh¡p, he wasn’t the type that are good in expressing their real feelings to ladies who they loved, he is a playboy but at the moment he was talking with Mara, he found himself getting nervous…
“Paul!!” someone he couldn’t certained called out his name jolting him back to reality,
“what were you thinking of that made you were not moving or talking” Joy said in amazement
“nothing.. let’s go please” Paul gestured with a deep sigh and head to the door while the other follows..
They all walked into their car after paying the bills, within the next hours, they all found themselves in their house,
Everyone was glad and happy that they had came back alive and well, they all squeaked and scre-med loudly with a gloating smile, on reaching the sitting room, Richærd went straight to the digital player and put on a h¡p-hop music which they all danced to the tune including chief Daniel, Marie and Lucy, Paul who was still disturbed about Mara had already climbed upstairs to the guest room and layed on the bed, he felt his eyes getting w-t with tears as he thought of losing Mara for another guy, this alone made his head pound,
“Mara can’t you just see that I’m sorry..what…” his phone rang interrupting his thought, he glanced at the screen to know the caller, he found it to be an unsaved number and thus made him hiss before shoving it into his pocket, he wasn’t just ready for any irrelevant call, perhaps, he had thought the caller to be one of the ladies he had used and dump…
His phone rang the third times and he angrily brought it out ready to yell at who ever it was, but on answering the call, his eyes w¡dened in shock on getting to know the caller, it was Mara
“So Paul how about we meet?” her voice sounded and Paul found his heart forcing itself out from his chest as a result of joy,
“Where do you wish we should meet?” Paul asked in a cool tone
“Uhm, let’s meet at five star restaurant at 7:00” Mara said
“okay baby, see you there.. but I could have loved to knie your apartment so I could come over and pick you” Paul said with a grin
“that isn’t necessary…not as if we are going on date” Mara said making both of them giggle
“what if I say I want to..well till we meet” Paul said
“what did you want to say now?” Mara asked.
“I’m gonna tell you when we meet dear”
“uhm.. okay bye” Mara said and hung up
Immediately the call was hung, Paul jumped up to the air with a loud scre-m of joy without knowing that everyone was in his room staring at him, they had all went to his room to check on him after they noticed he wasn’t dancing with then downstairs, now on reaching the door, they eavesdropped him having a conversation, they knocked and knocked but got no reply from Paul who was too engrossed in the conversation to hear them, this triggered them all to walk into the room and that was when Paul was leaping up the air with a sceam of joy..
“wow wow wow..” everyone chorused clapping their hand
Paul stared at them in awe, it was their clap that had made him noticed this presence
“Ohh God, when did you all came here? I..”
“shhh..tell us who that lucky girl is?” Cole said with a grin
“Ohh, where you guys eavesdropping my conversation?” Paul inquired still smiling happily
“with the way your eyes are glistening now, hmm, there is no doubt you are in love with a lady and I guess you both are going out today” Richærd said with a smile
“exactly..ermm, yeah I just found my lost lover, I can’t just stop gloating bit when I had just found my missing rib” Paul said gasping in joy
“we are really really happy for you especially I myself..” Sandra said happily
“yeah Paul lemme use this medium and make you know that as long as you are still alive. I’ll treat you like my own son, anything you need just inform me and Marie because we gonna help you out” Chief Daniel said and Paul smiled out in joy
“thanks so so much, I really appreciate” Paul said bowing a little
“No problem, you are welcome” Chief Daniel said and hugged him warmly
The smile in Paul’s face couldn’t just fade a little as he walked out from the restaurant with his hand clutched around Mara’s wa-ist, they both had smile on their face as they hear the beat of their heart,
at the restaurant, Paul had poured out all his feelings to Mara with sincerity, Mara on the other hand had also made him know that she also loved him, after they had said out their feelings to each other, Paul kept down right there in the front of everyone and proposed to her, it was really a big surprise to Mara, she couldn’t pushed back her tears as she replied yes to his proposal..
It was early in the morning close to a month later, Sandra woke up from her sleep and found out that Richærd was no more lying besides her the way they has slept the previous night, this left her curious as she hastily sat up, the Richærd she knew would never get out from bed without her waking up, Sandra climbed down the bed and stretched her body before walking to the stool where her phone layed,
She powered it on and made to call Richærd but just then she received a text message from Richærd..
she hastily clicked open it in anticipation..
“if you really love me, i want you to stop searching for me, go into the bathroom and take your bath, dress up as gorgeous as you can, then wait for me”
Sandra finished reading it then sighed softly before dialing Richærd’s number but it was switched off,
“Come back quickly because I feel alone without you” Sandra typed and send.
She walked into the bathroom and took a long bath before stepping out, she rubbed her cream then arranged her hair, she made to wore her cloth when a knock was heard on the door, she smiled widely thinking it was Richærd, with her towel still tied around her, she walked to the door and opened it only to find Joy standing at the door,
“Hey girl wats up” Sandra said with glimmer of disappointment in her voice,
“uhm, going somewhere?” Joy asked as she saw Sandra’s dress on the bed
“No I’m not going anywhere, Richærd said I should dress gorgeous that he is coming.. I don’t even know why” Sandra said sitting on the bed
“where is he?” Joy inquired
“I woke this morning and couldn’t find him, I went to call him on phone and that was when I saw the text” Sandra explained
“okay then, i think I’ve to help you look great” Joy said with a smile
“ seat down in front of that mirror” Joy beckoned while Sandra did it immediately,
Joy began all sort of makeup on Sandra’s face, after she was done, she went for her hair and arranged more attractive, when she was done, Sandra found it hærd believing her new reflection, she could believe that this was how she was, to say she was beautiful would really sound like an understatement.. there was no doubt Joy did a great work because the makeup really really brought out the hidden beauty of Sandra making her look like a goddess,
Joy brought out a white sparkling gown from Sandra’s cloth rack and handed it to her,
Sandra stared at the cloth with an arched brow trying hærd to figure out when and where she got that cloth, with a mere view, one would see clearly that the gown was really an expensive and classy cloth that are meant for people of very high class,
“I can’t remember having that kind of cloth?” Sandra said still confused
“uhm well. maybe Richærd bought it without your knowledge. who knows” Joy said with a shrug
“uhm..okay so you wants me to wear that?” Sandra asked gazing at the cloth
“ is a…emm wear it for Richærd” Joy said
“today is what?” Sandra asked inquisitively
“nothing..just forget” Joy replies with a shrug
“okay” Sandra said and took the gown and wore carefully
“Wooooooow” Joy exclaimed unexpectedly as she saw how stunning Sandra appeared,
“you are soooooo extremely beautiful” Joy complimented tilting her head in amazement
“Omg, Sandra is this you?” Sandra asked herself as she stared at her appearance in the mirror, word couldn’t just explain how much beautiful she appeared…
“Now you have to sit down carefully on this bed, wear those stiletto I kept beside the bed and wait for Richærd while I go and clean up” Joy said to Sandra who was all smiles
“thank you” Sandra muttered with a nod
Joy walked out and Sandra wore the shoe which really fitted her well and did well in adorning her feet
It was close to half an hour when the door of Sandra’s room swinged open in great force jerking Sandra out of her world of thought which she had drifted to,
She looked up and found Joy well dressed
“what is it?!” she asked joy who looked perturbed,
“Stand up let’s go!!!” Joy beckoned
“go where?!!!” Sandra inquired confused..
“that’s isn’t necessary now, just get your ass up that bed and follow me girl!!!!” Joy yelled grabbing Sandra’s hand
“what is it?.. I don’t understand this act of yours..where are we going to???” Sandra asked but got no reply from Joy who was walking out with her grip tightly on Sandra’s arm
“stop this, you’re making me angry, stop pulling me forward that way and tell me where we are heading to!!!!” Sandra yelled getting exasperated,
“okay baby this is it? you even love Richærd?” Joy asked
“Yeeessss” Sandra squealed
“then follow me or else you’ll regret not coming later” Joy said and that alone made Sandra stop struggling or asking questions.
they both hopped into a car and drove off, Joy drove the car speedily through the driveway with a glimmer of smile on her face, she could see the confusion on Sandra’s face and that alone made her smile w¡den,

you are reading
written by Humble Smith

To the utmost dismay and surprise of Sandra, Joy drove the car into a big hall which was decorated with many beautiful flowers and designs, the building was really adorned with many beautiful objects and statue, without much gaze one would know that the building would really cost millions of naira, Sandra glanced at Joy with an agape mouth as they parked there car in the car park
Joy ignored her stare and walked down,
“what are we doing here?” Sandra asked Joy confusedly as she kept staring at the magnificent of the building,
“you will know later but for now we have to go in” Joy said calmly
“but I thought you said…”
“shhhhhh.. no time for long talks.. follow me” Joy beckoned and held her hand as they both walked towards the building,
Just as they walked in, many men and women kept staring at them in awe, they kept muttering incoherent word among them selves,
Sandra couldn’t help but gasped at the interior part of the building, the glamour, the beauty,
everywhere was a little bit crowded, three were different men and women in there all drinking and chatting with the people they sat with, either lover or siblings,
Sandra and Joy took a an empty seat and sat down,
“I’m still befuddled on why we are here girl” Sandra said calmly avoiding the stares almost every body especially guys were giving her,
“chill babe, you’ll be cleared up in a short distance time” Joy said with a smile
“uhmm.. okay ooo, if you say so” Sandra said and took out her phone to call Richærd,
just then someone’s voice was heard from every angle of the hall through the speakers fixed all around
Sandra’s eyes bulged out on noticing something, the voice was that of Richærd, everyone turned their gaze to the stage including Sandra and Joy
“whaaaaaat!!!!” Sandra scre-med placing her palm across her l-ips. there on the stage was Richærd, she was greatly shocked
Richærd stood on the podium with a mic on his hand with everyone eyes on him,
“Today I called everyone of you to witness the great day at which I’m gonna make it known to you all someone who is in my heart, someone I was ready to lay my life for, someone after my heart.. I call you all to here from many parts of the country so that you would see am angel which was sent down from heaven to guide me but fortunately we fell in love.. there are many beautiful ladies out here in this place and in the world as a wh0le but I don’t admire them because they don’t look beautiful to me, not when i have a goddess besides me.
without wasting the precious time I want to use this medium to call upon that angel sitting on a chair labelled MY HEART BEAT that lady on white gown, I want you all to give out a loud scre-m as she walks up to this podium” Richærd concluded and everyone scre-med out turning their gaze to Sandra who quickly turned her eyes to chair she was sitting, there it was boldly written MY HEART BEAT
Sandra glanced at joy but she just just kept clapping and scre-ming for her to go up like every other people.
Sandra stood up and head to the stage with her heart beat loud and fast, much joy ran through her wh0le body making her shiver, there was a sound of wow wow wow everywhere as they sighted the gorgeous Sandra walking majestically to the stage…
On reaching the podium, Richærd grabbed her and swaddled her into a bridal style making a loud scre-m of Awwwwwn erupt from the crowd,
Sandra smiled, Sandra grinned, Sandra chuckled, Sandra giggled, Sandra laughed, she couldn’t control her emotions, she felt as if her heart was about to burst, this was what she least expected..
Richærd brought her down and held her hand,
“This is the angel I am talking about!!!!!” everyone squealed, squeaked, scre-med, the men kept drooling while the women admire,
Just then a soft blues started playing on the background, it was a rom-ntic one and really made everyone shed tears,
Then Richærd did the unexpected,
He knelt down in front of Sandra, this made her eyes w¡den as drip of tears fell off.
“It takes one million people to complete the world but it takes one to complete mine and that’s you, I need you like the des**t needs rain, like the breathless needs air, like the flower needs sunshine,
I need you from the first chapter of my life to the end, love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.
Believe me, you are the one,
Whom my heart finds,
Whom my mind reminds me of,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love the most.
Sandra you made my life well, you are the lady with a rare virtue, I don’t just know, but that words I love you sounds as an understatement to what I feel for you in my heart.
Now then at this moment in the front of these crowd here, i ask you, Will you be my wife and someone I’ll spend the rest of my life with? Will you marry me?” Richærd said into the mic and everyone began wailing,
Sandra’s eyes got teary as she stared at the love of her life,
“Yes I will!!!!” Sandra nodded and Richærd ins**ted the ring making sounds of claps and shutter of cameras fill the hall..

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THE END (read Epilogue below) 
Thank u all for reading this this story till end, I love you all, please comment.

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