Deeply Enticed

Deeply Enticed episode 36


Deeply Enticed

Episode 36

Mr. Tyson is angry asf… he got to know that i went to saw Abby in secret… he doesn’t even want to do anything with Abby’s child. He took me and henry to the dining table to rebuke us like we are kids.

”Do you enjoy risking your life“ he said to me… and about me sneaking away when I thought henry was abducted… he said it was stupid and totally immature of me.
I felt my hair getting a little w€t. After our little session with Mr. Tyson I laid on the bed with my head on his chest and his chin over my head. I raised my head to look at him only to notice that he was crying silently… I was in shock… I had never seen henry cry… never in my life.
Me: henry… what’s wrong
I whispered… he closed his eyes and covered his arms tightly around me.
Me: Henry…
He didn’t reply… just when I was about to give up he started talking.
Henry: it’s nothing baby
o-kay… not what I expected.
Me: babe… I am here for you remember
He heavily sighed
Henry: it’s just that… I love you so much that it hurts… and honestly I don’t know why you are still with me… I am a mess and I put you in danger and I hurt you and I feel like have no control over anything

Me: henry… it’s not your fault… I love you too and believe it or not… this time you made it in time… you saved me and your babies, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here… in your arms… like this
He kissed my forehead
Henry: really?

Me: absolutely… I love you henry Tyson

Henry: I love you too… Trisha Tyson
If I said my project was going well it would be an understatement.. Everything was flowing smoothly…. It was great and my girlfriend finally agreed to study… she was a great dancer she once danced for me in my office. But she told me that she was interested in architect and well I told her to go for it.

She has gotten so close to Trisha nowadays and she always laughs about

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the way he throws tantrums around her husband…. Well she is eight months now and she won’t even take more than five steps without complaining about how tired she is…. Henry convinced her to stay at home until she gives birth but she had cried about it the whole night
and I don’t think henry slept at all that night.

They say it’s the hormones and it makes me wonder if I want my woman to become pregnant any time soon.
Fadz: are you ready… we have arrived
I looked outside a lot of reporters were already crowding over the car… it was just an opening of the Shamu and Tyson constructions Headquarters but since a few days ago the media has been all me asking me about my family and my growth…. I mean the Mr. Tyson was well known but no one in the media ever dared to go

after him…. Not even where there was a big scandal just like Trisha‘s father was. There were two headquarters here and in Botswana and at Zim.
The grand opening of the offices at Zim was last week and now it was right here. For a new business we already had a lot of clients some were interested just because I am my father’s son.
I was in a grey tuxedo and my PA girlfriend chose to wear a pant suit matching my clothes rather than a beautiful diner dress but I still loved her any way.
I got off the car and camera’s started flashing around me. I smiled and walked to the entrance while Fadz walked behind me. I met Mr. Shamu from another car and I gave him a hand shake. I made a little speech about my company and how this opening is a start of something great. Before Mr. Shamu official cut the wrap.
Fadz: this is great

Me: I know

Fadz: you know a simple thank you would have been great

Me: you know me better than that
A presenter came to us
Her: Mr. Tyson… why did you suddenly come with an Idea of this company

Me: this is all for the benefit of the needy

Her: is it true that you were never part of the Tyson family

Fadz: that is none of your business miss
She snapped at her she looked a little taken back but then she smiled and turned to Fadz
Her: miss Fadz… there are rumors out there that you are dating your boss… are they true
Oh shit!
Fadz: why don’t you get your answers from those rumors…. How is my business any part of your business… shouldn’t you be asking about this company
I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her

away… she is going to become a celebrity with only those few words she said
Me: Fadz… do you have any idea what you have done

Fadz: I don’t care she should stick that up her ass

Me: Fadz…. You are going to make the cover page of tomorrow’s page
She opened her mouth to protest but then she stopped and pouted
Fadz: you really think she would put that in the papers

Me: are you kidding me… yes she is going to make her own big story with that

Fadz: well… I am just going to deny it.
She turned away and grabbed a glass of wine.

Wait… she grabbed a glass of wine. I turned to look at her as she tried to drink. I know that for a fact she never drank… she took a little sip and spit. I couldn’t help laughing at her. I made fun of her trying to drink the whole time

We ended up leaving early and going to a restaurant to have lunch.
Fadz: I swear this day won’t end without me having a drink

Me: I don’t get why you want to drink

Fadz: you drink…. Why do you drink?

Me: I have drank since i was twelve

Fadz: does that mean everyone has to start drinking at twelve years

Me: no… but…. You know what, drink
I gave her a glass of my white wine. She looked a little start for a moment then sipped the whole glass. She closed her eyes and then smiled
Fadz: it’s very good
Seriously… I could give her a bad wine and still think it is good.

We wasted time taking a walk at the mall and finally when it was time for me to drop her home she refused to get out of the car I ended up going to my house with her.

Basically we sneaked in because everyone was asleep.
Me: you are going to get me in trouble.

Fadz: do you mind getting in trouble for me

Me: for you…. Not really

Fadz: great… so what do you do in your room when you are alone

Me: nothing… video games

Fadz: video games… let’s watch a movie
She was already at my DVD display at the corner of the room. She came with a DVD and gave it to me she sat on my bed and grabbed a pillow.

It was a horror movie wrong turn I had no idea what she wanted to do but I was up for anything.
I heard footsteps on the passage the way she looked at me I could tell she also heard them and then there was a knock on the door. We stared at each other and then in a split second she got in my closet.

I opened the door and mom got inside
Mom: Zenzele… when did you get home
She was trying to see inside the room so I opened the door wide
Me: I just arrived

Mom: I swear I heard a woman talking inside here
Me: it must have been the TV

Mom: it’s not even on

Me: I just switched it off

Mom: okay…. Well your food is on the microwave

Me: I will definitely have my food I am famished
She smiled and patted my face before leaving.
Me: she is gone
Fadz got out laughing
Fadz: oh my god…. This is so fun

Me: I would say you are drunk but it has been four hours since you drank

Fadz: what are you waiting for? Go and get your food

Me: no… I am not hungry nor are you so I think we will stick to the horror… do you like horror?

Fadz: I never watched horror in my life… I have only gone as far as snakes in the plane when it got to scary movies

Me: okay…
I set the whole thing up then said next to her.
I swear I heard someone screaming. I got up then looked at he man beside me. I don’t know why I was angry but I knew that I wanted Henry to fix it. I moved his arm and he opened his eyes
Me: someone is screaming

Henry: no baby… its mid night

Me: I am not crazy… I swear I heard someone screaming
He groaned and stood up.
I am never getting Trisha pregnant again… Seriously.

Her temper tantrums are over the hill and I am quiet sure that there is no one screaming… Who would scream at midnight in our house. Just then I also hard a scream.
I was really trying not to laugh out loud but it was next to impossible with Fadz horrified as she was… She was clinging on to me like I was her source of life the door bust open and she screamed again. Henry tucked his head in he got inside.
Henry:zenzele… You snuck a girl in here

Me: dont tell

Henry: I won’t… In fact… I am impressed. Hi Fadz
She was embarrassed as hell but she did a small wave.
Henry: guys… I have a pregnant wive and she will soon wake the whole house if you dont keep quiet

Me: sure.

He left. I looked at Fadz and we both laughed. We kept quite and she snuggled in between my arms. I kissed her forehead to her lips then her neck… i moved my hands down her back. I wasn’t even sure if I was doing the right thing. Before I knew her I had my top off and I was pulling off her trousers. I parted her legs and leaned on top of her. I looked right into her eyes for her approval and she nodded. That was all that I needed from her.
I can’t believe this…. I maybe pregnant but I am not blind or hallucinating. I saw her once at her office then again isaw her having lunch with him then now he has a nerve to bring her to our back yard… You have got to be kidding me. I marched up to them even though my feet were killing me.
Me: hi…
They both stood up.
Henry: trisha… Shouldn’t you be asleep


Me: I am Trisha Tyson and for your info I a married woman

.. I married Henry and I am carrying his triplets.
She nodded
Her: congratulations….

Me: what kind of business do you have with my husband.

Her: um… We were just discussing something but I was leaving anyway.
She took her bag and hurried away. I looked at henry
Me: don’t you dare lie to me or I will beat the crap out of you.

Henry: babe… When have I ever given you a reoson to be insecure

Me: well I always see you sneaking around with her.
Henry: let’s go.

Me: what… Where

Henry: let’s go.
He helped me to the car. He drove to our own house….i have never visited the house since henry took me dragged me out that morning. He held my hand it was as if he could sense the uncomfortability I was feeling.
Henry: babe… I would never cheat on you okay.

Me: even though I am fat and walk lie a penguin.
He sniffled in a laugh.
Henry: babe… You are more beautiful this way.

Me: you really mean it.

Henry: I do.
He lead me inside the house and slowly helped me up the stairs… By the time I got upstairs I was breathless. He led me to a room next to Emily’s… The minute I got inside I held my breath. There were three little baby cots and toys all over…. It was nicely decorated in boy and pink.
Me: Henry… Baby…
I had already started crying.
Henry: that Lady was the one decorating this.

Me: I love you so much do you know that.

Henry: i love you more…. By the way… W hat are you going to name our children

Me: I am thinking lazy tired and sleepy
Actually thats how I am feeling right now. We both laughed.
Me: I can’t wait until I am holding them by my arms.
Fadz: baby… Do you love me
O-kay… Where does that come from.
Me: you know I love you with all my life

Fadz: you won’t ever leave me

Me: never…

Fadz: ok
She was so looking so worried… We were fine this morning until I went into the chemist to buy her the morning after pill.
Me: fadz… What’s wrong?

Fadz: nothing.

Me: Fadz…. Talk to me.

Fadz: you know… I am pretty sure I am being silly but I feel stupidly insecure right now

Me: is it because… Of last night…
She didn’t answer and I took that as a yes.
Me: I am not in this just for s£x baby… I love you and I wouldn’t dump you like your stupid first boyfriend did okay… I mean it when I say I love you.
She slightly smiled.

I stopped in front of her yard.
Fadz: see you later

Me: later babes
I gave her a kiss only to be disturbed by someone banging my window. I looked out only to find Fadz’s father at the door looking like a lion ready to kill.


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