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Defiled chapter 1


Defiled (episode 1)

Have you ever experienced what undiluted pain feels like? That sort of pain that leaves you numb, devastated, shattered and craving for death to come take you away because you feel there’s no point living anymore? The kind of pain that comes from a wounded soul with no hopes of ever healing back again. That pain which leaves you wondering if God loves you for letting such an ill fate befall you. That pain like no other you have ever experienced. That pain you wished was only in your dreams but sadly it’s a part of your reality and you can’t run from it by going to sleep or waking up. That brutal pain that makes your whole existence worthless and makes life not worth fighting for anymore. If you have ever had a glimpse of what such a pain feels like, then you might have an idea of the reality of a certain married couple named ‘Belinda and Sam’.

It all happened just a month after the two love birds got married. While courting, they made an agreement to abstain from premarital s£x all through their courtship period. They met while in the university and courted for three good years before finally tying the knot on the altar as husband and wife. Belinda was a virgin when she met Sam and that was part of the reason they made an agreement to wait till marriage before having any carnal knowledge of one another.

Life as a married couple was blissful for the newly weds. Their wedding night was all they imagined it would be and more. It was such a priceless experience for both individuals as they had waited for that moment for a very long time. Belinda was so happy to have given her body to the only man she had ever loved which was her husband. Life looked really promising for the love birds and they just couldn’t wait to build a family. However, it’s sad that something devastating happened to such a promising and happy couple that changed their whole lives.

Few weeks after Belinda and Sam’s wedding, they returned from their honeymoon and began to make arrangements to settle into their new home. It was a nice bungalow that Sam acquired before their wedding. The bungalow was a suitable home for the love birds to start a family in. Belinda began shopping for furnitures and kitchen utensils after they were back from their honeymoon. They would have done all the arrangements and shopping for their new home before the wedding but couldn’t due to how tight their budget was as at then. Buying the house and paying for a wedding was already a lot for them to do with money so it was impossible to furnish the house at that time.

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Going furniture shopping was quite an enjoyable experience for Belinda because it gave her the liberty to decorate her new home the way she wanted to. Sam gave her the autonomy over the decisions of what future to buy since he was too busy attending to his business immediately after their honeymoon trip. Due to Sam’s tight schedule, Belinda was the one in charge of everything that related to furnishing their new home.

As Belinda walked round the store picking out some kitchen utensils, she bumped into a weird looking man in the 4th ailse and mistakenly stepped on his feet. “Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you standing there” she hurriedly apologized. The man smiled and told her not to bother. As she walked passed him with a faint smile on her face, to her dismay, he voiced out “Be careful; watch and pray”.

There and then, Belinda was kinda confused as to why the stranger advised her to be careful; someone she had never met before in her life. Out of curiosity, she probed him. “Why should I be careful?” She curiously asked and the man quietly walked away. It was a weird experience for the anxious lady but she soon waived it off her mind and continued shopping. After a hectic day of buying a handful of items, she returned back home.

When Belinda arrived home that day, her husband wasn’t back from work yet. She arranged few of the furnitures she bought, took her shower and began to prepare dinner. While preparing dinner, the word “watch and pray” kept ringing in her mind but she always waived it off whenever it popped up. Shortly after, Sam returned back home and was given a warm hug by his beloveth wife.

“Welcome back home my darling, I miss you so much. How was work today?” Belinda happily asked as Sam planet several kisses on her cheeks. “Work was great my love, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for furniture shopping today, I promise to go with you tomorrow” he said while holding her on the waist.


the warm welcome, Belinda told Sam to go have a seat in the dinning table while she brings his dinner. Shortly after, dinner was served and they both ate as one happy family. They spoke briefly after eating before Sam walked into the room to go take his shower while Belinda headed for the kitchen to wash the dishes. Immediately she took one step into the kitchen, she heard a noise from outside. It sounded as though someone shook the gate. After being still and silent for a while in a bid to pay attention for another sound, she heard none. She waived it off instantly and entered the kitchen to began washing the dishes.

While Belinda washed the dishes, she had no idea that 4 armed robbers had gained access into their compound by jumping the gate. The front door was opened so it was easy for the robbers to gain access into their house. Everything was still unknown to Belinda up until a hand from behind covered her mouth. It was then that she knew what was going on.

“ssssshhhhh, if you make any sound we will shoot you. Now, take us to where money is” one of the robbers said while covering her mouth. Belinda was scared to death and didn’t know what to do other than obey their instruction by keeping quiet. They dragged her out of the kitchen to the livingroom, then to her matrimonial bedroom. When they got into the bedroom, Sam was still in the bathroom taking his shower so he was unaware of their presence. “Where’s the money?” One of the robbers asked again and that was when Sam heard strange voices and was forced to walk out of the bathroom.

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Immediately Sam walked out of the bathroom and saw his wife at gun point by armed men he had never seen before, he began to panic. “Where is the money? We need money or else we will blow someone’s brains right now” the robbers said in rage. There was a bunch of money Sam gave to Belinda for furniture shopping so he asked her to go get the remaining so they could give to the robbers. She reached for her bag, brought out the money and then handed it over to the robbers. “Please take the money and leave my family alone” Sam voiced out. Before he knew it, one of the robbers landed a hot slap on his face. “You must be stupid to tell us what to do. Don’t let me waste you right now” the gang leader angrily said.

After successful taking all the money available in that house, the robbers still didn’t want to leave the couple alone. Due to the seductive night wear Belinda was putting on, the gang leader became aroused and began to touch her seductively. He caressed her buttocks and tried touching her [email protected] when Sam flared up but was held down by the rest of the gang members. “So you want to fight me? I will show you that no one messes with me and goes scot-free” the gang leader said.

Before anyone know what was happening, Belinda’s nightwear was torn by the gang leader and without hesitating, he pounce on top of her. He took off her panties and forcefully began to thrust in and out of her. He held her neck tightly as he defiled her vigorously.

Oh my! Words would absolutely fail me to fully describe the state of Sam’s heart at that moment. To say he was shattered would be an understatement of the state of his heart that moment. Ahhh!! There’s nothing on earth that could ever compare to the pain Sam felt as he watched the heartless robber thrust in and out of his wife’s sacred body. He was broken beyond repair!!

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After over 30 minutes of having s£xual intercourse with Belinda, the gang leader finally let go of her body and zipped his trouser back up. “Sweet woman, you are so sweet” the heartless thief said as he zipped up his trouser. The other gang members begged their boss to also let them have their turn as they were already turned-on from watching him defile her. After much plea, he agreed and the remaining 3 guys took their turns one after the other. They thrust in and out of her so vigorously as though they would die if they slowed down. Belinda’s body was too intact due to the fact that she was just disvirgined by her husband few weeks prior to that incident and this made her too sweet for the starved robbers. They have s£x with her one after the other till they were fully satisfied. At this point, Berlinda had cried and screamed to the extent that she didn’t have any more strength in her. She laid on the bed looking lifeless as her husband was filled with unimaginable rage. Sam cried as he watched his wife get manhandled by filthy bastards that deserved to rot in hell. Death felt like the best escape from reality and the couple dearly wished for nothing other than death at that moment so all their pains could just go away. It was a day that would never be erased from their bleeding hearts. What a terrible day to be alive.

Immediately the robbers were done defiling Belinda, they fled with the money they had gotten and left the couple behind in tears. When they left, Sam hurriedly reached for his wife who was in tears and numb. He carried her on his arms and walked towards his car in tears. He gently laid her on the back seat, opened the gate and drove off.

As Sam drove to the hospital with Belinda lying on the back seat sobbing, he squeezed the steering with all his might and angrily screamed “Noooooooo!!! Why us?”

End of episode 1 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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