Denavia episode 14



Chapter 14
Navia’s P.O.V

Beep Beep Beep
Was all I kept hearing next
Can someone please stop that beeping sound already?! My body felt weird!

My eyes fluttered and opened slowly then wide. Where the heck am I?

I turned my head slightly to the side.
The hospital?!

“Oh my gosh! She’s finally awake” a voice I recognized very well yelled in happiness.
Very soon, more people trooped in.
Some students
The Cops
My Parents

Wait! My parents? Oh how I missed them alot, their annoying faces. I thought I was never gonna see them again.
Kaisha helped me sit up. I looked at the faces around me, they all looked happy. My mom and dad hugged me.

“Mum, Dad what are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“Oh, well your teacher called and told us all what happened. She informed Cameron’s parents too.” My mom explained.

“There was no way we could get here really fast, so Cameron’s parents allowed us to go with them in their private jet.” Dad added.

And then I suddenly remembered. Cameron!

“Where’s he?” I inquired.

“Who?” They all said simultaneously.

” Cam.. where’s Cameron?” I yelled.

They all stared at me without saying anything. The Cops and other students had left, leaving just my parents and Kaisha with me.

“Isha?!” I called, between fear and lotta questions.
She kept quiet too, face to the ground.

“Someone talk to me.” I screamed fussing my drips like a maniac struck with madness.

“Navia, Nav….. calm down. You have to rest.” My dad said stopping me from doing something stupid.

“Okay okay I’m calm, I’m very calm. Now tell me where Cameron is.” I half yelled. They still kept quiet.
What’s wrong with them? Why aren’t they saying anything? No let it not be…………….

“Navia you see…….” My mom began.

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“No….no…no….no…” I kept muttering and panicking.

“Denavia stop it!. Calm down, let your mother finish.” Dad said again.
How would I calm down when Isha’s eyes is half filled up with tears? When I don’t even know where or how Cameron is? My Cameron!!!


finally yanked the fvcking I.V drip of my hands.

“Navia….” My parents held me before I got really insane.

“Simple question that requires simple answer, Where Is Cameron?” I said again, spelling out my words one after the other.

“Cameron is also in the hospital, in an intensive care unit.” Isha quickly said, blinking back her tears

“Okay so what now?” I yelled.

“He’s in Coma, a stage between life and death” Mom replied, rushing her words.

The room suddenly became awkwardly quiet .

I then remembered Kimoprah too.

“Isha what about Kim?” I asked.

“She’s also in Coma and no one can dictate when or if they would both ever make it out alive. She and Cam lost lots of blood and we’re in a serious condition by the time they got here.” she replied, finally letting the tears flow freely.

I didn’t know when my tears flowed too. I felt paranoid. Two people almost died because of me.

“But we are glad you’re okay and awake now. Katherina, Conor and Chris have been taken by the cops.” Isha added but I didn’t even say anything.

I glanced at the door and before anyone could say ‘jack’ I bolted out of the door in full speed. Not actually knowing where I was going. My parents and Isha followed me too.

“Nav… wait.” Kaisha called.

I stopped abruptly and turned to face them.

“Where’s Cam’s ward?” I asked Isha.

She just pointed at a door and I rushed and reached for it.

I gently opened it and met Cameron unconscious.
A lady who seemed to be his sister and his parents were there. My eyes met with his dad and then his mom and his sister and Liam, they all looked sad. I fought back my tears.

“Navia what are you…. You are suppose to be resting” Liam said.

I just ignored him, I ignored all of them and went to Cam’s bed. He looked really pale and weak. The heart monitor was beeping and the life support machine too.

“She’s Navia?” The woman muttered. Cameron’s mother.

“So you’re the Navia that put my son’s life at risk in this state” she said again in tears.

“Mom…….mom calm down” the other lady, Cam’s sister consoled.

“He took the bullet for her. Did he love you that much? ” She half-yelled. I couldn’t say anything. I just fiddled with my finger my eyes tearing up again.

I kept quiet and let the tears flow. Everyone’s teary eyes were on me.


he love you that much that he didn’t think of his life? His own life?” She said again.

“Mom c’mon let’s go. Trust me he’ll be fine.” Cam’s sister reassured and took her out. His father dared a glance at me and left too. Now it was remaining I and Liam.

“Liam you know it wasn’t my fault that he….I didn’t mean for him to…” I couldn’t continue anymore and just burst into tears.

“It’s gonna be okay” he replied and hugged me. I let everything all out on his shoulders.

“You need some time to yourselves?” He asked and I nodded. He turned to the door and left. Liam understands girls so much.

I turned and starred at Cameron. Even in my watery eyes I could still see his cute face and pretty pouted lips.

“Cam..I want you back, everyone wants you back” I said amidst tears.

“I’m sorry I put you this way, I’m sorry for everything Cameron, I really am. are….. please just hear my voice and come back home for me…..please stay strong for me Cam…”I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.

I held his hand, it was warm. He was still very much alive.

The door sprang open and I saw my Dad.

“C’mon Navia, you can’t spend the whole day here.” He told me and urged me to follow him.

“He’ll be fine. Just have faith and believe ” He added. I gave a quick glance at unconscious Cameron before I left the room.

*** *** *** *** *** ***
3 weeks later.

I woke up the next morning in the hotel room. Right! I’m back at the hotel.
I stole a glance at Isha’s bed, she wasn’t there it was empty.

Urghh!! Migraines. I cried my eyes out every night

“Good morning Navi.” I heard Isha say, stepping out of the bathroom, seemed like she just brushed only.

“Morning” I mumbled holding my head.

I stood up from the bed and fell back on the bed immediately, my legs were weak and wobbly. Ohh!! Cameron!

My heart skipped.
Just like Dad said ‘Have Faith and Believe’

“Navia are you okay?” Isha called out

“Ye…Yess I’m fine” I replied and quickly walked to the bathroom.


I and Isha remained in our rooms since morning after we had our baths. It was just 11:30am..
“What about my parents?” I finally decided to ask her.

“Oh well they’re somewhere around. Also in the hotel” she replied.

“Okay” I mumbled and slumped back on the bed.

“Isha.” I called out again.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Do you think Cameron and Kim would be fine?” I asked.

She sighed and walked to my bed, sitting on it.

“Navia, they would be fine. I believe and I know so. You don’t have to worry okay?”she replied and I nodded.

“Conor and Katherina would surely pay so dearly for what they did. I wish I could take a knife and slit their throats each.” She gritted, making me chuckle a bit.
She smiled at me and gave me a warm embrace.
“I’ve missed your smile. I thought I would never see it again.” she said.

“Thanks for everything Isha.” I said and hugged her.

” It’s okay, everything would be just fine.” She said rubbing my back soothingly.

” Can we go to the hospital to see Kim and Cameron?” I asked.

” Uhm…..sure. Let’s go and meet your parents to tell them first.” she replied.


Soon enough, we got to the hospital. I personally suggested we go see Kimoprah first.

Isha opened the door gently and we both walked in. We met Kim lying unconscious too. The machines beeping. Her arm was bandaged. I felt like crying.

Kaisha sighed as we both starred at her. I walked closer to her bed and knelt by her. I said a short prayer and stood up.

“Believe and have faith Isha, she’ll be fine.” Kaisha encouraged and held my hand.
She nodded and gave me a faux smile.
We kept quiet and stood there for seconds.

“What about Liam?” I asked Kaisha.
“I don’t know, we haven’t spoken since the Incident” she replied.

“Let’s go see Cameron then.” I told her.

We left Kim’s ward and headed for Cam’s.
We both got there and met his sister and Liam.

“Hi.” I and Isha said simultaneously.

“Hey Isha, Navia.” Liam greeted.

“Hi.” Cam’s sister replied and stood up.

“Liam I have to go, I’ll be back.” She added and left.

” Do you think she left because of us?” Kaisha asked.
” No, she’s not like that. Trust me she didn’t leave because of you guys.” Liam replied. We joined Liam and sat down on the empty bed beside Cam’s.

We all kept mute and starred at Cam’s unconscious figure. I glanced at Liam and saw him holding hands with Kaisha, he noticed I saw that but still didn’t make any move to separate their hands.

I glanced back at Cameron and my eyes moved from his eyes to his lips, back and forth, over and over again.
Suddenly his eyes opened slowly closed back

Wait! His eyes opened??

“Guys Cam just……just opened and closed his eyes.” I said to Liam and Isha who were busy admiring themselves.

“He what?” Liam asked

“So you guys didn’t see? I just saw Cameron open and close his eyes now.” I said again.

Like magic, Cam opened his eyes again. This time he didn’t close it again.

“Cam.” I muttered.

He turned and glanced at us. His expression was like ‘What’s going on here?’

“Omigosh Cam is awake!!” Isha yelled.

We couldn’t believe our eyes .
“What am I doing here?” Cam muttered, his voice like he was whispering.

“You’re finally awake kiddo. Hang on, I’ll go get the doctor and everyone else” Liam said rushing his words and left..

“Oh Gosh!! Cam I thought something bad was gonna happen to you. I’m glad you came back for me, for everyone.—- I missed you Cameron” I kept hugged the life out of him.

“Navia, you’re squeezing me” he half-whispered
Cameron just called my name. Unbelievable!! And he smiled too–
I felt like screaming, I felt like jumping up so high to the skies. My Cameron is back for me!!!

The doctor and nurses came in, so did his sister, mom and Liam.
His Dad didn’t follow.

“Jeez Louise!! Cam darling. Oh you’re finally awake.” Mrs. St. Laurent yelled rushing towards her son. Kissing his forehead.

“Hey baby bro.” his sister beamed.

“I knew you would make it. I’ve always known you’re stronger than this. You’re a fighter.” she added.


After Cameron was attended to and well fed, the few students and everyone else had left except I, Kaisha, Liam, his sister and Mother.

“You guys are making me scared.” Cameron mumbled. Oh that’s the lively Cameron!

“What do you mean son?” His mom asked.

“I mean the looks and stares, it’s killing me. So you guys thought I’d die? Not when I haven’t confessed my feelings to someone.” he added.

” Seriously Cam? You’re still the same naughty kid I know. No changes at all, even after being in Coma.” His sister giggled.

Now Cameron is awake. Everyone is happy, but me? I’m over excited.
I hope Kim gets well too

“Guys can you permit me please I wanna be alone” Cameron muttered.
We all looked at Cam, stood up and turned to leave. I was the last person that was about to leave when he called me back.

“Navia.” he called again
“I wanna be alone with you.” he added.

I slowly turned and walked up to him, I gently sat on his bed beside him. He was sitting up already, even in his pain from his shot stomach.

“Look at me Navia” he said. I lifted my head and starred at him, precisely his eyes.

“You’ve been crying your eyes out, haven’t you?” He asked. I kept mute and continued starring at his pretty eyes..

“Navia I don’t want you to cry anymore. I’m fine, well I’ll be fine” he added and I nodded.

” I don’t know how to put this, but I noticed anytime I’m with or around you. I suddenly have this feeling, a very special and unique feeling. I can’t explain it.” He began.

What’s Cameron saying? Where’s he heading to?
It’ made cold shivers run down my spine.

“I’m really sorry for allowing Conor and Kathy come between us.” Cam added.

“Between us?” I asked

“Yes us. Don’t tell me you don’t feel what I’m feeling.” he said
So he’s also feeling what I feel everyday with or without him.

“Look Denavia, I feel something special for you. Remember those kisses in the Janitor’s closet that made me ask if you felt anything?” He paused to see if I was following.

“Well I felt something and I wanted to know if you felt the same way or I was just having silly hallucinations. Tell me Navia, did you feel anything too?”

” Yes……yes I did. I felt a lot of things. I didn’t know how to put it too. I was scared you were planning to use me just like you did to Katherina.” I replied, hesitating.

Finally I’m confessing to him.

“I’m so sorry for everything. For not being by you when you needed me most, for being too jealous and……..”
“Jealous? Why were you jealous?” I asked.

” That day you offered me cake bread and Connor called you, I just felt jealous. And then you agreed to go with him, ditching me, I became more jealous than usual. Then I wanted to talk to you but I saw you with another guy, you were both talking and laughing I couldn’t help but get all Jealous and angry. I’m sorry.” He explained

That good for nothing Conor, he planned with his stupid brother to make Cam jealous.

“Well I should be the one being sorry. I let you put your life at risk, by allowing you take the bullet.” I told him.

“But I couldn’t watch that witch harm you.” He replied
“Atleast I’m glad you’re very much alive. You don’t know how happy I feel right now, I just hope you heal on time” I said.

” Navia. I’ve concluded what I feel for you, I’ve never really believed in this but I think I’m inlove with you” Cameron spelled out.
I starred at him not knowing what to say
Come on Navia why are you shocked? You love him too right?

“I love you Navia.” he said and my eyes widened. “I’m not forcing you. You can tell me when you’re ready.” He added quickly and rubbed his hands behind his neck nervously.

I grinned and pecked him on his cheeks. Blushing.

I don’t care
I love him so so much—

T. B. C



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