Destiny Power

Destiny Power – episode 1


In Afternoon At one o’clock, the school bell sounded for lunch. Mwaba and his friends, Darlington, Chisala, and James are sitting under a mango tree in the school premises. They are debating on the topic taught in English language. James’s moody and looks ill.
Mwaba: (Suspiciously) Why are you looking gloomy, James? Is anything wrong with you?
James: (pretending) Nothing in particular, Mwaba.

Mwaba: But you sit silently and contribute nothing to our discussion. You have to share your own experience too. They say two heads are better than one.
James: (bowing with grief) Mwaba smiles are not always smiles. Please I’m not in a good mood. (feeling his body temperature)
Chisala: Do you have malaria? James nodding his head negatively Not at all
Darlington: But I have been watching, is something wrong? The elders do not shed tears without a reason.

James: I said nothing is wrong. Is there anything else?
Mwaba: You better speak your mind James. Silence at times is not golden.
Tony: (Reproachfully) Why don’t you paddle your own canoe and leave me alone? It is only a fool that is happy at all times. please don’t poke your nose in my affairs.
Chisala: (Angrily) Let us continue with our discussion and leave him to handle his problem. The only person who can scratch himself is the person who feels the itch. Let us mind our business.(James leaves the gathering and sits silently on the chair).

Darlington: Hissing in annoyance. A chick is being warned not to feed on the rubbish dump he disregards the warning not knowing that it is for its own safety. where did we stop, Chisala?
Chisala: I couldn’t remember where we stopped. Would you please remind us, Mwaba?
Mwaba: We said the causes of road accident were drinking of alcohol, brake failure, overtaking at sharp bends and so on…..but guys please, I will implore you all to control your anger. As you know, our happiness is not perfect unless its shared equally. James is our good friend. Let us try to find out what is wrong with him and they all agreed with him and moved closer to James.

Chisala: (Apologetically) We are sorry James. You know your problem is ours and ours is yours too. Why are we friends if you can’t share your feelings with us? Don’t be annoyed please.
Darlington: The truth is always bitter but it has to be told. It is not good at this tender age to be thinking wrongly. It is very harmful and dangerous. Your happiness is our concern. cheer up please.

Mwaba: To say the fact keeping yourself away from our gathering will benefit us nothing. You know we are here to learn and benefit from each other. Let us reason and share our experience together.
James: shaking off the dust of worry out of his mind gradually was it not the English language we were taught in the morning you were discussing?Darlington: Yes
James: And you said I have been carried away.

Mwaba: cuts in please don’t call a dog a monkey for our acceptability. if you hadn’t been carried away what was our last discussion then?
James: Darlington said the causes of poor performance of students in English language in Southern African are based on the following reasons: inadequate qualified teachers, poor conditions of libraries in schools and inadequate text books. while Richærd said that those problems could be gradually reduced if government would employ more qualified teachers to teach English language.

Provision of conducive and well equipped libraries, the use of instructional materials to practice. Chisala now replied that students should also be encouraged to improve on oral English.
Darlington: You are right but that was not exactly our last discussion. You can’t sneeze and whistle at the same time. Impossible! You have been carried away by wrong thinking initially. Now tell us exactly what really happened. just then James bows his head and nods it sympathetically and Mwaba speaks.
Mwaba: Thinking makes the elders head bowed. we are listening.

James: lifting up his head and says lets bury the hatchet, guys I don’t want to bother you with my worries. it is a bitter story.
Chisala: Why are we friends then, if we can’t share and learn from your bitter experience? Scratch our backs and we scratch yours help us in our difficulties and we will help you in yours. That is the equation of life.
James: On my way to school this morning I ran into one of my intimate friends in the primary school at a car park.

He is now a bus conductor. I have been wondering since then how such a brilliant boy like Andrew could end up being a tout. what an irony!
Darlington: Such is life! it is worth thinking about. But you must try to control your emotion. Such conditions may happen as a result of loss of parents, lack of parental care, financial constraints or keeping of bad company. No matter what may be the situation, one must accept ones fate. The unchangeable fact is that destiny is immutable  and ineluctable.
James: I disagree with you…

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