Destiny Power

Destiny Power – episode 2

Episode 2

James: I disagree with you, Darlington. Destiny can be changed if one is not fervent in prayer. Especially if an enemy has foreseen the promising future, he will attempt to change the destiny. Such a brilliant boy can’t be destined to be a tout. Without education now, his life is as wasteful and as useless as a corpse. You know education is a way of life.
Mwaba: A man without education as you said is like an element without a symbol. Education is the key to success.

If I were him, I would have killed myself because it is better to die young than to be accursed at old age. By the virtue of destiny, I believe that what one has been destined for from above is exactly what one would meet on earth.
Chisala: That is my belief. Whatever one is destined for no matter the circ-mstance, is inevitable and unchangeable. what will be will be. Mr Vincent Kalanda Zulu was once a nobody but later became one of the best Zambian Teachers and the proprietor of Fly Films Production. Therefore, destiny can only be delayed but it can never be changed.
James: In as much as life changes everyday destiny can also be changed. The wh0le world is in satanic control…..(A great argument ensures between James and his friends)

Darlington: Don’t let us argue like blind men. Lets listen to one another.
Mwaba: Life can be changed, but destiny can never be changed. look at the story of Joseph the dreamer in the bible, who was destined to be the greatest among the children of Jacob. after he told his dreams to his brother, he was conspired against in order to destroy his destiny. They stripped him of his coat and cast him into a pit. They sold him later to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver and they brought him to Egypt as a slave. Joseph faced a lot of persecutions but God used the challenges as a ladder to uplift him to his victory.

for this destiny is indestructible and unchangeable.
James: (Disbelief) That was then, not a life that conspires with evil. Joseph the dreamer was fervent in prayer. Had it been he succ-mbed to fornication he wouldn’t have fulfilled his destiny. Look at the case of Samson who was described as the strongestman in the bible. Eventually his destiny changed by losing his power through covetousness. Destiny can be changed either positively or negatively but it depends on the choice or the decision we make.

Chisala: You like arguing blindly. haven’t you heard the elders say: destiny cannot be changed but destination can be delayed? If destiny is changed then it is no longer a destiny. Destiny maybe seen either as a sequence of fortune or event that is inevitable and unchangeable. Whatever happens to people in life is predestined by nature.
James: Did God destine a man to be rich at an early age and become poor in old age like a church rat? What about the insane, did God destine them to be mad? have you seen an infant born with insanity? The fact is that all things that God created are good. It is our enemies that disturb our destines.

Darlington: (Observing a bird that chirps on the tree) Look at this bird. (They divert their attentions towards the bird) No matter how small it is, it flies and sings melodious songs to the ears and builds its nest on the tree. That’s their nature of destiny.. A bird cannot abandon the tree and live in water like fish. Impossible! our divine maker the giver of life knows that our destiny can’t be exchanged or interchanged. God created individual creatures in different ways including our thought choice and nature. Before Jesus Christ was sent to this sinful world as a Messiah some prophets had fore told the specific details about his birth life and death including when He would arrive, where He would be born and what would happen to Him.

All prophecies were fulfilled accordingly. To me nothing is accidental in destiny of a true child of God.
James: I can argue this issue with the last drop of my blood. In the Bible when God created man He created him in His own image. He put them in a beautiful garden-Eden-for pleasure. And there after satan came to beguile them. the mission of God for man changed immediately. He cursed and chase them out of the garden for disobedience. At last God bit a finger of regret for creating man. were Adam and Eve created by God to be cursed and die? (they looked at each other without answering) It was Satan that manipulated their destines.

Chisala: Can any affliction be greater than that of Job? Satan put him trial by destroying his properties his Seven children died and he was smote with malignant boils from head to toe; still he fell down upon the ground and worsh¡pped God. He said “unclad I came out of my mothers womb, and unclad I return; the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” With all these tribulations Job sinned not nor charged God foolishly. later God restore everything to him in seven fold. If we are in one accord with God satan has no power over our destiny. in as much as our God the giver of life is unchangeable destiny is also unavoidable and unchangeable.

Mwaba: James is arguing blindly. we have to disagree to agree. Destiny depends on how we choose our paths by the decisions we make. If we choose God and follow his commands, our lives can never be manipulated by the devil. whatever happens either god or bad destiny is where you end up but fate is how you get there.
Darlington: The question that either destiny can be changed or not is complex and complicated. Let bygones be bygones (At this Elizabeth and Mulenga joins the gathering)….

Elizabeth: This is where you are! we have been looking for you since.
Mwaba: We are here under the tree having our leisure. take your seats and join our discussion. ( they sit)
James: What do you want to be in future? (pointing at his colleagues)

Darlington: Nobody knows what the future may bring. As for me, I would like to be a Geologist. I wish to study how mineral resources are mined and extracted from the rock and soils. As a Geologist I can work in Zambian Petroleum company. They all clapped to applaud him.
Mwaba: We have heard from Darlington. Yes Chisala what of you?

Chisala: As for me I would love to be a Pharmacist. It’s my duty to prepare and dispense drugs and medicines prescribed by doctor to patients. Without Pharmacists lives are not saved. I can work in a hospital or with the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA)
and so on. They clapped again to applaud him.
Elizabeth: As for me I desire to be a passionate defender of law. In a nation where there is no law there is no sin. I wish to be a lawyer or a judge. A lawyer is a person who is well trained and qualified to advise people about the law while a judge is a legal official who presides over a court of law, either alone or as panel of judges. I can work in court as a Solicitor, a Secretary or a Legal Adviser in any firm and so on.

Mwaba: Without telling the blind men they can perceive that my aspiration is to be a medical Doctor. The fact is that without a doctor there is no life. A doctor is a person who restores human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease or injury. We save life, soul and …..
Darlington: cutting in Darlington is it because medicine is very lucrative?
Darlington: Apart from that doctors are lovely and dignifying in any society they find themselves.

James: What if you find yourself in other fields like Engineering and teaching?
Mwaba: God forbid! ( snapping his fingers audibly). Over my dead body! Whatever you wish yourself you accomplish.
Mulenga: Well As for me, I will like to chose Accounting as my profession. An Accountant is a person that keeps or checks financial reports or records of a firm or an org-nisation. I can work in any firm as an Auditor, a Banker and so on….(they all clapped for her with whooping supports).

Chisala: what does fate have for you in the future, James?
James: I’m going to be a political Activist. They all laugh at him hysterically.
Darlington: Is it because politics is now a hot cake?
James: Besides, I wish to dedicate myself to serve humanity.
Mulenga: Instead of politics I prefer farming. (They burst into laughter) Frankly speaking politics is like a refuse dump. So, you better change your mind. politics is a dangerous and devilish game. it kills.

Elizabeth: Apart from that all politicians are liars. They can construct bridges where there is no river. Anyway you have a sweet tongue and your mouth is as slippery as Okra .(They laugh at him). All politicians are pagans.
Mwaba: If I were you, I would just heed the advice of Mulenga and Elizabeth because you can’t serve human beings and please God.
Darlington: No one can serve God and Mammon simultaneously. Jesus Christ who pleased God and man without blemish was betrayed and nailed on the cross.

Mwaba: Obedience they say is better than sacrifice. it is better o heed the advice of friends. politics is like a harbinger of death as Mulenga said.
James: Politics is not as black as yo have painted it. Dr Nelson Mandela was jailed for twenty seven years fighting for the abolition of apartheid in South Africa. He succeeded and later became the president. What about leaders who die in detention after winning an election? As a good leader you have to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of people. Whoever is afraid of death is not a dedicated leader. Jesus Christ fulfilled His destiny and died for sinners.

Darlington: That’s story, James. What’s not good is bad. instead of politics, why not Aviation? You will have access to travel out of the country. politics as we said is not a toy but death. You better look before you leap.
James: Even identical twins born of the same day at the same time and who share the same cord have different thoughts and different principles. politics is in my blood.
Mwaba: James A word they say is enough for the wise…
At this point the bell rings for closing. The students from various classes run to assemble for prayer…


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