Diamond in the Forest


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“You sent for me my prince…I’m sorry I was out on palace patrol…I just returned…
“You are talking with the maiden I sent out on suspension, I was told so…what business do you have with her..
“Nothing my prince…she told me that she was suspended and i wanted to know why…that was all…
“Leja…I trust you and I hate to have doubt in anyone I trust totally…you are close to me and it was because of your hærd work and sincerity that made you to become the chief guard and the Oba has rewarded you greatly for all your labour and when you saved me from drowning at the river. you have serve well and you know almost everything that goes in and out of this palace…why I’m saying this is because I have few question for you and I need a truthful answer, you have never lied to me so don’t start now….Nike came to me with the news of being pregnant and the funny part is that she said I’m responsible. the night I woke up and saw her unclad in my chamber and all my cloths were off…that was the night she said it happened….now tell me is this true, did I send for Nike because I don’t see any reason why I will do that…I have no interest in her at all and I won’t even in my dream…why will I specifically send for Nike and then lay with her…because I remember all that happened that night, you kept on filling my cup until I passed out and the next thing is a unclad maiden in my chamber…and she is claiming that I laid with her…and I’m certain…so certain that I did not do such…so tell me the truth…what happened that night…
Leja breathed in, he wish he can say everything without covering anything up, but if he has to that then the real truth about Remi’s pregnancy and so many other things will be revealed and the prince will never forgive him, he may end up being punished or banished, “may the gods forbids, being banished and die in the evil forest is not my portion and the gods will not allow such thing to befall me”, Leja prayed in his mind.
Leja bent his head not knowing how to start but he has to end this evil seed that Nike has started planting before something else goes wrong, he will leave Remi’s part out of it, she is dead and long gone, so she has become a history but Nike was running with speed with this her evil plans and he can’t bear it any more, he has to tell the prince everything that happened that night
“Leja…soro…kilo sele…I asked a question and I need a sincere answer…why are you quiet…all I want is the truth, if you have lied before to me then say the truth now before I start digging, say the truth because that is the only way to my heart…you know that.
“my prince… i….i mean…I uhmmm…imabinu…you are right my prince…you never sent for Nike that night neither did you lay with her, the child that Nike is carrying is not yours…I don’t know how she sneak into your chamber that night and I was surprise to find out when you asked her to fetch me that night…she was obsess with you and wanted you, most maidens admires you greatly my prince but Nike took it too far and all I did was to cover her up and not for her to get into trouble with you, I never knew she will come up with this pregnancy thing…she took it too far and I am deeply sorry for not saying the truth when you asked me and I did not bother to come all this while to clear what happened that night…I know you trusted me, I betrayed that trust and I felt bad after lying to you that night please for give me my prince…e joo
Leja knelt down and the prince asked him to stand up and he quickly did.
“Is there any other thing you aren’t telling me…Leja…I feel there is more to this…tell me more…. Everything I need to know.
“That is all my prince, if anything needs to be told you will be the first to know…this is all
“Leja…Leja…why will you agree to such…she pulled off my cloth because I woke up without my cloths on, what an insult to my person, she was standing right here unclad…real unclad, Leja…and she did not make any attempt to cover up until I asked her to…why will I see such thing, you strongly lied to me and said I sent for her when I know fully well I never did, you made me look like a fool and I did not know what to say except to ask two of you to leave my chamber that night…why will you agree to such, your duty is to the palace not to a maiden, why will you even defend her unruly act…who is responsible for her pregnancy…
“..i…I don’t know my prince…maybe is from outside the palace…but…I uhmmm don’t know…all I know is that she was obsess with you and she took it too far…i am so sorry…deeply sorry, I plead for your forgiveness my prince, please…I’m pleading…such will never happen again…I promise…I will do my work as I’m trusted to do…with all sincerity…I will…
“enough…when that maiden returns from her suspension she will be totally dismissed from the palace, such people should not be here…they have no place in this palace…they are desperate and dangerous and before she will be finally dismissed ask her to bring her mother to the palace…in fact go to their house tomorrow and give her my message, tell her while she is resuming back from her suspension she should bring her mother along, I need to see the kind of woman that gave birth to such maiden, I will love to know if the woman gives advice to her daughter at all, that maiden is wayward and unrestrained that was why she has the gut to do what she did, and as for you Leja, my trust for you has gone below my legs, I will have to weigh everything you tell me next time, until I’m certain is the truth, it will be hærd for me to believe you…you failed in your duty and you deserve to be suspended too but I will let you be for now, leave my chamber at once..
Leja bowed and left immediately, he wish he has not allowed his jealousy to get the best of him, he wanted Remi but when the Prince started showing interest and Remi never gave him a second look, it prompted him to get involve with Nike and the result so far has being disastrous, innocent lives has being lost and now the prince has doubt in him, he wish there was a remedy to everything he has done, he wish he can totally confess everything but that will be dangerous, the prince is angry with him for just this, that means if he has told the prince everything, the truth about Remi and all that he has gotten involve in, the prince will want to have his head in a platter, he will do worst things to him.
And Nike may want to get back at him if she finds out that he have spoilt the wh0le plan, she and her mother will not take it lightly with him, but she will also be getting herself into a bigger mess if she decided to tell the prince what happened, Leja knew Nike can not tell the wh0le truth. But whatever that may happens he silently prayed it will not get worst than it seems already.
Remi held Ademide as he feed in her arm, she watch him with a smile and suddenly hærd Sipah’s voice who was watching her from the door, she startled
“Sorry…I scared you….i just wanted to know how he is doing, I was out the wh0le day and didn’t get a chance to play with him…
“He is asleep now, he looks so beautiful Pah, and just watching him alone gladdens my heart…
“Sure, he is, you are beautiful Remi…so is only normal to breed your kind…you have a warm heart, when I say you are beautiful I mean every word of
it…in,side and out.
Remi looked up at him and they locked eyes for sometime, the native handmade lamp burn at one corner, Mikai sleep soundly, Ore was out, he sometimes sleeps on the tree or in the house that Sipah built for him, Sipah also built a house for Mikai’s birds, rabbits, squirrels and other pet animals that Sipah caught for Mikai
Sipah looked away, as he felt the heat of his emotions
“I just wanted to check up…i will wash up and go to bed, good night Remi…good night Emmanuel…I pray the almighty God, keeps us all safe through out the night as always and may morning bring the blessing of the new day to us…
“Amen…thank you…goodnight…
Sipah turned to leave and Remi spoke again making him to pause.
“Pah, you are also handsome, even your scar can not hide the fine man that you are, you are a good man with a large heart, sometimes I mistake you for an angel in human. Thank you Pah….i love…I mean I love the environment you created for us here…
Sipah smiled, he nodded before walking away, he washed up and return to his room, he lay down in his bed and watch the fire from the clay pot in his room, burn quietly.
Remi has occupied his mind and he forgot to pray, he sat up from his bed and silently started praying
“heavenly father, I thank you for your numerous blessing everyday, I can’t tell it all, even if my body is filled with mouth is never enough to say thank you father, thank you for Remi and Emmanuel, thank you for Mikai, Ore our monkey friend, the beauty and quietness of this place, where people dreaded most you created a beautiful home out of it for us. Night has come and I ask for your protection over us, send your angels to surround us, no evil is allowed close here because we are under your wing of protection. Thank you so much for your love and kindness so far, I tell you everything because you are a good listener and a loving father, today I decided to talk to you about Remi, my emotions and the way I feel for her, I don’t know if this is right or not but I don’t want to do things you won’t approve off, keep me in check and don’t let me run wild with this, it may seem normal to be together but I am not counting on what seem normal in my eyes but what you think about it all. Have your way in our lives and perfect that which concerns us….may we find our purpose in life and live as you want us to live…this and many more I pray in Jesus name…. Amen.
Sipah returned to bed and slept with peace in his heart
Remi lay with Ademide in her own room, she wish she can express how she feel about Sipah, he looks at her the way she love, she melt at his gaze and love having him around, he makes her have this warm feeling that she can’t explain, she wonder if Sipah feels the same way too, she wish Sipah could just tell her the way he feels about her, she almost said that she loves him earlier which was what she had wanted to say but caught herself, Sipah maybe feeling different from that.
Remi breathed deeply as she tried to think of something else, she thought of the prince and frowned, she has had same feeling for the prince, same feeling that she was having for Sipah, the Prince has joined many other to hurt her, only the princess and Ope stood by her in the palace.
Remi wondered what life was like for them, they all probably thought she was dead.
Remi thought of her late mother and wiped a tiny tear off her eyes, she wondered how her grandma and Dami are doing.
Her grandma’s riddle has never left her heart “two will want you, only one will have you, then disaster will struck and the gods will take you far away with the seed of crown…which will become a Diamond in forest…sorted after….
She understand her grandma’s riddles but not fully, the only part she is yet to understand now is “diamond in the forest that will be sorted after…by who, Remi asked her self silently, she looked down on her son and covered him up properly. “the only good thing I got from the palace is Ademide, the prince broke me up even without knowing, and when I thought the world has come to an end for me I found a new home here and another beginning… I’m glad the gods kept me safe until I brought my Ade forth. This is my present, Sipah, Mikai, Ore and everything here is my present and I find peace here, no trouble, just us living in our own world. All I wish is that Sipah will open up to me on how he feels or maybe I should tell him…no I can’t, I will rather remain quiet and allow whatever will be to be…but I feel something strong for him…same as I have felt for the prince.
Remi breathed again before shutting her eyes, as she allowed sleep to take over her.

To be continued…

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