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Remi told the princess that she needed a day off so that she can finally visit her grandmother
The princess gave her two days off instead, as she was leaving, Leja saw her and came to meet her
“Where are you going to…?
“Home, I’m visiting my people.
“Is there a problem…?
“No problem Leja, must there be any before I visit my people?
“Not really…just asking because Nike, your sister also took permission from the Queen to visit hom…
Remi felt like throwing up as Leja was speaking to her but she kept holding it in waiting to when she will move away from Leja, she started walking away slowly just for Leja to leave but he followed and continued to talk
Remi couldn’t respond well as saliva filled her mouth, when she couldn’t hold it in she ran off with speed and vomited, Leja stood watching her until she was done
“Are you alright Remi…
I’m fine…is just the food I ate this morning that is troubling my stomach but I’m very fin….ugrrrrhhhh
She started vomiting again.
“Remi, you have being throwing up of recent, I also saw you the other day and and I thought is a flu…but it doesn’t look so to me any more…or…are you pregnant
Remi quickly stood up from where she bent over to face Leja
“What kind of talk is that…Leja, how can you think I’m pregnant… are you the one that got me pregnant… please don’t ask me that kind of question again…

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“I’m only being concern that’s why I’m asking you… and if you are then I know who will be responsible… the night of the party that the prince got drunk… the time you spent in his chamber… the blood on the prince wrapper… the way you were shaking all over… the way you Walk with the invisible injury on your lap…the hidding of the wrapper in those over grown plants… omooba took your virginity that night I’m I correct?… stop lying Remi… everything is beginning to add up…is all making sense now…he forcefully lay with you…
“Is it same way you forcefully lay with Nike…no, the prince is not like you…you are only adding rubbish to your head…snap out of it…the prince is a noble man…i don’t owe you an explanation Leja… leave me alone…your problem should be with Nike not me… you two have being meeting each other in secret
“Are you jealous, wait… did Nike told you that I force her… I never forced her… through out the days we did It she begged for It, it was only once… just once I went to her…but the rest she was coming to me… she wanted it and I gave it to her… why will she even tell you when she promised to keep it a secret… Nike is not trust worthy at all… she swear and promise never to tell anyone… why did she have to tell you…I wanted you Remi…I still do…I seriously desire to have you but you have never consider me for once…
Remi started walking away with speed but Leja followed her and continued to speak
“…I swear by the gods that you occupy my mind even while I was on top of Nike…all I see is your face as I met with her…
“You are disgusting Leja… stop following me…leave me alone…
“I can’t leave you alone…I love you Remi…please… stop doing this to me… the prince can’t love you as much as I do…he…
“What you feel is not love…you made me touch your manhood sometime ago because that’s where your feeling for me lay… what you feel for me is in between your legs Leja…
“Remi…aah..ahh…how can you say that…I thought you have forgotten what transpired between us that night…I apologise and you said it was okay…so if what I feel for you is within my manhood then what of the prince…he looks at you with desires in his eyes…he also wants you as much as I do… that’s if he hasn’t had you yet…I still remember that night and the blood stain wrapper… you can hide everything but you can never hide pregnancy… with time it will show up and every one will have questions that only you can answer… I’m watching you closely Remi…ever since that night…I have being keeping an eye on you and if what I think happens to be true then you will have alot of explanation to do…I won’t forgive you or the prince…
Remi stopped at the gate and face Leja who followed her down
“We don’t need your forgiveness…neither do we owe you one…live your life Leja and let me live mine… serve, because that’s what you are called to do or better still focus on Nike… stop confusing yourself… even if I happen to be pregnant…is none of your business…is my cross to bear..
Remi crossed the gate, Leja stood and kept talking as she walks away…
“So you are indirectly agreeing to the fact that you are pregnant…I just hope is not true becau….
Remi couldn’t hear him any more as she cross over to the opposite side of the road and quietly walked away
The prince have being watching Leja and Remi as they walk to the gate, Leja was acting all angry as he speaks to Remi, Remi stop to reply him and continued walking towards the gate, Leja kept talking until she walked out of the gate before he finally turned back
The prince wondered what they were arguing about, he wish to know what exactly is going on between Leja and Remi, he has seen them on several occasions arguing or talking over something
He was beginning to think there was something going on between Leja and Remi and he will find out today
“Could it be that Leja and Remi are in a relationship, what is really going on between them, oh by the gods…why can’t I forget this maiden, why has Remi occupied my mind and no matter how much I try to put her behind I can’t seem to to do that…
The prince stood by his window as he thought within himself, he decided to send for Leja
“Omooba you sent for me…
“‘yeah…i want to ask you a question and don’t lie to me just answer me… the truth only Leja…
“I have never lied to you before my prince…I won’t start now…
“Is about Remi, my sister’s personal maiden…who is she to you…
Leja knew this was a good opportunity for him…his answer will either make the prince to stay away from Remi or draw him closer, Leja decided to lie to the prince.
“My prince, I’m sorry that I have kept this a secret for a very long time, is mainly because I don’t want to endanger her and I also know that you have a great interest in her…Remi is my woman, we are in a serious relationship… she love me so very much and I also love her too…
The prince felt as if his heart was thorn apart, he breathed deeply and put his sweating hands inside his pocket so that Leja won’t see his discomfort, he felt stupid for loving a maiden who love another
“Leja…uhmmm… you should have told me that you and Remi had something serious going on but there’s no problem… I’m sorry for showing interest in her which you knew all this while without saying a word… you seem to be arguing over something earlier…I watched two of you from here… Treat her well Leja… she is a good maiden…uhmmm… that’s all for now…I promise not to trespass again… you may leave now…
Leja bow to him before walking away, he was so happy to have finally nailed the prince, he saw the prince discomfort even though he has tried to hide it but it was so obvious, the prince was in love with Remi but everything will start changing now that he told him that he was in a relationship with her. The prince is a noble man and will stay clear off another man’s property.
Leja felt so happy that he finally succeeded in separating Remi from the prince, now he will find a way to make Remi to be his, he knows it will be difficult but he will put More effort
The prince sat hard on his wooden carved chair, he was planning on how to ask Remi to be his, after which he will speak to his father concerning her, Remi has being avoiding him ever since the night he got drunk, he thought it was because she felt embarrassed with his behaviour, he was also trying to concentrate on other royal work with his father.
The oba has engaged him on a royal assignment, how to become a good ruler of the kingdom, he has being so busy and only thought of Remi whenever he was alone or when he sees her sister, Nike attending to the Queen with other of his mother’s personal maidens, he has always sent his greetings to Remi through her sister Nike.
The prince has wish Remi will be his but now he knows that she belongs to Leja.
He now understands why Leja was eavesdroping on his conversation with Remi sometimes ago. everything makes sense to him now.
He will stay off now that he knows she is for Leja, even though doing so may seem so hard to do but he will focus on other important things,
there are plenty of maidens within the kingdom and outside the kingdom, both royal and non royal, when he is ready to chose a Queen he will ask the gods for their help, so that he can marry a maiden that will have same attributes his mother, the present Queen has.
Remi did not go to her grandmother straight away, she stopped by to check up on her mother and brother
As she got home, her mother angrily confronted her
“Remi… Ki ni eleyi ti mo gbo yi..(what is this I’m hearing)…I was planning to come to the palace today to come and fetch you…
“Mami, kilo sele (what is it mother)
“Se ni ooto lo ti loyun (are you pregnant?)
Remi kept quiet, she wonder how her mother got to know
“Remi… damilohun…se ni ooto lo ti loyun (Remi… answer me… Are you pregnant)
“Beeni Maami…(yes mother)
Ahhh..olurun mi…Remi o ti pami ah ahh..(oh my God, Remi has killed me)what did I do wrong to deserve this…is this why the gods chose you to go and serve in the palace…ahh Remi…
“Maami, imabinu (I’m sorry mother) it was a mistake…who told you… how did you know…
“I will slap that your stupid mouth that you are using to ask me silly question… Nike came back yesterday evening and told her mother and iya Nike came to tell me… they said it was a guard… Leja that got you pregnant…but you lied and said it was for the prince…
“Whaaaat… hmm…maami… that’s not true… I’m carrying the prince seed…I don’t have anything to do with Leja… rather is even Nike that…
There was a bang on the door,
“Iya Remi…bosita (Remi’s mother come outside)
It was Nike’s mother that was calling her, Remi and her mother went out
Nike was standing outside with her mother
“I am concerned about Remi being pregnant…is a bad omen… when Nike told me about it yesterday i quickly came to tell you… because of how concerned I am I prepared agbo for her today…it will flush out the bastard that she is carrying… I’m just being concerned…
“Iya Nike I appreciate your concern but commiting an abortion is not a better way to handle this, being pregnant out of wedlock is enough trouble but flushing an innocent child…I totally disagree..
I’m not sure who the pregnancy is for I was just talking with her before you came… Remi can’t flush the innocent child…I totally disagree with that but thank you anyway…
“Innocent child ke… hahahaha… that thing she is carrying is neither innocent or child yet…is still blood…bad blood…your daughter is very loose and too wayward to have fallen pregnant… I’m only trying to help you so that she won’t bring shame and disgrace to you… She allowed a guard to get her pregnant… because I know the prince can’t fall for a commoner like her… even my daughter that now serve the Queen personally do get to see the prince often now and he doesn’t have time for palace maiden… so Remi should not open that her stinking mouth and say the abominable thing she is carrying belongs to the prince…
Remi spoke out of anger
“I don’t need your help…iya Nike, leave me alone, drink your agbo or better give it to Nike but I don’t need it and what I carry is the prince seed I’m not mixing words about it… stop calling it an abomination…or bad blood, is a child…I don’t want the prince but I do want to keep this child, children are gifts from the gods… the prince is not even aware of it because I refuse to let him know… stop pretending as if you are concerned because I know you are not neither is your daughter… she has proven again to be who she has always being…
“You will flush that thing Remi…you are not worthy to carry the prince seed…you are not worthy at all… even Nike, my daughter that the prince was beginning to pick interest in.. has not cheaply thrown herself at him, he even speak and laugh with her so the only person in this house that deserves to carry the prince seed is my daughter not somebody like you…
“Is not too late… I’m not stopping her… she can go ahead since the prince has interest in her but please concentrate on her and stay away from us…
Remi and her mother turned and started going insi
de, Iya Remi angrily rushed and pushed Remi’s mother so hard that she almost fell face down if not for Remi,
Remi quickly held onto her before she could get to the ground, after she lifted her mother she charged towards iya Nike and pushed her and the woman fell down
Nike rushed towards Remi but she flings her away like an ordinary thing,
iya Nike was screaming and acting up the whole place, she took a wooden stick and fired it at Remi’s mother but Remi caught it mid way and instead of throwing it back she broke the stick
Nike and her a mother fired a big stone at Remi, targeting it at her stomach but she also caught the stones and threw it away before taking her mother inside.
Nike’s mother knew the battle line has being drawn, she swore that over her dead body will Remi carry the prince child.
If anybody deserve to be pregnant for the Prince then it should be her daughter Nike not Remi.
To be continued… 
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