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“What did you just say…Remi…you are pregnant for… who?
The prince asked Remi after getting out of the shock, Remi was no more afraid, she was in for whatever will come out of this, just like her mother said she wasn’t asking the Prince to marry her she just wanted to let him know the truth, he deserve to know that was what her mother told her, and she has made up her mind to do this and was ready for any consequences that will come out of it.
She looked up at the Prince who was staring at her waiting for her to repeat herself, and so she did
“you laid with me…the night you got drunk and asked me to take you to your chamber, you took my virginity that night and that was why you saw blood on your trouser…which also stained your wrapper…I couldn’t return the wrapper because the blood stain was still on it and refuses to go no matter how I try so I kept it…that was the night my prince…on the fourth day of the seventh day party that the Queen hosted in the…
“shh..shhh…just wait…oh for the gods sake…I don’t understand you, Remi…I remember getting drunk that night and asked you to take me to my chamber and you did, and that was all I remember, i called you Remi…and asked you if anything of such happened…after seeing the stain on my trouser…you said nothing happened between us…that the blood was from the wound you sustained on your thigh while helping me….the gods bear me witness because that was exactly what I hard you say except I didn’t hear well…did you say that or not…
“I…I did…yes I told you that becau…
“Hold on…that is all I want to know…since you told me nothing of such happened that night… why this…uhmmm….you are Leja’s woman and you two has being together…why didn’t you go to him…he told me himself that you are his…why do you come to me with the news of your pregnancy…I’m seriously trying to understand this…but is not making any sense to me…
“I’m not lying this time…I’m serious my prince…I have nothing to do with Leja…he wanted to be my lover but I never gave in to him for once…I am not in any relationship with Leja…the only man that has touched me…right in this chamber was you…my prince…let the gods bear me witness…
There was a knock on the door and without waiting for an answer Leja and Nike rushed in, the prince turned to Leja..
“Leja…have you being eavesdropping to my conversation again…what is really going on…
“imabinu omoba…(I’m sorry my prince) I just couldn’t help but over hard your conversation with Remi…I was by your door waiting to be summoned I did not mean to eavesdrop but your voice was loud so I hard few of the things you said about Remi being Pregnant…
“Yes…yes…she said so and I’m trying to make sense out of the whole thing…isn’t she the same person you claim to be in a relationship with and that loves you…so what is really going on…because I’m confuse….
“ my prince…we are in a relationship…for a while now…even Nike her sister here can testify to that…I even visited her back home and buys things for the mother…her mother knows me very well…I have never lied to you before my prince…Remi is my woman and we even agree to settle down together and she told me last week that she was pregnant and I asked her to keep the child, we agreed on what to do I was surprise to hear her and telling you that she was carrying your child….i was shock when I hard her say that and that was why I rush in here the way I did…
Remi was so surprise to hear all that Leja was saying and Nike was just nodding her head in agreement to everything Leja said.
Remi wanted to defend herself but the prince hushed her to be quiet so that Leja can finish talking, and after Leja was done talking Nike started with her own
“my prince…she confide in me that she was pregnant for Leja who she has being in a relationship with for sometime now, Remi, then said something that shock me, she told me that she was going to make the prince feel responsible for it so that you can marry her, I was surprise at the boldness she use in saying such evil and I hushed her not to say such but she said she wasn’t going to have a child or marry Leja because he is a guard she wanted more, she wanted to become the Queen by all means, and she will make the prince take responsibility for the pregnancy… my sister, Remi said so many things, I can’t even say half of all the ill things she vomited from her guttered mouth, everybody knows that we are sisters, from the same family, I can’t possibly lie or be against her, what will be my gain in that, the misunderstanding we had before has being settled , and that misunderstanding was also because of the prince when she planned to seduce him and I was against her doing such so she decided to engaged me in a fight knowing well I wasn’t feeling too well that was why I passed out that day, but all that was settled and we have being in a good term until she came up with this pregnancy thing again, at first she deliberately became pregnant for Leja so that she can make you feel responsible for it…my prince I hate evil and I can’t support bad thing even if is my mother, but my sister is getting out of hand and she need to be dealt with in that way she will stop all this lies and accusation…how can she accuse a whole prince of this kingdom of being responsible for her pregnancy knowing well that Leja here, her main lover is responsible…this is so bad…apologies my kind prince…
The prince sat hard on a chair and held his head as Nike and Leja accuse Remi who was just standing as word fails her, she did not even know what to say or what to do.
Remi knew that Leja and Nike had ganged up against her and this is their own way to revenge, she breathed deeply and started regretting coming to the prince chamber if she knows that it will come to this she would have stayed back and carry her fate and she would have told the prince right in the beginning when it all happened and he asked her, but she couldn’t say such because even the prince did not remember touching her.
Leja and Nike have being looking for this kind of opportunity to tarnish her image, destroy her personality before the prince and here they have finally succeeded.
Remi knew she has to be bold and strong for herself, come what may, she will not allow Leja or Nike…or even the prince to see her troubled soul.
The prince was quiet as Nike kept talking and he suddenly raised his voice at everyone to be quiet
“Everyone should leave…leave right now…I don’t want to hear another word from anybody…I have hard enough…I need space to think…get out of my chamber all of you…
Leja and Nike were surprise as the Prince ordered them out, they rushed out with speed because the prince was obviously very angry, they knew they have planted the seed of hatred in the prince heart, all they will do now is to wait for the seed to take root.
They can’t wait for the time to come when Remi will be dealt with, they thought his action will start immediately but was surprise as he asked them to get out
Remi left and when she was far away she waited for Nike and Leja to catch up with her and when they saw that Remi was waiting for them they decided to pass another road but she rushed to them with speed and blocked them, they stopped to face her and she started clapping for them

Wow…that was a wonderful display from two of you…you two make a good team, fantastic team, you deserve a medal for putting up such a show in there…wow…don’t worry you will both reap what you sow…it may not be now but sooner or later your reward will come like a flood…don’t be surprise when it comes…because the gods have mark this day and saw my innocence…the gods will judge this case and whatever that is meant to be will certainly be…
Leja spoke with a smile curved at one end of his mouth
“you finally agreed that you are pregnant after denying it for so long…hahahaha…I told you that you can hide everything but you can never hide pregnancy…I know the truth…I know how it happen but you kept on denying and making me look stupid…you chose the prince over me…I told you Remi that I will mess up your life if it happens to be true that you are pregnant for the prince…and I will do that…the prince can’t have you…over my dead body…I saw you first and I wanted you but you chose the prince over me now I will make you regret ever turning me down…you are carrying his child…that suppose to be my child not his, you allowed him to make love to you and took your virginity that belongs to me…you allowed the prince to lay with you but you refuse to touch my manhood…just a touch that was all I asked that night as my bladder was so hot and I wanted to released the passion on you and you pushed me and insulted me but you shamelessly went to the prince and he laid with you while in drunkenness…you are so shameless Remi…I feel so angry right now that I feel like slapping you…
Remi started laughing out her pain as she hard Leja speak.
“hahahaha…Leja…I will fling you like a kite across the fence if you ever wave a hand to my face…I will beat you like a child…you are huge and tall but I will sit on you and stuff earth dust into your mouth if you ever…I mean ever try to point a finger to my face…I am a hard nut…you can’t crack me easily, you have formed a good team with Nike…no problem… I’m waiting for two of you to bring out all you got, yes…the prince made love to me…ooh it was so sweet, he was fun to be with more than you will ever be, so interesting and I feel good too, please go and hug a palm tree if you are pained…I don’t care, but yes I am carrying the prince child…and I will carry it to term and bring him or her to this earth, I thank the gods that I never had anything to do with you…I never agreed to your dirty request…I can never be yours…you and Nike are match made together…you belong to each other not to somebody like me…listen to this…let me go in detail on how me and the prince had it… as I bared it all open to him…I beckoned on him to come fort and devoured my body and he did, he was so huge and good…I did not want him to even stop as he went on and on before you interrupted us with your stupid knock…
Leja jerked a muscle as Remi spoke…he twist his mouth as anger and jealousy burn through him, he wanted to make Remi to stop talking about how good the prince was in bed with her but he was afraid to touch her, his eyes was red as he bite his lips, Remi hugged herself and laugh as she talked about the meeting with the prince that night making Leja and Nike to boil in envy, Leja hates Remi more than he had ever loved her.
“You make it sound like a fantasy but the prince was drunk and you were in serious pain after the deed was done, you were shaking Remi and couldn’t walk well so with all this your expression… I see nothing else for you but how sad you have to loose yourself to a drunk prince and he hurt you that night even though you don’t want to admit it…the pain was so obviously written on your body that night…
“ooh yeah…talking about the pain…it was a lovely pain…sweet pain that got me with a bundle of blessing…it was far better being with a drunk prince than it will ever be being with you in a cleared eye…just your mare touch feel so disgusting and cold…but the prince was so warm and inviting…please deal with the loss… you and your senseless team member are all losers…
Nike spoke out of anger, boiling even more as Remi seem to have words for everything that Leja says to her and even taking pride in what she and the prince did as she expresses it to them.
“Remi you thought you are smart…I told you….you were messing with the wrong person…we have not even started yet…this just a little bit of what that is yet to come for you…you will regret in this life…you beat me and my mother up and dragged us like animals into cleaning your front door…aahh Remi…you will regret it…I will deal with you…walayi…I swear by the gods…I will mess with you…you want to have the prince…I asked you to abort that bastard that you are carrying and you said no, you want to reap were you did not sow…you wanted the prince… well that will never happen…you will never belong to the prince…I will make sure of that…if there’s anybody well deserving of such then is no one else but me…not you…I suppose to be the one carrying that child for the prince and getting married to him to become the future queen but you ran faster than a shadow to go and hang your cloths where you don’t belong…this is just the beginning for you Remi…calamities will besiege you, you will even beg for death but it won’t answer you…you will be force to kill your self when we are done with you…just be prepared..
“Nike…hmmm, your hatred, envy and jealousy burn like fire…I can feel the heat…i wonder why you have decided to compete with the gods…i did not chose anything for myself…the gods chose me to serve here and that is what I have being doing ever since…this path you have decided to thread hope you are capable because as you know…the gods has blessed me with strength for any battle…so I am not afraid of you or your empty threats…Nike you will fall into the hole you dug for me and will burn in the fire you set for me…I promise you and everyone ganging up against me… am innocent and the gods are not dead…they will vindicate me…so you all should go ahead and bring out what you got I will be waiting because you and your team, Leja ,your mother, yourself and any other person that will join you can not destroy me if the gods did not permit…but if the gods allows you then is fine by me…but be careful Nike…be very careful because you are just about to draw a line of war… my grandma said things like this will happen now I’m beginning to understand her riddles but she said something else…she said the gods chose me because I’m strong enough for the battle… so Nike…you and your team should gang up against me…the gods will vindicate me…and the truth can not be hidden forever.
Remi looked at them again before walking away, she was ready for anyone and anything.
Anything that can’t kill her will only make her stronger,
She doesn’t know what the prince have in mind to do or what Nike and Leja are planning but she was not afraid.
Remi remembered her grandmother’s word again.
“two will want you…only one will have you then disaster will struck…you will be in between and the gods will take you away faraway with the seed of crown…which will become a precious diamond sorted for, it will be hidden in the deepest part of the forest…
Remi remembered her grandmother’s riddle which is still a misery to her, she can’t still fully explain it, when she said two will want you but one will have you Remi had thought she understood but right now even the prince doesn’t want her and she doesn’t want anything with Leja either, maybe the only part she understood is “disaster will struck” she can feel it but what ever may come she silently pray the gods to give her strength to overcome hate with love just as her grandmother has advised her to do but as Nike and Leja decided to trouble her she will not allow them to break her down.

To be continued…

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