Diamond in the Forest


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Dami noticed a movement in the dark and stopped to ascertain what he was really seeing and just then Iya Nike moved again and Dami started scre-ming, calling his mother that a ghost is in their backyard and moving towards their fire place.
Iya Nike was shock as she hærd Dami’s scre-m, the content in her hand fell off and she quickly bend down to pick it, she stood at a s₱0t as iya Remi ran out with speed immediately she hærd her son’s scre-m.
With the help of the oil lamp in her hand she saw that it was Iya Nike, she was surprise, she wonder what iya Nike was doing in her backyard close to her fire place where she was cooking night food after a long day in the market
Is being a very long time since iya Nike crossed to her backyard, she has being keeping malice with her and do not even respond to her greetings ever since Remi beat her and Nike up after they set trap in their front door.
Iya Remi saw that she was in a black wrapper which made Dami to think she is a ghost, she wondered why she was in black, who could she be mourning
“Iya Nike…ooh is you… what happened… you got Dami scared…
“,Uhmmm my senior wife… don’t mind me jare…I was coming to… to ask you for Something…I know we have being having this continues misunderstanding for a very long time… and is not good and I’m really tired with the constant fighting and quarreling…I just wanted to say let’s stop all this fighting and start living as one family… you are my senior wife and despite our husband is late that is not enough reason to be fighting each other all the time..he won’t be happy in the grave…so I thought you will be cooking at the backyard as usual because I know you came back late from the market…so I decided to come and see you here, I wanted to sit and talk with you that was why I did not go through the front door, I did not even know that you are in,side..I was just coming and Dami started scre-ming…
Iya Remi was shock to hear iya Nike say all that and even call her “senior wife” iya Nike has never called her that before, respect or talk in this manner ever since their husband died, she sounded so remorseful and convincing.
iya Remi was so happy that iya Nike has finally come to her senses
She silently thanked the gods because she was tired of the constant misunderstanding between them every time
Iya Remi offered her a seat and she sat down as they talk some more and even laugh, she offered her some of her food but iya Nike said that she just finish eating not too long before coming to meet her.
Iya Nike later left as iya Remi bid her good night,
As they entered in,side Dami began to talk to his mother
“Maami…I saw her moving towards the pot of food that was on fire… she is probably up to something and I felt goose bombs all over when I saw her… she smells of terror… maami you have to be careful… me…I don’t feel comfortable with this her sudden friendsh¡p…that woman is always filled with trouble..
She can’t suddenly change… just like that…
“Gbe neu sun (keep quiet) what do you even know, don’t you know that people change, you are suppose to be happy that the gods has finally turned her around, iya Nike is very sincere and she was real and I am so happy… finally the gods has brought back peace and unity in our home…
Nike kept trying to get the prince to touch her but it wasn’t working out, she put off his clothes and left only his undies, she also off her own cloth and climb on top of the prince with her unclad body, trying to do everything possible so that he will have an er-ction but the prince was in a deep sleep because of the mix drink that Leja gave him and he couldn’t move.
He mumbled something in his sleep and repeated it twice,
Nike stared at him and was seriously wishing she will belong to the prince, as he mumbled again she placed her ear to his mouth to hear what he was saying and was shock when the prince mentioned a name that sounds like “Remi” Nike got angry and slap the prince in his manh-od making him to suddenly shake and he came awake.
The prince was awake and blink severally to be sure of what was happening
Nike was scared as the prince awaken, the prince wasn’t suppose to wake up so soon, it was too early, is either Leja did not mix the drink well or the prince did not take enough doze, she started regretting slapping his sensitive part, which might have hurt him and made him to wake up.
Nike began to think of what she was going to do, she was unclad she jumped down from the bed but did not bother dressing up, she wanted the prince to see her unclad maybe in that way he will be move to lay with her
The prince swore under his breath and sat up from the bed, he was confuse and wondered why Nike was not only unclad in his chamber but him too was half dressed also, only in his undies, he swore again before checking himself, he took a wrapper to wrap up himself before standing up.
“Wha…what…in the gods name are you doing in my chamber… who are you…wait.. you are Remi’s sister…so why are you unclad… whaaaat are you doing here and how do my cloths gets off from my body…I remember sleeping with my cloths on after the drinks Leja gave me…I remember so clearly sleeping in cloths how come… did you touch my…what is happening…why I’m I feeling this pain under… what is going on…will you cover up immediately because your uncladness disgust me…is irritating how you stand there comfortably without your cloths on…. how do you get into my chamber…why are you here… by this time of the night… start talking before I call the guards, they will have to come and explain how you got in here… answer me quick…
Nike saw that the game has changed, she stammered as she quickly thought of what to say, she grabbed her cloth and wore back as the prince wait for her to explain
“Omooba.. imabinu..moro Leja si won.. (i’m sorry my prince you asked Leja to send for me) when I came you laid with me, you made love to me my prince and you said you love me while you were on it …that is why I’m unclad…
“Shut… shut up… who sent for you and did you say I… omooba laid with you…me…wait…do you say I laid with who…hahahaha…this is so interesting…go and fetch me Leja… immediately… all of you will have alot to explain…get out of my face, out of my chamber…now..
Nike ran out immediately the prince was pacing the room angrily and swearing under his breath, something was not right and he will have to know what exactly is going on.
Dami walked into his grandma’s kitchen with the fire wood, after setting up the fire he placed a pot of water for his grandmother’s evening bath before coming to join her outside where she was peeling melon
“I sent a message to your mother two days ago… you didn’t deliver it to her…I guess…
“I did…but maami said she is too busy… she said there is no time to see you but she will come once she is a little free…iya.. she have being so occupied with the fufu business…I must say and comes back late at night…
“Hmmm…I understand, I wish she could spare just a little time to come and spend with me… everything in life is not all about being busy and making money… she enjoy going to the market and talking with other women, your mother will rather send you or your elder sister down than to come here herself.. she was all that the gods used to clean my tears from my years of childlessness, she is my
only child and the gods blessed me even more with you and your sister through her, you know sometimes all I want is to spend time with your mother but she has a mind of her own since when she was a little girl.. she looked hærdened yet so soft, an easy prey for her enemies…I plead to the gods to keep her away from the trouble I see lurking around…
“Iya, do you know that Yesterday…I saw iya Nike in our backyard, I was coming from the outhouse and was so scared when I saw her snooping around our fire place, covered up in a black cloth… she was upto something…I scre-med in shock not knowing she was the one and maami ran outside and iya Nike said she was only there for peace meeting, she told maami that she wanted them to drop their differences and embrace peace..maami believed her but I don’t…iya Nike talking about peace…is a lie… she is probably upto something iya…
“You maybe right…a fowl does not run in the night, is either pursuing something or something is pursuing it…but it does not run in vain….your mother needs to be careful if she really want to live long and escape all hidden traps… she have to be wise.. she is too soft… she should shield herself and you from future mishap…iya Nike is up to no good…omo mi..jowo… go and put fire in that pot of water so that I can warm the ifo eriro soup I made yesterday and put some for you to eat before you go…I still have enough fufu from the last one you brought…
Dami went into the kitchen and checked the water, after bringing it down he quickly placed the pot of soup on fire.
He love eating his grandma’s food, it always have a special taste.

To be continued…

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