Diamond in the Forest


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More people began to fall sick in the kingdom, the Queen was not left out and no medicine man have a cure for the sickness outbreak, the Prince took over in place of his sick father, he invited different healers from faraway kingdom and they all came and yet none could place a name for the sickness or the cure to it.
The kingdom was torn apart as several people went into panicking and fear, they prayed to different gods to help them out but nothing was done.
English doctors where invited, after administering all the drugs they could think off and still no positive result they packed and left.
Things were becoming more complicating and the wh0le kingdom was in disarray
Ope was with princess that hot afternoon as she tried to cheer a saddened princess up
“Maybe we should go for a walk…in that way you will feel better…my princess…
“I don’t feel like going anywhere, do you wonder if this sickness that is taking over the kingdom is in the air…when we go out there and breath in the wrong air then we will also fall ill…just like many out there….Father, mother, the kings maker and so many other people…sometimes I’m afraid….i wonder who will be the next victim, maybe the gods are punishing us for some unknown sin we did in the past…can you imagine that no doctor…no medicine man has a cure for this sudden sickness…the English came and tried their best, the native doctors are doing all they could but yet nothing….what could be our sin, father has being ill for too long…Tunde is a very patient man, he is ready to wait until everything is in order again, I can’t marry him when my father and mother are dying….this is really strange…my brother is now in charge of everything in place of father…he is worried sick and the last time I saw him he is deeply troubled…mother who was caring for father is seriously down…who will save us apart from the gods…I pray for their mercy everyday…and to purge our land and restore the peace of this great kingdom…
Ope thought of Remi’s grandmother and all she has told her about Remi being alive and a diamond child she bore which may be the answer to the troubled kingdom, maybe the gods saw her innocent and the injustice being done to her and decided to raise a trouble dust in the kingdom, she and her son maybe the cure to this kingdom
Ope decided to speak up
“I once visited Remi’s grandma one day after meeting her brother in the market…
“oh really, is really sad…how are they doing…Remi’s death must be a very sad one to them…thinking of the way she was banished and has to die in the evil forest…with her pregnancy…somet
imes I do think of her and it saddens me anytime her thought crosses my mind…she left with the beauty of this kingdom and I know she was innocent and the baby she carried belong to my brother who refuse to admit to the truth. maybe…just maybe her death was part of the punishment of the kingdom, I don’t have any right to say that father did not judge her well and the cabinet men worsen the issue, but I can’t help but admit to the fact that is just the bitter truth, Remi is innocent, I was the one that sent her that day to go and tell the queen mother that I will be leaving for the stream the following morning, she was with me the wh0le time before I sent her to mother and the next news was that a maiden tried to poison the Oba, I saw them hitting and even trying to force her to eat the supposed poison, I saw her fought for herself despite her condition, no one judged in her favor, no one stood in her defense, everyone condemned her, they all condemned her to go and die in the evil forest….is very sad, it was a cruel sentence and her death…it must have being painful, think of the wild animals tearing her apart and digging there claws into her…aaaahhhh…is terrible Ope…just imagining that alone makes me sick…is so terrifying …
“Yeah…it is…don’t imagine such my princess because it never happened…Remi’s grandma told me that Remi is alive and she has a diamond child…she is being taking care by total strange whose feet is filled with light….she said that…
“duro…duro…ki lo soro (wait, what did you say)
“ Remi lives with her son whom she bore in the forest….and she is cared for by a good stranger who will later live and marry among us…that was what iya agba told me….and it sound too good to be true…but with the way she said it…I’m certain that Remi is truly alive…
“is she a diviner…how did she know…the gods must have revealed that to her….yes…Oh the gods be praise…I need to see my brother immediately and tell him this good news…and I also need you to take me to see her grandma….this is indeed too good to be true…is something good to hold onto…maybe Remi’s grandma will have more to say…
The princess rush out to see her brother, the prince.
Nike waited for Leja outside the palace and when Leja came walking down the road Nike came out of her hiding and started insulting Leja
“I have waited for you here all day, because I was certain you will pass here today, what did you tell the Prince, I went to resume back to work after one week and the guards at the gate refuse to let me in, I asked to see you but they said you are with the prince and you can’t see me…I was dismissed from the palace not because of my pregnancy but because of whatever you told the prince…you are a foolish man…what did you tell the prince…you sold me off to him so that you will remain a guard and trustworthy servant right…idiot…you lied to the prince and spoil all the wh0le plan i took time to construct…all my hærd work on how to become the next Queen you spoil everything with that your wide mouth like basin….
“why all this insult Nike, I never told the prince anything, you sold yourself out by going to sed-ce the prince and even lied that the child you carry belong to him, your head was filled with rat brain which made you not to calculate well, you spoilt your plan with your own hands, if you are smart enough you could have known that the prince will find out the truth one way or the other…he is a prince, the next Oba of this great kingdom…he is not a fool…and for your information, I’m not interested in that child you carry, I have washed my hands off it even before the prince threw you out…I don’t want to have anything to do with you or the child, you wanted to be pregnant…you got exactly what you asked for…so carry the burden but never you include me in it because I will deny that I ever know you or have anything to do with you…bear your child and become a mother…but I’m out of this…if I ever want to have a wife or a child it will never come from you…you and your mother are a dangerous venom… and non of my seed must come from you…
“you are an unfortunate he goat Leja, smelly he goat like you…fool, since the prince rejected me and this child there is no hiding place for you…you are the rightful owner of this pregnancy and you must take responsibility of your action…you can not escape it…never…and I will tell every one the wh0le truth, I will let them know all the evil that you did…let’s bet…just bet with me and you will see how I will mess you up…
“I don’t bet with the devil…I have no business with a witch like you…get lost Nike, you are not even capable of telling the truth…the word “truth” has bei
ng killed and buried in your conscience…so go ahead and tell everyone because in that way you will be exposing yourself…all your atrocities will be exposed… go ahead…I dare you to go and tell the prince or anyone who cares to listen…I am daring you Nike…if you have such gut then go right ahead…we will both suffer…and thank the gods your mother will be inclusive because she was the one that gave you the poison for the Oba and she also killed Iya Remi with same poison…and am sure she also killed your father because he favored Iya Remi more than your mother…evil run in your blood…transferred from your mother to you so I don’t want to have anything to do with that child you carry because you will transfer same evil to him or her…
As Leja tried to leave Nike who was so pained and was boiling in anger raised a hand to slap him but Leja pushed her aside, she staggered from Leja’s push but hold onto a tree from falling, Leja walk pass her.
Nike searched around for something to stone Leja but she miss her first throw and Leja dodged the second stone from her, Nike fired another stone and it hit Leja on his shoulder Leja started calling Nike “omoobirin Iya laje” (daughter of a witch) while Nike kept on firing stones at him.
The prince left with some guard immediately to see Remi’s grandmother, the princess wanted to go with him but he asked the princess to stay behind and watch out in his absence.
After the princess told him that Remi was alive and she have a baby in the forest, she and the baby are both alright, well taken care by a stranger. It sound unbelievable to the prince so he decided to go and see the fortune teller which is Remi’s grandmother, she may also have answer for the troubled kingdom.
“Alafia, ni fun ile yin, lati odo Oba….(peace be unto this house hold, greetings from the king)
Dami who was in the kitchen, fanning coal to boil water for his grandma’s bath ran out as he hærd the royal greeting. His grandma was at the backyard planting crops in the ridge he dug up for her
Dami prostrated as he saw the prince in their compound. The prince asked him to get up and he did
“ ikini irelemi (my kind greetings) we are her to see your grandmother…is she around?
“Bee ni Omooba…let me go and call her
And just then grandma was coming out from the backyard, the prince greeted her in respect.
Dami rushed and brought seats for everyone to sit down after his grandma was well seated.

The story continues…

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