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The guards who were sent into the forest to search and bring back Remi and her son returned back empty handed in the evening with the news of they searched everywhere for Remi but did not find her or any sign of her.
The Prince was furious,he selected five stronger guards and send them into the forest, he told them not to return to the kingdom without Remi, he warned them seriously that they should not return back without her and his son.
The five guards gathered enough food and water and every necessary weapon and entered the forest again in a heavy search for Remi and son.
Remi was with Mikai that evening teaching her Yoruba dialect, before Sipah came out from his room to join them, Mikai left to make fire for the evening food. Remi continued with Sipah, Ademide, who has already started taking a step was playing with the toy Sipah made for him, Ore was beside him keeping an eye on him as he plays around.
Remi began to teach Sipah who avoided making eye contact with her, Remi wanted him to look at her but he was looking at somewhere else
“One is Okan, Two is eji, three is eta four is erin five arun, six is efa, seven is eje….are you listening Pah, is there a problem…you are not looking at me…it makes me doubt if you are really listening to me…
“I am listening, not looking at you doesn’t mean I’m not listening to you, you have my ears, please continue, is hard to remember all of this numbers, they seem to sound familiar, eta, erin, efa, eje eji…you can see that I’m actually listening, please, teach me another thing aside the numbers…maybe wild animals…
“Okay, I’m glad you are paying attention to me, just keep looking at me as you are doing right now so that I will know that you are listening…Animal means Eranko. Birds is eiye. Elephant is erin. Lion means kiniun. Tiger is ekun. Pig is elede. Monkey means obo. Come is wa. Go is malo. Family means ebi. Son is omokunrin. Daughter is omobinrin. Mother is iya and father is baba. Grandmother is iya-iya, husband is oko and wife is iyawo. Hunter means ede. House is ile, kitchen is ile idana. Bathroom is ile iwe. Toilet is ile igbonse. Backyard is ehinkuule. Key is kokoro. Fire is ina o, good morning is eka aro. Afternoon is ekasun and night is eka ale. Welcome is ekabo. King is Oba and a prince is Omooba. Queen is Olori. God is Oluwa and thank God is Oluwa ese n. thank you means ese or ose depending on the person. Oremi means my friend. Please is ejoo, love is ife. Give me is fumi. Stop is duro nbe. Ligh…..
“ejoo…duro nbe…I have learnt enough for today…let me think of the few I can still remember…is sound so interesting and I’m so eager to learn more…let me check up on Mikai and how the evening food is going…ese Remi…Ore mi…your humble student is grateful…
“hahahaha..your welcome Pah…I will be happy to teach you anytime… any day.
Pah wanted to stand up but Remi stopped him
“you seem to be avoiding me and only stays around me when Mikai is around…I noticed that…what exactly is my offence…did I do anything wrong…
“Not all…i have never pick a fault in you Remi, is not because you are perfect but I refuse to see any spot in you. I am not avoiding you…I have no reason to do that…
“you are, Pah. you keep far distance from me…you recline more to your room, you stay far in the forest cutting wood or doing one thing or the other, during your free time you carry Ade and play with him, whenever you are talking with me and Mikai you try to avoid looking at me…why is that..i can’t help but voice out…
Sipah was quiet and Remi gently took is strong palm and watch him look up at her and then pull away his hand from Remi’s touch.
“You are a good man… Pah, I don’t need to talk or say much on that because deep down you know that yourself, we have being through a lot in the hands of people who tried to break us but never knew that we got a strong shell, we can’t be easily broken, people who can not turn one hair white or black took it upon their selves to take a life they never create…but we all here are survivals, you told me that God have plan and reason for everything and everyone, nothing ever takes him unaware, he knows the number of our hairs and every soul on this earth. You said God is love and want us to love one another and I believe you, everything you said I took it to heart…you preach more with your actions to me than with your words…so what then happen when it comes to expressing your feeling, the way you feel about me…because I feel it too and God must have brought us together for such a time as this…to love and care for each other and to be together as a lovely family…
“Remi…God is God, don’t add or remove from his word, the feeling is mutual but it doesn’t makes it right, I try to help you and also to help myself by not being too close to you so that we don’t fall into temptation…
“Nobody is tempting us, is not a temptation is the right thing to do, why can’t you see that, you want me don’t you, why do you hide your feeling, we are the only one living in this forest and is just right to be together and let out all our feeling without hiding it…Pah, do you love me…
Sipah tried to get up but Remi held him, begging him to remain seated, Mikai looked at them stylishly as she walked past with a plate in hand. Sipah swallowed hard and sat down again
“Is just a simple question…do you love me Pah…
“yes, with God kind of Love, I think God may have another plans for us, I was going ahead of myself as your thought fill my head everyday so I decided to pause and know what God think about all of this and after praying that night and woke up the next morning I have some heavy emotion of you crowding my mind lifted, my mind still wonder far when I’m close to you and it sends a negative message to my body but I try not to dwell on such, I don’t think God wants us to be together he probably has a better plan for you and I, trust me one more time…Remi, let God’s will be done over us, if eventually we are meant to be then I will be so glad to have you close to my heart but if not we will be running ahead of ourselves, if we decided to do things without God’s consent it will be disastrous…do you still trust me?
“hmmm…yeah…I do but nothing will make me change my mind…how will you know how long will that take Pah, every woman deserve a fine, hardworking, strong and God fearing man like you and I will be so bless if God approves of this… I will pray and beg God to make it happen quick…
“hahahaha…God doesn’t work with your time…he works according to his plans and purpose for us all… and every man deserve a good, kind, beautiful, funny, strong woman like you beside him…
“Please don’t make me blush, I’m trying not to do that most especially Mikai may see me doing that…do you have a dream of leaving this forest someday…or you like it here…
“I like it here…and I don’t want to leave to anywhere…this is my own world, a world of peace and tranquility. Outside here is chaos, revelry, anger, jealousy, backstabber, killing and so many evil, I don’t want such world I want a world of my own and I have everything that I will ever need…
“Mikai said she will like to leave here someday, she want to mix up with other human, interact with them, and visit places…
“every child has a dream that is her dream and if God wills it then it will come to past…but for now this is my home, our home…I have enough acres of land to farm, the forest is big enough to hunt and we have spring…I’m grateful for all of this…how about you…do you have a plan to leave…
“I want to be close to you…I don’t want to leave without you…if I ever leave this forest then you are coming with me…but for now this Is our home and I also likes it here…
Sipah sense something and quickly stood up, Remi was surprise the way he rushed up. he went inside and grabbed a machete, he called Remi to carry Ade, Sipah called Mikai to leave the kitchen area and go inside with Remi.
Remi asked him what is going on but he didn’t say anything as he moved towards his compound exit gate but pause as he got closer, Mikai stood with Remi who was carrying her son, and Ore was up the tree and was making strange noise which they understood that a stranger or something was close by. Remi hard the noise coming deep down from the forest and wonder what was happening
Sipah whistled loud and got a respond which was a scream of Remi’s name.
The men from the palace who have spent two days ransacking the bush for Remi, they have ran out off food and water and was almost giving up when they saw a human track they followed and continue to shouting Remi’s name.
As they got closer they discovered a big mold building in the heart of the forest, highly fenced with tall trees and big wood all around it and secured with all kinds of sharp spin which was like a weapon, the compound looks so big and wide, the guards where afraid wondering the kind of men that live inside there to have being able to do such a heavy job and it was located in a deadly place, an abode of the wild, whoever is living here must be greatly feared and he might has sense their presence.
They decided to stay far for there own good and kept shouting Remi’s name
When Remi hard her name she was shock, she began to think within herself
“is probably guards from the kingdom, they have come to take me and my son but i will not go with them, never, not after everything they did to me and took my loving mother away, what if I was dead too… maybe the truth was out as Iya has predicted and they want me home but there’s no place like home here..if i ever have to leave here is will be because of Iya and Dami…but i’m sure they will understand if i stay back with Sipah.
Remi went to Sipah who was trying to walk out to meet whoever it was.
“Pah, don’t go… stay here…they maybe evil spirit calling my name…or trap….
“hahahaha…you make me laugh…evil spirits are afraid to cross my lane…aside what your ordinary eye can see here…. the angels are also safeguarding us, don’t be afraid because no evil person can cross this lane…they are men, shouting your name and they sound like tired men…from your kingdom I guess…let’s invite them in, because if they get closer to the fence they may not see the traps I set for the animals and may fall into it… maybe you leaving this place is closer than we thought…
Sipah went out and called the men who were scared and raise their weapon up in surrender
“ ejooo…We came in peace not for war…we journeyed from a far away kingdom and has spent two days already in the forest, this is a very deadly place to stay and we were almost giving up when we discovered the track…we are searching for a maiden, a young woman with a son…her name is Remi, the prince of our kingdom sent us to tear down the forest in search of her and we should not return without her…ejoo sanu fun wa (have mercy on us)
“hahaha… sirnu fun what? I just started my Yoruba class…I have not gotten to that stage yet…please you are welcome to my world…follow me in…don’t be afraid, you all needs something to eat and drink, you will finish a whole zebra for your strength to be restored…please come….
Sipah smile and nodded at them making them to feel safe and at peace, some of them laugh at Sipah’s last word, despite he was right about them needing something to eat and drink, but they were afraid.
The strange man has an obvious scar on his forehead, and with the way he looks, with a heavy body built, he can beat them all up if they decided to gang up against him. They silently prayed that the man should truly be a godsend to them or they will all be doomed.
They were so famished, tired and tasty, all the food and water they left with is all gone, no sign of water in the forest.
It was a good invitation and they silently thanked the gods.
They followed the tall, strong looking man into his big compound.

To be continued…

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