Diamond in the Forest


Diamond in the Forest 
© Amah
Leja was staring at Remi as she dance with other maiden, she wore the Ankara that Leja bought for her.
Leja was so happy as he watch Remi, dancing and laughing with other maiden, he remembered that he has pleaded with her not to reject the gift when she said she doesn’t want any gift from him, he had begged her continuously until she finally collected it
And today being the fourth day of the party she did not wear the normal aso ebi that most maiden wore, she decided to wear the fine Ankara that Leja gave her,
Leja was admiring her as she dance and serve drinks and food to visitors, she look so happy and cheerful, the men smile as she serve them the women look on at her in admiration while some in envy
She filled the wh0le place with her presence just like a goddess, Leja looked on from where he stood, he felt so proud and wish Remi was fully his, he knows the gods are already favoring him, and just a little time Remi will be his.
Leja smile quickly turn into a frown as he saw the Prince who was already drunk beckoning on Remi to come
She walked up to him and he whispered something to her ear, she blushed before walking away, the Prince was looking at her with desires in his eyes as Remi went back to serving the guest.
Leja swallowed hærd wondering what the Prince told her that made her to blush, he started moving towards Remi
Nike who has being dancing and shaking all her body close to where the Prince was, just for him to notice her felt bad that the Prince did not even bother to look at her side, she got tired and went to Remi asking her if she can serve the guest too, Remi told her that her turn to serve will be tomorrow, the fifth day.
Nike saw Leja moving toward Remi who was serving some group of young men and they were all admiring her
Nike wish she was Remi, so that she can get all the attentions that Remi was getting
Nike stopped Leja from mid way, with a big grin
“se iwo ma aba mi jo Leja? (Would you like to dance with me?)
“I don’t know how to dance..
“se mo le so pelu re (can I practice with you)
“Nibo…Nisisiyi…where…right here?
Beeni…nisisiyi (yes, now)
Haa…wahala wa…the Prince is just right over there…he will see that I’m not in my duty post and may tell the Oba…

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“The Prince is not like that, and merely looking at him he look drunk, ko le e ri wa (he can not see us) or if you want we can move out of here so that people will not see us…
Leja saw that he couldn’t escape from Nike and decided to follow her, he planned to spend little time with her just to make her happy, he will then return to be with Remi
Remi saw that the Prince was drunk, he has whispered in her ears “ mo nifee re Remi (I love you Remi) she blushed but she knows that it must be a sign of being drunk, he doesn’t even know what he was saying.
She admire the Prince and love his humility, the way he looks at her as if she was the most special being in the palace, she was gradually falling for him because of his sweet nature, she has wish the prince wasn’t drunk and clearly declared that his love for her, it will be a sweet feeling, she knows almost all the maiden will be in love with him, it seem very normal to fall for such an important man, but to her it wasn’t like the general feeling, it was something that makes her have butterflies in her stomach anytime she sees him staring at her.
It was different from what she felt for Leja, anytime she sees Leja or any other man looking at her it feels normal, no butterflies or any sweet feeling like she do feel when she sees the Prince staring at her like a precious diamond.
She was watching him closely and has told every other palace worker not to pour more drink into his cup, Remi looked around for Leja but couldn’t find him, he wish Leja was close by so that he can esc-rt the Prince to his chamber.
The Princess was sitting with her mother and doesn’t need her now until maybe later in the night.
Remi saw that the Prince staggered as he stood, he sat back down immediately, and she wondered why he drank so much drink today unlike the other days, he has not being drinking much except today.
Ope came to her and whispered that the Prince was calling her, Remi went to him and he asked Remi to take him to his chamber and she did.
When the Prince got into his chamber, he started speaking to Remi as he staggered round his chamber
“I told you earlier that I love you, I whispered it into your ears and you didn’t take me serious because you thought I was drunk, am not drunk or maybe I am, the fact still remain that I love you…yes…is true…you got into me right from that first day at the festive dance…when I first set my eyes on you…I have always wanted to tell you this but I don’t know how you will take it…so today I decided to drink so much…yes…I drank enough to get high…so that I can find my boldness and voice to declare all my stored up feeling for you.…I wanted to tell you this when you came to clean my chamber the other day…that was more reason why I told my sister to send for you but I still couldn’t find my gut…but today I have a full gut to tell you that I love you Remi…and I will tell the Oba that I want to marry…marry you…you will be my queen…come…come closer to me…are you afraid of me…don’t be afraid of me because my love for you is real…it can cast fear out of you…aaah…look at you…ni fe mi…emi ni ore re (my love, I am your friend)your real friend, don’t see me as a prince, son of Oba of this great kingdom, see me as your friend, if I have a son with you I will call him Ademi, my crown…because he came from a beautiful maiden who is after my heart. oruko mi ni Aremo, yes that is my name because am a heir to this great Oba’s throne, and I need a queen like you to compliment my kingsh¡p when the time comes…with you by my side I will rule with honor…you said you love your grandmother because she was also a good dancer when she was young…right Arewa…(beauty)
“Remi…my name is Remi, you are drunk my prince you need to lie down, I will tell them to bring cold water for you…stop talking…the drink
is taking too much effect on you…you don’t even know what you are saying again…
“shhh…I know what am saying…I still need more drink, I was talking about your grandmother…one day you will take me to her…I will like to meet her and I will also love to meet your father and your mother…
“Babami oti ku (my father is late) you know that already, is time to relax your head…please stop talking..
“oopen that cabinet and give me one bottle of drink there…I want to get real drunk because of you nifee mi (my love)…don’t say no to your Prince…do it, bring the drink to me here… am in my chamber…not outside there, the party is still going on…but I can’t even carry my own legs…is so heavy, I wonder the kind of heavy bata (sandals) that is heaving my legs like this…everywhere is blurred in this chamber… I will just stay here…I don’t want people to start saying “the prince got drunk yesterday and fell down…all those normal gossip…don’t really care…Oba will be angry if such happen…that was why I specifically ask you to take me to my chamber and you did…thank you…what was I saying before…what did you say now…about your father…ooh I have forgotten…please come…stay with meeee…uurrggghhhh….
He started throwing up, the bottle of drink that Remi gave him as he ordered her fell off from his hand and the drink spilled everywhere, he was vomiting, Remi stood and held her mouth not knowing what to do, she went out and brought cold water to wash his face and sprinkle some on him.
He removed his w-t agbada and was only in his trouser and singlet, he was still talking but Remi wasn’t paying attention to him as she cleaned up the wh0le place
He gently pulled Remi to himself, Remi thought that it was because he was drunk that is more reason why he was misbehaving around her, the prince held her in his arm and not wanting to let go of her, Remi loosen from his grip.
He smell of alcohol but he his body felt so warm, the prince pulled at her again as she tried to walk away and she fell into his laps,
“duro nbe” (stop) she silently cried, but he wasn’t listening to Remi’s quiet plead as he car-ssed her body and continuesly saying, “ aro re so mi…mo nifee re” (I miss you… I love you) Remi wanted to leave but it was as if something kept her there as the Prince touched every part of her body, she struggled a little before relaxing back, the Prince put his hand under her cloth and pulled out her br-ast cloth, he mo-n and gently lay her on the bed and muttered “mo nifee re” again to her before digging into her.
it was until the deed was done Remi realized she was in trouble, blood stained her cloth and the bed too. she was a V-rgin and the Prince just broke her up, he did not force her, she can’t even explain why she couldn’t run out, push him away or fight h-rder as she would have done to any man, she just lay there and watch him do it without stopping him, and when he was done, he slept off without wasting time, and began to snore loudly.
Remi stood up and saw all the mess, she started cleaning everywhere, she clean and adjusted her cloth, she wrapped up the blood stained cloth so well into a bundle so that it won’t be noticed.
She was almost done when she had a knock on the door, she felt pain in between her leg as she walk to the door after making sure everything was in place.
She opened the door and it was Leja, he looked at her suspiciously before saying
“I did not know that you are in here…I was looking around for you at the party ground but couldn’t find you…what of the Prince…
“He is asleep…he…had too much to drink and when I helped him up here… he vomited everywhere so…so I have to clean up the place…
Leja looked at Remi, she was shaking, he tried to touch her but she moved away from him…
“are you alright…you are shaking…I guess is from working too hærd, you need rest Remi before you break down, you could have called me to come and take the Prince to his room…you look so pale. Are you sure you are okay…
“Yea, am fine Leja, I will just leave now…since am through with…with the Prince…I mean cleaning his room…I will take some of this and wash tomorrow…they are dirty…
Leja tried to collect the cloth that Remi wrapped up in her arm but she refused
“Your work is with the Princess not with the Prince…give me those stuff I will tidy it up myself…
“Don’t worry Leja…i…I will do it…I have to go…
Leja watch as Remi walked out, she wasn’t walking properly, no matter how she try to pretend something wasn’t right, she walk as if she had a broken leg, she was still on the Ankara cloth he bought for her
“Are you sure that you are okay…did you hit your leg somewhere…can I see it…
“Am fine…I just stumbled my feet on a chair…I will use ori on it…
“Okay…if you say so, by the way the Ankara look good on you…do you like it…
“Yes Leja…thank you…
Leja said something else to make Remi jealous but she was more concern about her present trouble than anything Leja was saying
“I was with your sister, Nike, she was teaching me how to dance and after which we had a good time together…she is so funny and lively too…
“Okay…that’s good, I’m glad you had fun with her…
“I prefer to be with you over anybody…you are more lively and fun to be with than….
Leja was saying something else but Remi ignored him as she gently walk away.
She had wish the Prince will not remember any of the things that happened, because she feels so terrible and covered in her own shame as she walked away.
she needs to speak to somebody about the incident with the prince. somebody who is trustworthy.
and Nike has proven to be real to her, and she has being acting so close and nice, like a sister would.
maybe talking to Nike won’t be a bad idea.
To be continued… 
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