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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 17

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#season_2 episode 17


By: Kebby NG Media Service


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Tia finally slept after so many attempts, Sharon had this sad look on her face as she stared at her.

They already s£nt for doctor Ann, but she said she is out of town so they had to wait until the following morning.

Sharon refused to let Tia sleep in her cot, she said the baby will feel better when she feels safe, but she won’t feel safe if she sleeps alone so she took her to their room.

Jasper sat at the other end while Sharon sat at the other end too leaving Tia in the middle.

“Get some sleep” Jasper said and Sharon shook her head side ways as a way of saying no.

“If you don’t sleep you will get sick too and we will have to postpone the wedding, I don’t want that” he said

” I’m fine, my only concern right now is Tia” she said, patting her hair. ” She is strong just like you so don’t worry too much about her, she will be crying so loud enough to bring the house down, soon”. He assured

” I don’t want her to cry, I want her to smile” Sharon said, ” she will do everything you want her to, just be patient” he said

She sighed and stared at the baby with guilt in her eyes. “You feel guilty, don’t you?” He asked

Her eyes suddenly become full of tears, her throat became dried and she felt like the only thing that can calm her down is letting it all out.

“Sharon?!” He called more like asking are you there? Instead of replying him she bursted into tears.

“Hey, don’t cry” he said feeling bad as he moved closer to her, he was careful not to wake Tia up.

He pulled her into a hug as soon as he was close enough as she w€t his shoulder with tears.

“I’m sorry I just can’t help it, you are right, it’s my fault, I had only one job and that was to take care of the baby but I couldn’t do it properly, what type of a mother am I?” Her question was rhetorical but Jasper still answered

“A great mother, a loving mother, a sweet mother, a mother whose love is unconditional” he said as she dis£ngaged from the hug.

She hit his shoulder playfully as he stared at her wondering what he did wrong. He was just trying to calm her down and prevent her from crying too much, she might fall sick too and he will have to look after two sick people.

“I didn’t ask you to recite poem for me” she scolded.

” I was not reciting poem, I am just telling you the truth, you really are a great mother not just to Tia but to Jimmy too and don’t ever think, Tia’s sickness is your fault because it’s not” he said cupping her cheeks in his hand

” I don’t like those cheesy lines of yours” she said moving her face away from his hand.

” You are impossible” he said and she chuckle returning her attention to Tia.

She peck her forehead and she react by smiling. “She just smiled” Sharon utter happily as she pointed at her face.

” See, I told you she’s going to be fine” he said and she nodded.


The next morning Sharon stared at the baby closely and was even tempted to out her hand below her nose to see if she is breathing, and thankfully she is.

Don’t blame her, Tia was breathing so heavily the previous night and right now she is sleeping so calm and her temperature went down.

“Thank goodness you are better now, did you know how worried I was that something bad could have happened and that doctor not coming made everything worse” she said staring at the baby’s face.

She peck her forehead before saying, “Thank you for getting better”


” Mom” Sheila call as she noticed her mother’s movements, she was trying to sit up.

“Are you awake?” She ask because her eyes was still closed

“She….. Sheila?” She sturter opening her eyes gently

“Yes Mom it’s me”

Mrs Winston has not shown any sign of a living person ever since they returned yesterday. She has kept her eyes shut and literally all her cells.

“Water” she said but it came out as a whisper, Sheila rushed to get her a glass of water.

She drank everything before muttering a “thank you”

“How are you feeling mom? Are you feeling pain anywhere? Tell me if you are uncomfortable” she demanded

” I am fine sweetie and you? How is the baby?” She ask

“You should not worry about the baby right now but about yourself, look at you…. you look ski-ny and unhealthy” she said in a teary voice.

” I will be fine” she assured. “I will go and get you something to eat” she said getting up from the b£d, she took few steps before turning to face her

“What will you like to eat?” She ask. “I’m not hungry yet, how’s your dad?” She asked.

” He’s better, he and Ben are trying to get back the company” she said sitting at the edge of the b£d.

” What do you mean by get back the company?” She ask with a puzzled look.

” Seems like Ben had been facing problems in the company, someone came and bought it from him, that’s all I know” she explained

” Someone? Someone who?” Mrs Winston ask

“I don’t know that much but judging from Ben’s behavior he knows the person” she replied

” What was your dad’s reaction?”Mrs Winston inquired

” Dad was mad but he didn’t make it that obvious or should I say he didn’t have the energy to show it” she said that last part sarcastically.

” He must be broken, he went through a lot to own that company” Mrs Winston utter, sadly.

” Don’t worry they all get it back” she assured. ” Why do I feel like we are being punished for everything we did?” She wondered within herself.

” Don’t think about that mom, they are handling it and mom did you see Sharon?” She ask and Mrs Winston frowned.

Why is she suddenly asking about Sharon? Isn’t she suppose to be concerned about her family, why bring that wench into the matter.

“Why are you acting about that cursed child?” Mrs Winston inquired.

” I don’t think she’s cursed anymore since she’s is getting married to the *nation’s husband* Jasper Madon” she air quoted the nation’s husband.

” She will bring ruin to that man” Mrs Winston said as she shook her head in pity.

An idea suddenly pop to Sheila’s head and a smirk displayed on her face.

“Then I should ruin her before she ruin Jasper” she mumble to herself.


Ben walked into Kings company with a stern look on his face. Some of the workers who recognized him as Benedict Winston greeted him with a bow but he ignored them and walked straight to Aiden’s office.

On the other hand a lady walked towards Janiece table and request for some files which were in Aiden’s office.

“Janiece” the lady call and she raised her head to stare at her as she said the word “yes”.

“Can I get the last report the finance department submitted, please” she requested

” Sure but you have to return it as soon as you are done with it, boss has been busy I don’t think he has gone through it” she said

” I will” the lady smile and with that Janiece went into Aiden’s office.

“Good morning miss” Ben greeted and the lady turned around to greet him. “Morning sir, how can we be of help?”

“I am here to see the CEO, Aiden Kings” he said

“Do you have an appointment with him?” She ask

Yeah this is one of the reasons he hate meeting secretaries, they are more like an interviewer. It’s like they are getting revenge on the visitors y asking them multiple questions just like they were asked before they got the job.

But that is just his thoughts, they are doing their jobs, nothing personal.

“No but if you tell him Benedict Winston is here I am sure he will s£nd for me immediately” he said with so much confidence

” I am sorry Mr Winston but he is not in his office” she said.

Janiece hears the arguments outside and wanted to open the door to check what was going wrong when she remembered she left Aiden’s drawer opened.

She walked back to close it and while doing that the doc-ments on the table fell.

“Why now?” She gro-ned before dropping the initial doc-ments she went there to get.

Been heard the noise in the office and strech his neck to see if this secretary is lying or it’s just his ear that is deceiving him.

The lady noticed his movement and chuckle, “I see you don’t believe me sir, do you wish to go inside and take a proper look”.

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