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Jasper smirked as he watched them search for the car through the CCTV. He has sent a message to someone earlier to have the car towed.

Ben will have to pay some amount of money before he can have his car back. Judging from the situation of their family, paying that money will be almost impossible.

Ben ran his hand through his hair in frustration as he sat on the bare floor.

“What are you doing?” Sheila asked, “isn’t it obvious? I am tired i don’t know what to do anymore” he replied

” If you parked the car here, who could have tampered with it? Where did they take it? Why will they choose to steal your car out of all the cars here? Your car is the least expensive” Sheila said

” I know which is exactly why i am worried, dad is going to kill me when he finds out” he sighed burying his face in his palm.

” Ben” she called as her eyes caught something, “what is it? Can’t you see that i am trying to think?” He gro-ned raising his head from his palms.

” Come and take a look at this, it will tell you where your car is” she said and he stared at her as his gaze narrowed.

“What nonsense are you spewing? Did the thief leave an address to come get it?” He asked

” Your car was not stolen” she blunted, “did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? What are you talking about? I parked my car here before going inside and now it’s gone what other definition do you have if not stolen?” He asked, rhetorically.

” Your car was towed” she blunted. He stared at her for a while as if she is making sense but after seconds he started laughing.

“Hey get your brain checked” he says pointing fingers at her. She hummed in frustration and took the notice to him.

“Now tell me, who should visit the hospital?” She mocked as his eyes widened with his jaw dropped.

” I don’t understand…. Why will they tow my car i have done nothing wrong” he said as everything got more confused and annoying.

” I don’t understand either but you should go there first” she suggested, ” how do you expect me to get there? I don’t have any money” he informed her

” You don’t have any money?” She asked and he nodded, ” what are we going to do i only have my transport fare back home” she said

” This is all your fault” Ben pointed at her with her reddened eyes. “Excuse me, how is it my fault that your car got towed. It’s not like i asked you to be guilty” she said

” Guilty? Seriously Sheila?! I came here for you and now i am in trouble all you can do is blame me? ” He scoffed, unbelievably

” Mr? I never asked you to come here, I never said I needed help” she said, “come on, you are Sheila. You always need help, you can barely do anything yourself…. Wait, there is something you can do on your own” he paused as she frowned,

“Causing trouble, dragging others into the mess you made, you can do that all alone and you are perfect at it, good job Sheila, good job” he clapped his hands for her sarcastically.

” Don’t blame me for this, I didn’t ask you to come over, I only told you where I am because I don’t want you guys to worry unnecessarily” she snapped.

” Worried?” He scoffed, “you should not have left the house in the first place” he concluded.

” I am not doing this for my selfish interest okay!” She snapped, ” humor me Sheila, tell me you did something for others for once, you have never done that and you won’t. Because you are nothing but a selfish creature” he spat.

” I am done arguing with you, find a way to bring the car home or else you will get it from dad, quick reminder… He is still mad that we are poor because of you so losing a car is not the next gift he would be expecting” she said

” How is it because of me?” He wondered “if it wasn’t for your stupid mistakes no one will dare to buy our company” she replied.

” And if isn’t for your annoying behavior I won’t be here and this would not have happened” he said. ” FYI I never asked you to come here, just admit it already…. You are here because you think you have a chance to grovel at Jasper’s feet” she stated

” What?!” He exclaimed as he find his sister unbelievable, ” yes, you have been dreaming of a way to use Jasper and Sharon, so when I mentioned that I was here, you saw it as a golden opportunity and jumped at it” she replied

” You are unbelievable” he gro-ned, “I think you are the unbelievable one here, guess what Jasper and Sharon are going to break up and that b*tch will have no choice but to beg us to take her back, then we will have our revenge on her” she said with a smirk. She believes Jasper will break up with her after everything she said.

“Use your brain dummy, you think the almighty Jasper Madon will be convinced by your lies?” He scoff, “I see your brain is hardly functioning” he added.

“Let’s wait and see” she snapped


Sharon waited for few minutes before leaving the baby’s room, she was closing the door when she bump into Jimmy.

He has been avoiding her since earlier, during dinner he rushed his food and returned to his room.

“Why are you awake?” Sharon ask with concern

” I came to get a bottle of water” he answered rasing the bottle to her face and she nodded before saying, “Jimmy about earlier when you called me”

“Mom” Jimmy finished the sentence for her but she thought he was calling her that again so she answered, “yes”.

“I was not calling you, I just said what I thought you wanted to say” he said

” Okay, why did you do that?” She asked. She has not been able to get it out of her head, she loves Jimmy like her own but she never imagined that spoilt brat calling her mommy.

So when he did it earlier, it kind of caught get off guard and she knew it was all an act to torture Ann but part of her wants to believe that he did it because he thinks of her as a mom.

“Was it not obvious? I did it because of doctor Ann and it worked did you see the look on her face, oh mine, it was priceless” he held his stomach as he laugh.

” She looked like she was just informed of her relative death, how I wish I can see that look on her face again, so aunt don’t take it personal I was just playing with doctor Ann” he said

” Who said I am taking it personal?” She scoff and rough his hair before walking to her and Jasper’s room.

“Mommy” Jimmy whisper to himself as he touched his roughen hair with a smile.

“You look tired” Jasper said, worriedly as soon as Sharon walked into the room. “Yeah Tia didn’t sleep that much today, she must have been exhausted from sleeping for a long time” she said as she went to change her dress to a night gown.

“How is she? Did Ann drop by?” He ask, “yes, she did and left pretty early I think it’s because you weren’t around” Sharon concluded

” What does it have to do with me?” He asked. ‘This man is so slow witted can’t he still get the hints? Even Tia knows what that witch is up to’ she thought

“Nothing, I just think she is not comfortable with me” she said because telling him the truth will only lead to an argument and she needs to sleep.

“Is that so” he pouted as she get into bed. “Your cousin payed me a visit” he added and Sharon thought for a while, she doesn’t have a cousin only sister and brother.

Silly her, they are not her real parents, why does that skip her mind.

“Which of them?” She ask still not standing up, at first Jasper thought she was less concerned and saw it as an improvement.

Letting go of the past is a good thing but he will still teach them a lesson. “It was the girl, what was her name again….?” He tried to remember but didn’t have to suffer much since Sharon helped him out, “Sheila”.

“Yeah that’s her name” he snapped his fingers in agreement. ” Why was she there?” She ask

“She wanted me to break up with you” he answered and she sat up immediately.

” That witch! What more does she want?” She asked rhetorically and Jasper chuckle.

‘So you don’t want to lose me wifey’ he thought.

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