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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 25

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#season_2 episode 25


By: Kebby NG Media Service


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Alex stood beside the window of his room lost in thought. Thought of nothing but Alice and his mom, he has lived to two decades but only those two women left a h-uge scar on his heart.

He loved them both unconditionally and he still loves them, he emptied the cup of wine in his hand. Non alcoholic, he stopped drinking alcohol about six years ago.

He made a druken mistake that he doesn’t like to talk about. What’s taking Jasper so long to reply him.

It has been days now. He is anxious and excited at the same time, he is anxious of how Alice will treat him when they meet again.

Will she still want to be friends with him? Will she finally love him and choose him over Ben? Because this heart of his still beats for her.

He is excited that he will be seeing the one and only woman that makes his heart flutter, that has the power to make him happy and at the same time sad.

He swipe his phone to unlock it and checked if there was any messages from Jasper but there was none.

He sigh sadly. If mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain.

He will go and visit Jasper in person tomorrow that way, he will remember his request or he is still working on it.

It doesn’t matter, he is going to Jasper’s place.


The Madon’s are currently having dinner, Jimmy is still trying his best to get a k-ss from Sharon.

He didn’t tell Jasper what was wrong with him, because he knows he will freak out and stop him from getting his k-ss.

“Aunt are you excited about tomorrow?” Jimmy asked, of course she is.

” I don’t know if she is but I am” Jasper replied before Sharon could say a word. “Why are you excited Daddy?” Jimmy inquired.

“Shouldn’t I be? Aren’t you happy for me?” Jasper asked. If he wasn’t trying to get something from Sharon he would have said. ‘i prefer you not marrying her. Why do you need to marry her anyway? What’s the use? ‘

But he dares not, he who wants to catch a monkey got to behave like one. He isn’t calling Sharon a monkey he is just using a normal proverb.

“Of course I am, I can’t wait to have another mommy” he said and Sharon choke on her food.

Even though this spoilt brat denies it, she knows he likes her and want to have her as a mother.

“Did you just blush?” Jasper ask. He wanted to get on her nerves it’s been a while since she has that scary look.

“I didn’t” she snapped with a glare. Jasper noticed and queried her, “why are you glaring at me? I haven’t done anything wrong”

Lena and Jimmy thought they were going to have another argument again and their dinner would be ruined.

But Sharon’s reply proved them wrong, even me. “I’m not. I often hear that I have blazing eyes. You must have mistook it for a glare”.

She smiled afterwards but only Jasper can tell that her smile has a different and scary meaning.

The dining table was silent again until Tia loud voice was heard. “I will go and attend to her. Her diaper must be uncomfortable” Lena tried to stand up but Sharon stopped her.

“Let me. I didn’t get to br-astfeed her before she slept. She must be hungry, ” she said and Lena nodded.

” Excuse me too” Jimmy said before rushing after Sharon. “Is he on meds?” Jasper ask with his gaze on Jimmy.

“Who? Sister in-law?” Lena ask, “Jimmy” he answered.

” He has been acting differently since he came back from school, he almost told me what was up with him but he suddenly decide to keep it to himself” he explained

She shrugged and said. “I don’t know. He must be excited that Sharon is going to be his mom”

” Yes, Sharon” he snapped his f-ngers as if he got an answer to a long puzzle.

” What about her?” Lena asked with a raised brow. He wheeled closer to Lena and asked. “Haven’t you noticed?”

“What?!” Lena squ-eesed her face.” He has been following Sharon and agreeing to everything she said, it’s like he just found a new best friend” he replied.

” A mother is suppose to be a child’s best friend so I think that’s the stage they are going through” she explained, swiftly.

” Seriously Lena!? The Jimmy I know won’t change overnight. He is up to something, don’t you find it strange? Tomorrow is our wedding and Jimmy suddenly grow fond of Sharon, I hope that boy isn’t planning anything…. because if he is, I won’t hesitate to hit him” his gaze narrowed, his veins becoming visible. The aura around him says nothing but danger and jealousy.

You really don’t know how powerful the word jealous is until you experience it, just take a look at Jasper. The nation’s husband.

He is sixty percent right about Jimmy being up to something but he is just jealous that his son is closer to his soon to be bride.

“Brother water” Lena handed him a cup of water and he emptied the cup immediately.

“You should drink more water to calm your nerves, I’m off to my room” She said before leaving.

” You don’t believe me. I know my son, Jimmy isn’t nice” he said before wheeling in the direction of Tia’s room.

The thought of Jimmy going there to stare lvstfully at Sharon’s br-ast crossed his mind and he wheeled faster.

He heard their voices as he got closer so he stopped at the door.

“She is asleep now” Sharon said patting Tia’s back as she pout her mouth making her look more cute.

“She is so lazy” Jimmy commented and Jasper almost laugh bl-wing his cover but he controlled himself.

“Why do you say that?” Sharon ask. Jimmy started stating points to support his words. “She doesn’t work, she doesn’t go to school, all she does is sleep, eat and make everyone worried unnecessary because of her loud voice that is enough to bring Mount Everest down” as soon as he said that Sharon could not help but laugh at him.

“It’s not funny, I am stating facts.” He said making that cute, innocent and non devil face.

You must be wondering what do I mean by none devil face? Jimmy has a specialized face he makes whenever he is up to no good.

“Yes I agree with you but you were once like this too everyone was once like this” she said

” I was never like Tia. I am not lazy, I am strong” he said.

” This is a stage everyone needs to go through to become stronger. We need to break down before we can be put together. You were once like Tia, I was once like her even your dad was once as lazy as Tia” she explained and Jimmy’s eyes widened in surprise.

” Dad was lazy?” He asked and she nodded.

They do look like mother and son after all. He was just being paranoid. Jasper was about to leave when he heard Jimmy’s request.

“Can you give me good night k-ss?” He requested. Sharon was surprised at first but she decided to give him since he is asking. “Sure”.

She bent to k-ss him when the door suddenly opened and Jasper wheeled in.



They both call at the same time as they were caught off guard.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t up suppose to be having dinner?” Jimmy asked and that question sounded familiar.

That was the literally the same thing he asked him when he was making out with Sharon few nights ago and he barged in.

“Go to b£d” he commanded. “I was about to when you barged in” he said rudely and Jasper wanted to hit him but he ran to hid behind Sharon.

“Come back here you little brat!” He demanded but Jimmy ran around the cot pushing Sharon to him.

She fell on his lap and their l-ips brushed against each other. Jimmy was busy trying to hide that he didn’t notice it.

Jasper and Sharon stared at each other’s eyes at the world revolved around them. They both felt something like a spark go through their body.

Their hearts beating against their chest. “Hello!!! Come back to reality!!” Jimmy snapped his f-ngers in the air trying not to wake lazy Tia, that’s the name Jimmy gave her not me.

Sharon quickly stood up and adjust her shirt while Jasper stylishly lick his l-ip.

“Mommy my good night k-ss” Jimmy remind her. What on Earth?! Is it Jasper’s ear or Jimmy’s voice. He just called Sharon Mummy.

“Come here baby” she said and Jimmy moved closer to her to get what he has been waiting for the wh0le day.

She pecked his cheeks and he smiled before rushing to his room.

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