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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 37

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#season_2 episode 37


By: Kebby NG Media Services


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“where is she?” Sharon panicked as she rushed into the house. “Where is Tia?”

“She’s asleep” she replied. “Asleep I thought you said she was crying?” Sharon asked confused.

“I had to lie to you” she blunted. “Lie? Why will you lie to us?” Jimmy inquired.

“It was someone else that wanted to talk to you” she said pointing in the direction of her and Jasper’s room.

“Someone else?” Jimmy asked, confused. “Jimmy can you help me with something?” Lena asked.

“With what? I’m tired!” He complained as he stompped his leg on the floor.

” Just come” She snapped pulling him by the hand. He followed her reluctantly.

Sharon took a deep breath as she walked towards their room. She took slow steps as she opened the door to walk in.

He was sitting on the b£d with the wheelchair few feets away from him. It’s obvious he walked to the b£d.

“What if someone walked in? Are you ready to share your secret with the world?” Sharon ask as she fold her arms below her bre-st.

“No one will come in” he replied. “What if they did?” She asked, “you can’t be too sure” she added.

” Here” he said as he grabb£d the tablet beside him and press few few things. The wheelchair moved towards him without anyone touching it.

“I see you’ve got plan B” she said walking towards the window with her hand still folded on her chest.

“He turned to face her resulting in him folding one of his leg on the b£d. “Sharon I’m sorry” he apologized.

“For what?” She ask not turning to look at him, “everything, I was a jerk” he replied.

“I am not mad at you” she blunted, “you are not? How is that possible? You left the house because you were angry, right? “He ask

” No, Jimmy took me on a date which I took care of the expenses” she chuckle. “He’s becoming sweet” Jasper commented.

” Yeah, so I wasn’t mad at you. I was at first but not anymore” she said. “I am sorry for keeping secrets and making you feel like you know nothing about me” he apologized, sincerely.

” I don’t feel like I know nothing about you, the truth is I know nothing about you and it drives me insane because you know everything about me” She said.

” I just don’t know where to begin” he said, ” start somewhere, anywhere as long as you leave no stone unturned” she said turning to face him.

” Come and sit wifey” he tap the space beside him, “you always find a way to joke around” she mutter as she walked towards him, she sat beside him and he took his hand into his.

He told her about his parents, their death and his uncles and aunt trying to take the company from him. They wanted to take everything that belongs to him and Lena.

They finally won and Jasper became the CEO of their company. Ever since then they lost contact with them.

They stopped caring about them and everyone lived their lives separately and peacefully. They thought it was over but it isn’t over until it is really ever.

Everything started again when he got married to Amber who had a gentle and innocent soul.

They were happily married with two kids until the day they got into that car accident. The same accident that made him pretend to be cripple and killed his wife.

That instant, he knew they were after him again and won’t stop until they do to him and Lena what they did to their parents.

He needs to keep everything a secret, he can’t trust anyone that easily. Anyone and anything can be their spy.

“I understand but a problem shared is half solved. I won’t be able to help if I am clueless” she said after listening to his sob story.

“You are right. I was able to get some things before you returned” he said reaching for his tab again.

” Here” he showed her a picture of s couple that looked pretty young and happy.

“Who are they?” She asked as she dropped the tablet. “They don’t look familiar?” He asked.

“No…. They don’t” she answered shaking her head sideways. “Who are they?” She asked.

“Your parents” he answered, ” your biological parents” he added.

She took the tablet again as she stared h-rd at the picture. Looking at them closely they, Sharon looked like the younger version of the woman in the picture.

“My parents? Are you sure?” She asked with her gaze still on the picture.

“Yes, after you left I had no idea of what to do to make you happy, so I thought helping you solve the mystery behind your parents death will work” he replied.

” Why will you help me to solve my problem when you have yours? I mean you haven’t found your parents murderer have you?” She asked.

” No, but I am working on it, they will be found soon and when they are…. They will regret messing with me, I will make them wish they never thought of doing what they did” he said as his eyes turned red, the aura around him speaks of anger and pain.

“So let’s find your parents murderer first” he said.

” How do you know they were murdered?” She asked. “You didn’t read the article below their pictures?” He asked and she shook her head negativily.

” Here, it says the were in a fire accident, that your house got burnt and there was only one survivor which is a little girl, you.” He explained.

” Who would be heartless enough to do that?” She wondered.

” Your Foster parents” he replied. “We can’t just jump into conclusions yet” she said.

“They are the only ones with the motive” he said dropping the tablet. ” They are cruel I admit. But I don’t think they are heartless enough to kill, not just anyone but his own brother” she said

” People do whatever they can to get what they want, including killing of relatives” he stated.

” Do you want me to investigate?” He asked, ” Yes, I want to know my parents murderer too and get justice for them” she said.

” Alright I will get to it” he said as he typed something on his phone and s£nt it to someone.

“I’m sorry for keeping secrets from you” he apologized, “I’m sorry too for not being patient enough” she apologized.

” Isn’t this the part where we hug each other?” He asked and she hit him playfully.

” Couples are confusing” Jimmy said opening the door, “this moment you are at each other’s throats the next you are acting like a loving couple” he said as he walked deeper into the room.

” Jimmy, thanks for today” Sharon said and he chuckled. “You don’t have to thank me, i just did what any man would do”

” Any man? Are you a man?” Jasper asked. “I am” he replied and turn to Sharon ” by the way you didn’t tell me why you refused to stop getting mad at that man” he said.

” What man? Don’t tell me you are already cheating on me after one fight” he frowned as he spoke.

” I’m not like you. He’s talking about Aiden” she said and he furrowed his brows, ” Aiden? Who is Aiden?”

“My ex fiancee” she answered, “that bastard! Where did you see him? Did he hurt you?!” He rushed his questions as his anger increased.


“I’m sorry baby that your teacher had to bring you home” Janiece apologized as she walked into Alex’s room. He was playing a game on a phone.

“It wasn’t my teacher that brought me home and I am not mad at you because I know you were just busy” he said.

” Thank you for your understa…. Wait didn’t say it wasn’t your teacher that brought you home? If it wasn’t your teacher, who did?” She panicked.

” Don’t tell me you came home alone!” She panicked. ” Relax Mom, a friend of mine brought me home” he replied.

” Jimmy?” She asked since that is the only friend she knows. “Not him, this friend of mine is a bit older and he has a car” he explained.

” He is older? Have I met him?” She asked, “no, he is cool, I will introduce you guys one day” he said.


Ben sat in a dark side in the casino, he was waiting for Miss Zoey. He called her up and she asked him to meet him in the same casino they met.

“Have you been waiting for long?” She asked as she sat beside him dropping her purse on the table.

” Not that long” he replied, “wanna drink something?” She asked.

” No I think we should get to business first” he said

” Alright then let’s begin” she said and he nodded excited.

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