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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 38


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#season_2 episode 38


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After minutes of explaining about the company, the procedures and everything else, the woman brought out a doc-ment and gave it to Ben to sign.

“You will sign here and here” she said, he took the form and went through it, “once I sign this what will happen?” He asked.

“You will have to wait for five working days to get twice of your money, well, that is if you are in haste but if you are not. After two weeks you will get triple” she replied.

” A week? “He called more like a question and she nodded. “Can I give it a quick thought?” He requested. ” Take all the time in the world, but time and tide waits for no man” she said standing up.

” Where are you going?” He asked, “are you leaving?” He panicked. He thought once she leaves she won’t return and he will lose this golden opportunity.

“No,I have another client who is ready to sign the doc-ments, you see that guy over there?” She ask pointing at Alex. ” Alex?!” He asked.

” Yes, you know him? He is the guy you won his four million yesterday. Are you guys friends?” She asked.

” No, we are not friends” he replied, “he wants to invest too?” He asked

” Yes, ten million” she answered, Ben eyes widened and wonder how rich Aiden is.

“I will sign mine first” he blunted as he took the pen beside the doc-ments and signed.

“Thank you Mr Winston, we will send your money when you request for it” she assured and he nodded with a smile.

The woman went to Alex and after few minutes conversation, she gave him a doc-ment and he signed. They shook hands and the Miss Zoey left.

Ben walked to Alex and sat beside him, “I see you invest your money” he said.

“Are you stalking me?” Alex asked, “No why will I do such an annoying thing?” He asked rhetorically.

“You are capable of anything” Alex said there was a brief silence between them. No one said a word, they both mind their business.

“Alice” Ben started, “where did you see her?” He asked.

“Why are you curious? You don’t love her, so why do you care about where I saw her?” That was his reply.

” Just tell me, or aren’t you over her yet?” Ben asked.” What if I’m not?” Alex asked, “what if I still have feelings for her? What are you going to do about it? You guys are over so I doubt you doing anything”

” Just because you are rich now you think she will like you? One thing you are forgetting is that I am the love of her life” he said

” How sure are you? You think she still loves you after you abaddoned her?” He asked.

Do you think she remember your existence? Stop dreaming Ben, you are her past while I am her future” he added

” You are so full of yourself!” He spat, “really? Don’t you think I should be? I am richer, smarter and way handsome than you.

Tell me Ben who would you choose between a successful business man and a man whose family is going bankrupt?” He asked with a smirk which didn’t last long.

Because Ben punch him, “you bastard! How dare you?! It’s all your fault! I am going to kill you!” He yell as he countined to punch Alex who kept on smiling.

The waiter and other hefty men rushed to separate them. Ben was burning in anger while Alex just smiled before wiping the tip of blood beside his lip.

“This is one, just one out of many reasons why she will never accept you in her life again! “Alex spat before walking out of the casino.

It is all Sharon’s fault, she is to blame for every misfortune that happened in their family. If not for Sharon, Alice won’t have to disappear, she won’t have to leave so suddenly.

It was her that drugged Alice and she ended up sleeping with an unknown man. He hated Sharon and punished her for the evil act.

Alice left the city few months after. She broke up with him and he was unable to reach or find her no matter how hard he tried.

He is going to hold onto her the moment he find her, he won’t let Alex or Sharon or anyone else take her away from him.


Alice/ Janiece was trying to prepare breakfast for her son, Asher but she was lost in thought. She hasn’t thought about it properly but since the previous night, she hasn’t been able to get her mind off it.

Her meeting with Alex, him looking all rich, talking to Jasper Madon. Everything is so sudden and she is confused if she should be happy or sad about their meeting.

Yes she was worried about him when he went missing and was always praying for him to be safe wherever he is.

She missed him so much but everything changed when she slept with Asher’s father. Her life, her happiness, everything about her, her wh0le world turned upside down.

She struggled to feed herself, her baby, to go to school. Because without education in this country there is no assurance of job.

The criticism people gave her. The hardship and everything made her lost all possible hope.

But whenever she gets home after a long and tiring day to see her innocent son, she is happy and wants to live life to the fullest.

But now seeing Alex, she has this feeling that history will repeat itself. It is just Alex for the meantime what if she runs into Ben.

She wouldn’t know what to do then. But no matter what she needs to be careful, she is a mother now not the teenage high school girl.

For her son and herself she will stay out of their trouble.

“Homemade or junk?” Asher asked shaking her out of her thought. “What?!” She asked with a confused look.

The last thing she remembered was trying to make some tea but staring at the cup in front of her it is empty.

“I noticed how tired you look so I asked, homemade food or junk, I don’t want you to stress yourself so I will just buy something in school” he said as he took a bite out of the bread in his hand.

” I will quickly prepare some tea” she said trying to get some water, ” I already did, I noticed how worried you look so I made it myself” he said raising the cup containing tea on the table.

“I’m sorry baby I was just thinking about something” she said, ” you don’t have to apologise just go get your bag, I’m almost late for school… I guess I will go for junk” he said and Janiece felt bad.

She hates it when he eats junk, it is bad for his health. That is why she tries her best to wake you early everyday to prepare his lunch.

But this morning thinking about the past just ruin everything, just for today next time she won’t let either Alex or Ben nor Asher unknown dad make her sad.

She should be happy, this is what life offered her, the sooner she embraces it the better for her.


“Wake up! It’s almost noon” Mrs Winston said as she opened the curtains in Ben’s room.

“I have nothing to do so let me enjoy my sleep” he gr-aned covering his face with the pillow.

” Your dad wants to talk to you” she informed and he stopped feeling sleepy.

” Dad?!” He asked sitting up. “Yes your dad, it seems important so go and wash that face of yours he is in our room” she said and rough his hair before walking out of his room.

‘Why would dad want to see me? Did he find out about my gambling? Even if he did he should know that I am doing this for the sake of our family. He won’t scold me’ he assured himself as he opened the door to his parents room.

“What took you so long?” Mr Winston asked as he covered his face with the newspaper he is reading.

He is sited on a chair with a small table beside it, on the table was a cup containing coffee.

“I had migraine so I decided to wake up late” he lied, “how are you feeling?” He asked.

“Better” he replied. “Your sister has refused to leave her room. She is not over that guy yet” he explained.

” Let her be” Ben said nonchalantly, “we will deal with that bastard once we are done sorting things out with the company” he added

” I want you to visit him, convince him to date your sister” he said more like an order.

” Dad, Aiden doesn’t love Sheila anymore it’s time we accept it and find some other way to save our company” he said

” I am not doing this for the company I am doing this for her” he snapped.

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