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#season_2 episode 39


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“f.. for her? Why are you doing it for her? Why do we have to keep forcing her in him? Dad Aiden doesn’t love Sheila. I doubt if he loves the baby too” he mumbled that last part.

” I don’t want to know that. I just want you to go to his office and convince him. My daughter can’t give birth out of wedlock, I won’t let it happen” he said.

” Fine I will visit his company and talk to him, if I an lucky and he doesn’t throw me out” he said, sarcastically before walking out of his room to get dressed.


“Good morning Lena” Sharon greeted as Lena walked out of her room.

” Morning, your face is brighter this morning” she said and Sharon smiled more,” do you want to tell me the secret or it’s something only couples can do? “She asked and Sharon understood her immediately.

“What are you talking about? Stop it” Sharon scolded playfully. “It is, with the way your cheeks won’t stop turning red, so tell me was my brother harsh or just perfect? “She asked.

” What makes you think I will tell you?” Sharon ask before walking away to Tia’s room.

“Come on, just half of it” she pleaded with a pout which Sharon ignored. ” No, I don’t want to” she snapped, jokingly.

“Sister in-law!” Lena gro-ned standing by the door. Sharon carried the princess who has been awake for a while to feed her.

“Please, I really want to know” she pouted rushing to her side. Sharon wanted to say something but when she saw Lena’s eyes it reminded her of the conversation she had with Jasper.

Him and Lena going through so much from their suppose family. Her case and hers Is a bit similar except that she isn’t convinced that her foster dad murdered her biological parents.

She wants to see the good in them even though they have been cruel to her since the beginning.

Both their parents were murdered, brutally. She felt pity as she stared at her. She is so innocent and caring, none of them including her deserve what they are going through.

It’s hurts to lose a loved one it hurts more when what happened to them was intentional. She wondered if she would be in that house if her parents want still alive.

She wouldn’t have to work for Ben, she won’t have to feel hopeless enough to sit in the rain. Maybe she and Jasper would have never met.

She sigh and Lena laughed, she suddenly forgot that she was suppose to answer her questions.

I doubt if she remembers what the problem is. “Sister in-law, don’t tell me brother made you forget your name”she joked.

” Aren’t you late for class?” Sharon asked trying to change the topic. ” No and if I am I can always catch up with what they learnt but if I miss this…, You might change your mind and decide not to tell me anymore” she pouted like a kid.

” Baby aren’t you going to tell your aunt Lena to leave? We don’t want her to go to school late but she is insisting on staying with us” Sharon reported to Tia who left the bre-st for few moments to stare at Sharon’s face after she babbled something with a smile.

Revealing her none teeth, Sharon pinch her cheeks playfully and she continued taking her food.

“What did she say?” Lena asked, “I don’t want to tell you either, I don’t know why but I don’t want to tell you a lot of things this morning” she said before facing the other side.

” You are unbelievable, I am going to have breakfast before leaving” she informed and Sharon nodded because Tia put her hand in Sharon’s mouth.

That must be her way of saying ‘shut up let me have a peaceful breakfast’.


“Boss here is it” Janiece said as she walked into Aiden’s office with a file in her hand.

“Drop it here thanks” he said with his gaze in his laptop and she nodded before walking out of the office.

As she walked out someone opened the door to walk into her office. “Good morning how m….,” Her words was cut short when she saw the person’s face properly.

“Benedict!” She call but it came out as a whisper.

Alex was telling the truth after all she is really back in the city. She looks beautiful just like she looked years ago.

“Alice!” He cried as he rush to hug her, he hugged her so t¡ght that you would think it was one person standing. That’s possible since Alice have a slim body.

“It is really you. I thought I would never see you again, I really missed you” he cried as he continued hugging her.

Janiece who wasn’t moving at first finally made an attempt to free his hand from her body.

She was wearing this fake smile, “I understand that you are happy to see me but please this is an office, refrain from doing what you just did” she warned.

His jaw almost touched the ground in awe, did she just speak to her in that manner? Was Alex right when he said she is now her past and him is the future.

“I’m sorry” that was all he could say. “What brings you here Sir” she asked emphasizing on the word ‘sir’.

” Alice it’s me Ben, Benedict. You don’t have to use sir for me, I know that we are not together anymore but we can still be friends and hopefully go back to the way we were” he said

” I understand your feelings but we shouldn’t talk about such things here. I will just go and inform boss Aiden of your pres£nce” she said before walking to Aiden’s office.

” Boss, there is a man named Benedict Winston outside. He is here to see you” she informed.

” I’m busy, tell him to come back or wait” he said still not sparing her a glance. But he wasn’t staring at his laptop like before this time his gaze was on his phone.

He was typing something which Janiece assumed to be a text message to someone. Their work will really be affected if Aiden decides to fall in love.

Just like right now, he is s£nding text messages when they have tons of order from Bright Corp.

“Alright sir” she mutter before walking out of the office, Ben was still standing with his hands in his pocket making him look like that teenage boy that she fell in love with back in the days.

But now he and she are not the same person and there is no hope of love in her life, she isn’t Alice but Janiece and it wasn’t her name the only thing that is different.

She is a single mother and no man will want to father someone else child and even if the person is willing Asher will never agree unless it is his real father.

“What did he say?” Ben asked jolting her out of her thought, ” can I go in?” He asked.

“I’m sorry you can’t he is busy at the moment” she replied. “Busy that is now the word he use” Ben scoff before storming into the office.

“Mr Winston, wait you can’t go in” Janiece tried to stop him as they both rushed into the office.

Aiden frown as she raised his head to stare at Ben who was literally throwing daggers at him with his eyes.

“Leave us” he said to Janiece and she nodded before walking out of the office.

“You!” Ben growled as he rush to hold his collar, “how dare you!” He yell more as he felt so much anger for him.

He is angry that he dumped Sheila and now he’s pretending to be busy just to avoid him, he is also angry that he is didn’t tell him that Alice is working for him.

It’s not like Aiden knew her from long ago, they met when she started working for him but Ben being Ben he is going to point f-ngers at anyone possible.

“Let go of me Ben!” He snapped as he freed himself from his grip. ” What is wrong with you? Why will you enter my office without my permission and the next thing you do is grab my collar?” Aiden asked finding him unbelievable.

” You bastard!” Ben called as he tried to punch him but Aiden avoid it which made Ben more furious.

“This is a company young man, you don’t ho around punching and calling people bastard” he scolded.

Ben stared at him as if he is seeing someone and something else. The Aiden he knows won’t dare to speak to him in that manner.

Is this him or his prototype? Ben was still trying to understand what was happening when Aiden sat on his chair and started typing on his laptop and checking a file.

“Once you are done sightseeing you can leave” he said, rudely.

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