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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 40

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#season_2 episode 40


By: Kebby NG Media Services


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Ben’s leg felt heavy as he walked out of Aiden’s office but his mood brightened a little when he saw Alice.

He quickly rushed to her side and squat which surprised her, “let’s go out and have fun” he said

“If you don’t know Ben, this is working hours and I am not expected to leave until lunch break or I am s£nt on an £[email protected]” she replied.

Why is everyone treating him like this because he is poor. If he hadn’t lost his company Aiden wouldn’t dare to speak rudely to him.

He won’t have to beg Alice before taking her out, he just have to grab her hand and run away with her. This is all Alex’s fault.

What if they are already a couple? Alex met her first and with the way he spoke, something must have transpired between them.

“Ben please leave, you are distracting me” she said. Not sparing him a glance.

” Distracting? Wow, how long as it been? Six years? And I am now nothing but a distraction to you?” He asked, sadly.

” That’s not what I meant” she said. ” So what was it you meant? What were you trying to say? Just tell me the truth, your boyfriend told you to avoid me because I am poor? Right?” He bombard her with questions.

She left what she was doing and turned to face him. “Listen to me Ben. I have no idea of what you are talking about. I don’t have a boyfriend, and I don’t have to avoid you.

What happened between us was in the past and it will remain in the past. Let’s just stop hurting each other by bringing it up all the time” she pleaded.

” In the past” he muttered with a sad smile. Alex was right, she is over him. It is just him that can’t seem to let go of her.

“Don’t I deserve an explanation?” He asked close to tears, “explanation for what?” He asked with an arched brow.

“For leaving me! You left me without a word. Don’t I deserve an explanation for that? My heart was broken, you know.

It was h-rd to leave each day without you. I know what happened to you must hav” she cut him short, ” leave Benedict, you are disturbing me”

“Alice, how can this be easy for you? How can you s£nd me away? What we shared didn’t it mean anything to you? Have you really forgotten?” He asked as tears threaten to fall from his eyes.

Janiece felt sad and guilty for a moment but when she thought about it, none of it was her fault.

What happened that night was not her fault it was Ben’s. He is to be blamed for everything, if he hasn’t s£nt her that text message she wouldn’t have gone there.

She received a text message from Ben for then to meet in a bar and when she got there he was no where to be found.

While waiting for him the bartender walked towards her with a drink, he said a guy named Benedict Winston asked him to serve her the drink once she gets there.

She took it without hesitation and emptied it. She felt uncomfortable and went to a room upstairs in the bar.

Maybe she shouldn’t have, that night was the worst in her life. She was mad at herself for letting such thing to happen.

She blamed herself for everything and decided to forgive or should I say overlook Ben’s mistake for coming late.

She decided to blame herself for everything, for getting there early, for taking the drink and walking to the room.

And here he is blaming her, with the thought that this is easy for her. She wants to put the blame someone for once. But she just can’t, she needs to learn to let go.

Despite being through so much he is here blaming and judging her. “Answer me Alice? What we shared was really nothing to you? Or you were just playing with me and you were in love with Alex?

Did you elope with him? Why do you have to return together?! “He demanded as he shook her virgrously.

She pushed him away and slapped him. A slap that was enough to make someone go deaf.

“Alice?!” He called more like a whisper with his hand on his cheek. “Stop calling my name! You have no right to!” She snapped as tears left her eyes.

She had no idea if she is crying because of the past or because of the pres£nt. “You have no idea of what I have been through. You know nothing! You are clueless. Despite having no idea you came here to blame and judge me” she cried bitterly.

” Haven’t I been through enough?! Do you have to show your disgusting face and wors£n things for me? We broke up a long time ago and it is only right if we go our separate ways so why judge me for something I had no control over?” She cried as tears wash the make up on her face.

” Alice I’m sorry… I’m” he sigh as he was short of words.

” Leave!” She scre-med and he flinch. He was not expecting her to be as cold as this.

What happened? The Alice he remembers is sweet and loving, what changed? Have they been separated for that long?

“I don’t want you to show your face to me again” she snapped before walking away. He stared at her back view as she walk away and wiped her eyes.

“I’m sorry Alice I just don’t want to lose you. I am still in love with you and I don’t want to ever lose you” he said as he cried too.


Alex was going through some files on his desk when his phone chip as a sign of message, he dropped the file and took his phone to check the message.

It was from an investigator he hired to find Alice for him. After the wedding he didn’t know where to start looking for her again.

He checked her workplace and was taken aback as he saw the address. It was the same company that gave him an ad contract few weeks ago.

He quickly took his car key and rushed out of the office. “Sir where are you?” His secretary didn’t finish her s£ntence when he rushed out of the office.

“What’s wrong with him?” She scoff as she sat back on the chair.

Aiden drove impatiently he didn’t obey the traffic rules and almost got into an accident.

His ran his hand through his hair in distress as he overtake a car. He parked his car carelessly before rushing into the company.

He didn’t even greet the receptionist as he rushed to the elevator. He waited for the door to open while Ben was also lost in thought in an elevator.

He was thinking about what Alice said. He didn’t understand her words but he knows one thing, she is in pain.

What did he do wrong? Why is she so mad at him? Or is it because it has been long? He wipe his eyes as tears threaten to fall.

The elevator door opened and Ben walked out of it while Alex walked into another elevator. It is different elevators but it happened simultaneously.

After few seconds Alex walked out of the elevator and stopped as he remembered he doesn’t know where the CEO office Is.

“Miss” he stopped a lady whose mouth was wide open as she saw him, he looked so handsome.

“Yes” she answered as she tuck her hair behind her ear sed-ctively. “Where is the CEO’s office?” He asked.

“Ohh I know, do you want me to take you there?” She asked touching his chest not bare chest ooo.

He stared at her hand in disgust before slapping it off. “Don’t touch me with that filthy hands of yours! I asked a question” he glared.

” Last floor” she replied and he walked away immediately. “Gosh he is so handsome but his temper is the opposite” she said staring at him as he stood in the elevator waiting for it to close.

Alex rushed into the office and was surprised to see the chair empty. ‘Was I too late?’ he thought sadly as he fell on his knee.

“I told you to leave!” Janiece yell as she stood beside the door with the door knob still in her hand.

Her eyes was red and one could tell that she just stopped crying. Alex turned around as he heard her voice and rushed to hug her.

Janiece mouth was wide open, he didn’t expect Alex to visit her. What is happening today? Is it because she thought about all of them in the morning?

Does that mean Asher’s father will visit her too? But how will she recognize him if he does.

“I thought I lost your” Alex said as he t¡ghten his hand around her jolting her out of her thought.

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