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Diamond in the rough 2 episode 43

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#season_2 episode 43


By: Kebby NG Media Services


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Ann stared at nothing, it’s not like she can see anything since it is dark. If she is helps the big boss get rid of Sharon just like she got rid of Amber. She will finally be able to execute her plan.

She will be beside jasper whenever he’s mourning. That was her original plan when she got rid of Amber but she couldn’t do it because Jasper was affected and she felt guilty.

She thought it was only Amber that will be in the car when the accident will happen and she will play the role of a good friend by consolling him.

That was how she planned on winning his heart but everything changed when she found out Jasper was affected.

But now she won’t do something that will affect everyone else. She is going to do something that will affect just Sharon.

But the big boss isn’t after Sharon alone, he wants both Sharon and Jasper gone. She needs to do something so that Jasper won’t be affected again.

The last time he was lucky enough to just lose his leg, this time he might lose is life too.

She took a deep breath, she has already involved herself in this when she killed Amber. There is no going back.

“Haven’t you heard the saying time and tides wait for no man?” The boss asked snapping her back into reality.

” Ann give him an answer” Jane said with the hope that she will make the right decision.

“I will do it but on one condition” she blunted and Jane eyes widened. Oh God! What is happening?

Has she turned her on daughter into a murderer? Ann is agreeing to end someone’s life.

She thought what happened with Amber was a mistake that will never repeat itself but looking closely her daughter really has the killer blood. Where did she get it? It’s obviously from her since she started all this.

Her greediness is ruining her daughter, big boss question jolt her out of her thought. “What’s your condition?”

“I know you despise Jasper and you are doing all this to frustrate him. I love Jasper and I don’t want him dead, I will end that new bitch only when you promise to let Jasper off the hook” she stated.

He laughed so loud that it echoed in the room, Ann stared at the direction of the laughter and wondered if she said something wrong.

“You are smart and cunning, just like me and I like that. It’s fine as long as Jasper doesn’t annoy me I will let him off” he lied.

” What does he do to annoy you?” She inquired. ‘His existence’ he thought with a devilish smirk that no one saw.

” You don’t ask questions, you should be grateful I am granting your request” he said before standing up.

” I hope you carry out the job properly and as soon as possible” he said and they heard footsteps fading.

Few seconds after he left the light was back on and Jane pulled Ann into a hug as she sob.

“Why did you do that? Why will you want to murderer someone?” Jane asked.

” I have to get rid of her mom, Jasper is mine and mine alone. I am not ready to share him with some low life bitch” she said as her anger increased.

” Don’t worry mum, she won’t die a brutal death, I will make it less painful” she said with she evil smirk.

” Ann!” Jane yell her name as she stared at her finding her unbelievable. “I am going to b£d mom, I will see you tomorrow” she said and peck her before walking upstairs.

” What have I done? I have just ruined my daughter’s life. What kind of a mother am I?” She asked herself as she stared at a picture. It was a picture of a man.

Who happens to be Ann’s father, everything started after he died. She almost lost her sanity, if you have lost a loved one you can understand the pains she went through.

Her life was turned upside down, she mistakingly left a an instrument called scapel inside a man she performed surgery on.

She was at the verge of losing her license but big boss came to her rescue and got her out of problem.

He said she would pay him back but he didn’t understand how until he request for her to end Jasper’s parents life.

She asked him for something in return,he was reluctant at first but she had a copy of their conversation, he had no choice but to help.

He is now using her daughter’s obsession with Jasper as a tool to getting her to work for him.

Ann is not in love with Jasper but obsessed with him. She can’t help neither Jasper nor her daughter because big boss have eyes and ears every where.

She knows someone who can help all of them, her, Ann and Jasper. Someone who can put an end to big boss plans. But will the person listen to her?


“Good night Mommy I love you” Asher said as Janiece covered him with the duvet.

“I love you too” she said and peck his forehead before leaving the room.

She walked out just in time that her phone rang. She checked the caller and it was Alex.

“Hey, did I wake you up?” He asked as soon as she picked up.

” No, I was just about to sleep” she replied as she switched off the lights.

“Were you waiting for my call?” He asked and she smiled walking to her room.

“No, why would I?” She asked.

“Because I told you I was going to call or because you miss me” he guessed.

” None of it so get the thought out of your head” she snapped jokingly.

” Yes ma’am” he said with a salute and none of them spoke for few minutes.

“What’s going through your mind?” She asked.

” Did you see Ben? I mean have you guys been in touch?” He asked.

” I saw him today, why do you ask? Did he say something to you?” She asked and he sigh.

” Was that why you cried? Did he hurt you?” He asked.

” Why would Ben hurt me?” She asked with a nervous chuckle.

” Nothing it’s just that he’s lost it ever since he lost his parents company and he’s been drinking” he explained.

” He lost his company?” She asked her mouth open in awe.

” Yes” he answered, “you talk as if you guys are best of friends” she chuckle.

” We aren’t but you know the business world, nothing can be kept hidden forever” he said.

” Wow! What was I thinking? I forgot you are no longer the nerd who’s afraid to confess his feelings” she teased.

” Stop it!” He mutter and she laughed at the other side.

“I really missed you” she blunted and everywhere went silent again.

” Did you hear me?” She asked and he nodded at the other side. You know that moment when the girl you are in love with and has been hoping she will reciprocate your love finally confess her feelings.

The joy, it will be as if the world stopped moving and it was just that word that will ring in your ears.

Right now only one word is ringing in Alex ears and all other word is inaudible. And the word is ‘I REALLY MISSED YOU’

Janiece checked her the screen of her phone and asked, “”Alex are you still there”

He nodded as a tear escaped his eyes, ” I will speak to you tomorrow, bye” Janiece said and end the call.


“Good morning son” Cole’s dad greeted him as he walked out of the room rubbing his eyes.

He was dressed in his pajamas and he was shirtless. “Morning” he replied nonchalantly.

He walked to the small dining table and p-our himself a cup of water before turning to face his father.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Is that a way to talk to your father that you haven’t seen in months?” His father asked and he scoff, ” drop the act dad, you s£nt me out of the house”

” I didn’t you left willingly and that [email protected] you call a cousin helped you” he spat angrily.

” He is not a bastard! He is more humane than you will ever be!” He growled at his father. ” Why do you think I left? Because I can’t live with a murderer” he spat.

” Cole! I am your father!” He remind him, “I wish you weren’t, you are so evil dad! You killed uncle and Aunt when they did nothing wrong to you. You just can’t work and make money on your own!

You killed then and orphaned Jasper and Lena. Those two were innocent and they deserve to live happily with their parents but you…. you dad! You deprived them off that joy” he said as his eyes became watery.

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