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Ben sat impatiently on a chair as he kept on calling Zoey’s number but it was not reachable.

He kept on trying but it was not reachable. After the doctor informed them about Sheila’s health he got more angry. He was waiting for her to wake up so that he can’t hurt her and say hurtful things to her just like he did to Sharon but he can’t.

She already lost her mind even if he did she won’t understand what he is talking about.

He wanted to have his money back and get the company back from Alex. He has the hope that he will get Janiece back once he does that.

But Miss Zoey’s number is not reachable, he checked the address on the business card and decided to go to her maybe something is wrong with her phone.

When he got to the address he said nothing there. There was no sign of a company.

“Excuse me sir?” He stopped a passerby. “Yes Mister” the woman answered.

“Was there a company here named Zoey?” He asked. ” We don’t have a company in this neighborhood” she replied.

After noticing his expression she asked,” is there a problem?”

“No not at all thank you” he said before walking away. He was duped, he was just duped.

There was nothing like that. How could he have been an idiot? What was he thinking when a woman told him that he would get triple of his money.

‘you signed it because of Alex’ his subconscious answered. “Yeah that damn Alex” he cursed.

Alex played him, Jasper sent someone to monitor him and with the way he was gambling he would be able to pay the depth.

He had to do something so he sent Alex to work on it. Alex hired the woman Zoey, him signing a contract and all everything was planned, the money is back in Alex’s account and he payed the woman, Zoey.

“I have to be rich, I need to get he back” he mumble as he got into a taxi and went back to the casino.

He was hoping he would see the woman or Alex.


Ann already sent a text message to Cole’s father that she will carry out the job that day and he was waiting excitedly for her message.

He will kill Jasper during the mourn of his wife. He will be powerless then but unknown to him, he has been played in hi own game.

The moment he walked out of the house the police surrounded him. “What’s going on?” He asked no one in particular as he stared around.

” Mr Madon Jr. You are under arrest for the murder of Mr and Mrs Madon, Mrs Amber Madon and the attempted murder of Mrs Sharon Winston Madon” one of the cops said as he pointed a gun at him with the others surrounding him.

A sniper pointed at his chest from the other building. “What are you talking about? Who reported me? How could you have believed that person? You think I am capable of everything?” He asked.

” You have the right to remain silent Mr Madon Jr, everything you said will and can be use against you in the court of law” he said as he handcuff him

“You have the right to an attorney if you can’t afford it one will be provided for you” he said as he literally pushed him.

They made him sit in the van and waited for the other cops to enter before driving away.


“It’s done” doctor Jane said after signing a cheque of ten billion, that was the amount of money Cole’s father gave her.

“We are sorry once again” she apologized. Ann knelt down as she won’t stop crying. “I am sorry Jasper, I was so foolish, I let my foolishness ruined you, I almost killed your wife and I am sorry for what I did to Amber I am really sorry” she apologized.

” I have told countless times, I have forgiven you. I am sure Amber would have wanted this too, so please stop crying” he said.

” Thanks you so much” doctor Jane said before she left the house with her daughter.

Jasper turned to Cole who has been finding it hard to stare at anyone he feels super guilty.

Jasper assured him that he is forgiven and warned him not to keep secrets from him again.

Jasper turned to Sharon and told her that her foster parents has been arrested.

She was surprised and asked why they got arrested. He explained to her that he found out that they are the one behind her parents death.

The couples, both of them killed them for the company. Ben’s father wanted the company but his brother which was Sharon’s father said he can only be a shareholder.

He got mad and killed him and his wife by burning the house down.

Sharon found it hard to believe but it was the truth. Cole’s father was sentenced to live imprisonment while the Winston’s couple was sent to twenty five years imprisonment

Four years later

“I don’t want to go” Tia pouted as Sharon dressed for her. It is her first day in school and she is refusing to go

“You don’t have a choice, every kids have to go to school” she said as she pack her hair in a messy bun.

Every kids looks good in ponytail but Tia is not like every kids she looks great in a messy bun.

“Tia are you ready? It time for school!” Jimmy yell from the living room.

He is now twelve, he has a crush on a girl in his class only Sharon knows about it. She helps him to buy chocolate and prepare extra lunch for him to give to the girl.

Lena no longer lives with them, she is now married with a seven months old daughter. She and her husband left the country.

Cole still remained a bachelor, he claimed to be waiting for the perfect woman.

Yeah we must not forget the wicked. Sheila is still in the asylum. She is not responding to treatment and the funny thing.

She tries to force herself on every male doctor and nurses, she thinks they are Aiden.

Ben spends his time in the casino, he drinks gets into trouble and he is in a whole lot of depth.

Mr and Mrs Winston have only used for years in jail, they are still serving their sentence.

Cole visits his father who is yet to repent once in a while. Jasper took Cole’s mom out of the country because the trauma that her husband is a murderer hits her hard.

Doctor Jane and Ann left the city due to shame.

He reunited with his other uncle and Aunt too. But they are not that close, just close enough to invite them to ceremonies.

Claire and Aiden are expecting their first child too, she should give birth in maybe a week her baby bump is so huge and her hormone is driving Aiden nut.

Alex and Alice have a daughter who is just a year old, April, seriously the first letter of their name is the same.

Alex, Alice, Asher and April, who wants something like that too. Alice stopped working for Aiden she is a full house wife, that was what her husband wanted.

Our favorite couples, Sharon is now six months gone, expecting her first baby it’s twin.

She is now running her parents company, but Jasper stopped her from going to work two months ago saying he doesn’t want her to stress the baby.

“Wow the school uniform sure looks good on you” Jimmy compliment as he stood by the door of Tia’s room.

” Yeah my baby looks like a princess” Sharon said. ” A princess my foot, she looks like a old woman” he teased and Tia ran after him.

” Jimmy!” She yell running after him. “Let’s have breakfast!” Jasper yell as he sat impatiently at the dining table.

“Daddy, Jimmy is calling me a old woman” Tia reported.

” Jimmy! Why the f*ck will you call my princess a old woman?!” He yell and Sharon hit his head.

” Don’t use the f word in front of Tia” she scolded.

“Come baby let’s have breakfast” Sharon said and she walked towards her, she sat beside her as Sharon helped her with her napkin.

“Good morning Daddy” Jimmy greeted as he sat opposite Sharon.

” Morning” he replied. “Umm this food is as sweet as f*ck” he repeated and Sharon hit his balls with her leg.

“What was that for?!” He asked, “Daddy what does f*ck mean?” Tia asked innocently.

Sharon glared at Jasper as if she is going to kill him but his phone call rescued him.

Note: Tia doesn’t know that Sharon is not her real mother.

“Mommy Jimmy is glaring at me” she said pointing her little finger at Jimmy.

“Stop that Jimmy” Sharon scolded.

“Aiden is now a father” Jasper announced and everyone including Tia shouted happily.

They lived happily ever after.

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