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Diamond in the rough episode 13

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Episode 13


By: Kebby NG Media Service


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Jasper walked into Jimmy’s room quietly that the boy didn’t even notice his pres£nce. Jimmy is on the b£d clutching his stomach like he’s in terrible pain.

Jasper steered towards him and finally called out,“Jimmy, are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay dad,” Jimmy managed to say. Jasper touched him looking very worried. Then he asked,“ Are you hungry?”

“Yes, very hungry dad.”

“Then why did you refuse to eat. You made her sad,” Jasper said.

Jimmy sat up on the b£d and glared at Jasper. “Seriously dad… All you noticed was that she was sad. Do you like fatty?”

Jasper was smirking but when he heard what Jimmy said, his expression quickly changed. Like fatty? He would never like that fatty.

I’m sincerely waiting for the day he’ll eat his words.

“Is that why you refused to eat?”

“Dad, that wasn’t my question.”

“Okay, I don’t like her. I’ve never liked her and I’ll never like her.”

Jimmy looked up as soon as he heard Jasper’s words. Dad doesn’t like that fatty. He sighed looking very relieved. Then he jumped down from the b£d happily.

“Dad, let’s go and eat now,”Jimmy said happily. He even went to Jasper’s wheelchair to try and push it. But since he doesn’t have enough strength, he only ended up pushing the wheelchair that remained in one spot.

Jasper chuckled. He looked relieved and curious too, Firstly, he wants to know why Jimmy looked upset at the fact that he might actually like fatty.

They still went to the dinning room. Sharon was nowhere to be found. As soon as they finished, Jasper went looking for her. He wasn’t surprised to find her in Tia’s room. She was putting on clothes for Tia.

He stayed at the doorway and watched them silently. They looked just like mother and daughter. Sharon cooed and bent down to k-ss Tia who in turn giggled. Tia raised her small chubby hands and pulled Sharon’s hair.

Sharon winced a little in pain and tried to remove the hair from Tia’s hand but the naughty baby t¡ghtened her hold on the hair. As he moved forward to help her, Sharon was finally able to remove the hair from her hands.

He stopped but Sharon already heard the noise from his wheelchair. She looked up at him and smiled. I think he forgot to breath seeing the beautiful smile on her face.

“Hey Tia, see it’s daddy. See daddy,” she said softly to the baby who looked at her curiously wondering what she’s saying. The baby of course can’t understand her words.

Jasper walked closer to Tia and smiled as soon she finally noticed him. Tia babbled in excitement raising her hands and legs in the air to show how excited she is.

“Are you two through with the food? Did Jimmy agree to come back to the dinning room?,” Sharon asked and Jasper silently observed the look on her.

Even though Jimmy has been nothing but rude to her, she still cared whether he ate his dinner or not. Why is she acting just like… Like a mother to them?

He smiled and said,“Yes, he has eaten.” Sharon heaved a sigh of relief when she heard what he had just said.

“Now, let’s go for shopping. You need to get new clothes. You can’t go on wearing one dress forever,” Jasper said as Sharon wore the last clothing for Tia.

She lifted the baby up and k-ss her cheeks then turned to Jasper. She looked at him and asked,“Are you sure you wanna tag along with me to the mall?”

Jasper looked at her confused on what she’s saying. Sharon hit her head lightly and silently said dumb man. Jasper watched her mouth move and frowned. Even though he can’t hear what she’s saying, he knows she’s probably saying something bad about him.

He was just about to speak when Sharon asked again,“Are you really sure that you want to follow me to the shopping mall? I mean I’ll be buying some women stuffs like underwears and toiletries.”

He smirked and answered,“ So what? I’ll follow you there to know your size. In case I want to buy some for you as a gift next time.”

Sharon glared at him and shouted,“ You pervert! You are so shameless. Why would you even want to buy underwears for me as a gift?”

“It’s my choice and I can buy anything I want for you as a gift so stop shouting now and let’s go to the mall,” Jasper replied.

Sharon shook her head sideways and said,“ I refuse… I’m not going to the mall with you pervert. Give me the money and I’ll buy it myself.”

Jasper frowned and gave her a credit card without arguing. Sharon looked at him suspiciously wondering why he gave her the credit card without arguing.

She was about to fix a bag for the baby to take along with her when she suddenly realized something and turned around to him with a smirk on her face.

“Jasper, you still haven’t told me the pin for the credit card. Do you think I would forget?,” Sharon asked smiling.

Jasper smiled back mischievously and answered,“ It’s my birthday.” Sharon was about to turn back to the bag when she suddenly realized that she doesn’t know his birthday.

Though anytime he celebrated his birthday in the past, tabloids always had it as headlines. But she had not been someone to follow gossip closely so she never kept track of his age or birth month.

“Jasper stop messing around with me. How am I supposed to know your birthday!?,” Sharon said in frustration.

Jasper smiled and replied mischievously,“Since you cannot guess when my birthday will take place, let’s go to the mall together. Case closed.”

He then turned around to steer his wheelchair out when Sharon stood in front of him with her hands akimbo.

“Jasper why did you even suggest that I should go shopping in the first place when you knew you were gonna mess around with me?,” she asked bitterly.

Jasper looked up to see the frown on her face. “I wasn’t gonna mess around with you. I really meant it so why won’t you let us go together?”

“Cause you are man and I’m a woman shopping for ladies clothes/underwears! So why should I let you come along with me!? You are not even my boyfriend or husband,” Sharon said feeling and looking frustrated.

“So I have to be your boyfriend or husband before I can come along with you for shopping?,”Jasper asked incredulously.

“Yes, so now you know you aren’t qualified to follow me, tell me the pin,” Sharon said.

“No, I’m also not qualified to tell you what the pin is,” Jasper replied. Sharon sighed thinking why this rude man is trying to prove difficult.

She took the credit card and kept it in her bag. Jasper watched her confused on what she is trying to do.

“Okay! Since you are not qualified to tell me the pin, I’m also not qualified to release this card to you,” she said haughtily.

Jasper laughed softly and said,“I don’t care. I have alot of credit cards so losing one won’t make a difference to me.”

Sharon was about to reply when Lena came in. She looked at the two of them and sighed saying,“Brother, are you and Sharon arguing again?”

“He wants to follow me to the mall to shop for undies.”

“Why can’t I follow her since I’ll be the one practically spending money?”

Lena sighed again and shook her head at their childishness. Is that why they were arguing?

“Brother why don’t you let me follow her instead. She’s right. It’s improper for you to follow her so let me follow her instead,” Lena said providing a solution to the problem.

Jasper frowned but he finally told her the pin. He watched them go.

As soon as they left, he brought out his phone and called someone. “You guys still haven’t been able to find out who really killed Amber yet? What the heck are you doing? Do I have to keep on staying on this wheelchair?”

“Boss whoever planned that accident clearly wanted to kill you two. It’s probably because you have been on that wheelchair that they haven’t strike again. So I think it’s better not to let anyone know for now until we finally find out who was behind it,” the man answered.

“It’s frustrating,” Jasper said as he cut the call angrily. LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARES

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