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Diamond in the rough episode 18

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Episode 18


By: Kebby NG Media Service


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Everyone looked at him surprised. Sharon frowned and rolled her eyes. What’s this little devil saying now? Is her new appearance that stunning? It is not as if she even did a makeover, she only changed her clothes.

That’s all. So why are they behaving like it’s a big deal? Tia babble at Jimmy’s funny words. No one can understand her but I can. She’s saying,’Big brother why did you inherit dumbness from father?’

Hahaha! Father and son. Rude and dumb. Sharon looked down at Jimmy and said,“You rude boy! I told you not to call me fatty again! My name is Sharon not fatty!”

Jimmy opened his mouth wide open just like his father had done earlier. “What! This…This…This is fatty!,”he exclaimed and then he turned to Jasper and cried out,“Dad! What did you do to fatty!? Bring fatty back right now!!! I want fatty!!!”

Jasper was stunned by his sudden outburst. Sharon glared at the short rude boy. He clearly ignored her warning. He and his father will pay for calling her fatty.

She will deal with them today. Just because she didn’t do anything before, they call her fatty instead of Sharon.

Jasper looked at Jimmy and said,“Blame your aunt Lena for this. She wasted my money just to do a makeover for fatty. Now tell me what’s wrong? Who beat you up like this?”

He checked all the bruises on Jimmy body and looked very upset. “Let’s go to your school right now and I’ll sue your teacher. And I’ll make sure the boy’s parents pay for this,” he uttered.

Sharon laughed and said,“Did you even ask what happened? And you already want to go and fight. Maybe it’s his rude personality that caused it.”

Jasper looked at Jimmy and Jimmy looked down. He’s feeling guilty. He was actually the one that insulted the boy first but even so the boy didn’t have a right to beat him up.

He’s Jimmy Madon, the one and only son of Jasper Madon one of the most feared billionaire in the city. So how could he raise his filthy hands on him?

“Even so, no one should have dared touch my son. I’ll make sure I get that school locked,”Jasper defended his son.

Sharon rolled her eyes. This is just dumbness of the highest level. Aren’t you supposed to scold the child instead of supporting him?

She swore right then that she would make sure this sweet little princess Tia doesn’t grow to be like her rude father or brother.

She went to Jasper and pushed his wheelchair. “Bye, go and fight. I’ll just cross-leg when they bring you back all beaten up black and blue, then I’ll make sure I laugh to my heart content. You can’t walk and you want to fight. I don’t pity you at all,”she muttered sarcastically.

Jasper frowned and glared at her. What is wrong with this fatty? Oh! Wait, she’s not fatty anymore, she’s now… I don’t even know what to call her. Should I say thinny? Is there even any word like that?

“Hey! Fatty! You don’t have the right to talk to my father like that!,”Jimmy shouted rudely.

“Yes! Don’t talk to me like that again fatty!!,”Jasper said.

Sharon has finally lost it. She looked at them angrily, her face red from anger. The two meanies gulped discreetly as they have never seen her this angry before.

Jasper carefully steered his wheelchair backwards just in case she lost her temper and feels like hitting something on his head cause her mood is not predictable. Even Jimmy walked back slowly.

Suddenly, Sharon smiled. The two meanies were almost shocked to death. At this moment, her smile is even scarier than her frown.

Sharon looked around and saw a small golden button on the wall. She pressed it and all the maids came running down. She had figured out most rich people have things like this.

Her smile widened as she said,“You are all free for today. You can leave for today. Don’t worry, your pay won’t be deducted.”

“What!! How dare you order my servants!? I don’t give anyone of you permission to leave,” Jasper retorted immediately.

Sharon frowned and glared at the maids.“Who is the mistress of this house!!?,” she shouted.

The servants not knowing what to do replied,“You ma’am!!!”

“Good that you know. Now leave!,” Sharon said with a cold face. Jasper was too stunned by her expression to say anything. So she’s being hiding this side of her all this while.

“But ma’am, I’ve not finished with the laundry,” one of the maids spoke.

“He’ll do it,” Sharon answered, pointing at Jasper who gasped loudly.

The maid bowed and left. “Ma’am, I’m not through with washing the dishes. Haven’t even cooked,” another said.

“He’ll do it,”Sharon answered again. Jasper nearly fainted this time. Coook! His cooking skill is nothing to write home about!

One after the other, the maids kept on saying their jobs that were unfinished and Sharon kept on saying,“He’ll do it.”

Once they finished, Jasper couldn’t sit still on the wheelchair again. Does she want to kill him!? In his own house! House he used his money to build.

Jimmy already shifted faraway from Jasper giving him an expression that clearly says DAD-YOU-ARE-ON-YOUR-OWN.

But Sharon turned around and saw Jimmy trying to walk away quietly. “Little brat! Come back here. You are not exempted. You’ll help your father with all this. Now you guys should get to work,”she ordered.

“You can’t force me to do anything in my own house,”Jasper remarked.

Sharon smiled and went to the kitchen. She came back with a knife. Jimmy immediately ran away as far as his short legs could carry him. Jasper followed not after shouting,“You are crazy!!”

“I know!!,” she replied. Lena came out from her hiding spot and stopped the video she had been taking secretly.

She laughed and blew Sharon many k-sses. “Muah!!! I so much love you. This video is really great. I’ll use it to blackmail brother anytime I want something. He wouldn’t want anyone to see that he’s actually a scaredy cat unlike the cold billionaire reputation he has,” she gushed happily.

Sharon looked over and saw that Tia had already fallen asleep. She sighed as she carried Tia and took her to her room. Babies are so lucky. They don’t have to worry about anything. And they easily get tired without doing anything. Absolutely nothing.

Tia blew saliva bubbles in her sleep and Sharon chuckled. She looked at her and thought,’I wish you are mine. I could have had one cute princess like you but one stupid bastard spoilt my plans.’

Her expression turned sour as she thought of Aiden. She shook her head and said,“No, I won’t think of sad, foolish things anymore.”


Aiden sighed and almost smashed his phone angrily. Why is it saying line busy over and over again? Did she block his number? Is she that mad at him that she blocked his number?

The secretary in the office couldn’t breathe due to the cold pressure in the room. She doesn’t know why but it seemed like ever since miss Sheila came to the boss office, the boss had seemed more angry than before.

Now he shouts at any small or slight mistake. Everything seems to annoy him. She actually prayed that he doesn’t smash his phone. Cause he just got it yesterday.

If he smashed this phone now, that means that he would have spent money like almost her one year salary just to buy a phone.

Aiden gro-ned and unlocked his phone. Then he called someone. Immediately the person picked up, he asked angrily,“Haven’t you still found her location yet!!!? Am I paying you just to do nothing!?”

“Boss it’s very difficult. We don’t have any clue. No location or anything to track her with. And her phone is not trackable like it’s been blocked by a stronger security force,” the man replied.

Aiden veins bulged out in anger as he shouted,“I give you just 24 hours to get her location or I’ll make you regret ever meeting me!!”

Then he cut the call and turned to the secretary that had been waiting for a while. He frowned and dismissed her. Exhausted, he went to a cabinet and brought out a bottle of wine.

He p-oured himself a glass of wine and soliloquized,“Where are you Sharon? I just want to apologise. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t know why but I want you back.”


Meanwhile at the Madon’s mansion, Jimmy stared at the dinner on the table and almost cried. The food looks so strange that even Jasper that cooked it couldn’t taste it.

“Go on! Have a taste of your dinner. Next time you’ll call me Sharon not fatty,” Sharon urged them while smiling.

Jimmy reluctantly tasted it and spat it out immediately. He put his hands together showing an apology sign and cried out,“Fatt… Aunt Sharon!!! I’m sorry. I won’t say it again. Please, don’t let daddy prepare dinner again!!”. LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARES TO AVOID GETTING BANNED 😏 and also for the next episode to be unlock 🔓 as fast as you want to read it.

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