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Diamond in the rough episode 19

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🌹(The Beauty Within)🌹

Episode 19


By: Kebby NG Media Service

“Please, don’t let Daddy prepare dinner again!!!,”he cried. Jasper frowned at his words and Sharon struggled to hold her laughter in. Look at his face right. That’s what he deserves for bullying her all this while.

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“Shut up Jimmy and eat your food. You should at least be glad that daddy prepared dinner,”Jasper replied trying to cover up his bruised ego.

He looked at Sharon. She’ll surely pay for putting him in this condition. Jimmy looked at him and said,“Dad, do you call this food? Why don’t you eat it yourself?”

He then faced Sharon and pleaded,“Aunt Sharon, I’ve realized my mistake. Please prepare dinner for me. I’m starving. Please… Please… Please.”

He made that cute face expression Sharon couldn’t resist. She pouted looking at how adorable he looks. If only, he wasn’t so rude.

Sighing, she stood and said,“Okay fine. Since you now know the right thing to do.” Then she walked out of the dinning room sashaying. Jasper couldn’t stop looking at her backside.

How come he didn’t notice this before? She had such a great figure and hid it with baggy clothes. Does she look getting insulted by people about her body size?

As soon as Sharon went to the kitchen, Jimmy faced his father and said,“Dad, we have to take revenge on her for doing this to us. My wh0le body aches from those house chores. How could she have done this to us?”

Jasper was stunned. Wasn’t it Jimmy that was pleading and crying just now? This boy is really a little devil. ‘But he takes after you,’ that subconscious voice said it loud and clear.

Jasper frowned and looked at Jimmy,“Jimmy, tell me the truth right now who is teaching you all these bad stuffs?”

“You,” Jimmy shrugged and answered nonchalantly. Jasper couldn’t speak. What type of son is this? If someone else had asked him the same question, that is how he will implicate his father.

“Do I behave that bad?,” Jasper asked Jimmy with a serious look on his face.

Jimmy nodded with a similar serious look on his face and replied,“Dad, let me tell you our similarities. You are handsome. I’m handsome. You are rude. I’m rude. You attract ladies. I attract girls. You are rich. I’m rich. You dislike fatty. I also dislike her… Erm… Do you need any more proof?”

Jasper shook his head sideways and couldn’t close his mouth.

“Jimmy, are you sure you are really seven?,” he asked, feeling very astonished.

“Dad, point of correction. I’ll be eight soon so add the plus to the seven and make it sound matured. I’m seven and half years old,” Jimmy replied.

“Now dad, no distractions. We need to figure out a way on how to make fatty pay for this,” Jimmy said.

Jasper thought of it. She has to learn her lesson. How dare she behave like the mistress of this house? Who gave her the right to do so?

They sat in that same position until suddenly Jimmy smiled. “Dad, I’ve got an idea! Bring your ear closer,” he squealed excitedly.

Jasper smiled at the happy expression on his face. What did he think of that made him so happy? As soon as Jasper heard what Jimmy’s plan is, his facial expression changed.

“What the heck!? Jimmy, where the hell are you learning all these from!? You must say the truth right now!,” Jasper exclaimed.

“Dad, I watched this prank in a video, okay? No one is teaching me anything,” Jimmy replied and Jasper looked a little bit pissed off now.

“I’m seizing your phone and your laptop. You are watching adult videos at your age,” Jasper said.

“Dad! I’m only trying to help. Please don’t seize my phone,” Jimmy pleaded.

“I’m not giving you that phone until you have reflected on your wrong actions,” Jasper answered.

Jimmy looked away now feeling very upset. Just then Sharon walked in carrying two plates of food. She noticed the tensed situation and didn’t even bother to say anything.

But she silently wondered what had transpired between the two and why there seems to be a grudge between the two of them.

Jimmy looked at her and silently swore that he would carry out his plans without his father knowing. If this fatty hadn’t punished them, he wouldn’t have told his father about the plan and his phone wouldn’t have been seized by now.

Why is his father suddenly so protective of fatty? He ate his food without saying a word while Sharon went to Tia’s room to check on the baby.

When she came back, she wasn’t surprised to meet the dinning room empty but she was surprised to meet the kitchen sink clean. No sign of dirty plates. They actually put the plates inside the dishwasher.

Later that night, when Sharon was taking her bath. Jimmy snuck into her room and then quietly went to the bathroom. The bathroom is designed in such a way that the toilet is faraway from the main shower.

The 🚿 shower is divided with a partition so you can’t see whatever is going on but can only hear the sounds.

Jimmy walked to the sink and took her towel then he carefully went outside. He turned around and locked the bathroom. Locking Sharon inside.

He then left the room. His plan was to lock her in the bathroom with no clothes for a while. Once she suffers in the cold night air then she will learn not dare them again and order them around.

But when he got back to his room, he read a book and while he was reading, he unknowingly slept off.

Sharon walked out of the shower and was surprised to see that her towel is missing. She wondered if she had really brought the towel to her bathroom or she had left it on her b£d.

After searching for it for few minutes, she proceeded to go out since she couldn’t find it. That was when she discovered the door was locked. At first, she thought that perhaps the door is jammed but then after trying to open it over and over again she realized someone probably locked her in.

Now $h¡verying from cold, she bent down and w-rapped her hands around her unclad body. Then she thought of who might have locked her in. The first name that came to her mind is Jasper. She swore right then that once she got out of this bathroom alive, she’s gonna make him pay for this.

The night slowly became colder with each passing time.

Sometimes around midnight, Jasper had just finished his office work and left his study. He was just on his way to his room when he passed Tia’s room and discovered that Tia is crying.

He was a little bit surprised to meet her crying cause Sharon has a baby monitor connected in her room. So immediately, Tia cries, she would hear it from the monitor and come to her room.

So it’s quite surprising to meet Tia’s room empty. He walked to the cot and carried Tia. Tia stopped crying for a while and looked at him curiously. Once, she noticed it’s not Sharon, she started crying again. This time increasing the volume of her cries..

“Ssh Tia stop crying, you want mommy right? I don’t know where your mummy is. Maybe she slept off so soundly that she can’t hear her baby crying,” Jasper said to Tia.

Of course the baby can’t understand so she continued crying. She just wants mummy! But wtf! Jasper actually called Sharon mummy. What’s going on?

“That’s it! I can see you now love mummy than daddy. Come, let’s go and find your mummy,” Jasper mumbled. He looked around and found a shawl to cover Tia cause of the cold. And then they walked out.


Sheila looked at the picture and the text message Ben s£nt to her. So Aiden really had the guts to cheat on her. She’s gonna show that motherf*cker a glimpse of hell on earth. And once they find out about where Sharon is.

She will make sure to teach that b*tch a very good lesson. She walked to the t£[email protected] and thought of the reason why all this started.

Well, when they were young. Everyone seemed to prefer Sharon than her even though they pretended to like her more than Sharon. I mean Sharon was the introvert, genle and soft-spoken girl. She was talented and very kindhearted. She always seem to have a place for everyone in her heart.

While she, Sheila… Who would like the loud, stubborn, mischievous and dull girl? Sharon always came first in class and in whatever they did.

Even Benedict seemed to like her more. No matter how much time he spent with Sheila, she could see that he would rather wish be with Sharon than waste time with her.

That was when the seed of jealousy slowly sprouted in her. She had first attacked Sharon by planting drugs and obscene pictures in her room. Their mother had found them and shown them to father who was very upset. Poor Sharon wasn’t around. So she didn’t have an idea of what was going on. LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARES TO AVOID GETTING BANNED 😏 and also for the next episode to be unlock 🔓 as fast as you want to read it.

T. B. C👇

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