Diamond in the rough episode 22 – 23


🌹(The Beauty Within)🌹

Episode 22


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Ben and Sheila tried to hide the smile on their faces as they heard what their father said. They won’t even need to lift a finger as their father has enough connections to severely punish her.

But the problem now is that where is she? It’s like she disappeared completely. Ever since that day that she came to that apartment, Ben hasn’t receive any news from his men about her again.

He looked at his father’s angry face and thought that perhaps he can use his father’s connections to find out where the b*tch is hiding once and for all.

“Dad, there’s no point trying to call her to come over cause I already tried but she has moved out of her apartment,” Ben said with a fake sad look on his face.

“Where could she have gone and why?,” their father asked.

“Maybe she already figured out that you would later find out that’s why she fled in fear,” Sheila answered looking at her newly polished nails.

“No matter where she ran to, I’ll bring her back and teach her a lesson she will never forget… Ben get my phone!,” Mr Winston’s ordered.

Ben hurriedly stood up, as soon as he turned around he smiled. She’ll pay for what she did to Alice that day. Hmm… Now I’m confused, what is he talking about?

He went out and soon came back with an expensive phone brand. Mr Winston called someone and informed the person to track his runaway daughter whereabouts.

As soon as he ended the call, he informed Sheila,“Send a message to Aiden. Ask him to come with his parents tonight for dinner.”

Sheila was happy at first but then she remembered that Aiden is still mad at her so she shook her head and told her father,“Dad he won’t answer me. He’s mad at me cause Sharon lied to him that I called her names.”

Mr Winsford was even more infuriated when he heard her words. Why will that stupid boy choose to believe his slutty, lying fiancee over the mother of his unborn child?

God! I’m shaking my head right now. Seriously, this family stupidity is at its peak. Anything the vixen say, they just believe it like the fools they are.

“I’ll send a message to him right away. I’m sure he won’t dare to ignore and defy my message,” Mr Winsford said as he typed quickly on his phone, probably sending a message to Aiden.

Ben and Sheila looked at each other and smiled again. Each one with different wicked thoughts in mind.


The continuous sounds of a phone ringing broke the silence in the luxurious looking room and woke Aiden. He yawned as he slowly opened his eyes. But then he shut it back again as the sharp sun rays pricked them. After few minutes, he finally opened his eyes and sat up on his bed.

Looking around, he wondered how he got his house and his room. He clearly remembered drinking to a stupor last night in his office so how did he get home?

His phone rang again reminding him of what woke him up. He walked to his bedside drawer and took his phone.

He quickly picked the call without even checking the caller. “Hello sir, are you alright now? You seemed pretty drunk last night. I made some hangover soup and put it in the fridge,” a sweet voice spoke through the phone.

The sweetness momentarily froze the cells in Aiden’s brain. He removed the phone from his ear and checked the caller. But the phone is displaying unknown, unsaved number.

He put the phone closer to his ear and asked in a sleep-filled voice,“Who is this?”

“Sir, I’m Janiece. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m your newly employed secretary,” she answered with the same sweet tone.

“Was I rude to you last night? Did I do anything inappropriate to you?,” Aiden asked with a little bit of concern. He doesn’t trust his druken self. He doesn’t want to put any other lady in Sheila’s condition and have double problems.

Janiece was a little bit surprise to hear her boss words. He doesn’t sound like the cold-hearted CEO her colleagues painted him to be. Is it that the alcohol is still affecting him?

“No sir, not at all. I should actually be apologizing for intruding into your office. I only wanted to drop some files when I met you in that terrible druken state. With the help of your driver, I was able to get you home safely,” Janiece replied with a smile in her voice.

Aiden sighed in relief and let out a deep breathe. He momentarily frowned as he thought of how his breathe stinks of alcohol.

“Sir, so are you okay now? Have you eaten the soup yet? I hope it was up to your taste because I’m actually mediocre when it comes to cooking,” she chattered and Aiden smiled a little.

She sounds worried. “Don’t worry, I haven’t tasted it yet and when I do, I won’t complain. And kindly inform the head secretary that I won’t be coming to office today,” he said.

“Okay sir. Have a nice day sir,” Janiece nodded even though he can’t see her, then she cut the call. Aiden chuckled and was about to drop his phone when he noticed series of messages on his phone.

He ignored it thinking it’s from Sheila and then went to the bathroom to take his bath. It was only after he had eaten the hangover soup that he checked the messages.

He was pretty surprised that none is from Sheila. The first few ones were reports about his business progress. It was the last one that caught his eye.

He looked at the boldly written name, Mr WINSTON. He couldn’t hold his curiosity so he checked the message. Immediately he read the message, his facial expression changed. His happy mood completely destroyed.

Why does that man want him and his parents to come over? He seriously hoped Sheila hadn’t say or done anything. Nevertheless, he picked up his phone and sent a voice message to his parents informing them the time and venue.

Once he was done, he checked his mail to see if his private investigator sent anything but no… No reports… No replies.

He sighed and walked around his bachelor pad. Where the heck are you Sharon?


Jasper frowned in his sleep feeling displeased at the annoying thing holding on tight to him almost choking him. He tried to shake off the annoying thing disturbing his sleep but he ended up making it hug him even more tightly.

He gro-ned and finally opened his eyes. That’s when he realized and remembered that what he has been referring to as a thing is actually Sharon.

He chuckled when he noticed that their current position is even more worse and dangerously close than last night. Now she’s not almost on top of him, she is already on top of him.

Her wh0le body weight on him. No wonder he felt suffocated. Even though she’s not as fat as he thought she was before but she still has weight.

He waited for a while to check if she’s still shivering but no sign of cold anymore. Her breathing pace is now back to normal. He then tried to push her off him but do you wanna know what she did?

She grumbled in her sleep and refused to get off him. He tried pushing her away again but she clung onto him.

He wanted to try again but Lena’s voice stopped him,“ Brother let sister in-law enjoy for a little while.” When did she get in? How come he didn’t hear the door sound?

He glared at her and silently thanked God that a duvet is covering their uncladness. Can’t she knock before entering?

“Brother, you took off your boxers, didn’t you?,” Lena asked with a mischievous smile. Jasper didn’t reply as he tried to hide the embarrassed blush on his face. Lena smiled and baby Tia giggled as if she understood what was going on.

“Baby… Daddy and mommy are having fun. Should we leave them alone?,” Lena asked, cooing at Tia.

Jasper looked up as soon as he heard Tia babbling. “She didn’t cry. That’s quite suprising,” he said as he balanced Sharon well in a way that won’t make her neck hurt.

Since she has refused to let him go, she might as well enjoy her stay. “Yes, I found some frozen br-astmilk in the fridge so I prepared it for her,” Lena replied.

Jasper’s facial expression changed. Eww! Frozen br-astmilk. Well babies take anything. But gross… Tia actually accepted the frozen br-astmilk. Hasn’t it spoilt? Why does this naughty baby has such a weird taste?.


🌹(The Beauty Within)🌹

Episode 23


But gross… Tia actually accepted the frozen br-astmilk. Hasn’t it spoilt? Why does this naughty baby has such a weird taste?

“This small princess really has a weird taste,” Jasper said as he looked at Tia. Sharon snored softly and Jasper chuckled looking at her. Tia heard his low laugh and looked towards the bed direction.

She seem to have realized something cause soon tears filled her eyes and she began to cry. Lena was surprised by her sudden outburst and tried pacing around the room in order to pacify her.

When she refused to stop, Lena faced the bed and said in a funny pleading tone,“Daddy, let go of mummy. Tia wants her mummy.”

Tia’s cries reduced a little bit like she understood what Lena said. Jasper looked at Lena and replied incredulously,“I’m not the one holding mummy. It’s mummy that should let go of me.”

His eyes had a mischievous glint in it as he car-ssed Sharon’s b**ts. What? It’s just too soft that he can’t keep his hands away from touching. Tia increased the volume of her cries, seeing that they didn’t give her what she wants.

“Daddy, let go of mummy. Stop acting like this to baby. Tia wants mummy,” Lena said in a funny voice. Jasper glared at her as Tia kept on crying.

Sharon stirred slightly and the hands on her backside froze. Jasper quickly looked down to see if she’s awake or not. But she only moved a little bit higher on his body. Now he could feel her breath on his neck.

He gulped as his little brother starts reacting again. This could get messy since Lena is in the room.

He looked up and said,“Lena, can’t you take Tia outside? Her cries are disturbing Sharon’s sleep.”

Lena chuckled and mumbled,“Now you care for her.” Jasper didn’t hear Lena’s words cause Tia literally started scre-ming. Her soft chubby cheeks now w-t with tears.

He was about to say something when Sharon suddenly spoke,“T…Tia.” Her voice sounding weird and hoarse. It’s probably cause of the cold. Jasper froze not daring to even breath.

Sharon slowly opened her eyes and frowned. The first thing she saw his l-ips, she trailed it upwards until she could see him looking at her. She looked at him and was about to ask what he’s doing here when she suddenly realized something.

She… She was locked in the bathroom last night. Now she glared at Jasper. Did he come back to free her cause he saw that she had passed out? What funny and cruel man? She swore right then that he was gonna pay for what he did last night.

She realized something else while she was thinking. Her clothes!!! Where did her clothes go to? As she tried moving, she figured out that both her and Jasper are unclad. How dare he take advantage of her?

“You crazy bastard… What did you do to me last night?,” she tried to shout but her voice only came out as a whisper.

Jasper tightened his hold on her refusing to let go no matter how she struggled. It was her turn to hold on to him last night. Now it’s his turn.

He smirked and answered,“I didn’t do anything. I only checked if your p***y is pink enough.” He said so quietly that only her can hear.

Sharon gasped. This pervert! He actually dared! She tried to lift her hands so she can hit him since he refused to let her go. But Jasper only smiled and held her hands. And he did something you and I certainly didn’t expect.

He bent his head lower as if to k-ss her. Sharon wondered what is wrong with him today. She tried to struggle once more but he still won’t let her go. Just before their l-ips could brush against each other, Sharon suddenly said,“Eww! Do you realize your mouth stinks?”

She said it loud and clear that Lena could hear. Cause immediately Sharon said that, she burst into laughter and Jasper stopped what he was about to do. He frowned. This rude lady. He’ll make sure to teach that s-xy, rude mouth of hers a lesson today.

“Brother, sister in-law… I would love to watch you two lovely fight but a crying baby needs your help right now. Daddy please let mummy go. Tia wants mummy,” Lena said the last statement in a cute baby voice facing Tia whose face is already red from crying and crying.

Sharon blushed out of embarrassment. So Lena is in the room with Tia and this pervert still tried to act live adult scene in front of them.

“You are so shameless,” she told him.

“I know,” Jasper said and squeezed her b*tt cheek lightly. Sharon glared at him. ‘I swear you are so dead when I’m finally able to free myself,’ she thought as she glared at him.

Jasper chuckled already guessing what she’s thinking. ‘That will only happen if I let you go,’ he thought.

“Please bring my baby here since her shameless daddy doesn’t want to let me go,” Sharon called out. Lena walked forward towards the bed and handed the baby to Sharon.

Sharon found it difficult to carry Tia cause of the tight embrace she’s currently captured in. She glared at him again and said,“At least, let me go so I can carry honey,” she said quietly as she felt some pain in her throat. So she kept quiet as it seems that her throat only hurts when she speaks.

Jasper freed her but only for a second. As she turned sideways to carry Tia. He moved closer and put his hands round her wa-ist. Sharon sighed not knowing what to do. She doesn’t understand why this pervert is behaving so shamelessly today.

Lena coughed, seeing the PDA ( public display of affection) in front of her. “Brother, please pardon my single soul and don’t let my eyesight weaken. I’m leaving. I’ll inform the doctor to wait a little bit longer so Sharon can get dressed,” she said walking towards the door.

Jasper looked at her. Silly girl… So she kept the doctor waiting outside all this while. He’s unware of the fact that the doctor is actually having a VIP service outside cause Lena already ordered the servants to serve anything he wants to eat or drink just to keep him busy.

As Lena shut the door, Jasper put his head on Sharon’s shoulder so he can watch Tia who’s greedily slurping fast on Sharon’s br-ast.

“Don’t you know you have weight? Remove your head from my shoulder,” she ordered.

Jasper chuckled and replied,“Nice view.” He was staring at her br-ast intently. Sharon’s fair skin turned pink with blush. This man is shamelessly crazy.

“Jasper, I swear I’m gonna kill you once I free myself. I should have hit that vase on your head that day to reset your chicken brain. How dare you stare at my b-obs like that? It’s only for Tia and my future husband. You don’t have the right,” she spat out.

Immediately she finished, she coughed due to the pain. This stupid bastard keeps on making her stress herself, in the process making her throat hurt.

Jasper frowned and pat her back. What future husband? He hates the thought of another man getting… Gosh! What the heck is wrong with him? Why is he acting this way?

“I’ve seen everything so need to hide anything. I have to admit that you really have those curves,” he said. Sharon blushed again.

“Jasper, why are you acting this way today? Why did you lock me in the bathroom? I never expected this from you,” she bombarded him with questions.

“What! Why would I do such a thing? Is that what you really think, that I would do such a thing to you?,” his voice raised in anger at the thought that his suspicions were actually correct. Someone locked her up. Who would dare do so?


“Mr and Mrs Kings, it’s nice to meet you two,” Mr Winston’s voice boomed in the empty restaurant floor. They actually paid the entire floor just for tonight.

Aiden’s parents nodded in response. Mrs Kings looked around as she sat down cause she can only see Ben and Sheila.

As the waiters and waitresses served their dishes she couldn’t hold back her curiosity so she asked,“Excuse me, where’s my daughter in-law? Why is she late?”

The spoons that were about to dig into the food stopped immediately as everyone looked at her. Sheila glared at her. Crazy old woman. Calling Sharon daughter in-law when she’s not even married to her son yet.

“Aiden, why is no one talking? Is something wrong with Sharon?,” the woman asked worriedly.

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