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Diamond in the rough episode 48 – 49

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🌹(The Beauty Within)🌹

Episode 48


By: Kebby NG Media Service


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“Even if you are playing hide and seek, do you have to hold his hands like that?,” the teacher whose name is Justin asked him.

Before Jimmy could answer, Asher decided to play a trick on him. “Sir, I was asking him to release my hand but he didn’t answer. He even held my hands with force. Here is the mark sir as evidence.”

He even showed the teacher his pale coloured skin which actually had faint red marks. Jimmy opened his mouth wide agape. See the person he is trying to help.

The teacher looked at him with a cold glare. Jimmy could already imagine what the teacher is thinking. He is probably thinking that Jimmy thinks because he is a rich kid, he can bully anyone he likes.

Jimmy gave the teacher the most innocent look he could muster which clearly says,’ No sir, don’t look at me that way. I am very innocent. I didn’t do anything wrong.’

Asher tried to hold his laughter in as soon as he saw Jimmy’s expression. Does the coward knows he looks right now?

He looked back and saw that the boys chasing after them already ran away as soon as they saw the teacher. Well the coward is actually useful for something but that doesn’t mean that those boys will stay away.

They will probably continue disturbing him until he teaches them a very good lesson. But mom! His mom…

“Sir, don’t mind anything he is saying. We are friends right…,” Jimmy’s words trailed off as soon as he realized he doesn’t know the boy’s name and the teacher is already looking at him suspiciously.

He swore that the little brat is gonna pay for this as soon as the teacher leaves. Is this the right way to treat your saviour?

“We are friends right Adam?,” he asked Asher who frowned. Well Jimmy only said the random name that came to his head. Asher frowned. Adam?

Well the coward actually got the first letter of his name correctly. The rest wrong. But Asher decided to just let it go cause he wants to settle this matter as soon as possible and go back to his class.

So he nodded to confirm words and said,“Yes sir, I and Jimmy are very good friends. We like playing hide and seek alot.” That finally dissipated the doubt in the teacher’s mind.

“Okay, if you say so. Carry on children,” the teacher said and he turned to leave. Jimmy gladly waved goodbye, at him. As soon as the teacher was out of their sight, he turned back to Asher with a glare.

“What?,” Asher asked with an innocent look as if he isn’t aware of what he did. Jimmy looked at him. Seriously! Is he trying to act unaware now?

“I can’t believe you almost sold me out to the teacher!,” Jimmy shouted.

“Point of correction. I didn’t sell you out. I only tried to play a harmless prank on you,” Asher replied.

“You call that a prank. In case you don’t know, Mr Justin hates the guts of rich kids that bully other kids. He could have had me suspended and aunt Sharon will be so mad at me!,” he told Asher.

“Who is aunt Sharon?,” Asher asked with a puzzled look.

Jimmy eyed him and retorted,“Don’t say her name. You don’t have the right to call my aunt Sharon.”

Asher just shrugged his shoulders. He doesn’t care. “Are you through with your drama now? Can I leave?,” he asked Jimmy.

“What is your name? And how old are you?,” Jimmy asked.

“I’m Asher. Why do you want to know my age?,” Asher looked at him suspiciously.

Jimmy just smiled and said,“No need to think about weird things. I’m Jimmy Madon and I’m eight. Well almost eight.”

For the first time since they met, Asher smiled and Jimmy looked at the dimples in his cheeks enviously. He touched his own cheeks and subconsciously thought,’It’s not fair. He has cute h0les in his cheeks and I have none.’

Meanwhile Asher is actually smiling cause Jimmy said almost eight. It is quite refreshing to meet someone who is similar or a little bit similar to him.

“Well I’m six. Almost six,” Asher said and now it was Jimmy’s turn to smile. “Even though you are younger than me and I’m your s£nior, can we be friends?,” Jimmy asked stretching out his hands for a handshake.

“Deal. I’m not allowed to call you s£nior right?,” Asher answered as he shook Jimmy’s hands with his.

“Yeah, you can call me whatever you want. Just respect your s£nior,” Jimmy said cheekily and Asher couldn’t help smiling again.

Then they turned around and parted ways. Each one going in the opposite direction. Hmm… Such good friends. Now I’ve missed my favourite couple. Let’s go back to them.


Sharon walked around the room slowly with a cute but sad pout. It’s been days now but Jasper wants her to do excercise everyday just to make sure she is getting better.

The first time she had worn the sport outfit which comprise of a short sport shirt and p-nt. You know all those yoga p-nts. The one that hugs the back curve t¡ghtly and outline the p-nt area.

Jasper’s eyes almost bulged out. He choked on his saliva as soon as he saw that sweet curve. The perfect figure eight. God! Which part of his eyes saw that she was fat? That part is clearly blind.

This can’t be classified as fat. It is simply called created beautifully in his own image. Hahahaha, that statement is for you all who knows the scripture well in the Bible.

She was looking so beautiful with her hair tied into a bun that he so wanted to get up, carry her over his shoulder and throw her on the b£d. Then show her the way she should be treated by a real man.

But he had somehow managed to convince himself to resist the temptation. Now he is having a countdown of how many more days is left for the wedding.

And this is just Wednesday. God!!! Can you just imagine the frustration he must be feeling?

“Jasper, can I please rest now? I’ve been walking around for the past one hour now and the legs you wanted to check if they are perfectly okay now aches alot,” she complained.

“First, I asked you to call me hubby not Jasper. It’s hubby not Jasper. Secondly, it hasn’t been one hour. Wifey, it’s just thirty minutes. Lastly, this is the most simplest exercise in the wh0le world right now,” he answered as he checked the golden stopwatch in his hand.

Sharon stopped walking and looked at him with disbelief. Jasper frowned as he quickly paused the stopwatch before questioning her,“Wifey! Why did you stop?”

“You call this excercise simple. Why don’t you come and do it yourself? You loudly said it the other day that couple should stick together even to the point of going to hell. So please dear hubby, come and kindly do this exercise for your wifey,” Sharon told him.

Jasper laughed awkwardly and asked,“What are you saying wifey? The excercise might be simple to you but it is not for me. My legs aren’t functioning like yours, have you forgotten?”

“So shut up and stop acting like a grouchy coach. Do you want to kill me before the wedding? I’ll just faint from this tough excercise,” Sharon said before she drained a cup of water.

Jasper laughed softly. She called walking around the room consecutively a tough excercise. What about ladies that lift weight? Did they die?

“Hey wifey, you can’t die. You need to be fresh and s-xy for our wedding night,” Jasper said teasingly. Sharon immediately spat out the tiny drops of water in her mouth.

“Wedding night. What wedding night? Even if we were to have any wedding night, I’ll rather sleep with a complete man than you,” Sharon retorted.

Jasper should feel offended with the way she talked to him about his disability but he only smirked and asked,“So you would only have s*x with a complete man. A man that can walk unlike me.”

Sharon nodded indicating yes. She is only teasing him but little did she know that Jasper actually took her words seriously.

“Yes, I’ll surely have s*x with my hubby if he can walk but I don’t have to worry about you taking advantage of me because you are crippled. Sorry, that came out harsh. I meant to say cause you can’t walk so I know I’ll enjoy this marriage in peace,” Sharon retorted.


🌹(The Beauty Within)🌹

Episode 49


By: Kebby NG Media Service


“Yes, I’ll surely have s*x with my hubby if he can walk but I don’t have to worry about you taking advantage of me because you are crippled. Sorry, that came out harsh. I meant to say cause you can’t walk so I know I’ll enjoy this marriage in peace,” Sharon retorted.

She was talking so seriously that she didn’t notice the discreet smile on Jasper’s face. ‘We will see about that wifey,’ he thought as he stared at her with a hidden emotion in his eyes.

“You won’t go back on your words, will you?,” he asked and she shook her head sideways to indicate no. She looked at him suspiciously and asked,“Why are you asking me this?”

“Nothing. Oh! The ring I ordered for us will arrive today. Please don’t burst into tears when you see the ring,” he pleaded teasingly. Sharon pouted again. Ever since that day that she cried over the ring, he has never stopped teasing her.

“Stop it. Stop making me feel embarrassed over and over again. You were acting so sweet that day that I couldn’t help but get emotional now you are somehow like blaming me,” she complained.

“It’s not my fault that you are such a cry baby,” he continued. Sharon got seriously upset. She decided to teach him a lesson. This time she would teach him a lesson with her actions.

Jasper looked at her confused as she came to stand directly in front of him. Her clothes clinging to her body cause it is already sweaty.

Jasper gulped as he could clearly see the outline of her big, round n*pples from the w€t shirt. So she is not wearing a b-ra! F*ck! What type of temptation is this?

He could already feel his little brother reacting slowly. Sharon walked to his front and turned around. Her h-uge ass now directly facing him. Okay! What the f*ck is going on!?

Sharon slowly bent down to touch her toes. Her ass almost in his mouth. Jasper gulped again. What is this tease trying to do? He felt the reaction of his little brother increasing rapidly.

Sharon smiled and wiggled her b*tts in his face. “Huh! Wifey, what are you doing?,” he asked as he could feel his temperature rising.

“I am trying my newly devised excercise techniques,” she replied cheekily while hiding a smirk. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her that he is already reacting to the beauty she is endowed with.

‘Wifey! Do you have to shake your ass in my face. I’m a man not a piece of wood!,’ Jasper cried out inwardly but he didn’t dare inform her how much she is affecting him.

Sharon repeated that same action again. She just successfully gave him a boner. Search for the meaning of boner in your dictionary. I’m not gonna tell you.

Then she turned around. Jasper quickly squ-eesed his leg together trying to hide the boner she has given him but it was too late because she saw it and smirked.

She then knelt down and bent down like almost bowing to him. Jasper freaked out when he saw her ass pointed out and the shirt revealing her bare b-obs.

“Sharon, will you please stop now?,” he tried to plead as he has already figure out that she is probably doing this to punish him for teasing her and this punishment is really great cause it is working perfectly.

When Sharon heard him pleading, she smiled mischievously and stood up. Jasper breathed deeply in relief thinking that she was gonna stop but she suddenly sat on his laps directly on his boner.

Jasper almost fainted when he felt the softness of her ass on his boner. He choked literally on nothing. Sharon turned to face him and slowly put her hands round him.

Jasper couldn’t even talk cause he was frozen still. Sharon moved her face closer to his that he could now feel her h-ot breathe on his face.

Jasper immediately felt like crying. Why is she tempting him like this? “Hubby, what’s going on? Why are you looking like you in pain? Are you okay?,” Sharon asked, her h-ot breathe teasing his face lightly.

Jasper shook his head sideways unable to talk as she began to move a little on his laps.

“Will you tease your poor wifey ever again?,” Sharon asked and Jasper shook his head sideways. Sharon smiled and then she stared at his l-ips.

She then slowly lowered her l-ips towards his. Jasper rejoiced inwardly,’Finally! She is gonna do it. I’ve been waiting for this like all my life,’ he thought and I can’t help but shake my head at how dramatic he sounds.

Then she suddenly stood up just as their l-ips were about to meet each other and create a rom-ntic friction. Jasper stared at her in shock as his l-ips is still pouted out for the incoming k-ss that never came.

Sharon just bent down and took a small towel. Then she wiped the sweat off her body. He stared at her with an aggrieved look. He couldn’t help but complain inwardly.

Sharon hid a smile at his reaction. That serves him right. Next time he would think twice before teasing her. She had actually read it on one website that the best way to get even with a man is to make him h*rny and then leave him halfway.

She looked at his facial expression and immediately understood the words they were trying to convey. ‘Wifey! Why did you stand up now!’

“Don’t look at me that way. I want to go and wait at the doorstep so when the delivery guy or girl arrive, I’ll be there to pick up the rings,” she said and before he could even say anything, she walked out.

Jasper looked at his boner then at her departing figure. He swore she was gonna pay for what she just did to him. Why lead him on when she clearly has no intention of finishing the act?

He sighed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. When he had changed into new clothes, he fished out his phone and began to browse when a notification appeared.

It showed an unread message. He checked and was suprised to see that it was actually s£nt few days ago so how did he miss it?

He clicked on it and wasn’t suprise to see that the message is from Alex. It says, ‘Boss, I need your help. I want to search for someone. I need to find a missing person. That is my only request.’

What the heck!? The guy wants to look for someone. He thought he was gonna ask for something like some shares in the new company that he plans to give someone special. Hmm…. Someone special. Curious minds, that’s story for another day.

“Who does he wants to look for? Is it an old relative?,” he mumbled to himself. That guy is really t¡ght l-ipped. Up till this moment, Jasper still doesn’t know his story. Like his life story.

So now… That he actually ventures to search for someone… When he surely have enough influence to do it…. Has he tried before and failed? Jasper became very intrigued but he didn’t want pry his personal life affairs.

If he is not ready to spill anything then he won’t pry. Until he is ready to talk. Jasper just typed a simple ‘ok’ as a reply.

Alex was in his office when he saw the message. Just that simple message spread warmth in his heart. Will he really be able to see her again and finally win her heart?

He immediately typed her full name, he guessed her age but since it’s being a while, he can’t remember the exact age. He explained her physical features just like he remember.

And many more. When Jasper received the message which came in about four minutes after he replied, he became very very intrigued.

But anyways he still s£nt the message to his best P. I (private investigator.) Alex stared at the reports on his desk and couldn’t concentrate anymore.

He couldn’t stop thinking of the fact that he might get to see her again. Just then a knock came in and his busty secretary walked in. Alex frowned as he noticed the flirty looks she is giving him.

They only had a fling once and now she is behaving like they are dating already.

“Sir, I’ve just come with this new contract file. It’s about the creation of a game ad for a business product,” she said and his frown deepened.

He doesn’t necessarily accept these contracts cause one they don’t pay. Secondly it is very difficult to create a suitable game ad for a business contract.

But nevertheless, he walked closer to the file and checked it. His frown disappeared when he saw that the product is just a general product.

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