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#Season_1 Final Episode 50


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But nevertheless, he walked closer to the file and checked it. His frown disappeared when he saw that the product is just a general product.

That means whatever ad he need to make for the company will actually be an easy one. So he skimmed or shall I say scanned through the contract. The terms and conditions. What they are gonna offer him and blah blah.

I don’t know much about business stuff so I will stop there. He finished checking all the processes and finally went to the name of the company.

He looked at the unfamiliar name. Kings company. The Ceo is Aiden Kings. He switched on his computer and began to google search all the information he could obtain about the company but soon shut his system out of boredom when he didn’t find anything interesting.

He looked up and was surprised to see that the secretary is still standing right where he left her. He looked at her confused.

“What are you still doing there? Don’t you have work to do?,” he asked. The lady smiled seeing that he finally noticed her. She swayed her body as she walked towards him.

Alex could feel a headache approaching cause he already figured out what she was planning to do. She finally got to him and slowly began to car-ss his body. He sighed and thought this is what happens when you hire a s-xy lady as a secretary.

“Sir, don’t you need my help? I can relieve you if you want. I can make you feel really good,” she tried to whisper sed-ctively but Alex just got more and more disgusted with the way she was acting.

“Get your filthy hands off me and go back to your office or I’ll strip you of your job officially,” he threatened. The lady frowned thinking that why didn’t he fall for her sed-ctive acts. Why is he acting this way?

She saw that cold, deathly glare he is giving her and she hurriedly left the place. He sighed after she had left while feeling extremely disgusted by the lingering smell left by her harsh perfume.

He quickly called the cleaner to his office. He couldn’t stand that harsh smell left by whatever cheap perfume she used. To think that she thought she could sed-ce him. That fling was just a mistake that should never have happened.


Aiden looked up and frowned when he noticed Janiece looking at her phone for the umpteenth time today. He wondered what could be so interesting that she has to check every second.

But then he noticed she was fidgety like she was nervous or scared but why. “Are you okay Janiece? Is everything alright? Why do you keep looking at your phone? Is there anything you need my help with?,” he bombarded her with questions.

Janiece couldn’t help but force a smile to reassure him that everything is okay. But how she act like everything is alright? She has been checking her phone every second to make sure she doesn’t miss any notification that Asher perhaps got into a fight.

She is seriously scared that is gonna happen and he will get kicked out of the school. She couldn’t afford to let him miss the opportunity of going to school and getting a degree all because of his aggressive attitude.

And she also paid a hefty amount of money in that school for his enrollment since that was the only school that was willing to admit him.

The money she spent on his tuition fee and other things has left a serious dent on her life savings. All the savings she has acc-mulated over years of hærdwork.

If that money gets wasted cause he got kicked out of the school, she would be so disappointed in herself and him also. Perhaps she should start considering how to locate his real father. But how will she go about it? Where will she even start from when she doesn’t even have any f*cking clue of who impregnated her?

If she wasn’t drugged that night, perhaps she would have a tiny clue or at least know who he is. Perhaps she wouldn’t have committed that adultery and still be with him… With Ben. Her heart ached again as soon as she thought of him.

“Janiece…. Janiece,” Aiden shook her out of her reverie. She looked up at him. “Why did you suddenly black out like that? Are you sure you are okay? Perhaps you go home for a break,” Aiden said worriedly.

Janiece smiled and nodded,“Thank you sir. Your concern is very much appreciated.” Aiden nodded and watched her leave. He suddenly missed someone. Guess who that someone is?

‘How did it turn to this?,’ he thought as he sat on the chair specially designed for him.


“Ben, what are we gonna do? It’s been days now and we still haven’t heard from our parents. Who knows how they are treating them?,” Sheila nagged as she took an apple from the fruits tray.

Ben looked at her frustrated. She is complaining to him but she still act relaxed herself. He couldn’t help himself so he snapped at her,“Why do you keep on pestering me!? Don’t you get it? I’m now penniless and don’t have any influence like before to hire people to search them.”

Sheila looked at him, suprised that he is shouting at her. I don’t know if it is the pregnancy hormones or the situation or it’s crocodile tears but all I know is that she began to cry.

Ben looked like he wanted pacify her but at the end, he didn’t do anything. He just looked at her and said pathetically,“If I withdraw all the money I have left in the bank, we would all probably starve to death. I still can’t believe you don’t have any savings.”

The last statement made him angry the most. She doesn’t have a single savings. Why? She was so dependent on him, their parents and Aiden that she couldn’t stop herself from spending carelessly.

As he thought about it angrily, he couldn’t help but compare her and Sharon. He instantly had this nagging feeling that he made a mistake somewhere but where?


“Do you love the ring wifey?,” Jasper asked Sharon who stared at the diamond stone in her hands without blinking.

She nodded eagerly to indicate yes without even looking away and Jasper couldn’t help but chuckle. She looked like she had completely fallen in love with the ring.

Lena smiled as she stared at the stone appreciating her brother’s choice. Even Jimmy wasn’t left out, he looked at it with awe and said,“Father really has good eye sight. The ring is so beautiful. It suits aunt Sharon.”

Sharon couldn’t help but smile. Jasper sighed in relief that she isn’t crying this time. He already instructed the manager to forge whatever receipt they were gonna bring.

He didn’t want her to see the real price and freak out again. “I love it. Thank you very much,” Sharon looked up at him with so gratitude in her eyes.

Jasper only chuckled. “We will receive the invitation cards today and send them out. We have also booked a huge hall and made all the necessary preparations. Brother, Jimmy really did alot if work when you were busy cuddling sister in-law.”

Jimmy smiled smugly as soon as Lena said that. Sharon only laughed softly but she quickly added,“I hope you two made the invites limited. I don’t want a loud wedding. I just want a low-key one.”

Lena nodded and she gave Tia to Sharon. The baby was babbling when Lena handed her over to Sharon. Immediately she saw Sharon’s face, she giggled and stretched her hand trying to pull Sharon’s hair.

Sharon played around with her for a while when Jasper suddenly asked,“Have you thought of who you would give the first wedding invite?”

He was expecting to meantion one of their relatives. He clearly wasn’t expecting Lena to say,“Ann.” He looked confused and Sharon looked up immediately. Ann??

“Why Ann?,” he asked Lena who shrugged and said,“I don’t know. Ask your son.” Jasper turned to Jimmy who just smiled innocently.

Jimmy turned to Sharon and winked at her hoping she would get his hint. Sharon’s eyes w¡dened as soon as she understood what he is trying to tell her.

She smiled. So she isn’t the only that knows the way Ann feels about Jasper except from the fool himself, Jasper.

She suddenly laughed out softly and Jasper looked at the two of them suspiciously. “What are you two hiding?,” he asked.

“Nothing,” both Sharon and Jimmy chorused. Jasper whined to himself,“We are not even married yet and the two of them are already sharing secrets. They are even keeping it away from me!”

Lena was the closest to him. So she heard his words and smiled.

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