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Diamond in the rough episode 7

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Episode 7


By: Kebby NG Media Service

Jasper looked at his watch,“ Why isn’t she back from her date yet?” Sharon hit her head lightly. This man is just handsome but he’s dumb. What does he expect will happen on a date?

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“Dummy don’t you want her to get cozy with her boyfriend?,” Sharon remarked totally forgotten about Jimmy’s pres£nce. Jasper glared at her and quickly covered Jimmy’s ears.

“Dad I know what she mean, okay? I’m seven not a kid anymore. I know all about k-sses and stuffs,” Jimmy answered. Sharon and Jasper looked at him surprised.

“What do you mean? You are too young for that!,” Jasper said and Sharon glared at him,“ You really need to be sued for your bad parenting skills.”

“Dad don’t worry, I haven’t tried it yet!,” Jimmy said as he walked out of the room. “ What do you mean not yet!? Come back here little brat!,” Jasper yelled. But Jimmy already walked out.

Sharon turned to face Tia,“ Honey look at your dad. He’s just handsome but can’t even teach your brother good morals.” She looked up and saw Jasper boiling with anger.

She quickly carried the baby and ran out of the kitchen even though she knows he can’t chase her. Jasper looked at his wheelchair in regret,“ One day I’ll teach you a lesson. A very good lesson that you deserve.”

Few minutes later, Sharon walked back to the kitchen. Tia is now asleep. She went to the kitchen cabinet to find food ingredients to prepare as she is now very hungry.

She needed spices but couldn’t find it. After searching, she finally found a jar of spices but she is too short to reach it as it is ontop of a shelf. So she took a stool and stood on it but she still couldn’t reach it. She kept on jumping until she finally got it. But the thing is, as she touched the jar , she missed a step and fell.

Jasper was passing by when he noticed Sharon in the kitchen cooking. ‘She actually has the guts to enter my kitchen like it’s hers,’ he thought slowly steering his wheelchair towards the kitchen.

He saw all the scenario of her trying to reach the spices jar but couldn’t do anything to help. When he saw her falling, he had to do something. He doesn’t why he suddenly rushed towards her and she ended up falling on his laps.

She scre-med and he gro-ned cause she landed heavily on his laps. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him facing her directly. She looked at him surprised and relieved that she did not fall on the floor.

“Don’t you know you have weight. Get up from my laps right now. This isn’t all those reality shows where the male leads k-sses the female leads after catching them in their arms. I’m not k-ssing you,” he uttered harshly.

Sharon frowned and swallowed the ‘thank you’ she was about to say. “ Apparently you didn’t catch me in your arms meanie,” she replied sassily. She stood up and looked at his legs before looking at him suspiciously.

“How are you able to feel my weight ? Are your legs supposed feel any pain ?,” she asked and a nervous look appeared on Jasper’s face.

“What are you talking about fatty? Have you checked yourself in the mirror for once. Even if my legs can’t feel any pain, I can see that you have weight,” he remarked immediately.

Sharon seem to be convinced by his explanation as she thought of it. She turned around and didn’t notice the relief on Jasper’s face.

“ Now can you move out of the kitchen? I need to cook,” she said turning back to him.

“What do you mean move out? This is my kitchen and I’ll stay if I want to. You don’t have the right to command me,” he retorted.

Sharon sighed and hit her head lightly. What was she thinking, asking this rude man to move out of the kitchen? She glared at him and walked away.

Jasper followed her closely and watched her cook. It seems like she can cook. “Hmm… Maybe she’s not that bad after all,” he thought as he could smell the delicious aroma coming from the food.

Suddenly Tia woke up and starts to cry. Sharon panicked and quickly removed her apron. “ Switch off the cooker. I’ll be right back,” she said. She seem to have forgotten that he’s on a wheelchair so he can’t do it.

When Sharon came back with Tia in a baby carrier, she met the cooker off and remembered what she had said earlier. She looked at Jasper suspiciously.

“Are you sure you are not hiding anything?,” she asked.

“ What! You said I should switch off the cooker and I did just that,” he answered.

“If you can’t walk meaning you can’t stand, then how did you switch it off?,” she asked adjusting the baby carrier so Tia is able to rest on her chest well.

The baby sighed in pleasure and slept. Sharon k-ssed her forehead and glared at Jasper. “ I’m still waiting,” she said.

Jasper walked to the front of the cooker and stretched his hand to touch the switch. “ See this is how I switched it off. I simply stretched my hand,” he retorted looking very annoyed.

Sharon smiled and walked to him then she pat his hair gently and said,“ Good boy.” Jasper opened his mouth surprised and then glared at her. She was about to walk away but he pulled her closer back to him. She almost fell on him again.

“ Seriously… If you fall on me, I’ll think you are playing the same trick again and perhaps you really want me to k-ss you,” Jasper said cheekily.

“ Who wants to k-ss you? Who wants to fall on you? Don’t think so highly of yourself. Other guys catch ladies in their arms but you used legs and you are claiming I want to k-ss you. In your wildest dream, now let me go!,” she said trying to free herself from Jasper’s grasp.

But he refused to let her go. “ You’ll pay for what you just said,” he uttered then pulled her again making her fall on his laps with the baby still on her chest. Tia whined cause she felt uncomfortable but Jasper did not care.

He simply put his hands around Sharon making sure she isn’t able to escape.

“Oh my poor baby! Where have you been?,” Sheila heard her mom’s voice as soon as she walked into the h-uge mansion. Ben held her hand as if encouraging her to go forward and say what she wants to say.

“Mom I missed you. I was so scared that I wouldn’t see you again,” she said rushing into her mother’s arms. Her mother looked scared to hear what she said.

She hugged her and k-ssed her forehead. “ Why would you say so baby? Where have you been?,” she asked her daughter again.

Sheila burst into tears and cried out,“ Mom I got into a little argument with sister so she locked me up in a room for hours.”

Her mother frowned remembering that Ben also complained about Sharon bashing his car. What the heck is wrong with that girl? “ Where is she? Call her right away. How dare she do this to you!? Does she want to kill you!?,” her mother rants.

Sheila was smiling discreetly until her father asked,“ What did you do to her?”

That statement wiped off the smile on her face completely. She was not expecting her father or anyone to ask questions. She turned to look at Ben and he nodded encouragingly.

She took in deep breathe and said,“ Father I’m pregnant.”

“What!!!,” her mother shrieked loudly.

Aiden stood by his window screen watching the stars. He suddenly thought of everything that happened today. He never wanted to date Sharon but Sheila begged him to do so.

Then, he had been confused on why she would beg her boyfriend to date her sister. She had claimed she didn’t like the way her sister was lonely but he always knew there was something else to it. And he was proven right today.

“Let me go right now. Can’t you see the baby isn’t comfortable!?,”Sharon said wiggling on his laps. Tia whined again and Sharon pat her slowly.

As soon as the baby falls asleep again, she turned to glare at Jasper. “ What are you doing? Let go of me,” she whisper-yell to him.

But Jasper just ignored and even pulled her closer that now she can feel his h-ot breathe on her face. LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE TO AVOID GETTING BANNED 😏 .

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