Diary Of A Pastor's Son

Diary of a pastor’s son episode 2

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son

Episode 2 🔞

Written by: Frank The Writer

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I really didn’t want her to notice I got an er×¢tion, I would feel so embarrassed. But I k!$sed a few more times, slipping our tongues into each other’s mouths. I guess we were holding each other pretty tight, too. I could feel the strap of her bra through the back of her blouse. And on the third or fourth k!$s, instead of just backing away we kinda slid our faces sideways, and I was k!$sing her neck while she was k!$sing mine. It really felt good.

When we sat back after that, Agatha’s face was a little red, and she seemed to be breathing funny. I felt a little odd myself, kind of hot in,side. And she looks down at my lap and her mouth fell open. She could see through my shorts a big dark stain in the middle of my crotch right where there was a big bulge from my cock. I was so embarrassed. I had to leave the living room and I caught her smiling when I turned back.

Naughty me, I finally learned how to k!$s a girl. That night, I had a dream about her, I can’t remember exactly what happened, but when I woke up I had cum in my shorts.

The following day was Sunday, and it was likely impossible to have time with Agatha. Sundays were the day everyone stayed back at home after long hours at the Church. Going to church actually made me detest Sundays so much. So there were lesser chances of having anything with Agatha, but I couldn’t keep my thought off her. And throughout that day I noticed the way she was looking at me. I knew she wanted me just the way I wished to explore more with her.

Facially, Agatha wasn’t looking bad. If I were to rate her beauty on a scale of one to ten, I’d give her five. She was fair and had dimples. Like I said earlier, she smiles a lot.

After dinner that Sunday night when everyone has gone to bed, I was able to pull her aside and suggest we slip out the back door for a little while. She let out a naughty smile. “Femi, you’re a bad boy,” she said. We laughed. I asked if we could practice k!$sing again. I was afraid she’d be upset about me having a hærd-on the last time, but it turned out she was equally trying to find a way to ask me the same question.

We figured we couldn’t stay out there in the dark too long before someone noticed we were missing. Agatha and my sister, Shola shared the same bed while I slept in my father’s room, and sometimes I’d sleep in the living room. So we just did a quick one, k!$sed and hugged affectionately.

After that night, Agatha and I were gradually getting close to each other unknown to my family. We were always on the lookout for a chance to sneak for a k!$s. I remember one time, we were k!$sing and I had my hands around Agatha’s w–st, and then I started rubbing her back. I wasn’t planning to, really I wasn’t.
But as my hands kept rubbing, I slid along her side and touched her br××sts. Well, I touched her bra and that through her blouse. But she didn’t jerk away or anything, she just kept k!$sing. That gave me a lot of confidence, but I couldn’t hold the bare br××st, just through the bra cup.

That went on for a couple of weeks, and then we were k!$sing and I was stroking her through her blouse and Agatha asked if I didn’t want to get closer. She then pulled her blouse and I put my hand underneath. The feeling was out of this world. Her skin was really smooth, soft, and warm, too. I ran my fingertips over her side and touched her bra cup. It was stiff and scratchy and I didn’t think she could feel anything under it. But the moment I put my hand on it, she moved a little and stuck her tongue in,side my mouth. I let her put her hands in,side my shirt, and she struck the back of my jeans once or twice and cupped my butt, which felt kinda weird.

One Saturday night, we got another chance to be alone. We always waited for everyone to go to bed and sometimes I’d pretend to sleep off on the couch, patiently waiting for my sister and my mom to go to bed, then Agatha would leave the room to meet me in the Sitting room. A movie was showing on our 32 inches TV.
We were sitting next to each other on the couch, and Agatha put her arm around me and pulled me in close and we started k!$sing. We were really going at it hot and heavy, I guess. The blue bulb in the living room illuminated and the ceiling fan was in motion. I pulled her blouse and she rolled my T-shirt to my armpits. I could feel my d*ck pressing hærd against my jeans, but I was used to that by then. Yet we were watchful for any sight of anyone coming.

I didn’t even know what the movie was showing. We didn’t pay attention. We started k!$sing each other’s neck and stuff, and Agatha leaned back until she was on her back and I was on top of her. Her bra was loose and without really realizing it, I slipped my hand in,side and got my first feel of a real live br××st! This might sound dumb, but it wasn’t as hærd as I thought it would be. I guess I didn’t realize that it was the bra that was so stiff and not what was underneath. I mean, I knew there weren’t any bones or anything there, but I just never thought it would feel so good and succulent.

When I felt the little button at the tip of Agatha’s br××st, I felt some kind of $ens-tion all over m body that I pulled my hand out quickly but she grabbed hold of my arm before I could pull it out from underneath her blouse.
“You can do that,” she said, and I didn’t need to be asked twice. So we got k!$sing, and I was fondling Agatha’s tits. I wasn’t surprised that my d*ck was very hærd, especially since I was right on top of her.

She swung her legs up onto the couch and I was right in between them, holding her down on the couch while the other hand was busy. With my d*ck hærd as a flag pole and I was lost in what we were doing, I just started rubbing it against her. That was the least I could think of. “What are you doing?” Agatha said in a low tone. I asked her what she meant, and she said down there. I felt embarrassed but she said it was alright.

Then she asked me if it didn’t hurt my jeans being so tight, and I said yeah, it did. “So why don’t you slide them down?” she added. I told her I don’t know if I should. Agatha said I could do what I wanted, and she was going to slide her pants down too because she wanted to rub herself too. I was shocked. I didn’t know girls did that. She said she sometimes played with herself after we got through k!$sing because I would have gotten her so hot that she would need to ease herself.

Well, I told her about having dreams about her, and how I woke w-t the following day. I told her I was getting pretty hot thinking about how I’d made her feel, too. So we both undid our shorts and slipped them down around our ankles.
Agatha had on a pair of shinny pink panties which covered her smooth ass. I was glad I was on my white neat boxers, not any of the old ones in my bags. We both smiled when we saw the matching stains on the fronts of her panties and my boxers.

Anyway, she spread her legs apart a little and I got off her again, and I started rubbing against her. We started k!$sing again and other kinds of stuff too. I guess just rubbing wasn’t enough for girls, because Agatha put my hand down there and stuck it in,side her panties. I would’ve put my hand on my d*ck, too, but I didn’t have one free ‘cause, I was feeling her up again. I was running her so hærd that the head of my d*ck poked out of my boxers. I was hoping Agatha wouldn’t notice, and for a while, she didn’t.

She stopped k!$sing me and put her head to the side and gr0-ned softly and then all of a sudden she jerked back and forth a few times. “Are you alright?” I asked. “I came,” she answered. “That’s what a girl’s orgasm is like. And it was a good one, too. How about you?” Before I could say anything, she started to pull her hand out of her panties and it brushed against the tip of my d*ck. I said I was sorry. “For what?” she asked. And then she put her hand right on my d*ck! I thought I was gonna blow right away but then it felt so good. Her fingers were real soft and kinda slippery—from fingering herself. I never felt anything like that before; I felt some kind of sweet $ens-tion in my body.

Agatha said she didn’t want us to have the real s-× because she felt I might end up sending her on the journey of nine months and she wasn’t ready to go into the world and multiple. We laughed over it. So she continued with my d*ck; she slid it up and down slowly. When her fingers brushed the sides of my helmet, I thought I would die of pleasure. I gr0-ned inaudibly. But after she rubbed a little longer, it just felt right and pretty soon I felt something happening. I tried telling her, but the cum just shot right out of me and splattered over her hand and her belly. We k!$sed a little more before I got up and got a cloth to clean her up.

Shockingly, my sister’s room door opened.

To be continued…
© Frank The Writer

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