Diary of a pastor’s son episode 3

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son

Episode 3 🔞🔞

Written by: Frank The Writer

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I was startled by the sound of the door and seeing it was opened, I quickly rushed in the direction of the TV control switch and acted like I was about to turn it off. Agatha was smart enough, she quickly asked if I have turned it off to avoid being blown up by high voltage. So I said yes.
Shola just walked straight in the direction of the toilet. I heaved a big sigh of relief as soon as she went in and closed the door. Agatha looked at me and we let out a smile, but my heart was still beating faster. Thank God she didn’t catch us, I said to myself.
When finally Agatha went into the bedroom she shared with Shola, I contemplated whether to go to my mom’s room or join my dad in his room.

I reached the door of my dad’s room and it seemed he was humming worship songs. He was used to having midnight prayers which I detested so much. Sometimes he would wake everyone and sometimes he would pray alone in his room. He doesn’t miss midnight prayers for anything.
So I turned and tiptoed off the door of his room. I went back to the sitting room and relaxed on the couch.

My eyes caught the wall clock and it was 1:23 am. I had some random thoughts and my conscience pricked me. Voices saying this and that. One was clearer and it said something like, “Look at you, pastor’s son soiling yourself with Agatha.” “Yes, I’m a pastor’s son and I shouldn’t have fun again?” I tried countering the voice. And each time a voice condemned me, it had always used this pastor’s son of a thing attached to it and I hated that voice that I had always felt like shutting it off my head, but it seemed to have rented a space in my head.

The next day, we were all eating breakfast together at the dining table. My father took Agatha like his own daughter, so we did almost everything together and he encouraged Shola and I not to make her feel differently. He once told us to see Agatha like one of us, but if only my father knew what had been going on between Agatha and I.
So while we were eating, Shola almost got us in trouble when she said something about seeing Agatha and I on the couch last night, I was freaking out. I snuck a peek at Agatha who also was shocked, judging from her look. But I was relieved she didn’t say what I had thought she would say.
She simply said we were movie freaks and loved staying up late at the night.

“Femi doesn’t have work to do,” my mother taunted in Yoruba. I felt a bit embarrassed by her comment. She had always wanted me to help her out in her place of business but I just didn’t like going to her shop. My mom was into ladies’ wear and she had two girls working for her, so what’s the need of going there? My mom eventually talked Agatha into coming to help her in the shop every day. And that really pissed me off—and I knew Agatha wasn’t happy too, but she pretended and did nod her head like she wasn’t so sad about it. She simply didn’t have a choice but to dance to my mom’s tune. I kinda feel my mom didn’t really like Agatha just the way my Dad cared about her wellbeing.

Later in the evening, Agatha and I were careful to stay away from each other but she did manage to slip me a note. She didn’t have a phone, so she wrote on a piece of paper. The content of her note said we should probably play cool for a few days to avoid being caught. Her handwriting was really nice that I read and re-read her note almost five times. She equally expressed her displeasure concerning going to the shop with my mom.


The next few days were awful, not being able to hold or kiss her or do anything silly and naughty. I spent my nights jacking off on the couch, thinking about her. Since she started going to shop with my mom, she hardly had time for us. When we finally did manage to be alone, it was just for a few seconds, enough for a quick kiss, and we didn’t even have time to talk. But as we split up again, Agatha whispered to my ear, “write me a note,” she said. So I did.
I wrote down how I thought about her all the time, how I had dreams about her, and how I missed our kissing. I slipped it to her when we were all having dinner.

The next day, she gave me a note back. It said she thought about me, too. That made me feel really special, and I felt like I was already in love with her. She said she couldn’t wait for us to be together again which went double for me.

For the next couple of weeks, we didn’t get a single kiss. Guess who was back? The last born of the house, Bidemi was back and you know she was troublesome, more reason my father changed her from day to boarding school, just to see if she would cool down. Her school was on break.
So Agatha and I agreed that since Bidemi was back, we should play it cool, at least far from late-night stuff. And we didn’t want anyone to notice us getting off by ourselves all the time. As it turned out, though, that didn’t mean we couldn’t do anything.

One Saturday morning, my parents were out and the house was left with Shola, Bidemi, and me. We were having our breakfast at the dining table like our father had taught us to always eat together. My father would always say, “A family that eats together, prays together.”
This time Agatha and I were sitting next to each other. I was really in agony, having her so close that I could smell the flowering soap she had used that morning to bathe, but not being able to touch Agatha got me in distress.
She wore a certain white blouse that allowed me to see her breasts hiding in her bra when she bent over a little. I wanted to yank open that blouse and grab hold of her dangling boobs. With all that going on in my head, I wasn’t surprised I got a hard d*ck. I didn’t think anyone would notice, with it under the table, but I think Agatha would probably guess.

Anyway, I was taking a bite of yam and sauce Agatha made for us. Then I felt something on my crotch, I looked down right away and saw Agatha’s hand under the tablecloth. I felt her undoing my zipper. I looked around the table, and neither Shola nor Bidemi seemed to notice anything going on. The TV was on and it got their attention.
Though it was tough to keep a straight face while Agatha slide her hand into my boxers and pulled my hard shaft and started jacking me off. I was going to stop her but that would simply implicate us, my sisters might notice, so I maintained like nothing was going on.

Shola asked me to pass her the drinking water by my side, but it took two or three times before he got my attention to do that. Agatha just giggled and kept on. When I felt myself about to explode, I put my hand down there and pushed her hand away. No way I was going to cum with my d*ck waving in the air like that and allowing it all over my shorts. I just got it stuffed back into my shorts and exploded. I gave Agatha that look that literally meant she shouldn’t have risked us being caught by any of my sisters.
We were just lucky the two were busy eating and watching one action movie that was showing on the TV. Agatha wouldn’t stop being crazy and unpredictable.

After that, I wrote Agatha a note telling her it wasn’t fair that she could jack me off in front of my sisters and I couldn’t even get my hands on her breasts unless we were alone. But she wrote me back saying, “You’ll think of something.”
It was later that week I finally figured out what she meant. In the meantime, she sent me another note saying she missed our sessions so much that she’d always dream about me.

One day, Shola, Bidemi, and I were watching TV, and all of us were seated together on the couch. It was raining that very day, and Agatha wore a big sweater that made her look lumpy—but I still remembered what was underneath. Agatha said she was cold, so she reached for the blanket in the bedroom and threw it over her lap—and then she asked if I wasn’t feeling cold, too. I was too dumb to figure out what she was up to, but luckily, Bidemi who was sitting on the other side of me said she was feeling cold, so Agatha spread the blanket over all our laps.

In a little while, she reached underneath the blanket and grabbed my hand, and guided it over to her lap. When she tucked my hand under the waistband of her sweatpants, I quickly understood what she was up to. My fingers brushed over a patch of hair, which I figured was like the one above my manhood. And then I felt some fold of skin. They were already a little wet. I didn’t know where I was going, but Agatha guided me a little, and pretty soon I had worked a couple of fingers in and out. I could hear her breathing getting shallow, so I figured I was on the right track.
When I started rubbing faster, Bidemi looked over when she felt the blanket shaking, so I had to slow down. It took a while, but eventually, Agatha jerked a few times, and then she pulled my hand away, letting me wipe it on the inside of her sweatpants first.
It was one of the craziest things I ever did with Agatha and it was weird.

One night, I ran into her while she was going to the bathroom to take her bath. We figured it was later and no one would notice, so we snuck into the toilet together. The door was barely closed before Agatha was all over me, pulling my d*ck out of my pajamas and planting her lips right on mine. It felt so good to be with her again, without having to hide what we were doing. I was so hot for her that I exploded right away, although I kept diddling her a few minutes before the unexpected happened; Bidemi bumped into us with her hands on her belly. She seemed to be having a running stomach and we didn’t know when she was close.
Yes, she caught us pants down and she stood outside the door so shocked. She had tissue paper in her left hand.

Finally, someone caught us and it was Bidemi the parrot.
Damn, I looked at Agatha, her face was staring at the floor and I couldn’t look my sister in the face. I was so embarrassed.

To be continued
©Frank The Writer


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