Diary Of An Addict



“What’s that?” I asked drawing closer to Luke who pulled out a tiny bottle from his side pocket, I couldn’t tell exactly what it was as I hadn’t seen it before but it looked like the bottles I’d seen the nurses with in hospitals, the type from which they pulled liquid into syringes for injecting the convalescent.”You be jew man? No dey do like se u no sabi the thing, are you a learner?” He spat with red eyes bringing out a syringe & needle. Quickly he fixed the needle on the bottle cap, pulled all the liquid into it and flexed his muscles, he stretched forth his arm, stiffening it and in no time he’d injected all of the liquid in his vein. I watched, with mouth agape, wole was well known for one thing, strength… He could try out anything equal to torture and not make one bit of sound or show the pains. They took turns in injecting themselves with the unknown liquid, it was my turn now….I was lost in choice, I didn’t know what it was or its implications but then I didn’t wanto be that weakling they thought I was, the kid, I wasn’t going to let my self down and get mocked again ” sharp guy, collect ” Luke said handing me a bottle of the liquid, I grabbed it from him waiting for my own syringe, he handed me one but then I realised it was the same needle he and wole had used, I could recall clearly being taught in school the dangers of sharing sharp, piercing objects, so unhealthy! I couldn’t deal with and…. “Wetin you dey wait for..no dey dull for here, in fact give me my thing” he fired, realising I had done nothing but look at the needle for minutes. “Same needle? This isn’t healthy at all and…”
“Wole collect that thing make we ball out from here… This guy too dey dull” Luke stated
That humiliation again, I wouldn’t take it… I closed my eyes, stiffened my arm, like a man I thought I was, consoling myself with the words “disease no dey kill African man” , caring less about the needle I injected my self. “Ehen! Your head dey your neck!” “Correct!” They chanted as I succ-mbed.
“Anfetamyn” Luke whispered to my ears as I sat there, with eyes closed, letting the intoxicant work through my body, I didn’t get the words clearly at first….” Oh! Amphetamine” luke was always a dummy anyway, no new thing he couldn’t pronounce or spell words clearly, a drug I had heard about on certain occasions, I didn’t know it’s effects but from the way I felt I knew it was a stimulant, my alternative remedy now ….”hahahahaha!” I chuckled loudly, expressing the way my nerves felt from the working of amphetamine. I heard the rustling of bushes, footsteps approaching, Wole bidding us to “take -off” as we called it, yet my vision was blurry, my senses were incoordinate, i could see giant human figures approaching, but their faces or why they approached so fast I couldn’t tell. My freinds took off in seconds, leaving me in my dizzy state behind. I felt a hand grab me by the shoulder, a punch, a very hærd punch ,series of kicks and… A slap, that added darkness to the blurriness of my vision and that was it…all I could recall of that moment.

to be continued

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