Diary Of A Legonite

Diary Of A Legonite – Episode 1


Dear Diary,

Being a level 200 student at the University of Ghana is just one of a hell,you are greeted with all kinds of temptations you can ever think of,But I see myself fighting through this temptations,especially as a Law student.

Fafa is my name,I am a student of UG,and a resident of Limann Hall,I am much of a reserved girl on campus,I might be seen in the company of my course mates or Shanty or maybe my roomie…No New friends please!!!,I am a perfect definition for Introvert.

I am a very pretty girl,and I don’t need a guy to flatter me with those flattering words,I own this sharp face with brightly colored teeth to match my lit eyes…Thanks to my Dad,”Am really the ch¡p of the old block”.

Dating is never in my daily routine,I see guys and men as a total distraction,so far as am still in school,

I was always glued to my books back at Wesley Girls…A bookworm they called me,I was never ready to accept defeat from any of my class mates,being a science student was the best thing that ever happened to me,All this my idea of guys and my bookish lifestyle led me to the University of Ghana to pursue my dream course..Law!!!

Am fortunate to share a room with this nerd,Adiya,believe you me,she rarely opens her mouth to say something!!…Adiya only speaks to her boyfriend,and maybe me…..

The next person I am close to is my “University Best Friend”,Shanty…This girl is only nice when you become friends,but until then,you wouldn’t like to piss her off.

I had to swallow a bitter pill before we became friends on campus,since then we have been that close on campus.

Shanty is in a relationsh¡p with this IPS guy,Aluta or whatever his name is,not soo cute,but rich and welcoming,He is the son of an MP here in Ghana…..Like I care.,,!!

So in other words,I am the only girl in my friends cycle who has no guy in my life,I am sooo worried,am I ready for a relationsh¡p??…Lord give me a sign….

Dear Diary,You know,I met this guy when we closed from lectures,He was sooo Cute,I wish He were an apple fruit,I wouldn’t think twice before taking a bite,the guy was soo cute,Yea,am the one talking about a guy…but seriously speaking,I think I misplaced my phone,and this guy did well by returning it to me…how good he is,I pray he really is good.

I met up with him after I called my contact number using Shanty’s phone,We met at the entrance of the Balm Library where He returned the phone to its missing owner,and when our eyes ,met…Hallelujah!!

It had to take the usual back slap from Shanty to bring me back to my sane mind,I thanked him and left without caring to ask for his name or even take his contact,Shanty queried me for that,But I was so lost in my own dilemma,I don’t know how to do that wai Shanty,I remember telling her that,

Oh really?,then you will marry your uncle!,…That was her reply…

Am I in love already?…or this is what they called crush?…well whatever that was,I pray I don’t relate..

Am not falling for that guy..No,No guys Pleeease….

So,Dear Diary,That was how my day unfolded itself today…That Guy tho’….Soo cute!!!

Yours Faithful

Dearest Me


Dear Diary,

Today looks very promising and I can’t wait to make the best out of it, lectures starts at 8:30Am and after 12:00, am so free like a bird, I don’t even know what I will be doing during that period…Sleep? Ah well!

Adiya is home sick and wouldn’t be coming back to the room after lectures, she is going home…I wish she really is going home, I had a strong feeling the girl is staying over at her boyfriend’s room, Ah well!!

Shanty has lectures the wh0le of today, there is no breathing space for her at all, so in other words, am going to be so lonely today…soo so lonely!

I entered the lecture hall and it seem I was the last to come in, thanks the lecturer hadn’t yet come, I warmed myself near this British guy who has hearing imperment,and has this hearing aid and He can actually know exactly what you are saying by just reading your l-ips..I wonder how that works, He likes me a lot, He likes to be called Shark, Yes Shark, the one you are thinking about…Shark..Lol

He has a big problem with shutting up and minding his business, He could pose thousands of questions to one lecturer, He pisses them off everytime, I heard He is related to Jon Benjamin, Ghana’s High Commissioner to Ghana…

I was outside minded throughout the wh0le period of lecturing, I don’t actually remember what I was thinking about, when I came back to my senses, the lecturer was standing right in front of me with this weird look, He seem to have been monitoring me the wh0le time, I quickly apologized and faked a headache which He believed…He knows am always attentive in class tho’.

Shark looked at my face some way bi, He knew I was lying, but I don’t really care, I just wanted lectures to come to an end, I wanted to catch some air outside and what kept my mind busy all day.

The lecturer left before 12:00Am, He had a meeting to attend, Shark quickly spoke in his British Accent accusing me of lying to a Lecturer, and what followed next was a wh0le lot of reasons why we shouldn’t lie, I know that already…I told him…

He invited me to have lunch with him, I was so hungry so I agreed, We matched to this small restaurant where he bought Fruit salad for himself(He is a Veg),and I asked for a plate of Jollof Rice with grilled chicken, that was served with Alvaro which we enjoyed, Shark was a good guy, He was being good, or He liked me or I don’t know…But I thanked him for the treat and matched straight to the Balm library to catch some reading, Shark went to his hall with this annoying Japanese girl He usually walks with…

The Library was quiet as usual, I made myself comfortable in a corner and quickly brought out my phone to read my messages, after that, I flipped it to silence and tossed it back into my handbag, I retrieved my handouts and engaged my mind into a serious “chew and pour” activity…That is how we learn as Law student…I didn’t raise my head for about two hours of intensive studies until I noticed someone sitting opposite me, I slowly raised my head and who I saw nearly made my shout, I wonder how long He has been staring at me, That was the cute guy I told you about yesterday, He was still cute, but more cuter today, I slowly lifted my head when I heard him say hi,and was good enough to reply him, He spoke in this American accent I liked, He mentioned his name as Bryan..How the name kraa is quiet…Born and bred in Oklahoma in the US, but parents are Ghanains, so he is here to stay…..

Oh cool, Am Fanica Fallu,aka Fafa, Am a Ghanaian, I quickly replied him, I was being nice to a guy for the first time in my wretched life,yes,but call me Fafa,that is the name I most respond to, He smile revealing a complete set of this snowy with teeth which I became jealous of, I felt mine was just a darker shade of white when I saw his, ah well, He was born in US,I was born at Ablekuma,the difference.

After that, we spoke for a very long time,life,lectures and etc,The guy was good, He didn’t even ask to know whether I was dating or crushing on someone or not, I would have crushed his head if he did..

He asked for my number, I lied by telling him I don’t have my number in memory and also, my phone is on low battery, He wrote his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me, He told me to call when am free, I said ok, Liar liar p-nts on fire, I just thanked my stars Shark was not here to sing this nursery rhyme to me again.

He asked permission to take leave, I said goodbye after he reminded me to call him, I waved and saw him vanish among the book shelves of the library, after this, I heaved a big sigh to congratulate myself on a successful “tete a tet” with a guy, A complete strange guy, A cute one.

I packed my books and went out to meet Shanty who had just closed from lectures, It was getting dark so we went outside the school campus to get some food, I was quiet the wh0le time and she knew something was wrong or right, I was smiling to myself, she asked if a banana has fallen on me or I had eaten some food I picked from the ground, I burst out laughing and begged her to spare me those jokes, she okayed and we kept walking towards the basketball court, then suddenly I heard my name,Fafa!!,my neck refused to turn, I stayed put and tried hærd to decode the bearer of that voice, Shanty kept looking at me and told me he needs some explanation, It was Bryan, He was a basketball player and if I had known, we would have taken a different route to the hall, I came over and said hi,Shanty did the rest of the talking and I was spicing it up with smiles and slight laughter, He again reminded me to call and run back to the court, Shanty quickly turned and looked at my face as if I was the one who killed Jesus,Diary,Lemme get my phone, I have a call…….I will get back to you tomorrow morning, Shanty is about grilling me.

Yours Faithfully

Dairy continues…

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