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Dirty diana episode 1


Dirty Diana


Being a woman is fun, we are the superior being of the human race, we procreate, we can

make even a shrek size male go on his knees either in the name of love or s£x, am a big fan

of the latter, but we females let the males bask in the euphoria of being called the ‘stronger

vessel’, if you look properly in all sphere of our society a female has equalled every feat

created by the male counterpart but yet they feel we are the weaker vessel.

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My name is Diana, but friends call me dirty diana, I was dirty at first while I was in junior

secondary, I guess the harsh life of boarding school made it hard for me to meet up, so I

resolved to take each day as it comes as my school uniform was always dirty because I

barely had time to wash it, I had no friend because I was mocked and made jest of by

almost all my classmates and the micheal jackson’s popular hit ‘dirty diana’ came to mind

easily as my classmates teamed up and tagged me “Dirty Diana” , the name stuck with me

all through my junior secondary, Mrs Edafe our form mistress made it her point of duty to

bring me in front of the class everyday to make mockery of me, Kester the coolest dude in

our class who had all the girls in our class at his beck and call never noticed me because I

was the infamous ‘dirty diana’, I tried all I could to get his attention but yet he ignored all my

advance at him, I slipped a note into his locker, hoping that when he gets it, he would read

and maybe give me little of his scarce time that was already booked by other.

I was shocked when Kester stood up with my letter in his hand, because after slipping in the

letter, I watched from the corner of my eyes and saw when he opened the locker, saw the

letter and smiled, his smile was like a rush of cold water down my spine but he stopped

smiling abruptly when he discovered the sender was me, he stood up and walked to the front of the class and said 

“Hey! Class I have an announcement to make, which is very important, I have been

condoling the series of love letters been slipped into my locker by some of you here but

today the water has gotten to my neck, if I don’t act fast I’ll drown in it, am I so cheap that

even dirty Diana feels she can have a taste of this black coffee” he said

The class members burst into laughter as everybody turned to stare at me, girls laughed so

loud that Amanda sat on the floor and held her tummy for she couldn’t control the laughter

anymore, while all these was happening, kester stood there with his teeth clenched as

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“I’ll read the content of this letter for you all but I want it to be on record that the next time

such thing like this happens, I’ll make sure the note goes to the principal” he said

The class made mockery of me as they laughed loud to the point that I began to cry as

catarrh drooled down my nose and that made matters worst as they laughed louder, I stood

up to run and the next thing I looked to see that I was soaked in my own urine.

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