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Dirty Diana episode 9 – finale


Dirty Diana



I couldn’t give an answer to that, I was confused why I did that, maybe the fear written all

over her face when I saw her or my innate nature of being kind, I just shook my head and



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She pointed to under my bunk and said

“You did a favour and am returning that same favour back, look under your bunk you’ll see

your provisions”

It was then that it dawned on me, same person I saw and saved was the same person that

robbed me, she dowed her head in shame and left


There was peace in school for over a week, Amanda didn’t come anywhere near me neither

did she try to find a way to put me in trouble or use Mrs Ekpo to witch-hunt me, but the

armistice didn’t last for too long, we had all gone out for lunch break, students ran to the

shop were we buy snacks and the shop is usually crowded with junior students both boys

and girls, everybody clamouring for the sales girl to attend to them, I and Stella was admist

this crowd at the shop when Amanda and her cronies walked to the shop and then Didi the

newly inducted huncho for the Charlies Angels paused and marshalled out orders

“All junior students standing here right now should either fly or jump, Charlies Angels are

around” she said

Almost immediately all junior stoods began to scamper to safety but a junior student was

still there arms strength begging the sales girl

“Please give me my change let me go before this senior would punish me” she begged

Shivering with Angst as she turned to Didi and said

“Senior please let me collect my change” she begged

Didi overlooked her plea, walked up to the smallish girl, grabbed her by the throat, that was

when Amanda raised her hand and turned to Didi saying

“Allow her to get her change and leave” she said

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“No! No! If you leave these kids they would become insultive some day” Didi retorted

Stella was saddened by the way Didi treated the junior student, she angrily said to Didi

“Grow up Didi, leave the poor girl alone”

Didi felt insulted as she walked to were the junior was standing and her by the neck as she

turned to Stella saying

“And What are you going to do about? ”

Stella stood she was by my side fuming in fury as she watched Didi grab the girls neck

almost choking her as she shoved her to another direction as she fell to the floor crying, by

the time she raised her head up she was bleeding profusely, she had hit her nose on the

floor, Stella could not control her indignation as she rushed Didi in anger and in split

minutes they were on the ground, throwing punchs, pouring sand at each other and pulling

each others hair, out of nowhere someone attacked me from my back, pushed to the

ground, As I landed on the ground, I turned to see another member of the Charlies Angel

right on top of me and all hell was let loose, both my classmates, junior students and even

boys, those in support of me went on a reprial attack, by the time I was able to squeeze

myself out from the claws of the girl who pushed me down, I stood up only to see the re-

enactment of the biafra war before me, almost all student in school that day was there

defending a course which they felt was good for them, I searched for Amanda but I couldn’t

see her, the fight lasted for almost fourty five minutes but came to abrupt end when Wili-wili

our Principal showed up, student scattered and ran in different directions only for them to

regroup at the field singing war songs.


Re: Dirty Diana by Nobody: 11:53am On Oct 24, 2014


We no gree oh, we no go gree!, today today charlies angels must end”

Wili-wili grabbed his mega-phone and walked to the field standing on a makeshift podium

and them from the speaker his voice was blaring as he screamed in anger, his eyes blood

shot, his tie loosely knotted while folded his clean long sleeve white shirt to his ankle

“Silence! Silence you kids of primitive upbringing” he screamed

There was instant silence as he paced up and down a bit breathing heavily before he


“What a barbaric way of showing your grievance, am ashamed that all the good qualities we as your teachers have tried to instill in you is of no use, no country that goes to war ever

remains the same, dialogue is the key people! Yes dialogue” he said

He called Amanda out in front of the students as she was booed while she stood at the

make shift podium, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes as her face turned red, I was

expecting the next name to be called was Stella as I looked at her and said

“Be strong”

Next I heard was my name, as I walked to the podium students began to cheer me, Wili-wili

grabbed the mega-phone and gave further directives

“The both of you should go to my office, kneel down and wait for”

As we walked out of the field to his office, I could hear him call out Stella and Didi but

could’t hear what he said to them as we had walked very far from the field.

Kneeling in his office was Amanda and I, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she kept on

crying, I faced the wall not to let her see that I too was begining to shed tears, Amanda

stretched her hand towards mine as she spoke slowly

“Diana am sorry for all that I must have put you through” she said

Tears began to flow from my eyes as we hugged each other crying

“Yes! That’s a good way of reconcillation”

We were caught unawares by Wili-wili as he clapped his hand saying that and then


“I leave you guys here for another five me, just talk about yourselves” he said as he walked

away closing the squeaky door behind him.

By the time we got out of the principals office Amanda and I had build bridge of friendship,

when we got to the class, we heard that Stella was given two weeks suspension while Didi

was expelled, we took that opportunity to announce to the class that we were no longer

enemies as Amanda dissolved her Charlies Angels, Kester has been pestering me till date,

maybe someday in the near future I’ll consider him

……………………..The End………………………………..

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