Dirty Game

Dirty Game (episode 5)

© Adebiyi Demola

About 3:45pm the following day, I was still in bed and decided to switch on my phone because it was switched off in order to have sound sleep.
Immediately I switched it on, I heard it ringing, I looked at the screen and it was Zainab. I decided not to pick up her call because I was not in a good mood. She called for like five times but I refused to pick her calls. Then, she decided to send me a text message and pleaded to me to pick her calls that she just had to speak to me.

That was when I gave her second thought when she called again and I picked it up
“Hello Afeez, why are you doing this to me? It’s unfair now. I’ve been calling your number since when we have departed but it was switched off and same thing happened this morning when I called. Was it because of my reaction yesternight? I’m so sorry for that. To be sincere, I didn’t mean to hurt you”, I kept mute while she continued talking, “why were you not in class today? Was it because of the issue? She asked disappointedly.
“I didn’t get myself right since when you told me that you are not ready for any relationsh¡p. If I was in the class, I couldn’t concentrate, so why coming to class while I’ll gain nothing?” I confessed.
“I am very sorry for hurting your feelings; I’m going to do justice about it. I’m sorry once again”, she apologized and continued, “Mr. Popo even asked of you and also said, ‘we are writing his test tomorrow by 6:00pm’ and I have not understood the last topic he taught us very well. So, would you be so good to come and explain it to me in my house?” she requested
“I will, but am not coming to your house. Let’s meet at FF block in the school”, I replied
“I know you will deny coming to my house, but no problem. When should I be expecting you?” she asked remarkably.
“Just give me some minutes” I replied soberly.
I left for bathroom and saw two missed calls when I came back. I checked it, and it was class rep, Funsho. I was about to call him back when he called back…
“Hello Funsho, how far?” I said.”
“I dey o bro. Why were you not in class today?” he curiously asked.
“Nothing jare bro. I just felt like relaxing at home today” I replied.
“Na you o. You be boss of life nah, me self wan be like you. Am very sure that your girl must have updated you on Mr.Popo’s new development” he said remarkably.
“Who are you referring to as my girl? You guys sha! I have not heard from anyone joor, abeg update me chap chap” I replied anxiously
“Stop pretending bro! Besides, I am calling you on behalf of the wh0le class to ask about your well-being and also to invite you as tutor for the tutorial which is holding in D16 by 6:00pm today”, he said.

I sighed, “tuto what? Why me: what did I know to teach you guys?” I asked interrogatively.
“I have delivered what they sent me o and you must not fail us. Good day” he said and hung up the call without letting me utter a word to what he has said. I was confused. Will I be able to meet up? How do I go about Zainab’s case?
“I will have to be very brief with Zainab” I said.
Then, the worms in my stomach started rumbling, but nothing to give them. I dressed up quickly and set out for school. I trekked to the street where I could get bike easily because I reside in our family house with my grandma.
I got to school after some minutes, went directly to FF block and called her.
“Hello baby, where are you?” I asked on phone
“FF5. Are you in school?” she curiously asked.
“Yeah. I’ll join you shortly”, with that, I heard “your call credit is exhausted” and my call was terminated. Thank God she has told me the room where she is.
I rushed upstairs by skipping some stairs and got to her within a tinkle of an eye.
They were seven in the room, three couples and she was the only one sitting alone.
She frowned at me when I entered.
“It seems you are not happy. What is the problem?” I asked in a caring manner.
“Free me joor! I don’t know what I have done to deserve that”, she said disappointedly.
I moved closer and sat beside her and then placed my left hand on her right shoulder while my right hand was used to hold her left hand leaving the right one free and tried to pet her.
“Baby, what’s really the problem? I’m lost and can’t even reason right. Accept my apology in case I’ve hurt you, just forgive me”, I pleaded.
“You have changed! I just have to confess to you so as to free my mind. Why did you terminate the call some minutes ago when we have not concluded the discussion?” she asked angrily.
“I’m very sorry dear. It was not intentional, but the credit got exhausted. You should trust me that I couldn’t do such to you baby” I explained and tried to give the phone to her for confirmation, but she rejected it.
“Hope you are now pleased with me?” I inquired.
“I’m not yet satisfied. In fact, still not happy”, she confessed bitterly.
“What is the matter again?” I asked like a wounded lion that has lost its claws and teeth.
“I’ve been inviting you to my house for so long but you have never honoured my invitation and same thing still repeated itself today. We have been friends for more than a month now and you have never in your life being to my house, let alone of you taking me to your house and you claimed you love me, is that love? Loving someone without bothering to know where she lives”, she lamented bitterly and went crimson
I was touched by her words and also felt embarrassed when those people in the class with us set eyes on us as if they were watching drama.
I was short of words for some minutes before I could say something.
“Zainab, I’m so sorry for what I have done and I’m ready to correct my mistakes. Would you be so glad to lead me there now?” I requested like a debater who has just accepted a defeat.
I didn’t know where and how that sumptuous smile came from, it just appeared all over her face, it was just like a magic.
She giggled and hugged me so tightly and we zoomed off to her house which was very close to school.
On our way to her house…

I decided to tell her that I wouldn’t stay long due to the tutorial I was invited for.
“I will just know the place today and pay you a full visit tomorrow”, I said.
“So, you will not teach me what I purposely called you for before leaving?” she asked disappointedly.
“Zaiiinab! Try and understand me now. I thought I told you that I am having tutorial with the members of our class by 6:00pm today and the tutorial will be based on what we have been taught in class, maybe you join them”, I said with tremble in my voice. She looked at me disappointedly.
“And you said I am special to you! Treating your special one equally with other members of the class, no problem!” she confessed.
“I’m very sorry for my utterances baby. Just try and understand me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Just pardon me” I apologized.
“I don’t even know the reason why I’m doing all these. It seems am forcing you to do what you didn’t want to do” she said gleefully.
“Baby, I’m gonna do anything because of you just to see you happy and mind you, as from now on, I’m gonna treat you like a queen”, I said and then threw my right hand on her neck and pecked her on the cheek.
She looked at me amazingly and smiled but didn’t utter a word till when we got to where she resided.

She opened the door and asked me to enter then she followed.
It was a bedroom flat. Her room was well set and quite cozy.
“Welcome to my hut. What should I offer you? Don’t tell me you are ok o”, she said joyfully.
“Did I hear you say hut? In fact, this is what they should be referring to as ‘heaven on earth’. If I say I’m ok, you might be thinking that I’m still annoyed with you. In the light of that, just bring anything edible” I requested to satisfy the angry worms that have been murmuring in my stomach.
She brought out a mortuary standard five alive juice from a portable freezer and two glasses.
“I’m very sorry for offering you this dear. I never believed you could be here today, had it been I know, I would have prepared you a nice food. All the same just give me some minutes to dish you something delicious” she said gleefully.
“I’m very much ok with this baby, so don’t bother about that joor. I’m taking this one self just to show you love
”, I replied but I did not mean what I said because I was seriously hungry.

She stared at me for some minutes and smiled. She poured the juice into a glass cup and brought it to me because I was sitting on a chaise lounge. She went down on her knees to show some respect and offered it to me.
I was shocked and impressed, I couldn’t just belief her type still exists.
I collected it from her and supported her up.
Zainab was a good wife material. Despite the fact that she was born with silver spoon in her mouth, yet she was humble and respectful.
I asked her to get her own glass of juice and she obeyed and we clinked the glasses happily and drank.
“Zainab, let’s get the work done so that you will have enough time to revise it”, I said.
“Thanks dear”, she responded.
I was waiting for her to bring out her book when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was the class rep, Funsho, then I picked it up…

“Bro, how far now? Shey you no go show up ni” he asked.
“I no fit disappoint the class now. Shebi na 6:00pm?” I asked
“Yes now! This is 5:55pm by my time here, so you ought to have been here by now”, he said
I was shocked when I checked my wrist watch to confirm the time.
“I will join you in the next five minutes bro”, I said optimistically.
“Alright, we go dey expect you o. No African time o”, he said jokingly.
“Trust me bro”, I responded, he hung up the call.
We both looked at each other at the same time while there was silence.
“What is going to happen now?” she asked in pity.
I was short of words and different things started running through my mind. What a dilemma!
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