Dirty Game

Dirty Game (episode 8)

© Adebiyi Demola

She gazed at me and stood up and came to sit beside me. Zainab really was the kind of lady most guys do dream of, because not only was she good Looking and wealthy, she also was the free type. I knew she really loved me, but the problem was just her manner of approach. She was scared of making the first move, which was then left in my hands to encourage her decently, because I wanted her but didn’t know how to go about it. Suddenly, I didn’t know what came over me. I carried her up, k-ssed her for a while, before gently laying her on her bed, and we stared at each other, while my eyes melted as her heavy gaze went all through my body which sent cold down my spine…
She pulled off her top, while I stared at her bossoms with surprise, and my face coloured up as I swallowed hærd. “I’m all yours, but please be gentle with me” she said to me, while she gave me a weird look. “Hope you are sure about this?” I asked, she drew down my face and k-ssed me. “Yea as long as you promise to keep your word that you will never abandon me” she replied, while she smiled deeply. “I swear with my life baby, I will never leave you as long as I’m alive” I swore. “Then I’m all yours sweetheart” she said with a wink, while I smiled, and gently pulled off her b-ra…..
Her hot l-ips were soon on me and well, that she was immediately carried away by sweet pleasure she closed her eyes, as I worked on her, and it just felt as if we were the only people in the world. My trouser was soon on the floor, my boxer followed minutes later and before I could even breath twice, I was already on her. I got to know she was also a V-rgin when I was trying to ins**t my joystick into her honey pot but couldn’t get through on time. It took me some minutes before the way was through and before she could beg me to take it easy, she felt a sharp pain in her body which made her scre-med and almost withdrew herself. She gasped, opened her eyes and tried to push me away but I was stronger than her….
I thr-st in again and again, while she dug her fingers on my chest as she endured the pain silently because the expression was written on her face. I kept on enjoying it as I was thr-sting gently while she was car-ssing me and gro-ning gently. I really tried that day as I did my best. She tenderly k-ssed me, and I didn’t know how I felt that moment because it was as if I was on top of the world. “Please stop it’s okay” she finally pleaded as she strongly held me, while I gazed into her eyes and jerked as if something had pushed me from behind, before lying on top of her. She closed her eyes as we both breathed deeply and gently. She pushed me away. “I’m so sorry for hurting you” I apologized as I felt her face with his palms, while she unsuccessfully tried to fight back tears which finally dripped out of her eyes. Why was she crying? I knew not, but I thought because she gave me her body willingly and not under duress, but I guess the feeling of losing her most cherished treasure made her cried. Truthfully she really was very rom-ntic, which equally increased the love I had for her. Oh she simply was an angel that day
It took us like thirty minutes before we could talk to each other because we both felt ashamed of what we have done.
“Dear, I’m sorry for what has happened. I promise to keep my words”, I said to break the silence and pulled her up.
She looked at me in wonders and tears started rolling down again. Then, I quickly fought back the tears with my right volar, embraced her, planted a k-ss on her forehead and then sat her down on the chaise longue.
I removed the bed-spread and soaked it in a pail half filled with water because it was a bit stained and then lead her to the bathroom where we both took our bath.
Thereafter, we regained our usual way of life. She prepared Amala and Egusi which we ate together like a couple and decided to watch movies together after the meal, and that was when she brought up the issue of living together again…
“Dear, you are sleeping here tonight”, she said without looking at my face.
“If that should be the case, then I will need to go home and inform grandma”, I replied.
On hearing that, she was very happy and pecked my chin…
“Thanks dear. Love you so much”, she said joyfully.
“Love you more than you do”, I replied.
“Really?” she rolled her eyes and asked.
“Trust me”, I affirmed.
“We are going there together o, so as to use that opportunity to know who have been taking care of you for me”, she said.
“No problem dear”, I replied.
She stood up and leaned forward to her wardrobe, and came back to me with certain amount of money which she stylishly put in the back pocket of my trouser. I dodged it out and asked what to use the money for, and she said I should use it to get a phone for grandma. I tried to reject it but she refused to have it back saying it was not meant for me but for grandma and I succ-mbed to her excuse.
When it was 5:15pm, we set out for our plan. We bought a phone and a SIM card which was registered immediately.
When we got home, I introduced her to my grandma while she went on her knees and grandma prayed for her.
I didn’t tell her that we will be staying together, instead I told her I’ve gotten a room on rentage very close to my school and she supported.
I knew that grandma wouldn’t miss me too much because I happened to be a hustler and didn’t normally stay at home with her.
We packed some of my belongings like wears and shoes into a leather bag and moved out. She offered grandma a certain amount of money before we left.
She carried the bag for me and we were moving to the nearby junction where we could get a bike when we heard “Zainab”, a lady’s voice from behind. We were both shocked and looked at the back at a time… Zainab’s reaction turned moody when she saw her.
“a minute please”, Zainab said and went to her while I stood still wondering…
“what could be the relationsh¡p between both of them; why did Zainab’s reaction turned moody? But she is the first and the last in her family which means Sophiat can’t be her sister, so why was she afraid?” I was engrossed in my thoughts when I heard an elongated hiss from Sophiat which caught my attention. She looked down on me from afar and walked out on Zainab.
I suspected she has poisoned her (Zainab) mind because I was expecting her to join me but she was only standing still looking sober, depressed and helpless. I walked up to her and asked her what the problem was…
“Dear, what’s the problem?” I asked with a great concern written all over my face.
“Baby, to be sincere I couldn’t get myself right for now. I’m very sorry I will not be able to tell you anything for now. Let’s go home please”, she replied while standing akimbo.
I was short of words, so I didn’t bother to disturb her further until when we got home.
“Zainab, look at my face”, I said and she did, “who is Sophiat to you?” I asked inquisitively while staring at her.
She was shocked, “she is my cousin and we stayed together before I was offered admission into this school. Did you know her before or how did you get to know her name?” she explained and asked anxiously. Then, she started gaining her lost courage and freedom.
“Yeah, very well. She was my secondary school mate and a companion then, but suddenly turned to a foe just because she loved me and wanted us to take our friendsh¡p beyond, but which I rejected it”, I replied.
“But why didn’t you go into relationsh¡p with her if I may ask?” she stylishly asked.
“it was due to the fact that I didn’t love her, and also, I was in love with my studies and didn’t want to get involved in any love affair which could distract my attentions. In additional to that, she was rude and people complained about her alot”, I explained.
“That’s serious! Nooo wooonder! Hun! Now, I got it!”, she exclaimed and shook her head in affirmation to what I said.
“No wonder what?” I asked anxiously.
“Don’t worry about that dear. All I know is that, what God has joined together, no one dare put asunder. Therefore, let’s move on with our life and forget about her issue”, she said daringly.
I could deduce what Sophiat has told her from her words, but since she has assured me of her feelings, then, I succ-mbed to what she said and we started living as a couple.
Our love became the talk of the campus. We even won the best couple of the year in our department.
All of a sudden, my academic performance started dropping and my CGPA dropped drastically and as a result of that, I lost the opportunity of becoming a scholar which could have earned me alot of benefits.
Some days after convocation, we both went to our various homes.
I woke up following the call of my Love one fateful Saturday. She told me she threw up a day before that day and when she went for test, it was discovered that she was pregnant.
It was a big slap on my face when I heard what she said…
“Are you joking or what?” I inquired inquisitively.
“Common! How do you expect me to joke with costly issue such as this?” she questioned.
I took a deep breath…
“where did you carry out the test?” I gently asked.
“I conducted it myself when I couldn’t see my period and it was positive”, she replied.
I was lost and confused…
“So, what are we gonna do now?” I asked.
“That’s why am calling you to seek your opinion”, she replied.
“Have you informed your Dad?” I asked.
“My dad? You want to kill me. He must not here about this except you want me dead”, she replied irritatingly.
“where did you carry out the test?” I asked out of tension forgotten that I have asked her before.
She was so furious about my reaction towards the issue
“Are your ears not functioning again or how many times will I tell you I did it myself?” she replied angrily.
“Be calm now! At least you brought this issue to me because I am involved and you have believe in my words, so why lashing me with such words?” I fired back.
She became calm and almost cried on phone.
“I’m sorry for that. I didn’t mean to throw such words unto you, but I was frustrated. So, your opinion?” she apologized and requested for the way out.
“To be sincere, I didn’t know what to say since you said your Dad must not hear about it”, I said, while expecting her to decide.
“I can’t leave it. I will find solution to it myself. It’s just that I have to get you informed before going into it”, she said boldly.
I was shocked and can’t just belief what I heard from her. So, I need to confirm it.
“Are you trying to say you gonna abort it?” I asked with tremble in my voice.
“I don’t have any other alternative than that”, she affirmed her stand.
“Did you even think of the danger of what you want to embark on? We have to see each other and discuss because I am not in support of that your decision”, I confessed.
“I’m ready for the worst, so no need to discuss anything my dear. Be good and stay out of worry. I’m gonna be fine”, she said and tried to console me.
I know there is nothing I could say to convince her. That’s the only BUT she has, once she decides on a particular thing, only death can stop her from doing it.
“But, I am still interested in seeing you”, I said in sober mood.
“My dad is around for now, so I’ll give you a call to tell you the new development later”, she replied and hung up the call.
I wiped my face to confirm if it was a dream, but it was a reality. I stood up from the bed and started wandering in the room thinking on what could be the outcome of her decision.
I was physically and emotionally disturbed when I waited for her call but didn’t see her brake light, and then decided to call her while she refused to pick it up.
When it was around 8:55pm that very day, my phone started ringing and quickly looked at the screen to check if it was her, but it was an unknown number…
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