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Do i love Her  episode 14 – 15

Do i love Her episode 14 – 15


Do i love her

Episode 14
Amarachi narrates
Samuel! I don’t understand this guy what was he
doing with ivy? But l thought ivy has issue with
him? God! As l just saw them Making love, l
went inside my room. Just for me to go inside,
my phone rings
Me: Who is this
Caller: It’s me Daniel

Oh Dan how are you?
Daniel: Am ok and you?
Me: Same
Daniel: Can l come see you?
Me: No don’t come l should be the one to come
Daniel: What! you want to come?
Me: Yea
Daniel: Should l be expecting?
Me: Sure
Daniel: Ok bye l will be expecting (he says and
hangs up)
after answering the call, l stood up to go prepare
and ivy comes inside my room immediately.
“what is she doing here?”
Me: Why are you here? Are you guys through?
Ivy: Amarachi am here to tell you that am
Me: Ooh better cos l was about asking you to
Ivy: Ha l don’t seem to get it, do you love
Me: Do l love Samuel.
Ivy: Yea
Me: I can never love a jerk like him
Ivy: Ha now you know he’s a jerk, if you don’t
love him why then are you mad at me
I couldn’t say anything again, cos she seems to
be right if l don’t love Samuel l shouldn’t be
made at ivy, but ivy here surprises me.
Ivy: You have nothing to say right?
Me: Ivy please just leave
Ivy: Amarachi am asking you again do you love
Me: And l said l don’t love him
Me: Why being too pessimistic, do you also love
Ivy: Ha Amarachi now listen, l will threaten any
girl that loves Samuel, l will make sure l deal
with any girl that loves him.
Ivy: He thinks he can get away with what he did?
Shit! He can’t
Ivy says and left. What’s she talking about? Has
Samuel done something to her? Yea, but why
then were they making love. I don’t just
understand the whole thing. Do l love Samuel?
Yea l love him, but l don’t want to make a fool
of myself loving a guy that doesn’t even have
feelings at all. Am leaving this house cos am
very angry. Why would he be making love with
ivy. After thinking about this, l got dressed and
left to go see Daniel
Ivy narrates
We left Amarachi’s house immediately l came
“ivy you haven’t said something since you came
out from that room” Danny asks as were driving
“ivy am asking you” she says again
“it’s nothing” l managed to say
“ivy there is something, l mean ever since you
came out

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from that house you have been
frowning your face” Danny says
“Danny you wouldn’t understand” l said
“then explain to me l will understand” Adanne
“hmmm Its that beast, that animal”
“who has all these names”
“it’s that Samuel” l said
“ah ah the guy is so handsome to bear those
names nah” Danny says making me more angry
“he might be, but that is what he is” l replied
“l must deal with him” l said again
“what did he do” Danny asked
I didn’t reply, cos l have already promised my
sister not to say it outside

/> “you are not telling me right?”
When we got home, l called Tessa immediately,
to tell her what happened today
Tessa: Yea sweetheart
Me: Good evening
Tessa: Are you ok? Darling how is lectures
Me: Fine and yours?
Tessa: Same dear
Me: I saw him today it’s like he is also studying
in our school
Tessa: Samuel?
Me: Yea l was even in his house
Tessa: In his house?
Me: Yea we went to visit Amarachi just for us to
noticed that Amarachi is staying with him
Tessa: What! Amarachi?
Me: Yea
Tessa: Is he also doing Amarachi?
Me: Sister l can’t just explain
Me: I even asked Amarachi if she dating Samuel,
but she says no
Tessa: Why then are they sharing the same place
if they are not dating, but they are friends right?,
Me: It’s like
Tessa: Do you know what? Am coming to your
school next weekend just keep calm
Me: Ok sister
Tessa: We must deal with him
She says and hangs up
Samuel narrates .
God! What have l done? Amarachi just saw me
making love with her, Shit! She will be really
mad at me for doing that, but why would she be
mad at me? We aren’t dating nah, God! But l
love this Amarachi, do l just say l love her?
Hmm it’s like, but am not telling her, but how
are mine going to explain what just happened to
her? What if ivy has another plan towards what l
did to her sister? Hahahaha If that is her plan,
she better change it cos am still going to bleep
her if she continues like this, ha Samuel doesn’t
care. I said to myself as l was in another room
thinking about this whole thing. I need to go

/> talk to Amarachi l said and left to go see her
When l got to her room it was locked, shit! I
screamed and went downstairs. When l reached
downstairs, l didn’t see Amarachi
“where did she go again?” I asked myself
And dialled her number and she picked up once
Me: Where the fvcking hell are you?
Amarachi: Don’t bother to look for me this time
Me: What do you mean?
Amarachi: Am ok here and l will be coming back
Me: Amarachi!
Amarachi: Yea
Me: But l didn’t do anything wrong this time
Amarachi: You know what you did
Me: Ha are you jealous? So you are even jealous
Amarachi: Jealous of what you must be stupid
Me: Amarachi please let me know where you are
Amarachi: A friends house
Me: Mr Sampson?
Amarachi: No
Me: Then where the hell did you go?
Me: Hello
Me: Amarachi (she hangs up)
Where did she go? Why did she even leave in
the first place? Have l offended her? Oh does it
mean she is jealous? Does she love me?
Who is calling me? I said as my phone rings,
Dan? Oh Dan l cut the call to call Esther, l have
already dialled Esther’s number and hanged up
again, cos l don’t want her insults. Dan calls me
again immediately and l pick it up
Me: Dan how far
Dan: Guy l dey oh what’s up about that stuff nah
Me: Guy l go shaa gist you
Dan: Are you sure you are ok?
Me: Yea hw far about that girl nah
Dan: She dey my house now
Me: Hahaha baddoo
Me: Am in my dad’s trouble oh you know l told
you say e get one girl my dad bring come my
Dan: Yea w€tin happened
Me: Am looking for her oh,
Dan: You don call am?
Me: Yea but she says l should not bother myself
Dan: Ooh guy w€tin you wan do now
Me: She’s just starting school here, they might
hurt her l want to go look for her
Dan: Ook guy l go come meet you now with that
my babe so That we can help you
Me: Ok you be my best nigga
Dan: Nwannem ka ibunu
He says and hangs up

Episode 15
Amarachi narrates
I left the house to go see Dan, which he sent his
house address to me. When l reached his house, l
noticed that he’s also a big guy just like Samuel.
When l got to his gate, l knocked and a man who
seems to be Dan’s gateman comes out
“are you miss Amarachi” he says
“yea” l replied
“ok you can come in” he says and we both went
inside the sitting room to see Dan sitting there in
the sitting room.
Dan: Wow welcome
Me: Thank you(l said sitting down)
Dan: Feel free dear
Me: Thank you
Dan: Welcome once again (he says now staring at
Me: Why are you staring at me like that
Dan: That is what any man should do once
seeing a beauty like you
Me: Hmmm are mine that beautiful?
Dan: Ha you are more than that? (l hope that is
just a compliment you know)
Me: Hmmm thanks
Dan: You are welcome dear
Me: Can l use your toilet?
Dan: Yes dear
He says and showed me the way to his toilet.
Immediately after using the toilet, Samuel calls
me asking me where l am? Which l didn’t tell
him. I was still on my way out? When l met
Me: Any problem?
Daniel: This almost 7 are you staying here
Me: Yea
Dan: You are staying?
Me: I said yes, any problem?
Dan: Hmmm not really
Me: Do l have a place to stay? I mean a room?,
Dan: Hmmm not really, can’t you share with me?
Me: What!
Dan: Hahahaha babe l was just teasing(if l slap
him eeeh)
Me: Better
Dan: Ha oya come check this one out
He showed me the room, which was ok and left
to go bring something for me.
After about 4 minutes, he bangs inside my door
without knocking and just saw me unclad
“get out!” I screamed and he did exactly that
After dressing up, l was sort of shy to see his face
again, why would he bang inside my door like
that, my door or his door? Whatever
“are you still there?” I asked him
“yea should l come in” he said hmmm he is far
different from Samuel if it were Samuel he
wouldn’t even go out
“yea” l said and he came in
We both were just staring at each other, when
staring at him, l was only seeing Samuel l wasn’t
seeing Dan. Before l knew it Dan has walked
closer to kiss me
“Dan!” I screamed on top of him
“you can’t kiss me since we aren’t dating yet” l
“ok” he said sort of angry and turned to leave
“l hope you are not angry” l said
“yea l understand” he says and left
“Dan” l called him back, but he didn’t reply
Dan! You can’t kiss me, am not here cos l love
you that much, am actually here, cos am angry,
looking at that womanizer at home pissed me off
the more.
After about 3 minutes, Dan came back
Dan: Are you mad at me?
Me: No
Dan: Can you follow me to somewhere
Dan: A friend of mine really needs my help right
Me: By this time?
Dan:we aren’t going to waste time
Dan: I don’t want to leave you here alone
Me: Please l don’t want to waste time oh
Dan: Trust me
I agreed and we left
Samuel narrates
I had been waiting for Dan to show, but he he
hasn’t shown up. Because of that l was really
getting paranoid of this whole mess. I decided to
go Check Amarachi at that same place she went
the first time she disappeared, l got there, but l
didn’t see her. Should l call Esther? I asked
myself yea l said, l was about calling Esther when
Dan calls and l picked up
Dan: Where are you
Me: I dey all stars bar
Dan: Ok am almost there
He says and hangs up. After the call, l was still
worried so l dialled Esther’s contact and she
didn’t pick up, l tried like 5 times and she didn’t
pick up “damn!” I screamed.
After about 10 minutes, l saw a car that looks like
Dan’s, l checked very well thank God! It’s him.
He came Out and went to the other side to open
the car door for his babe. Both of them coming
to meet me
“what!” I screamed and rubbed my face with my
palms if am not dreaming
“shit!” I said again as l saw Amarachi coming
with Dan, she hasn’t noticed me at all
“Dan if you dare fvck Amarachi”
“shit!” I screamed again all my body already
shaking, they were still coming and still yet
Amarachi hasn’t noticed me
“Samuel!” She shouted when they have already
met me
“Samuel?” Dan shouts Than ask
I just looked at both of them who seem to be
confused right now
“Samuel!” Dan calls me
“stop Dan she is the one am looking for” l pout
And drag Amarachi to my side, but she refuses to
follow me.
“don’t touch me!” She says father lord she is still
“Dan is this your game?” I said moving to his
I wrap my hand on his neck
“did you do anything to her?” I asked Dan still
holding him
“Samuel stop!” Amarachi shouted
Separating us. I looked at both of them and left
“Samuel!” Amarachi calls back which l didn’t
even listen.
Amarachi narrates.
I followed Dan to go help his friend out, on
getting to where we were ask to come, l was
flabbergasted to see Samuel standing in front of
there. Oh does it mean he is the one calling us. I
said to myself l can see how pissed he is right
now to see me with Dan, after a little fight with
Dan which l separated them, he left and l tried
calling him back, but he didn’t listen.
“Dan what just happened here?” I asked him
immediately Samuel left
“how come you didn’t tell me you were staying
with him” Dan asks
“why didn’t you tell me?” He asks again
“hmmm l l because you didn’t ask and it wasn’t
necessary” l replied
“Amarachi he has been looking for you, he asks
me to come help him look for you and that is
actually the reason we are here” he said
“are you guys quarreling?”
“can you drop me off?” I said
“l need to see him” l said again
“what about some of my stuffs”
“don’t worry l will bring it back tomorrow” he
said and dropped me off
When l got the house, l didn’t see Samuel, l
looked and searched the whole house, but l
couldn’t see him. I was getting paranoid and
called sani
Me: Sani!
Sani: Auntie fine girl
Me: Where is Samuel (l asked him immediately
he came)
Sani: Ah auntie fine girl since oga commot he
never come oh
Sani said which sent shivers down my spine, what
does he mean by he never come back
Before l knew it am calling him, God! He is not
picking up, l called him again, but this time he
picks up
Me: Samuel
Samuel: Get ready to give me my own share of
what you gave that idiot (what’s he talking
Me: Please where are you?
Samuel: Why are you looking for me
Me: Cos l really want to know where you are
Samuel: Hahahaha Amarachi when that idiot
called you a prostitute l thought she was joking
now l know that’s exactly what you are
Me: I agreed am a prostitute just tell me where
you are( l truly love this man)
Samuel: Get out! I said get out! I don’t ever
want to see your face again
Me: Have you been drinking?
Samuel: Ha as if you care?
Me: I care Samuel just as you do care for me
Samuel: Hahahahaha just as l do care for you,
who told you l care for you?
Me: Were you not looking for me?
Samuel: Just because of my dad
Me: And that is also the mean reason am looking
for you, not because l care but cos of your dad(l
lied truly l care)
Samuel: I knew it earlier that you don’t love me
get out! (l don’t love him? God! I really need to
see him)
Me: Samuel please let me know where you are
Samuel: You love him right?
Me: Are you jealous?
He hangs up, Samuel had been drinking. Yea but
why should he be drinking? This guy loves me,
but his pride wouldn’t let him say that and if he
didn’t say that to me, l wouldn’t tell him that cos
what l also feel for him is deeper
Where the hell is he now? Should l called his
dad? Yea cos if l should call Esther he wouldn’t
tell Esther exactly where he is instead he will
quarrel with her.
Samuel narrates
I wasn’t really myself seeing Amarachi with
another man, not just a man but a man whose
plan is to fvck Amarachi
“what if this guy has fvcked her” l asked myself
“dan if you dare try it l swear l will kill you
myself” l said as l sat in one club to drink the hell
out of my life. Amarachi called me pissing me off
the more, does it mean Amarachi didn’t love
me? Yea she didn’t love me
“she loves Dan”
Amarachi loves Dan, but Dan who l know very
well is just after what is under the skirt oh God!
Who the hell is calling me? I asked myself as my
phone rings, what! My dad?

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