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Do i love her episode 18 – 19

Do i love her episode 18 – 19


Do l love her? (secret lovers)

Episode 18
Samuel narrates
I turned to leave immediately and Amarachi
follows me.
“Samuel!” She called me and l didn’t turn l just
headed to where my car is
“Samuel” she calls again when she met me and l
turned to face her
“what’s the meaning of that?” She asked me
already holding

“get your filthy hands of me” l yelled
“don’t behave stupid here, no matter what
happened between you two you shouldn’t have
confronted her in front of your parents” she said
and immediately my mum comes and met us
before l knew what is happening the woman has
slapped me.
“mum please” Amarachi screamed
“now give me those car keys! Give me!” My
mum said and l handed the car keys to her and
left them
“Samuel come back here!” She yells for where? I
left for good.
Why would She come back after what she did,
but Samuel you don’t have any clue of why she
is there, you shouldn’t have slapped him like
that. Whatever! I can’t just control my anger
seeing that ashore. Shit! My mum is really mad at
me, not even my mum, my dad also. I said as l
was in a bus going back to school.
After about 3 hours, l got to my house and
knocked and this gateman is not answering. I
knocked for like minutes
“who goes there?” I heard him shouts from
“ah oga Na you sorry me l think say Na all this
stupid guys Wey dey—–)
“sani l don’t have time for your jokes” l said and
walk past him
“ha oga this one you no carry your car” he said
I didn’t reply l just walked straight to my room.
After taking my bath, l went to the kitchen to
boil some noodles, l ate and lay down to take a
little nap. As l was about to sleep? My phone
blinks and l checked the message which reads
“Samuel am really sorry for everything” and l
deleted the message once and lay back.
I waked up and went downstairs to take a little
look at the television cos l couldn’t sleep, l
couldn’t even sleep l was just thinking about
Amarachi (what has Dan done to her) has Dan
bleeped her?
As l was thinking about this puzzles, my door bell
rings and l got up to check who is there.
Me: Hahahaha Dan as if you just know l was
planning to tear you apart thanks for showing up
Dan: Hey man can you just let me in first
Me: So that you will go see her right? Hahahaha
she is not around and even if she is she wouldn’t

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you again do you get it?
Dan: Samuel you make me laugh common you
are far better Than this how would you be mad
at me for knowing your sister not that we are
dating yet, common guy what of those girls you
have been doing are they not somebody’s sister
as well?
Me: Hahahaha my sister?
Dan: Guy l love your sister, l love her
Shit! I got pissed and moved on top of him, l
held him tight on his clothe and before Dan
knows he is already on the ground and l beat the
hell out of

Amarachi narrates
Samuel! God! What must have that girl done to
him that made him angry like this. I haven’t
seen him got pissed like this.
“Amarachi you will handle the car for now”
Samuel’s mum said and gave me the car keys
“common come inside” she says again and l
followed her
When we got inside, l didn’t see Her since they
were discussing some other thing, l left the
sitting room. I was about to open Esther’s room
when l saw her.
She: You are Amarachi right?
Me: Yea and you?
She: Am Rita
Me: Ooh nice meeting you
Rita: Me too
Rita: You are the one staying with Samuel
Me: Yea
Rita: How is your stay with him
Me: It’s ok
Me: Hmmm it’s like you both have issues (l asked
sort of nosey)
Rita: Eeeh no not really
Me: Why was he:::””””””””””
Rita: It’s nothing talk to you some other time
She says and turn to leave
“eeeh Amarachi” she calls me and turns back
“do you love him?” She surprised me by asking
“love him? No oh why that question any
problem?” I said, but she just looks me one kind
eyes and left. Why did she ask me such
question”Samuel l really need to know how he is
doing” I said and went downstairs.
After staying with Samuel’s Parents, which both
of them didn’t say anything, instead they told
me to go that they will talk to me later. I know
they are really mad at Samuel, l was expecting to
talk to Rita once more , but with that look of
hers l couldn’t talk to her and l left.
When l got home.
“is it that this guy is not hearing me” l said and
came down from the car and

“auntie fine girl sorry Na oga oh Na oga oh oga
wan kill pesin oh” he said opening the gate and l
quickly drove in what! I said as l saw Samuel on
top of Dan.
Me: Samuel stop
I screamed and separated them
Me: Have you gone mad? (l said to Samuel)
Samuel: Oh now l get it you are Siding with him?
Me: Why shouldn’t l do you want to kill him?
Me: Dan sorry l hope he didn’t hurt you (l said
moving to Dan’s side)
Samuel: Amarachi ha so it’s true eeeh
Me: What’s true? Do you want to kill him? If l
wasn’t here you would have killed him
Samuel: Dan! Your plan works right?
Me: Samuel you were just wrong can’t you accept
Samuel: Get out! You both should get out of my
Me: Samuel ( l said coming closer to him)
Samuel: I said get out! Do you get it? Get out!
Me: Fine l would leave your house, Dan let’s go
Dan: Amarachi no no you can’t go with me
Me: Dan l said let’s go!
Me: This your car keys (l threw it at him and we
Samuel narrates
I was just standing there, unsure of what to do
seeing her go with Dan, oh God why didn’t l say
that? Amarachi has started having feelings for
Dan? Nooo l screamed and went inside. What
should l do now? Oh God do l love this girl like
this? All my body was already shaking. I was
thinking about that and didn’t know when l slept
Amarachi narrates.
Samuel don’t you even know staying with you
makes me angry. I need to leave you a little, yea
l need to stay away from you. Do l just say stay
away from him? Yea why would he be making
love with my friend ivy? Why l really need to
study him, why cos l love him no matter what he
did l still love him, but is staying away from him
the best Thing? No am really confused should l
go back? No if l should ,Samuel would just make
jest of me and l think it looks stupid for me to
go back there. I said to myself as l sat in my
room to think about The whole thing.
“Amarachi are you ok?” Dan bangs inside my
door and asked
“yea am ok” l said
“just feel at home” he says
“ok l hope he didn’t hurt you” l asked
“yea not really” he replied
“am really sorry for that it’s my fault” I gently
“no Amarachi is not your fault” he said
“stop saying that ok?” He said again
“ok thank you very much” l said
“you don’t need to thank me what are friends
for” he said
“come downstairs and eat l prepared something”
he says and we both left to go eat.
After like 3 days at Dan’s house which Dan has
been treating me like his own sister would l say
like we are already dating, l started enjoying my
stay with. He will take me to lectures and will
also be the one to take me back. God! What
about him? How is he now doing l asked myself
as l just came back from school.
This is almost 4 days l left him and l haven’t seen
him not even in school. His dad called me
yesterday telling me that Samuel is no longer his
son, but after everything the man surprises me
by saying”please take care of him he is too
stubborn” God! Should l call him? Before l knew
it am calling him and he picks up
Me: Samuel
Samuel: Yea
Me: Are you okay there is a little sarcasm in your
Samuel: Stop doing as if you care
Me: I don’t care (but l care)
Samuel: Why are you calling me
Me: To know how you are doing (l missed him)
Samuel: Mtcheeew
Me: How are you?
Samuel: Am still where you left me(he is really
heart broken)
Samuel: Amarachi come back
Me: No am not coming
Samuel: What has that bitch given you that you
love him like this
Me: I don’t love him
Samuel: Then why are you there?
Samuel: Please come back
Me: No am really tired of your quarrels
Me: Am hearing some noise there who is there
with you
Samuel: Ivy of course since you left me
Me: What!
Samuel: Are you jealous?
He said and l hanged up.
Are mine jealous? Why should Samuel be with
ivy shit! Should l go there? No am not going cos
he is not my boy friend
Samuel narrates.
I have been Expecting Amarachi to come back,
this almost getting to four days she left, but she
hasn’t returned. Am not even seeing her in
school. I was about calling her when she calls
and she hanged up when l teased her of ivy
staying in the same room with me. It was my
cousin Nuella who came to visit me and not ivy.
I tried calling her back, but she didn’t pick up.
Amarachi believe me am coming there to pick
you tomorrow l said to myself
Tessa narrates.
Wednesday morning, l decided to travel to
Samuel’s school. I decided not to go straight to
ivy’s apartment, but to see Dan first. Dan am
paying you a surprised visit l said to myself as l
was driving to their school.
What do you think that will happen at Dan’s

Episode 19
Samuel narrates
The next day, l had gone to lectures just for me
to see Annabel and ivy talking, it’s like ivy is
even studying the same course as Annabel. I saw
them and just walked past to them.
“Sam!” Annabel calls and l turned back to face
“hi good morning” l managed to say
“Sammy how are you” ivy says
“as you girls can see am going for lectures and
am already late” l said And left
After the lectures, l was on my way out when
Annabel came to meet me.
“what’s it this time” l said
“am sorry for what happened in your house the
other day” she said
“hmmm it’s ok” l said
“you still need to tell me what Amarachi has
done to you” l said and she frowns her face
“it doesn’t matter” she says
“alright since you said so, but let me make it
clear to you now if you don’t like Amarachi you
don’t like me either” l said and left
I left Annabel to go see professor effiong who
has something to do for me. On getting there l
was directed to see mr Sampson first. What! I
screamed . I was on my way to his office, when l
saw Amarachi just coming out from his office,
she was pissed and sort of rushing. She hasn’t
noticed me and before she knows we just
jammed ourselves.
Me: Amarachi
Amarachi: What are you doing here
Me: I should be the one to ask you that
Me: Mr Sampson right?
Amarachi: Yea
Me: I was actually going to see him
Me: Is any thing the problem? (she was really
Amarachi: Not really
Me: Have you started having affair with your
own lecturer?
Amarachi: Don’t be a jerk here
Me: Then what the hell were you doing inside
Amarachi: Its non of your business
Me: Ha l don’t get it ok can you just come back?
Amarachi: I will not (l held her).
Me: Amarachi
Amarachi: Let go of me
She says and left.
I went inside mr Sampson office and see him just
sort of upset
“good afternoon sir” l greeted
“good afternoon young man”
“any problem?” He said
“yes sir” l said and told him why l was there
which he offered to help and l thank him and
left, but sir just get ready to face me for being
after Amarachi.
I left the campus, when l got home, l saw nuella
in the sitting room.
“sweetheart” l called her
“welcome darling” she said and follows me to my
When we got to my room,
Me: Bia why are you following me up and down
Nuella: Samuel l would love to ask you
Me: Go on but odikwa snappy am going out
Nuella: Ok
Nuella: Do you love Amarachi?
Me: Do l love Amarachi?
Nuella: Yea
Me: No oh why that question
Nuella: Biko tell me the truth joor
Me: Mhiz nuella l don’t like her mbok!
Nuella: Why did she leave
Me: I don’t have time to answer that one l will
answer it later
I said and left to take my bath. After taking my
bath, l left to go bring Amarachi back. Am really
missing her quarrels, Dan get ready to face me if
you try anything stupid l said and left.
Tessa narrates
After about 3 hours am already in their school, l
drove straight to Dan’s house and the gateman
opens immediately and l entered.
Amarachi narrates.
Mr Sampson, ah l didn’t even get it, are mine the
only fine girl in this campus? Eeeeh that jerk of a
lecturer trying to have s£x with me in his office,
he had already gotten me, l landed a sound slap
on his face and left immediately just for me to
see Samuel. What’s he going there to do? Would
he quarrel with him? Should l just go back and
tell him? If l should tell him he wouldn’t do
anything he would just make me pissed the
As l was thinking about this sitting in the parlour
with Dan, l heard someone knocked .
“it’s like someone is there” l told Dan who stood
up to go see the person.
“what! Tessa?” I shouted as l just saw them
hugging and coming inside.immediately she sees
me her face changes and she pushed Dan away
and came to my side
Tessa: Amarachi! What are you doing here
Tessa: Dan what is she doing here
Dan: Common babe you’re just coming you need
to rest
Tessa: Ah Dan l said why is she here are you
doing her also?
Me: Tessa isn’t what you think
Tessa: Would you shut up you prostitute
Me: Tessa l would allow you vomit all your
rubbish but the moment you called me that is
when l will show you the other side of me
Tessa: Amarachi are you like warning me?
Me: And that’s exactly what am doing, what can
you do? how can you just come from nowhere
and start calling me prostitute
Dan: You guys should stop!
Tessa: Oh Dan would you shut up, you keep
doing this to me what really have l done to you.
Tessa: You Amarachi stay away from this man
(she said and moved a little closer to me)
Samuel narrates.
When l got to Dan’s house, l entered inside
immediately. Just for me to see Another girl
threatening Amarachi, my own Amarachi and
Dan was just standing there unsure of what to
do. Amarachi has seen me already and l rushed
to go stop that jerk of a girl threatening her,l
drew her back and she turned
“what! Tessa?” I said to myself we both just
looking at ourselves
“you can’t hurt her” l said to her
“Samuel?” She screamed

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