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[Love cures All]

Episode 47.

By: Rach£al Dennis||

|| Ian/Dean ||

I sat beh!nd my desk and watch Javier lock th£ door. I smirk, why do I have th£ feel!ng that I already know what h£ wanna say.

h£ ru$h£d [email protected]¢k to me and sits !n front of me.

“Broth£r, have you noticed anyth!ng strange ab©vt Aurora?” h£ asked with urgency !n h¡s voice.

“What do you mean?” I asked h¡m [email protected]¢k.

“Th¡s Aurora, $h£ is a bit different”

“Different? How?”

“What does Aurora normally calls you?”

“I don’t usually take note. What does that have to do with My Phoebe?”

“It has a lot to do with h£r, th¡s phoebe is an imposter. Phoebe always calls you Dean, but th¡s imposter have been call!ng you Ian ever s!nce $h£ came”

I narrow my eyes. I didn’t know my broth£r is very observant too, I guess !ntelligence runs !n our family.

Actually, I knew from th£ very start that $h£’s not my Phoebe, it seems like a funny game to me so I wanted to ₱|@y along a little. I took note of all th£ little details and that’s what gave h£r away.

Th£re’s a way my Phoebe’s l¡ps raise wh£n $h£ smiles, and th£re’s someth!ng $h£ always do everytime I scold h£r. $h£’ll ₱|@y with th£ edge of h£r dress and ch£w on h£r lower l¡p, but th¡s imposter didn’t do it.

And !n a situation like th¡s, My Phoebe won’t call my name to let me know $h£ sneaked ©vt, $h£’d try to sneak [email protected]¢k !n our room !n hopes I wouldn’t see or scold h£r.

I have a feel!ng that my uncle is beh!nd th¡s, s!nce h£ came !nto th¡s mansion it has been from one problem to th£ oth£r. So to let h¡s guard d©wΠ, I have to ₱|@y along with h¡m.

Javier wave h¡s [email protected] across my face.

“Broth£r! Are you listen!ng to me?”

“What did you say?”

“I said we have to chase th¡s woman ©vt and look for our real Aurora before it’s too late!”

I open my m©vth to speak and tell h¡m of my plan, but a m©v£ment catch my eyes. I see my uncle snoop!ng @r0vnd through my gla$$ door and I smirk.

One advantage of my door is, I can clearly see whoever is ©vtside but th£y can’t see me |ns!de.

*Uncle Jeremy, I guess I have underestimated you!*

h£’s try!ng to get !nformation, humph! Let’s give some drama !nstead.

I bang my [email protected] on my desk.

“Javier, stop say!ng nons£nse! Are you try!ng to say I don’t know My Phoebe?! Are you tell!ng me that I’m so stupid and can’t tell what is real from what’s fake?!” I growled, glanc!ng at uncle, h£’s pressed h¡s ear to th£ door.

“Ian, what I’m tell!ng you is true. That woman is not your Phoebe, $h£ is a fake” Javier said.

“I’m not bl!nd, Javier! If you don’t stop accus!ng my Phoebe, I will deal with you as I see fit!”

“How can I make you understand, Ian. I know you are bl!ndly !n love with Phoebe and you won’t pay attention to th£se little details. But believe me, I’m your broth£r and I have your best !nterest at h£art, that woman is fraud Ian!”

“Javier, I won’t stand you slander my beloved woman. See yourself ©vt of my office!”

h£ sighs and run h¡s f!ng£rs through h¡s hair.


“You know I didn’t punish you for tak!ng my Phoebe to th£ dungeon, don’t provoke me to punish you!”

“F!ne. Ask h£r ab©vt h£r preg,,,,,”

“Shut up!!” I quickly cut h¡m off before h£ could complete h¡s s£ntence.

“I’m try!ng to h£lp you ©vt, broth£r!”

“Don’t h£lp me! Get ©vt!!”


“I said get ©vt!! Or I’ll hit you!!”

h£ glared at me and huffed angrily, before h£ storms towards th£ door. I see uncle leave before Javier get to th£ door, h£ step ©vt and slam th£ door shut loudly.

“Brandon, come ©vt!” I ordered.

Brandon comes ©vt from th£ curta!ns beh!nd me.


“How is th£ a$$ignment go!ng?”

“We still haven’t been able to track h£r phone”

I bang my [email protected] on th£ table and snarled at h¡m.

“Why?! What are you and your boys lazy!ng ab©vt?!”

“We are try!ng [email protected] but th£ reception isn’t strong enough, my guess is $h£ must be !n a romote place and th£ reception th£re isn’t stable. But we will try our possible best to track h£r today”

“Better try [email protected] or I swear if I see a scratch on my Phoebe a lot of people will pay dearly!!”

“Yes, General”

“Get ©vt!!”

“Thank you, sir!” h£ leaves immediately.

I [email protected] loudly and ₱v||ed on my hair frustrat!ngly. I carry my laptop and throw it across th£ room, I fl¡p my desk and punch th£ TV beh!nd me. I drop my bleed!ng [email protected] on my sides and [email protected]||s on my knees.

*My Phoebe, wh£re are you?!*

All th£ fear that I buried |ns!de j√$t to ₱|@y along, surfaced.

I fear for what my Phoebe might be go!ng through now,,,,,I fear for our baby.

I don’t know what th£y are do!ng to h£r now or what th£y will do to h£r or what th£y have done to h£r already. Jeremy better pray that my Phoebe comes [email protected]¢k unharmed or I swear to whoever is !n th£ h£avens,,,I will tear h¡m from limb to limb!


|| Authoress ||

Javier knocks on Britt’s door urgently, f!nally brittany open th£ door and h£ ru$h£d !n. h£ ₱v||s h£r !n for a hug and rest h¡s h£ad on h£r ch£st.

“I’m sorry, baby, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have listened to h£r!” h£ laments.

Brittany frown !n confusion as $h£ doesn’t know what is happen!ng. $h£ s1©wly walk both of th£m to a [email protected] and sat d©wΠ.

“It’s my fault, it wouldn’t have happened,,, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry” h£ cries.

“Javier, what’s wrong?” $h£ asked.

Th£ question only made h¡m laments m©r£.

“I’m a fool, I only wanted to make h£r happy and I didn’t th!nk ab©vt anyth!ng else,,, I caused, I’m sorry”

*Why is h£ lament!ng so much?*

“Who is h£r? Baby talk to me”

“It’s,, Au,, Aurora,, I fail to protect h£r”

“Rora?! What happened to h£r?!”

“$h£’s miss!ng,, $h£ kidnapped!”

j√$t like an electric shock, Britt was shocked. $h£ sat frozen !n h£r spot, $h£ doesn’t know what to do, say or how to act.

w€th£r to s¢r**m or cry, $h£ j√$t sat silently and watch as Javier wail.

“What ab©vt th£ General? How is h£ hold!ng up?” $h£ asked.

Javier stops cry!ng and frown deeply.

“That bastard doesn’t believe anyth!ng I say!! No matter how [email protected] I try to make h¡m understand, h£ won’t believe me and do you know what’s worst?” h£ paused and fist h¡s [email protected] “Th£re’s an imposter !n our mansion, pos!ng as Aurora, Ian doesn’t believe $h£’s fake!” h£ breaks d©wΠ cry!ng aga!n.

“It’s all my fault,,, it’s my fault!”

Brittany [email protected] h¡s h£ad on h£r laps and pets h¡m gently.

“It’s ok, it’s not your fault” $h£ consoles h¡m.

“But I let h£r leave th£ room”

$h£ shakes h£r h£ad.

“What’s bound to happen must eventually f!nd way to happen, so th¡s not your fault. And besides I know Rora, $h£’s a fighter, th£y can’t kill h£r easily”

“B-but,,, $h£ was kidnapped right under my nose!”

“Everyb©dy makes mistakes and I know th£ General has a plan, everyth!ng will be f!ne”

Javier stares at h£r !n admiration. $h£’s a woman but $h£’s so calm and tak!ng it well.

“How did I get so lucky and end up with a woman like you?”

$h£ simply shrug.

“I guess I did a good deeds !n my previous life, so God used you to bless me !n th¡s life”

“I th!nk so” $h£ agreed.

$h£ leans d©wΠ and gives h¡m a comfort!ng klzz.


|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

Th£ next day…….

I’m so weak, tired and feel!ng sick. I’m feel!ng pa!ns all over my b©dy, I’m wide awake but my eyes are t!ghtly shut. I don’t wanna open th£m and f!nd ©vt I’m still !n with those monsters.

*Dean, please f!nd me. Please save me, someone should j√$t come and rescue me*

“Wh£re is that bitch?!” I h£ar a very familiar voice asked.

“$h£’s |ns!de th£ room, sir”

I h£ar footsteps approach!ng me, th£y stopped !n front of me and a foot kick me on my [email protected]¢k but I didn’t react. Anoth£r kicked my stomach and I [email protected] but still didn’t open my eyes.

“Sir, I $h£’s dead! $h£ has been like th¡s s!nce last night”

Th£ boss scoffed and h£ar h¡m clearly, it’s Jeremy, Dean’s uncle.

“₱|@y!ng dead? Let’s see how long you can hold on” it was silent for a few m!nutes before h£ speaks aga!n. “Br!ng th£ h°t water and ₱0ur it on h£r, I know $h£’ll wake up !n no time!!” h£ laugh s!nisterly.

h°t water?!!! No, th£y’ve done enough damage already. I sat up as f*st as I could, I try to support myself with my [email protected] but I h¡ssed as pa!n strikes me.

I forgot my arms were broken yesterday.

“Oh? $h£’s awake!” Jeremy said.

I glared at h¡m.

“Bitch, I hope my boys enterta!ned you well yesterday. Too bad I wasn’t h£re to enjoy th£ show, or maybe I can have th£m do it aga!n so that I can watch!”

I shake my h£ad,, I can’t stand anoth£r attack. Th£y were too rough yesterday, I can feel my womb has shift.

“D-don’t,, d-don’t,,, I’m tired, so tired” I wh¡sper, th£re’s no strength left !n me right now.

h£ laughs loudly, h£ claps as if h£ j√$t h£ard someth!ng funny.

“That’s what I want, I have always wanted to h£ar you beg me and I so much love th£ sound of it!”

h£ m©v£s closer to me and lean d©wΠ to my level, h£ grabs my ch!n t!ghtly and slaps me.

“I warned you, didn’t I? I told you to stop !nvestigat!ng your parents death but you didn’t listen. You wanted to f!nd th£ murderer so bad, right. Well, now that you’ve found me what can you do?”

My eyes grow wide !n fear.

“Y-you,,,, ”

“Yes, I killed your parents because th£y knew too much, th£y wanted to ru!n my plan, th£y were stand!ng !n my way!”

“Y-you,, monster!” I wh¡sper yelled with all th£ strength I have left.

h£ ₱ush me away and stomp on my stomach, I beg!n to cough ©vt blood.

“Yes, I’m a monster to whoever stands !n my way and that was what your parents did! Th£y deserve th£ir deaths! And you!” h£ po!nts at me.

“You are repeat!ng th£ir mistakes! I didn’t want to kill you, I knew you are alive and I wanted to let you off th£ hook but you j√$t won’t listen. You always go places wh£re you aren’t meant to be!! So I must kill you, it’s what you wi$h£d for!!”

I call h¡m to come closer that I wanted to tell h¡m someth!ng. h£ bends d©wΠ and I caught h¡s left ear with my teeth, I b¡t£ d©wΠ on it and drag it with my teeth as if I want to rip it off.

h£ s¢r**ms loudly and ₱u$h£d me away, h£ holds h¡s bleed!ng ear and s¢r**m even louder. I spit !n h¡s face.

“You’ll rot !n h£ll!!! You are gonna pay for all your crimes!!” I yelled !n h¡s face.

“Boss, are you ok?” Derek ru$h£d to h¡m.

Drake and one oth£r guy came at me and flogged me with th£ir whips. I kept quiet, endur!ng th£ pa!ns as th£y flog me cont!nuously…

“Stop!” Jeremy ordered th£m.

Th£y stopped and step [email protected]¢k, Jeremy stands up and glares at me.

“I’ll torture h£r personally, but first I must rush [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion or else Ian might suspect someth!ng is wrong” h£ said. “Oh, and one m©r£ th!ng, Ian will forget ab©vt you soon!”

Th£n h£ leaves with me with Drake and th£ oth£r guy. A door !n th£ corner of th£ room open and Nathan comes !n.

“Nathan, how many times will I tell you to stop us!ng that door?” Drake scold h¡m.

h£ rolled h¡s eyes, h£ walk towards us and stop !n front of me. Someth!ng drops from h¡s pocket but h£ didn’t notice, I picked it up and discovered it’s a key.

I quickly hides it !n my torn short.

“Pa$$!ng through that door is th£ only way I can go ©vt with©vt th£ boss f!nd!ng ©vt” h£ said.

My eyes m©v£ to th£ door. Maybe I can escape through that door too. Wait,,,, could th¡s be th£ key?

What if it’s a trap? Well, I don’t ¢ar£. Even if it’s a trap, I’ll still try. With th£ little strength I have left, maybe I can escape.

“What did you buy from ©vtside?”

“My stuff!” h£ replies.

“You know we don’t go ©vt frequently, you could have bought oth£r th!ngs too!” Drake told h¡m.

“Whatever! Come on, let’s ch£ck ©vt what I bought!” h£ said, th£y nod and follow h¡m ©vt of th£ room.

I take ©vt th£ key and look at it.

*Please, let it be th£ right key* I pray and start crawl!ng on my belly towards th£ door.

T. B. C

Who said our General is not wise….

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