Don't Hurt Me I'm A Virgin

Don’t hurt me I’m a Virgin episode 33


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✍️ Chapter Thirty-three✍️
He wakes me up early the next morning when he’s fully dress in his grey work suit.
“My jet boards in thirty minutes,” he tells me as he kisses my nose.
My eyes instantly shoot open, “You’re leaving?”
He nods.
“Why didn’t you wake me, earlier?” I try to hide the pang hitting in my chest.
“You looked so cosy, I didn’t want to deprive you from your sleep.” He takes my hands and kisses each knuckle and then presses his forehead in them.
My heart can’t take this amount of emotion that’s radiating everywhere. I don’t want him to go. I really don’t.
I smell his cologne mixed with body wash, his scent and it overwhelms me.
I shift into a sitting position as he holds a narrow flat black box out for me.
“What’s this?”
“Open it.”
I tentatively take the box out from his fingers and I begin to open it. Inside there’s shiny silver looking credit card.
My eyes instantly dart to him and he is studying my reaction. I stare back at the silver credit card as if it’s offending. I take it out and there in shiny blocks of letter is my full name claiming that it’s mine.
“No, before you say anything. It’s yours and I’m not taking it back. It’s done.”
I press my lips tightly together.
He takes my chin in order for me to look at him.
“Hey, there’s twenty five thousand in there. It’s for you when I’m gone.”
My eye bulge at the amount he’s mentioned.
“That’s absurd and an obscene amount of money.” I argue.
The corners of his mouth twitch into a smile but his eyes are serious.
“I find myself being absurd and obscene when it comes to you.”
I close my eyes taking a deep breath, and my heart is palpitating at his words. They remind me of my perfect dream yesterday when he’d muttered his love for me. It seemed too real, I almost believed he truly said those words.
When I open my eyes again, I stare at him with a new emotion.
He smiles attentively at my reaction, “So you accept?”
He looks so very adorably handsome when he smiles this way. As if he’s afraid that if he pushes too hard I’d refuse. But at this moment I’m feeling the exact opposite.
I nod in reply at him and then drape my arms around him in a hug. He reacts by tightly hugging me back, his head burying in my head and breathing in deeply.
I love you Jeremy. The words are at the tip of my tongue but I cannot bring myself to say them.
As he releases me and stares intensively at my eyes, I am quite sure the words are in full neon light revealing all that I feel for him.
“I have to go,” he sighs and takes my face to kiss my lips once more.
I fall into the kiss, leaving reality for a moment. I am about to deepen the kiss when he draws back. His whole face restrained with emotion.
He shakes his. “I won’t able to leave.” He explains. “It’s hard enough as it is.”
I love you. Why can’t I say the words? Say them! I command my mouth.
“Laptop and phone, please, every day.” He takes my hands and kisses each of my knuckles.
“I am taking Hails with me so there’s a new driver for you downstairs.” He tells me.
My heart brims at his thoughtfulness.
“He will take you anywhere you want but I made sure he will always bring you back here. Mr and Mrs Brown will be here with you too,” he continues.
I smile sadly at him, my smile eclipsed by the fact that it won’t be the same without him for the next few days.
“Okay.” My voice is small.
He checks the time on his Rolex watch and a frown appears on his face.
“I have twenty minutes to get to the airport.” He says reluctantly.
My heart palpitates at the inevitable but with confidence I get out of bed and drab on a robe not caring if I haven’t brushed my teeth and tamed the curls of my hair.
Together we make our way down the stairs. When we get there he pulls on dark coat matching his suit and I take time to admire how darkly handsome he looks in it.
Folding my arms under my chest I bite my lower lip to try and contain the feeling of wanting him to stay.
He has to go, he has to work to do, he has to expand his empire. He is a business man after all.
I sigh inwardly.
He turns around at my sigh and a small smile appears at his lips, however his eyes tell me everything. They tell me how badly he wants to stay, how badly he wants me to go with him.
I then notice his lose tie and unconsciously I move to fix it. He frowns at my sudden movement, however, when my fingers move to his collar and begin fixing his tie, he grins.
“Thank you.” He says, his grin still plastered on his face.
I only smile at him in return, as I move my fingers to start buttoning his coat. I delight at how domestic the action is.
Once I’m done I pat the dust of his shoulders and that’s when I feel his hand on my chin, titling my head up to meet his eyes.
His eyes are gleaming with an emotion that makes me hitch my breath.
“I will miss you, Leyla Levy.” He breathes.
My lips quiver “I’ll miss you, Jeremy Lawson.”
He leans down and takes my lips in a warm and yet tenderly heart-breaking kiss. I fear the lone tear that is running down my cheek will be evident, my weakness for him.
He groans in his throat and the sound vibrates through my mouth. The vibrations shake my very core, wakes up my heart allowing it to increase its beating rate as his tongue meets mine.
He kisses me with his whole being, his whole body and I’m not holding anything back as I kiss him with my all.
He m0ans again in my mouth and releases me. “I’ve got to go.” He says, kissing my lips.
He continues this manifestation whilst moving to the door and then finally he releases my lips and tortures my cheeks, my nose, and my eyes and eventually he just holds my face with both his hands, his fingers stroking my cheeks. He stares at me longingly for one final time before heading to the already purring car.
I watch him with a huge smile on my face–partly because I’ve been kissed recklessly– as he gets on the car and my eyes never leave the car until it’s fully out of my sight.
Closing the door behind me I am still grinning to myself as I make my way to the kitchen. I smile at Mrs Brown who’s making me breakfast.
But once I sit myself on the counter, it hits me. I won’t see him for four days. My smile falters.
What will I do?
“Are you alright, Miss Levy?” Mrs Brown asks me. She still is so formal with me even though I’ve told her to call me Leyla. It feels weird for a middle age woman on her mid-fifties calling me so formally.
“Yes,” I tell her and then thank her when she hands me my favourite dish, waffles coated in chocolate as well as eggs and bacon to the side.
She smiles at me in response and then goes to clean the pots. I eat in silence trying to not let the fact that the only man I ever loved is meant to be sitting next to me, at this moment and teasing the life out of me.
I smile at the memory when I first came to this house and he’d been so intent to find me food to eat when he realized that I had been hungry.
Once I finish eating, I let Mrs Brown take my plate to the sink and we have small talk. I tell her my plans for today before I return back to the master bedroom to shower.
Once again, I find myself missing Jeremy already. So I tell myself that I have to get out of this house in order to stop thinking about him.
After taking a shower, I dress in casual jeans and a blouse with a small coat due to chill autumn weather outside. I make my way downstairs where I am met with Mrs Brown.
“I’m just going to pop out to town for a while.” I tell her.
She smiles but there’s a hint of worry in her eyes. “Okay, but please be careful.”
I smile how at her mother-hen protectiveness.
“I will.”
“Okay, dear, Mitch will take you anywhere you want.”
“Mitch?” I ask.
“Oh, I forgot, Mr Lawson appointed a new driver for you, he’s also your bodyguard.”
My frown increases. “Bodyguard? but I don’t need a bodyguard.”
What had Jeremy been thinking? I fume inside.
“I know dear, but Mr Lawson insisted you have one. He’s very protective of you.” She soothes my arm.
I swallow, still not sure how to feel about this new turn of events.
Bodyguard? Seriously Jeremy? He needs to learn that I can take care of myself.
“This new driver?” I ask her. “He won’t…he won’t follow me everywhere will he?”
She only smiles sympathetically at me. “He will be there, but he will maintain a distance.”
I sigh in relief but I am still annoyed, if it isn’t for the fact that Jeremy is still up in mid-air in his plane, I will be bombarding him at this moment through the phone.
Mrs Brown catches my reaction and soothes me again, “He’s only looking out for you, Miss Levy. I know it’s none of my business to say this, but working with the Lawsons for years now, I’ve watched that boy grow and I’ve never seen him this happy as he is when he’s with you.”
My heart warms at her words. From what I can recall of what he has told me about his life, I can understand why he’s never been happy; his relationship with his brother, his father passing away and the responsibility of taking over the company.
She smiles reassuringly at me and I smile back tentatively as I bide her adieu.
Exiting the main door, I find that the driver slash bodyguard Mitch is already standing and waiting next to one of Jeremy’s SUV.
“Miss Levy?” He springs forth and pulls his hand out for me to shake.
“Hi. Please, Leyla is just fine,” I allow him to shake my hand.
He smiles warmly at me and immediately I think we’ll maybe get along in future.
He looks to be in his mid-thirties with short cropped blond hair and warm brown eyes against his sun-kissed face.
“I’m assuming you’ve been informed that I am your new driver and bodyguard.”
I give him a small smile as I nod.
“Can you take me to town?” I ask him after an awkward silence.
“Of course.”
Then he proceeds to open the back door for me, I enter the car willingly.
The awkward drive to town is only saved by the music blasting on the car stereo. I feel uncomfortable. Getting privately driven to places without Jeremy with me doesn’t sit well with me.
I know in order to avoid this again, I have to learn to drive as soon as possible and get a driver’s licence.
I take out the silver credit card Jeremy gave me and I run my hand on the scripted letters of my name. I will have to use this money and get myself a car too. I cannot rely sorely all on Jeremy. I know what his reaction will be sooner when he finds out what I am planning to do. He won’t be happy that’s for sure.
But I have to use this money for good use. This gives me another idea. He did say that I had a month to decide what I want to study at college. Truth be told I have always known what I wanted to do and that is to run my own caring Home where every child is treated equally, where there’s no hurt, no abuse, no sorrow and no pain, but love and kindness.
Ever since I had been forced to live twelve years of my life in that god forsaken fraud foster home, those twelve years were spent living in pain and abuse, I had watched and seen others being abused. I had managed to avoid being the victim. I had always hid myself from pain, I had promised myself never to be stripped of my sanity when the place I had lived in had been filled with nothing but agony.
I made myself invincible, however that didn’t mean I was free from watching and feeling the other children’s suffering.
When I freed myself from that home, I vowed that one day I’ll have my own home where every child is free and loved.
It hadn’t been easy hiding in janitor’s box whenever school ended, and sneaking to the gym showers every dawn of the morning to take a shower. Eventually that became my ritual and then when I needed food and clothes, I stole. It’d been stealing that exposed me. That’s when I found myself in the streets where I spent half a year in charity shops until Greta found me.
Looking back at my old life and comparing it to now, it’s hard to believe how I got here. With this twenty five thousand worth of money in this account, I plan it to use it for my college fund and the rest shall be saved for funding for the Caring Home I plan to create.
“We are in town, Miss Levy.” Mitch revives me from my thoughts. “Where specifically do you want me to take you?” he asks me.
“Do you know any good place to go if you want a driver’s license?” I ask him.
He smiles and nods through the review mirror.
“You want you learn to drive?” He asks.
Oh god, I hope I haven’t offended him.
“Yes, I have always wanted to.” I tell him adding the last part to make it less of an offence to him.
I watch him smiling through the review mirror.
“I know a good place for starters, but it will probably take a quarter of the day for you to learn.” He stops at a traffic light.
“That’s fine.” I smile sheepishly at him.
He smiles back as he continues to drive on.
✍️To be continued ✍️

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